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“Really Jenn, you’re ok with this? It feels pretty odd to me.”

“I told you Mike, it’s not cheating, it’s helping out a friend. Plus I know that you’ll be doing it, it’s not like you’re sneaking around behind my back or anything.”

‘But still, Jenn; I’d be having sex with someone else.”

“It’s not romantic love sex, it’s artificial insemination.”

“Um no, Jenn – it’s insemination. The old fashioned way. And why does it have to be me, anyway?”

“Mike, we’ve been through this; She wants your sperm because you’re tall, creative, intelligent and funny, and you were an athlete in college. Jeez, you’re the only guy I know who would balk at the chance to sleep with someone else with his wife’s permission. Does she gross you out or something?”

“No, I like her. It’s just that we’ve known her for 15 years – since you guys were college roommates.”

“Is it that she’s a lesbian? Is that what bugs you about this?”

“C’mon Jenn, give me a little credit here. You know I don’t really give a shit about anyone’s orientation. It’s just a label to me. I will say that I’m glad she didn’t change her look as part of this transformation. She’s been a looker for as long as I’ve known her. Being with a more butch version might not work so well for me.”

“Jenn, listen – I just don’t want to mess up what we have. She was your maid of honor for crying out loud!”

“That’s why I’m not worried; I know her. Look. it’s pretty simple; she wants a baby before she’s too old and she thinks you’d make the perfect donor, and for the record, I agree.”

“I still don’t get why the old “jerk off in the doc’s office” method isn’t good enough for her.”

“Don’t be crude. You know what she said.”

“Yeah, but I don’t buy that “it works better if you do it “organically” theory. That sounds like one of those “my yoga teacher told me” science facts.”

“Mike, what can I tell you? Can’t you just please go take care of this. I promise there’ll be a nice reward for you afterwards….” She gives me a sexy wink.

“Um, so you’re going to reward me for having sex with your friend by having sex with me? Can’t you just make me one of your trademark “meat lover’s” lasagnas instead?”

Jenn playfully slaps my arm. “Tell you what; I’ll be your whore for a night, AND make you the lasagna. How’s that?”

As I drive over to Kerri’s place, the irony of it all comes sweeping back into my mind. When I met Jenn and Kerri during our first year at college, it was actually Kerri that I had the hots for. Busty, curvy and a bit of a wild child. At the time however, she was hopping from guy to guy. I never actually had the chance to squeeze in there, and quite frankly – as a shy guy – I never got up the nerve.

But then suddenly Jenn transformed from the nerdy, skinny teenager-looking soccer-playing freshman into the gorgeous definitely-a-woman-now sophomore, and my lusting shifted to her. Even with that, I still kept an eye on Kerri and her crazy endless sex-ploits with an endless parade of guys.

And now she’s a lesbian? I remember when she made that pronouncement to us. Who am I to question her or judge, but it did seem a bit of a coincidence that it would happen right after she went thru that nasty divorce from Matt. My understanding is that it really messed them up that they couldn’t have kids together, I guess because of some issue he had.

So that’s where I come in. I’m just a donor….period. We drew up legal documents that say just that. And the fact that Jenn and I have decided we don’t want or plan on having kids makes it cool, I guess. I get to pass on my DNA but won’t be responsible for raising the kid.

So I figure I’ll just get in and “do the deed” and then hightail outta there. If she’s a lesbian now, I have to assume that she’ll consider a dick a necessary evil. I guess in this case it would be “wham-bam, you’re welcome, ma’am.”

There’s a note on Kerri’s door.

“Mike – let yourself in – Ker”

I knock and enter through the side door.

I announce myself “KNOCK KNOCK — HEY IT’S ME”

I hear from the other room; “IN HERE”

I poke my head in the living room – no Kerri. And she wasn’t in the kitchen.



I enter the bedroom and…..lights turned down? Lit scented candles? Lo-fi beats on the speaker? But no Kerri.


“You don’t have to yell, silly I’m right here!”

She’s waving to me from the master bathroom. From the oversized tub which is filled with bubbles. And there is low lighting and lit candles in there too.

I holler from the bedroom; “Oh shit, Kerri! I’m so sorry! I guess I got the wrong time! I’ll come back later!”

“Mike, no! You got the time right. And why are we shouting across rooms? Come in here.”

“Um, Kerri, why don’t I let you finish your bath?”

“Geez Mike, relax; here, I poured you some champagne.”


“Um- çankaya escort no thanks Kerri. Can we just take care of….um…”

“Mike, I insist!” I take the glass. I notice from the level in the bottle that she did some pre-gaming.

“Okay – out, out!” She wags her and at me, “Go hang in the living room while I prepare myself.”

Prepare herself?

Not sure what there is to prepare, but whatever, I guess. Luckily she has a big screen tv and cable so I’m able to check in on the Bruins. Kinda hated to miss the game for this, but what are you gonna do?

Fifteen minutes later…

“Oh yoo-hoo!”

I look over towards the bedroom, and she’s peeking her face around the partially closed door. Her freshly made-up face.

“Hey-ya big boy – come on over here, will ya?”

As I get closer, the door swings open.


She does a pirouette, so that I can get the full effect.”

“Holy shit, Kerri. This is definitely not what I was expecting.”

“Is that your way of saying I look fuckable?” She winks. She turns around and bends a little at the waist, accentuating her ass, giving me a boozy leer over her shoulder.

She is definitely looking very fuckable. She is wearing a scarlet red bra and thong set. At 37, she is a little thicker than the college 20 year old version I remember, but she’s definitely full in all the right places in that “milf-ey” way. She always had bigger boobs than Jenn and they are looking great tonight.”

I’m feeling bad for wearing my usual uniform of jeans, ironic t-shirt and hoodie, but in my defense, I thought I was just running an errand here.

“Kerri, you look great. You always look great.”

“Good enough to fuck?”

“Um, Kerri – you’re weirding me out a little. I was thinking of this as more of a….um…..”practical” thing we’d be doing together. Did I have the wrong idea here? You know I love Jenn and there’s…..”

Her finger is on my lips. “Shhhhhhhh……….just relax, Mike. Relax….”

And suddenly her other hand is on the front of my jeans.

“Um, I’ve been curious about what’s going on down here for a long time.” She winks.

And then I’m being pulled into the aura of candles, the lo-fi beats, the dim lighting and – is that sandalwood I smell?

And suddenly, she is on her knees below me, working my zipper and belt. My soft dick is in her hand – correction, in her mouth.


“Um Kerri, you don’t have to do that, I’ll be able to…um… know, “be ready” when it’s time.”

She looks up at me, takes my now hard cock out of her mouth. “How about less talk, Mike?”

My cock goes back in her mouth and, oh my, her “experience” is really paying off. I can’t help myself, I close my eyes and begin running my fingers through her long curly chestnut brown hair.

“Now you’re getting the hang of it, stud.”

“Um, Kerri. I’m serious…, you don’t have to do this, we can just…”

“More talking? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”

And suddenly she’s cradling my balls in her hand. Her mouth comes down and begins licking and teasing them. It feels pretty fucking great. Jenn is enthusiastic and well intentioned, but a ball-licker she’s not.

And then a finger teasing my asshole. Ok, that’s definitely no-mans-land as far as Jenn is concerned. I’m not sure if I like it, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Then she’s back on my cock. She interrupts herself to look up at me. “You know…” she interjects between licks and sucks “…..I had my eye on you back in college – why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

Oh, shit. How do I say this….

“Um, I thought about it – until Jenn, I mean, but you were always kinda………um……”

“Being a slut? You can say it, Mike. Believe me, I know better than anyone just what a whore I was back then.”

Her dirty talk makes my cock jump a little.

“Oh! You liked that? You like it when I talk like a dirty whore?”

“Kerri, I’m not sure what’s going on here….aren’t you a lesbian now?”

She looks up at me with a mouth full of cock and nods. “Mmmmm-hmmm.”

“So what’s with the blowjob?”

She takes the cock out. “Aren’t you enjoying yourself?” The cock goes back in.

“Yeah, but I mean;…..Jenn……”

She looks up at me, mouth full of cock, and playfully rolls her eyes.

“Ok, ok. I get it, Mike. You really love Jenn. Come on, then.”

She gets up, takes my hands in hers and pulls me back towards the bed. As we get closer, she spins around to face me and wraps her arms around my neck.

“Hey look. I get it about Jenn. You’re all hers. You guys are an amazing couple and this whole thing is clearly weirding you out, but can I just kiss you?”

I’m not thrilled with the idea, but nod my agreement.

She turns her head up towards mine, places a hand behind my neck to draw me in. Her lips come to mine. I am expecting a full-on tongue invasion, but she surprises me. Her lips are gentle and cebeci escort soft. She takes her time.

But it’s what happens next, and my reaction, that surprises me even more. Her tongue nudges my lips, asking to be let in. I’m reluctant but let her in. Her tongue slips in graciously and nudges its way around in a gentle way. But then I taste the mix of tobacco and champagne on her, and this reminds me of the fact that I’m dealing with a different kind of woman than vegan, exercise-nut Jenn. Kerri is relaxed, care free and casual.

Something about her free attitude arouses something new in me.

She takes my hand and brings it to her breast. I begin massaging or maybe groping her full breast; bigger and softer than Jenn’s. Kerri is earthier, slower, fuller. If you’d asked me before, I like most men, would always tell you firmer is better, but tonight? Not so sure.

“Ok look Mike; I guess we had different ideas about tonight. Yeah, you’re here to knock me up; that’s our deal but I thought maybe we could have some fun with it, but I get it, you’re not like other guys, who’d be all over me and making ME feel guilty about this whole thing.”

“I know, I know, I’m a fucking idiot, Kerri, but I can’t help it. I guess I’m just a one-woman guy. But I agreed to something so let’s just finish this up, ok?”

She takes my face in her hands. “You’re one of a kind, that’s for sure.”

With that, she lays back down on the bed.

“Um, I should probably get rid of these, then. Maybe they are a little too much.” With that the bra and thong are suddenly gone and she’s fully naked before me now. She smiles up at me. It seems a lot more natural that it’s just her body, without the distractions.

“If we are gonna do this, you might want to be naked too…” She smiles up at me. I awkwardly shuffle out of my clothes. She giggles. I didn’t realize that I had kind of frozen in place. Suddenly seeing a different woman, and a completely different kind of woman than Jenn. I guess I was a little lost in the moment. I hadn’t really imagined this playing out this way.

She is now on her back smiling up at me, this is definitely her best angle.

Back in college, she was athletic, trim and sultry. The parts are all the same now but a little less defined. Her tits are not a college girl’s anymore; they’re fuller, more mellow and not riding high on the front of her chest but relaxing off to the sides a bit. I never saw her nipples in college, but they are definitely not a girl’s nipples now – they are full, dark and inviting.

Her hips are broad and sensual. She has just the slightest hint of a belly, and her ass is broad but not fat. She has a a delicate layer of hair covering her mound, and a soft, gentle feel about her.

She’s not old by any definition; she’s only 37, but this is a mature woman’s body. It’s inviting, soft, comforting and so different from Jenn; also 37, but still an avid runner and yoga hardbody.

People let me know all the time how lucky I am that Jenn still looks like a college girl, and they don’t have to tell me; I know how fortunate I am. But I am intrigued by this different type of woman.

“I hope you’re not disappointed; I know you’re used to super-fit Jenn.”

I shake my head. “No, absolutely not.” She smiles.

I sit down on the bed next to her. “Kerri; can I touch you?”

She rolls her eyes comedically. “Um…yeah of course.”

I let my hand move across her tummy. It’s plush and warm. My hand moves up to cup one breast and gently squeeze it, I feel its weight. Then I run my finger over her nipple, then down to the tuft of hair between her legs. Her legs part slightly to allow me access in, but I move my hand back up to her tummy.

She’s just so different from Jenn, in so many ways.

Jenn for the most part has always been a “good girl”; two high school boyfriends and a college fling before me, and only me since then. And I had about the same amount of experience before Jenn.

She and I have what you might describe as “vanilla” sex; don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but we stick to the basics; missionary, her on top, occasionally me from behind, oral each way. That’s about it. No anal. No public sex. Not even nudity at the beach when we were at actual nude beaches during out honeymoon in Europe.

But Kerri, well she was right when she described herself as “slutty, back then”. I don’t even know if all the stories from those days are true, but there were a lot of stories. And she didn’t even slow down after college. In fact Jenn and I were shocked when she told us that she and Matt were getting married. I remember saying at the time; “boy this guy must have the biggest cock ever”. I thought I was being clever, Jenn’s face told me she did not find my comment as hilarious as I did.

“Come on, come on, Mike…..”

She pulls me down onto her. She finds my cock and guides it to her slit. I’m surprised to find she’s ready for me and half my length glides in easily. Another difference from Jenn, çukurambar escort who takes a while to “warm up”. And with Jenn I always feel like her cunt is struggling to accept me, with Kerri it feels like my cock is being embraced and welcomed in.

I begin moving in and out of her. She wraps her arms around my neck and gently whispers in my ear; “Mmmm this is nice….Jenn told me it takes a while for you to cum. I hope that’s the case tonight…”

Another difference; Jenn probably told her about that – my natural endurance – because it’s kind of a problem for her. It’s true – its always taken a while for me to reach orgasm; it’s just how my body works. For Jenn, it gets to be an issue after ten or fifteen minutes; she gets sore. But for Kerri, it seems to be a good thing.

Again softly in my ear while I continue to fuck her: “Listen, Mike. You are here to help me to get pregnant. I’m not trying to steal you away from Jenn. Thats not why we’re doing this.”

We continue our slow gentle fucking. Or is this lovemaking?

“…But I’m gonna fess up to something else here; yeah I am a lesbian now, but I’ve had a lot of cock through the years and sometimes I miss it. You’re a nice guy, that’s why I asked you, but I’m generally not a real big fan of men right now. Cocks, yes, men, no way……”

I can’t help myself and begin to suck on her nipple while we continue. It immediately reacts to the attention.

“……You haven’t met Robyn. She’s my partner now. She knows we are doing this by the way and she knows why and she approves. But she doesn’t know about the next part, just like Jenn doesn’t know…”

She nibbles my ear for effect…She looks me in the eyes and smiles. I smile back. She closes her eyes,

“What is it Kerri?”

“Mike; how many girls have you been with?” I hold up four fingers,

“Four? Four? And you’re what, thirty eight?”

I nod. She blushes; “Oh my God I’d had four by the time I’d……oh never mind!” I smile.

“And I bet I know the answer to this next one already. How many slutty girls have you been with, Mike?”

I make a “zero” shape with my finger and thumb.

“That’s what I thought!”

“So here’s the thing….I’m pretty sure Robyn is the person for me, and we are going to tie the knot…”

I nod

“….so that means this is probably the last cock I am ever going to get in my life…”

Still slowly fucking, I nod again.

“……and you’ve never fucked a slutty girl, and knowing how you feel about Jenn, it’s probably never gonna happen…”

I nod and fondle her breasts.

“Can I be the one slutty girl you get to fuck in your life, Mike? Just for now, just for tonight?”

I nod and smile. She smiles back.

“….and can I just enjoy your cock? No romance, just fucking?”

I nod again. I know she feels that my cock just became harder.

She lowers her face to mine and whispers; “You wanted to fuck me back then, didn’t you Mike, back in college, back when I was a whore?”

I nod, and thrust a little harder.

“Did you ever jerk off?…you know, thinking about what a whore I was?”

I nod.

“When you were fucking Jenn back then, did you ever close your eyes and pretend that it was me that your were fucking, that it was my whore pussy and not her innocent “good girl” pussy?”

“Holy fuck, Kerri, I….” Her fingers are on my lips, shushing me.

“Shhhhhhh…I’m doing the talking now…”

“You know Mike; I’ve always had this fantasy; that I’d be in our dorm room with you, with Jen not there. And I’d be wearing a short skirt and a cut off tee, and you’d just come up to me and take me from behind, Lift my skirt up, pull my panties down and stick you cock in me just like that and fuck me. And pull my shirt over my tits and pull my bra down and start pinching my nipples to the point of pain. And that you’d fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and then suddenly just cum inside me just like that, and then discard me, toss me onto the bed and just go out the door, leaving me used and full of cum and full of shame…..”

“…and you know what else, MIke? One day I dressed like that, when I thought we might be alone…..”

“….and you know what else, Mike? If you had tried it, I’d have let you”

“…and you know what else, MIke? To this day, I still jerk off to that fantasy sometimes…..”

“I kinda hoped you’d just free-use me back then. I pretty much would have let you whenever and wherever you wanted, you know, if you’d decided to just take me…..”

“… didn’t work out obviously, but now I’m gonna fix that by just free-using your body for my own selfish reasons. You won’t even have to look at me, you can close your eyes and imagine it’s Jenn or something if you want, but I kinda need this….for me.”

Without waiting for a response she comes out from under me and flips me onto my back. My cock is pointing straight up and is wet with her juices. In an instant she is over me with my cock in her hand,

“Ready?” I nod.

She plunges my cock into her. To the hilt, I don’t have a monster cock by any means but at the same time, if Jenn did this, we’d probably have to rush her to the hospital.

Kerri closes her eyes and looks up towards the ceiling. “Oh my God, I have missed this so much!” She begins sliding up and down on my cock – gently and easily, but also enthusiastically and lustily.

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