Freshman Adventures: Off the EdgeFreshman Adventures: Off the Edge


Dennis was halfway through fucking Adria when he realized she would fall off the side of the bed.

They were entangled sideways on a bed in a $50 motel room outside Carbondale, Dennis on top. The wall to wall carpeting was ripped in places, stained in swaths. But Adria wouldn’t fall on a stain at least. So it wasn’t like he was being totally degrading.

He was just breaking up with her.

Yes, Dennis decided as he pressed his fingers in to her hips a little harder. I’ve had enough of this twenty-eight year old mom. She’s fun, but I’m moving on.

He looked into Adria’s eyes as her head titled over the edge. Her eyes fluttered shut and her fading eyeshade shone in the glint of sun coming through the window. He heard her breaths release at a fairly normal workout rate. Despite jolting back and forth every time he thrust his cock into her, her body was still stable on the mattress.

It was only at that moment that Dennis thought, Am I going to fall with her?

He put his pelvis into action. He’d trained himself, over the past few months, how to work his pelvis without moving his torso, simply for the purposes of getting better at sex (which he was never bad at…) He listened to his pelvis thwack against her lower thighs.

Dennis’ cock, bare inside Adria, felt warm and ensconced, but not wet as fuck. He needed her to get wetter. He grabbed on to her right foot with his left hand and held her leg in the air. There, now she shifted a little more off the edge. Adria glanced to her side. Her boobs bounced. Her nipples were still hard.

Dennis felt that, given that this was breakup sex, and given that she was always an FWB rather than a girlfriend, anyway, and given all the lies he’d told her (which, unlike his semen, she’d swallowed), he’d better tell her the truth now.

“UUUuuuhhhh…” isveçbahis came out of Adria’s mouth. Her natural speaking voice was low for a woman and this moan was a little higher pitched. He had heard her break into outright squeals. There were still some octaves for her to climb.

She was still facing the side. Her head was cocked further. Dennis took his head in her hand and tilted it up.

“Adria,” he said calmly. She liked it when he did this. “Adria, look into my eyes.”

She opened her eyes. Here eyeline still went to the ceiling. He jerked her head up a little further.

“Look at me,” he whispered, not at the ceiling. Now she was looking at him. With those deep green eyes.

“I’ve lied to you, babe,” he whispered. “I’m not twenty-eight. I’m 19. I didn’t go away for four months for work. I went away for college.”

He wondered if she’d let him get away with all of this without stopping sex. Dennis gambled that she would. He’d gotten away with crazier shit before. He continued:

“And you’re not my girlfriend. I’ve had, like, fifteen girls this past semester.” He chuckled a little at the number, an estimation, but not a fabrication.

“I’ve raw-dogged most of them. I’ve never had defective sperm. I’m lucky, I know. I just can’t use a rubber. I need to feel my cock get wet or else it wasn’t worth it.”

Adria, her head still cupped in his hand, stares at him with an expression that looks like she’s watching a house on fire and the flames are gorgeous. Dennis realizes, she thinks this is one of my fantasies .

He lets go of her head. He slides his hand over her hard nipples and down her stomach. He dips a finger into her clit. He feels his own stomach above his fingers and he sucks in air. He rubs the bulge.

Now Adria’s the one who sucks in air. She gasps isveçbahis giriş it out in flutters. With one hand on her foot and the other angled downward into her pleasure zone, Dennis rubs and jackhammers his lower body against her.

Adria responds with yelps.


She slides further backwards, further as she yelps and inhales, yelps and inhales. Dennis can’t see her face now. Just her neck, bulging with her vocal exertions. And her boobs, flopping.

“I’m going back to school tomorrow. This is the last time I’m going to fuck you. Sorry, it’s just that I’m done with older women. I’m done with sleeping around.”

Dennis feels his cock getting tingly. And wet. He keeps his fingers going. He hears Adria end a yelp with the word, Fuck.

Her folds are tightening on his cock. And her thighs are pressing against his waist. Oh shit, he’s going with her.

Dennis watches as his milf- as he puts it to his male friends-opens her mouth so wide that he can see her teeth even from his vantage and hears as she suddenly goes silent with a sound her lungs just can’t release. Dennis can’t hold himself back the entirety of her orgasm. He’s done it before, but not today. He starts to shoot off inside her and, in a real burst of a second wind, forces himself out of her by grabbing the mattress and heaving himself back. He feels her lips muck against his shaft just before detaching and he watches her legs flail in the air as she thuds on the floor.

Dennis unloads the rest on the bed. He tries to lurch forward to cum on her, but some already sprayed out anyway. Instead he falls forward on the bed and sees, ahead of him, the off-blue wall stained with mold. Closer to him, a pair of female legs protruding in the air. At the edge of the sheets, between those legs-he isveçbahis yeni giriş actually can’t believe this-a streak of dampness trailing off the edge. Dennis wishes his phone was nearby and he could get a picture.

The smell of pussy. And semen. And sweat. Labored breaths.

Dennis pushes forward and looks over the edge of the bed. There’s his ravished older woman, not really his woman anymore, though the grin on her face between her flushed cheeks suggests she thinks otherwise.

Dennis smiles.

“You okay?” He asks.

Adria takes a moment. She snickers.

“You really are a devil,” she says.

A half hour later, just before he leaves, Adria, in her thin gray shirt and trashy earrings kisses him and asks,

“That was all one of your fantasies, right? All that stuff you said?”

Dennis takes a second.

Fuck it. One more lie, why not…

“Yeah,” he says. “Duh. A fantasy.”

Dennis waits, in the January cold, for the bus. His cock sticks to his boxers. He wonders if Adria has come home to her daughter yet. He wonders if she paid the babysitter well. With her coupons and food stamps, she should have it covered. He thinks about her legs flailing in the air and the stain between them.

He thinks about who else he can get to do that. Janelle, probably. Andie, if she’s still into having sex with him. Some other girls yet un-seduced.

He walks to the edge of the sidewalk to look for the bus. He feels his feet shift on the ice. He falls sideways. He’s lying in the street. And the bus is coming.

A pair of hands grab him and hoist him up.

“Are you okay, young man?” A gruff male voice says.

Dennis gathers his wits. He nods.

“Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, thanks.”

“Be careful,” says the voice.

The man moves in front of him and gets on the bus. Dennis hesitates for a few moments. The driver motions to him. Dennis steps on the bus and takes out his two remaining dollars. He’ll have to ask his Dad for more money when he gets home to grab his luggage.

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