Freshman Couple’s Night Out – Part 2Freshman Couple’s Night Out – Part 2


“Oh please! AAAHHH!!!” the young blonde squealed as the large Mexican, as naked as she was, pounded into her from behind, their bodies joining with a loud cadence of smacks as her pussy felt the barrage of his thrusting manhood.

It was a wonder her moans couldn’t be heard across the street. About an hour ago, the young freshman couple, Trisha and her boyfriend Everett, had been forced by this cruel gang into a rundown house in one of Detroit’s seediest areas. The gang had forced the couple to strip naked, and then they’d forced Everett to fuck his girlfriend right in front of them on a filthy mattress. Now, after the gang leader had followed it up by having his way with the girl himself, Malik was giving his boys the opportunity to take their turns.

Besides Malik, the tall, muscular and dark-skinned leader of the bunch, there was Diego, Vasquez, and Herminio. Diego was the bulky, overweight Mexican built like a defensive lineman, who was now fucking the helpless girl with gusto. He had decided to take first crack at her after Malik had finished emptying himself deep inside the girl. In fact, he didn’t mind the pre-lubrication. Her cum-drenched sex allowed him to slide through with ease, and right now he was fucking her extra hard on the soiled mattress – doggy-style, pumping his hips forward as her moans went up an octave.

“Uhh! Uh! UH!! You like that, bitch? Tell me how much you like it!” When she didn’t respond quickly enough, he smacked her hard on the ass. He gave both ass cheeks a series of swift swats for good measure. She groaned, her breasts trembling as she answered.

“Yes, I love…I love your cock inside me,” she panted. “Please fuck me so hard.”

“Call me ‘Master,’ stupid cunt.” Diego pulled on the blonde’s lustrous hair. She cried out in pain and quickly obeyed.

“Yes Master. Thank you for fucking my wet pussy. Please…fuck me harder. Ugh!!” Satisfied with the girl’s submission, Diego reached underneath her to fondle her pierced nipples – nipples which Malik had pierced less than an hour ago. They were still so tender to the touch. He felt a satisfied jolt as the slender girl’s cunt clenched up around his shaft, as she squirmed with discomfort the more he played with her aroused pink buds.

“Uhh! Please be gentle, Master,” Trisha whimpered.

“I’ll be as gentle or as ROUGH as I want to, little slut.” So saying, Diego twisted one nipple slightly, just enough to make her squeal. When she did, her cunt once again clenched up on his shaft, milking his churning testicles toward what would be a very messy finish. He growled appreciatively and continued to torment the poor girl. All the while, though, one thing was crystal clear. The girl wasn’t entirely bereft of enjoyment from all this rough treatment. Her eyes were glossed-over with a hint of lust. Her nipples stood out as her breasts jostled back and forth with the force of Diego’s ruthless fucks. Her pussy was wet, and not just from the cum of her two previous partners…

“Ooooh. Little puta is starting to enjoy herself,” Herminio jeered. Vasquez and Herminio were standing near Trisha’s face, their cocks engorged, the veins standing out along the length of their shafts as those cocks throbbed with desire.

“I think the girlie needs something to suck on,” Vasquez rumbled.

“Yeah, but look at her,” Herminio said. “No offense, Boss, but you got cum all over her face. I’m not into that.”

“Me neither,” Vasquez huffed.

Malik laughed good-naturedly. “No worries, brothers. I have a solution.” He eyed Everett, who was kneeling beside the bed, miserably watching his girlfriend getting raped. “You look bored there, lover-boy. Why don’t we put that mouth to good use? I want you to give your hot girlfriend some nice, wet kisses. Lick my cum off her face until it’s nice and clean. Come on, get busy.”

Everett looked at Trisha’s face. It glistened with Malik’s seed. She had cum just above her hairline. There was more cum along her forehead, on both her cheeks, even around one eye and on her nose. More cum clung to her jaw, oozing slowly down to her chest. She was a complete, nasty mess, and Everett didn’t want any part of it.

The 18-year-old boy shook his head. “No. You sick bastards. Finish fucking her and then please, just let us go.”

“Maybe you don’t hear so well,” Malik growled. “Let’s see if we can fix that real quick, yeah?” Malik disappeared for a moment, rummaging around in a backpack in the corner. He retrieved a shock wand perfect for administering a jolt of electroshock to an unwilling captive. He thrust this at Everett’s butt and sent a jolt through the young man’s body. Everett wailed as the jolt surged right through his anus. His testicles jostled as he writhed with pain.

“OK, I’ll do it. Please, no more.” Everett leaned forward, his eyes meeting Trisha’s. There was sorrow and comfort in Trisha’s eyes, as if she was trying to tell him ‘It’s okay. We’re going to be okay, babe. Just do what he says.’ Everett’s lips found Trisha’s, and then the two were kissing. Everett was a little surprised at how voraciously she responded. Her tongue found his, and her lips pressed hungrily against him. Soon she was practically mauling his face. She moaned into his mouth as Diego’s thick shaft reamed her sore cunt again and again, the hard smacks of his body joining hers like a terrible symphony which Everett couldn’t ignore.

Everett tried to ignore the taste of Malik’s cum, too. Instead, he focused on losing himself in Trisha’s soft lips. They were like a soothing balm. He had to admit it, they’d only just started dating, but he was crazy about this girl. He’d told himself, ‘She might be the one.’ Part of him already loved her, and that part of him told the rest of his body to just focus on her alone – to forget about the nasty excuses for human beings who were holding them captive. Everett just kissed his girl with a sensual, deep, and tender passion. He tried to take away her pain as they relished the ability to at least touch each other.

Then the tender moment was gone. Malik was yanking Everett’s face back, his hand gripping the young man’s neck.

“Look at you, boy. You like sucking your girlfriend’s cum-covered face, don’t ya? Oooh, and look at this, boys.” The muscular rapist pointed down at Everett’s penis, which now stood tall, stiff and rigid as a flagpole. “I think we got the slut’s boyfriend in the MOOD again. How about that.”

Horrified, Everett looked away, unable to meet Trisha’s eyes.

Just then, with a sudden roar, Diego clenched up, grabbing Trisha’s hips as he impaled her cunt hard on his shaft. He continued to bellow as ropes of cum shot deep towards her womb, filling her pussy completely until his stiffening testicles were totally emptied to the very last drop. At last, grunting in the final throes of orgasm, Diego pulled out and proceeded to spurt the last few swaths of cum along Trisha’s lower back and ass.

“Ahhhh. Damn, boss. This little cunt is a real good fuck, just like you say. Maybe we keep her a few more days and fuck her brains out, get rid of the boyfriend first?”

Malik rubbed his chin thoughtfully as Trisha’s eyes went wide with fear.

“No, please! Don’t hurt Everett. He’s done everything you’ve asked!” Malik shoved the shock wand against Trisha’s belly and pressed the button. The sexy young blonde squealed as the electroshock slammed through her torso. Her nipples felt like they were on fire.

“AAAAAHHHH!!! Please stop.” Malik reached down with his free hand, fondling her clitoris all of a sudden with a deceptive tenderness.

“You want me to be nice, bitch, you got to stop complaining. See? Now isn’t this better? You want me to make you CUM, little WHORE? Do you?”

The black gangbanger watched with a feral grin as Trisha’s tormented face showed the results of his attentions. She was slick and getting slicker by the minute. Being fucked by three impressive cocks in a row had definitely gotten her aroused, awakening every feminine instinct inside of her. The 18-year-old blonde whimpered as Malik’s fingers continued to stroke her little joy nub.

“You like that, slut? You want more? Tell me what you want.”

The cute girl bit her lip and nodded. “Yes…please don’t stop.” The truth was, Trisha wanted him to stop…except for the tiny part of her that didn’t. She hated how degrading this was, how Everett was seeing every second of her being reduced to this. But what she hated more was the idea of them hurting him. At least if she seemed to cooperate, maybe they wouldn’t be as rough. It was a long-shot, but what else could she do? ‘Please, please, let us go,’ she thought fervently. Then her thoughts got submerged in pleasure, as Malik’s fingers caressed her clit toward a feverish climax.

A sudden cry ripped free of her chest. Trisha realized she was convulsing on Malik’s fingers as they slammed into her cum-soaked cunt. Her snatch squeezed those fingers hard as she felt the spasms take over. She writhed on his hand as the orgasm ripped through her like a knife. Her flavorful fluids were soon streaming down Malik’s hand. Trisha’s chest was heaving as the gangbanger took his pussy-coated fingers away from her twat and began licking off the fluids.

“Mmmm…little bitch has her first orgasm of the night. Damn, girl, you taste GOOD.”

Vasquez walked over to position himself behind the lithe blonde’s prone, naked Kartaltepe Escort form just as Malik raised his hand.

“No. Wait. You can wait your turn a while longer, bro. I want to fuck this bitch in the ass.” Trisha’s face morphed with panic as she looked down and realized that Malik’s 11-inch long cock was stiff all over again – fully rejuvenated. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘I had enough trouble fitting that thing into my tiny pussy. It’ll never fit in my ass!’

“Oh please, no,” Trisha cried. “Please, let me suck you off. I’ll deep-throat your magnificent cock. Oh please, Master!”

“Quiet, bitch! You’ll relax those ass muscles and welcome me in. Don’t worry, I’ll put some lube on my cock and make it good for you. Try to enjoy it, SLUT. Don’t make me slap you.”

Malik retrieved a vial of watermelon-scented lubricant from the backpack and slathered it up and down his manhood. He poured a little into her wrinkled opening too, then climbed up on the mattress. Now he readied himself behind her. Trisha’s whole body clenched up. She glanced back and saw the intent look on Malik’s face. There was no doubt about it. Nothing was going to stop him from raping her poor ass. ‘Oh god,’ she thought. ‘I won’t be able to handle the pain.’

“Be still, bitch. Try to relax. Like I said, I’ll make it good for you, you just gotta cooperate.” He caressed her ass cheeks, admiring her beautiful curves. He leaned over her. He slid his tongue along her shoulder and then kissed the side of her face with deceptive gentleness.

“You ready for me to give you the anal fuck of a lifetime? You ready for me to break in that sexy virgin ass?”

“No, please!” she whimpered. “I’ll do anything,” she sobbed. “Please!”

Now the brutish gangbanger spread the sexy blonde’s ass cheeks wide and admired her star-shaped hole. He began to prod the bulbous head of his cock into her tightest opening when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Who the fuck?” Malik growled. He motioned at Herminio and Vasquez. “Go check it out.”

Trisha heaved a sigh of relief as Malik stood up, grabbed his gun, and followed Herminio and Vazquez.

“Whoever interrupted my rape party, they gonna pay,” Malik grunted.

‘Maybe it’s the police!’ Trisha thought as hope welled up inside her like pure spring water. She and Everett exchanged a look. Would they get out of this alive after all?

Vasquez and Herminio stood on either side of the door, naked but armed. Malik stood off and to the right just behind Herminio, while Diego remained with Trisha and Everett.

“Who the fuck is it?” Malik shouted.

“Who do you think? Forgive me for interrupting,” a voice with a slight Slavic accent called from the other side of the door. Then a man opened the door and walked through. He was tall, muscled like a wrestler, his blonde hair close-cropped to his skull, with a handsome, almost boyish face that belied his dark, restless eyes.

“Slobodan, you motherfucker,” Malik cried, his tone brightening. The two men hugged tightly. Slobodan had helped kill a witness who was going to testify against Malik’s younger brother. Ever since then, the two of them had been close allies. Now, as they drew apart, the Serbian nodded towards the mattress.

“I was just on my way to see you. I ran across one of your boys one block over. He said you were having a little fun. I thought I’d come join you.”

The tall black man cocked his head with a speculative look. “Is that so? Well, not that I mind sharing, but as you can see, Slo, we only have one young pussy to go around. It’s getting a little crowded here, too many cocks, not enough cunt, you know?”

Slobodan chuckled. “Not to worry, my brother. I brought some pussy of my own.” He motioned impatiently and a young black woman wearing a black tank top and miniskirt walked through the doorway. Outwardly, she had the submissive demeanor of a girl who had just recently been broken in as one of Slobodan’s sex slaves. Yet hidden underneath the female’s reluctant, resigned attitude lay this restless spirit. The girl still held out hopes of escaping.

“Mal, I’d like you to meet my newest fuck-toy. Fuck-toy, I’d like you to meet Mal. Before my men captured her, she went by the name ‘Rayna.’ Not that it matters now,” Slobodan said with a cruel smirk.

Rayna was about 20 years of age, with firm, bubble-shaped tits. She was slender, as lithe as a panther. Her dark, curly hair hung past her shoulders, and she had a strong yet beautiful face with deep, brown eyes.

“Hey, since you didn’t come empty-handed, man, I say you’re welcome to join us,” Malik said with approval.

Slobodan nodded as he began shrugging out of his clothes. “Let’s get started then. I’ll have to make up for being late to the party.” He turned to his slave-girl. “Start stripping.”

But seeing her Master start to disrobe, the girl was already one step ahead of him. Early on, Rayna had learned that anticipating her Master’s wants was vastly preferable to making him wait. Soon the young woman was completely naked, her light-brown complexion and beautiful body bare for all to see. The gorgeous girl also sported two nipple rings on the tips of her breasts, but these had some bling which made them very different from Trisha’s gold nipple rings.

Rayna’s nipple rings had a pair of attachments hanging down from them. They were stylized vertical letters made out of silver, tiny but readable. On the girl’s right nipple the word ‘Fuck’ dangled and on the girl’s left nipple the word ‘Toy’ dangled.

Slobodan gestured towards his slave-girl’s adornments. “Better than any nametag, don’t you think, brother?”

Malik whistled with approval. “True, man. Nice. I see why you call her ‘Fuck-toy’ now.” He rubbed his hands together. “Well let’s get busy then. Come here, Fuck-toy. I’ve got a job for you.” Malik strode up to the mattress and slammed Trisha onto her back. The naked blonde lay there, stunned, as Malik spread her alluring thighs, fully exposing her pink pussy to everyone in the room. She wanted to die of shame as she looked down and saw the remnants of her boyfriend’s cum, plus Diego’s and Malik’s nasty spunk, still leaking from her thoroughly brutalized sex.

“As you can see, we got a messy one here. You need to clean up this pussy, bitch.”

“Yes Master,” Rayna chirped. Right away the girl walked over and knelt down, shoving her tongue into Trisha’s quim. The blonde tried not to squirm or buck as the experienced black girl deftly began to eat out her cunt. The sounds of fervent licking soon gave way to the sound of Rayna slurping on Trisha’s clitoris. Trisha couldn’t stop the tremor that whipped through her body. She sighed, biting her lip to keep from moaning. ‘Oh god,’ she thought. ‘I feel like the worst kind of slut.’ She realized belatedly that she was already thrusting her crotch into Rayna’s furiously working mouth. Rayna’s tongue dove deeper, lapping up the cum-encrusted insides of Trisha’s teenage pussy. Trisha found herself wondering what it must taste like – this cocktail of flavors combining her own fluids with three men’s cum. She shuddered to think about it…then she shuddered again, except this time for an entirely different reason. Her body was responding to Rayna’s attentions. The slave-girl was nipping gently at the blonde’s clit now, and Trisha couldn’t help it. She reached up and began to fondle her own breasts as her fluids began to trickle onto Rayna’s tongue. Arousal pulsed between her legs. Her loins felt this unmistakable buildup. Her soft folds were wet and feeling the most exquisite burn.

At this rate she was going to come…and soon.

“Now isn’t this special. Look at your blonde slut enjoying having her pussy licked out by another girl,” Malik jeered as he turned to Everett. “I bet you’re feeling left out, aren’t you? OK. Let’s get you in on this action.” He pointed at Trisha’s cute face. “I want you to straddle your bitch and have her suck your balls. Do it. NOW.”

Everett looked at Malik with anger and disgust, but he did as his captor told him. He climbed onto the mattress and straddled Trisha’s neck so that his testicles rested gently on her lips. Trisha opened her mouth. Her tongue snuck out, lapping at Everett’s sweaty balls. The smell of his male musk invaded her nostrils. It wasn’t unpleasant, at least not to her. She’d always been turned on by the idea of a sweaty guy; as long as a guy showered every day, Trisha thought there was something sexy about fresh sweat. She slurped on Everett’s balls, taking one into her mouth to suck fervently, then the other. Everett tried to just sit there, straddling her face, staying perfectly still. He closed his eyes, just wishing this were some nightmare he could wake up from any moment. She could sense his arousal, though. Trisha suckled more desperately than ever on his fragile testicles, enjoying the ability to at least give him some pleasure.

And soon she was moaning loudly while she slurped on Everett’s testicles. She was so close. Rayna’s tongue was devastating. The tip of the slave-girl’s pierced tongue battered the nerve bundle between Trisha’s legs just so. Then she nipped forcefully at the hood of the girl’s clit and Trisha felt herself plunging over the edge. The alluring blonde’s petite body thrashed in ecstasy as her juices flowed onto Rayna’s tongue. Trisha had to be careful not to Escort Kartaltepe bite down on Everett’s testicles as the orgasm exploded inside her. She moaned plaintively, and that was when it happened…

Apparently, feeling his girlfriend reach orgasm underneath him and hearing her moan was just too much for the 18-year-old boy. Everett already couldn’t take it, seeing Trisha suck on his balls with such dedication. Seeing the enraptured look on her face and feeling her body writhing underneath him – all of it sent him over the edge too. He groaned, grabbing the base of his cock as the explosion sent a geyser of cum into the air. Everett had just enough time to aim the direction of the powerful blast. He sent spurt after spurt of seed onto Trisha’s hair and forehead. His agonized grunts petered out as the last spurt of cum landed between Trisha’s eyes.

“Uhhh!!!” Everett groaned. Suddenly he toppled over, stunned, as Malik’s pistol slammed into the side of his head.

“Did I say you could CUM, lover boy? NO!” he thundered. The gangbanger left the young man lying unconscious beside his girlfriend on the bed. Meanwhile, Trisha’s heavy-lidded, pleasure-laced eyes went from euphoric to terrified.

“Oh god! Everett. Everett!” she cried out. She turned toward Malik. “Did you kill him?” She looked so fearful, but Malik merely grunted.

“Your boyfriend’s just knocked out, bitch. No need for all that drama,” he said. “Now stay focused, girl. You’ve got more important things to do while your boyfriend gets to take a nap.” Malik yanked Rayna’s head from between Trisha’s legs. He looked down at the beautiful black girl, her face still glistening with Trisha’s cunt cream.

“You did good, Fuck-toy. For that you get a reward.” He retrieved his shock wand and thrust it between Rayna’s legs as he pressed the button. The slave-girl squealed as the wand’s jolts went straight to her pussy.


“What’s the matter, cunt? You don’t like my reward?”

Trying to stay calm, the black girl looked up at the cruel gangbanger. “No, Master. This slave is…happy for any reward you wish to give her,” she lied.

“You’re not convincing me, slut.” He gave her another shock right between the legs. She just knelt there, taking it. Her tits shook as she cried out, trembling from the electroshock.

“OW! Please Master, no more rewards. Please.” She’d said it without thinking, but now Rayna quailed as she saw the evil smile spread across Malik’s face.

“Oh, you don’t want a reward? You want punishment instead? That can be arranged.” He glanced at Slobodan, who was watching all of this unfold avidly, his own cock fully engorged.

“Please proceed,” Slobodan said. “I’m curious where you go with this.”

Now Malik proceeded to sit on the edge of the bed, positioning the blonde girl facing away from him with her anus above his still lubed-up shaft. He poised her anal opening right above his rock-hard penis. Trisha’s hands were desperately gripping his legs.

“Please…don’t,” she whimpered.

“Shut up, bitch. You want me to pistol-whip you like I did your boyfriend?”

“No…please don’t hurt me.”

“Then take this cock up your ass. Now relax that ass and get ready for a fuck you’ll never forget,” Malik growled at Trisha. “And YOU,” he said, pointing at the cowering Rayna. “You get to suck on my balls or lick pussy – I’ll let you choose – until I gush in her ass. Then your punishment is this: you get to clean out all my jism from blondie’s ass. Understood?”

Rayna’s face twisted momentarily in horror, before she recovered and put on a mask of calm. “Yes Master.”

Now Malik had the egg-shaped head of his cock prepared right at the blonde girl’s anal opening. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down violently. The girl screamed as his shaft buried itself almost balls-deep, it seemed, busting her virgin anus.

“Oh god! It hurts. Please take it out! AAAAYYY!!!” Trisha groaned. But the lubricant inside Trisha’s anus and slathered along Malik’s cock soon began to take full effect. As she bounced on his lap, the unthinkable began to unfold. Pain progressed to a dull ache, and gradually something else began to overshadow the throbbing inside of her ass. After another few minutes, the beautiful teenage girl even realized something disturbing. The friction of Malik’s shaft inside her sore anus actually felt…kind of good. Her pussy was getting wet, too. Wait…how? Then Trisha looked down and realized that Rayna was eating out her sex again. ‘Oh fuck. She’s so good at eating pussy,’ Trisha sighed inwardly, ashamed at how grateful she was to have this fellow captive here with her. ‘At least it’s not just me and Everett now,’ she thought, and another fleeting thought hit her as she tried to comprehend the sensation of fullness in her ass. ‘Maybe Rayna can help me and Everett escape.’

“Uh! Uhh! UHH!!! Damn, bitch, your ass is TIGHT. This has to be the tightest ass I’ve ever raped,” Malik grunted. He cupped the girl’s tits, playing mercilessly with her sore nipples as Trisha moaned and continued to traitorously enjoy the sensations of her ass being reamed by that thick, elongated black cock. She looked down at herself, utterly horrified by how much this was turning her on. She’d never been fucked in the ass, not ever. She’d never even imagined having anal sex. That was something nasty, something only dirty whores did in places like Las Vegas. The teenage girl couldn’t believe this was happening.

Her entire world was shattering. Her innocence too.

“OHHH!” she moaned.

“What’s that, bitch? I can’t hear you,” Malik said. He nipped at her ear lobe, then kissed the side of her face. “Tell me, bitch, how does it feel? My cock filling your little ass. It’s OK. Tell me the truth or I put a bullet in your boyfriend’s FACE.”

She closed her eyes, feeling the build-up of pleasure about to derail her train of thought. ‘No, I won’t give this bastard the satisfaction.’ She kept her eyes squeezed completely shut. The slender blonde just moaned incoherently as her hands tightened on Malik’s thighs. Her feminine instincts kicked into gear as she thought about how manly those thighs were, rippling with muscle, as her butt impaled itself again and again and again on Malik’s unyielding shaft.

“Get this bitch to talk,” Malik growled.

Slobodan nodded. “It will be my pleasure.” He drew out a wicked-looking knife from his discarded clothing and leaned over the unconscious young man on the mattress beside Trisha and Malik. He lifted Everett’s ball sac with one hand and positioned the knife, poised to cut them off.

“You better talk and tell Malik the truth, sweetie, or you’ll watch your boyfriend become a eunuch,” Slobodan said matter-of-factly.

That did it. The thought of something so awful had Trisha babbling for mercy.

“OH god! Please don’t hurt him. Yes, YES, I love being ass-raped. I love your cock inside me, Master Malik. Please fuck my ass harder. Please fuck my ass as hard and fast as you can. Uhhh!!!”
“That’s my girl,” Malik whispered with approval.

Now Malik’s hands slipped down to Rayna’s head, wending into her hair as he shoved the girl’s face harder into Trisha’s snatch. Rayna slurped desperately, hardly able to breathe with her nose pressed into Trisha’s cunt so roughly. The smell of sex and sexual fluids filled the room. And then…then the moment of eruption came. Malik almost bellowed like a bull as his churning balls released a fresh geyser of jism deep into Trisha’s ass. The gorgeous blonde teenager groaned as she felt that hot, sticky liquid start to fill her bottom. Then she was thrown into the abyss too, all thanks to Rayna’s clit-worshipping tongue and the delicious sensations of friction deep in Trisha’s young ass. Trisha squealed, bucking into Rayna’s face as the orgasm washed through her like a cleansing flood. Malik’s arms wrapped around Trisha’s torso as he cupped both her tits. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he finished riding out his orgasm, spurting thick jets of cum into Trisha’s poor ass.

Finally, Trisha was just a jumble of limp arms and legs sitting on Malik’s lap, her naked body worn out from the intensity of the anal-penetration induced orgasm. She sagged as Malik’s cock slipped free of the girl’s well-stretched anus. Malik tipped Trisha backward, presenting Trisha’s ruined anus to the still kneeling Rayna. The black slave-girl gaped at the blonde’s distended anal opening. It was red, swollen, so sore…and coated with so much cum.

“You know what to do, bitch,” Malik warned.

Rayna dutifully opened her mouth before the first streams of cum began to drip out of Trisha’s brutalized anus. She then proceeded to swirl her tongue inside Trisha’s ass. She vacuumed up all of the cum, lapping desperately until she’d taken it all into her mouth. She swallowed and then stuck her tongue out to show her Master how obedient she’d been.

Malik looked approvingly at the curly-haired slave-girl.

“Not bad, bitch. I’m impressed.”

“As am I,” Slobodan said. “But being a bystander to all this has made me…in need of relief…and I think my little cunt deserves a REAL reward.” Rayna gasped as her Master and owner lifted her up by the waist. She had a few seconds to look down at the raging erection which eagerly looked forward to impaling her young pussy. Kartaltepe Escort Slobodan sank her onto his cock as she wrapped her legs around him, her arms around his bull-thick neck as the big Serbian began to fuck his slave-girl while standing up.

“Uh…uh…uh…UH!…so, Malik…UH!…this is how you fuck a woman properly. Isn’t that right, Fuck-toy?”

Rayna cooed loudly, for her Master’s benefit, although to be honest her cunt was enjoying every delicious inch of that cock sliding in and out of her core.

“Yes Master. This Fuck-toy loves her Master’s cock buried deep inside her pussy. Please fuck me. This slave lives to serve you.”

Meanwhile, Trisha stayed on Malik’s lap in a complete daze. She couldn’t believe this was happening. They had knocked Everett unconscious. They had raped her…even in the ass. She had actually reached orgasm…multiple times! She didn’t know whether to be disgusted with herself or resigned to her fate. Whatever these men wanted to do to her and Everett, what hope did she have of stopping them? She was helpless, but to make matters even worse, her body responded to the awful things they did. ‘What am I going to do?’ she thought, feeling bereft like the wreckage of a ship. She glanced over at Everett, lying peacefully and blissfully unaware. In the background, Rayna’s moans surged as loud smacks echoed throughout the room – the vigorous cadence of the Serb’s hard fucks each time he impaled the dusky-skinned girl on his cock.

Abruptly, Trisha now felt Malik’s warm breath at her ear. “What do you think, whore? Was that ass-rape better than you expected? You loved it, and we both know it.” Now Malik’s hands idly cupped her tits again. That was becoming one of the brute’s favorite activities. With a growing sense of dread, Trisha was aware of Vasquez and Herminio, both looking disgruntled with their unsated, still raging hard-ons. Diego stood in the background with an amused smirk.

“Boss, we’ve been patient,” Herminio said. “Can we please fuck her now?”

Malik sighed as he shoved the sexy blonde off his lap. “Go ahead. Why don’t you both fuck her in the ass too? It’s the tightest fit your cock will ever know. You won’t regret it, brothers. Trust me.”

Trisha struggled as Malik grabbed her wrists and pulled her forward across the bed. She felt two men groping her breasts and feeling up her backside.

Vasquez and Herminio both chimed in. “OH yeah, boss. We’ll take this ass for a good, hard ride. Wont’ we, little cunt?”

“NO!” Trisha wailed.

Malik cupped Trisha’s chin and turned her toward the action nearby. The lithe slave-girl Rayna was purring like a cat in heat, Slobodan’s testicles shaking violently underneath her shapely buttocks while his shaft bottomed out inside her moist sheath again and again and again. It was obscene, the way he could just stand there and fuck her like that. “You see that, bitch? You’re jealous, aren’t you? You see your fellow slave bitch getting all that hard cock right up her tight fuck-hole, and you say to yourself, ‘Ohh I need another cock inside me.’ Isn’t that right, SLUT?”

Trisha shook her head frantically ‘No,’ but she knew it was no use. Then she got an idea.

“Wait, yes. I…I do need more cock.” She glanced back at Herminio. “But please, let me fuck you with my pussy, Master. My pussy needs your cock,” she groaned. She prayed this would work. She didn’t want to get fucked in the ass – not again. Her blue eyes shone with desperation as Herminio grunted with a look of hesitation.

“Back that pussy up onto my cock. I’ll let you do all the work for now, and in the meantime I’ll decide which hole I want to fuck,” Herminio said with a smirk.

“Thank you Master. I’ll make it good for you,” Trisha insisted. She moved her ass in a mesmerizing gyration and slowly positioned her cunt lips around the head of Herminio’s penis. Then she slid herself back onto him, moaning and sighing for his benefit. Now the slender blonde began rapidly pushing her hips back, impaling her snatch on Herminio’s diamond-hard shaft.

“Oooohhh!” Trisha sang. “I love fucking this cock.” Meanwhile she just kept thinking, ‘Please, please let this make him happy enough so that he doesn’t rape me in the ass too.’

And just then there was a loud, plaintive groan, and a more high-pitched squeal not far from the mattress. Amazingly, Slobodan and his slave-girl were coming almost simultaneously. The muscle-bound Serb’s groan was followed by violent jerks as his testicles stiffened, his cock spewing and flooding Rayna’s cunt with warm, viscous fluid. Moments later Rayna’s hands clung desperately to Slobodan’s shoulder blades. She squealed as her snatch gripped the shaft buried deep and snug within her sex. Her pussy clamped onto Slobodan’s cock as if she never, ever wanted to let it go. The pungent scent of Rayna’s cunt cream flooded the room.

Trisha wondered what had possessed the slave-girl to come so hard. Unless…

Trisha wondered if Rayna felt the same inner conflict that she did…Because while Trisha hated being held against her will and seeing them hurt Everett, a deep, primal, feminine fragment of herself admitted this: she kind of liked being dominated and fucked by these brutal men.

Now Herminio made a dissatisfied grunt as Trisha’s pussy continued to pump in a frenzied rush back and forth along the length of his manhood. “Your pussy is NICE, bitch, but I think the tight fit of your ass will be even BETTER.” Herminio now yanked his cock out of her snatch as Trisha squealed.

“Please, no. Not my ass!”

But his bulbous cock-head was now in position as he spread her cheeks. Herminio was ready and eager to fuck her sore ass. He positioned it and she felt the throbbing tip ready to plunge forward. Malik meanwhile had her wrists in his ironclad grip. He tugged her forward so that his face was just inches from hers. He was staring into her eyes as she clenched up, helpless and bent over on her hands and knees.

“I’m looking forward to this, bitch. Unlike last time, when I was the one butt-fucking you, NOW I’ll get to see the look on your face as that cock goes deep into your sexy, little ass.” Trisha squeezed her eyes shut, preparing her mauled, overstimulated body for the worst – and whatever came after that. And yet that was exactly when her prayers were answered.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion – or what seemed like several explosions. Trisha suddenly couldn’t hear anything – not at first. She was stunned, sprawled on the bed. Malik and the other men in the room were all on the floor and now there were these new men rushing into the ramshackle house. Men wearing vests and helmets and carrying guns! Her foggy brain tried to put two and two together. Chaos swirled through the room. It slowly dawned on her, as a uniformed figure leaned over her. His gloved hand gently stroked her cheek.

“Hang in there, sweetheart. No one’s going to hurt you. Not anymore. You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” The commander of the SWAT team lifted Trisha into his arms as he barked out orders. Trisha’s eyelids suddenly felt way too heavy. She whispered two simple words to the police officer that couldn’t begin to describe the gratitude she felt.

“Thank you.”

And before blackness swallowed her up, Trisha had time for one more thought. ‘Thank god for real heroes.’ The nightmare was over. Over at last.



The petite 18-year-old girl awoke in a hospital bed. Her pussy ached. Her ass throbbed even worse. Trisha tried to get up, but a white-sleeved arm held her back.

“I need to shower. I need to get their stench off of me,” she shouted, almost hysterical. Finally the nurse got her to calm down and lay back.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. We have to wait until the police get here. They’re going to take samples…for evidence…if you agree.” The nurse’s expression begged Trisha to agree. Trisha nodded slowly. Her nipples still burned and she looked down at her chest with sudden realization. Reading her mind, the nurse spoke.

“They removed the…rings. They’ll heal, sweetie. Don’t worry.”

Trisha nodded, tears in her eyes. “Thank you. Do you…could you find out the name of the police officer who led the raid that saved us? And can you tell me where my boyfriend is?”

“I’m right here,” a familiar voice interrupted from the doorway. A young man with a bandage wrapped around his head strode in, hastened over to the bed, and cupped Trisha’s face.


“Everett, thank God. Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure about ‘okay,’ but I’m alive, baby. Now that you’re safe and awake I can finally breathe,” he said.

Tears spilled down Trisha’s cheeks, so he kissed her. She kissed him back and then lurched into a sitting position as the young couple hugged each other tight.

“Young man, you need to get back to your room,” the nurse said gently. Reluctantly, though, the nurse left them to be alone for a while. Finally, the two drew back from their airtight embrace.

“I didn’t think we’d get out of there alive,” Trisha admitted, sniffling as she wiped at her eyes.

Everett nodded. “I know. But we did.” Right now his eyes, they said what she felt in her heart too. Hopefully would slowly heal. They would get through this – together, but even if they did, they would still never be the same.




Remember, always indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. Disclaimer: I do not in any way support any of the fictitious events depicted in this story. This is just a fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.


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