Four of Us Return to the Island Ch. 01Four of Us Return to the Island Ch. 01


During my last week long visit to the island I met Brenda, now 70 years of age, who sort of attached herself to me, maybe because of my own love for pee fun and my love for mature men and women.

She is, as are many females who visit the island, a nymphomaniac, not only for straight sex, but also lesbian sex, anal, watersports of any kind and in fact, anything.

Anyway, I returned to the island, for a third time, as I couldn’t get enough of the free sex there. Anything goes there, with anybody, at any time.

Brenda sent me her details and we arranged to visit the island at the same time.

We met on the boat to the island and spent a lot of time kissing, feeling our tongues in our mouths with wet and dribbling saliva. I put my hand up her skirt and felt inside her panties, which were already damp, all this to the enjoyment of others on the boat, who were watching.

When we left the boat I told her I had a nice surprise for her. I planned the stay for a full week again.

“On a second subsequent visit, a very sexual weekend, after my first time, I met up with my friend Tony and his lady friend Lisa and they’re coming tomorrow for three days.” I said to her.

“Tell me more.” She said.

“Well, Tony is bi like me and Lisa is great fun, really into watersports, like us. We had a great time and I was surprised at what we got up to. You’ll love her.” I said.

“I’m looking forward to meeting them.” She said.

I went on to tell her of some of the things we had done and she shivered at the thought of joining them and me in some really sexual adventures.

We went to our chalets, undressed and met up outside, both of us wearing something. She wore a small pair of very tight cotton panties and I wore similar tight briefs.

“I love coming here.” She said. “Over the years it’s been quite boring at home. I’ve had a few good times since I became a widow. I’ve had a few fucks and a couple of female friends and of course had fun in the bathroom, wetting my panties while I sat on the toilet, drinking my piss etc., but here, well what can I say?”

It was interesting hearing about her past life. We chatted for quite a while as we strolled along the pathway.

She walked slightly in front of me at one point and I noticed pee running down her legs. It hadn’t taken Brenda long to get started.

One thing on the island, while almost everyone is quite well spoken and I don’t mean that in the snobby way, when circumstances allow, all of the visitors either like to be verbally abused or like to verbally abuse others sexually.

So when Brenda wet herself while she walked in front of me, I told her she was a dirty, fucking piss whore. She loved being spoken to like that.

“Let’s lay on the grass.” She said.

“I loved our wet kisses.”

We laid down and began kissing, open mouthed, lips sucking and tongues entwined, exchanging lots of saliva, (something I really enjoy).

I moved my hand down and pulled her tight undies down, just enough to get my hand between her thighs. We continued kissing, as I fingered her sticky cunt and of course the obvious happened, she peed.

I withdrew my finger and bought my wet hand up and both of us licked the pee and cunt juices from my fingers.

“I’ve still got more pee.” She said. “You can have a drink if you like, but save some for me.”

I didn’t need telling twice.

I pushed her undies down to her knees, enough for me get my face between her parted thighs. I put a hand under her bottom and lifted her up so that her golden fountain spurted upward, straight into my mouth.

She pissed loads. She must have drunk pints of water before meeting me. I swallowed quite a bit, finally filling my mouth. I moved up to kiss her and spat her own piss into her open mouth. She swallowed it.

Our kisses were so passionate, we didn’t realize we were being watched.

A middle aged woman, naked, stood on the path, legs wide apart. She was holding the lips of her pussy wide open and she was squeezing and pulling on quite a large clitoris. It was swollen and she was wanking it like a miniature penis and getting off by watching us.

“She needs some help.” Brenda said. She got up, her panties still halfway down her legs, walked over and knelt in front of the woman.

Gripping her bottom with both hands, she pulled her close and buried her mouth against the swollen clitoris.

She sucked on it and the woman orgasmed, gasping and moaning.

“Fuck, that’s so good.” She said, as she came.

Brenda slipped her tongue further down and licked at the juices seeping from inside her cunt. The woman came more heavily and peed. Brenda swallowed that as well.

When she finally stood up the woman was well satisfied.

We wandered off.

“Lisa’s going to love you.” I said.

“Why’s that?” She asked.

“When she first came here, she was just getting into watersports and by the time she left she was as into it as we are, maybe even more. She’d become a dedicated piss whore.” I replied.

“Sounds like an interesting lady.” She said, çorum escort adding, “I need a good fucking now.”

“Well,” I said, “advertise and bend over, there’s lots of guys walking about.”

“Great idea.” She said.

We walked over to one of the benches scattered about and this bench had a back to it.

She took her panties off and bent forward, her hands resting on the bench back and legs apart, showing everything she had.

I stood back a bit to see if her advertising would get any results, a silly thought, I know.

Two guys came down the pathway, one older than the other. “Look at that old cunt, all wrinkley.” Said the older guy. “I bet that’s had a few cocks up it.”

He bent down. “She’s hasn’t wiped herself after pissing, it’s all wet.” He said. “I like a nice wet cunt.”

He held his hard cock and pushed it into Brenda’s sticky cunt and gave her a good fuck.

He didn’t take long to come and pushed in deep and hard.

“Your turn.” He said to the younger guy.

Before any of the older guy’s semen could escape, the younger guy was in her open cunt and fucking her.

He didn’t take long to come and as he was shooting his semen into her, the older guy went around to the other side of the bench and put his softening cock in her mouth.

She eagerly licked and sucked the remains of his semen and her own juices.

He was followed by the younger guy, who got her to suck a mouthful of his remaining semen and juices.

That was a signal for me to enjoy myself and before too much of their semen oozed out, I knelt down behind her, clasped my mouth over her wet cunt and let it dribble out between my parted lips.

There was quite a lot and I swallowed most of it, but kept some in my mouth.

The guys wandered off and Brenda stood up.

I indicated I had their semen in my mouth and she eagerly let me kiss her.

She opened her mouth and let the mixture dribble from mine.

It was long kiss, both of us enjoying the taste of the two guys semen.

Brenda put her wet panties back on and we walked off along the path to the village green.

For the rest of the day, we watched people having fun, enjoying their various fetishes.

During the afternoon, following something to eat and lots of drinks, we sat outside the village shop.

A lady, maybe in her 60’s walked to the grass knoll near the shop, she was fully dressed and accompanied by a young man, also dressed.

They smiled at us and another couple nearby.

Whatever they were up to, they wanted an audience.

The woman laid down on the grass and the man undid his trousers, got his cock out and began to pee all over the woman.

Seeing that scene, after what I’d seen earlier was all too much for me. “I need to come.” I said, as I undid my shorts and got out my erect cock.

Brenda began to masturbate me, pulling my foreskin back hard.

I was already seeping cum and she licked it off and continued wanking me, as we watched the couple.

The guy peed in her mouth and all over her clothes. She was loving it.

My cock jerked and began to shoot cum.

Brenda bent down and sucked me off, drinking my semen. Oh! What a come I had. She drained every drop and then kissed me, so that I could taste my own cum.

I put my cock back in my shorts and after smiling at the couple, we went for a walk.

Of course I was ready to pee and let it go, soaking my shorts and running down my legs.

That evening we slept in our separate chalets, too tired to do much more and with Tony and Lisa arriving the next day, we needed to rebuild our strength.

The next morning arrived and I got up and had refreshing shower.

Brenda came to meet me at the shop. Like me, she wore just a clean pair of undies. We had a decent breakfast and a lot to drink, as usual.

We headed down to the landing stage early, as we were told that due to the small tides around the island, the boat would be a little earlier.

“By the way, there’s something I didn’t tell you about Lisa. I don’t know the details, but she’s had some sort of medication, hormones or something.

Tony knows more than I do. Anyway, she’s producing milk.”

“Really, that’s interesting.” Said Brenda.

The boat arrived and I greeted Tony and Lisa, both wearing shorts and


I introduced them to Brenda.

While they were exchanging greetings, I noticed two wet stains where Lisa’s nipples were.

Not wearing a bra, her nipples had been rubbing against the t-shirt material for some hours, obviously exciting them to leak milk.

“Let’s get rid of our bags and get settled into our chalet, not that we’ve bought much.” Tony joked.

“I love your tits. I bet they were a nice pair when you were younger and what a pair of nipples you have.” Said Lisa. “I’d love to get my lips around them.”

We walked up to their chalet and waited for them.

They didn’t take long, as Tony had said, they didn’t bring that much, like myself and Brenda, just clean undies etc.

They joined çukurambar escort us outside, copying us by just wearing panties and briefs.

Brenda stared at Lisa’s tits. “You’ve got great tits.” She said. “And you’re milking too. I can’t wait to give your tits a suck.”

We ambled up towards the village green. It was mid-morning and several people were already at it.

A naked lone man stood at the edge of the green, masturbating and when we stopped to watch him, he got excited and shot his semen onto the ground. He kept going untill every drop had oozed out from his cock slit.

“Jeff told me you like pissing fun.” Brenda said to Lisa.

“I’ve gotten into it recently. What do you like best?” Asked Lisa.

“I love everything about it.” Replied Brenda. “But if I had to choose, I suppose wetting in my undies.”

Her clean white panties didn’t stay clean for long.

In full view of Tony and Lisa, she stood with her legs open and started to pee, a single stream falling to the ground.

Lisa and Tony watched and Lisa went over to her and clasped her hand over the soaking panties, then raised her fingers to her lips and licked them.

“I’m having some of that.” Said Tony, and cupped his hand over it as well and licked his fingers afterwards.

“I’m going to enjoy the next few days.” Said Lisa, who copied Brenda, stood with her legs apart and wet herself.

A young man walking past saw Lisa peeing through her undies. He bent her forward, pulled them down and clasped his mouth over her spurting pee hole and drank all she had left.

He licked his lips and after she’d finished, smiled and went on his way.

I looked down at her dripping cunt and pulled my cock out from my briefs and pushed into her sticky hole, giving her a hard, thrusting fuck, shooting my semen into her.

Tony knelt down behind her and sucked my semen as it seeped out, while I went around and got her to suck and lick my softening cock.

“Did you enjoy that fuck, you whore?” Asked Tony.

“M’mmm…Oh! Yes.”

“Get on all fours and I’ll give you another one.” He said.

Before mounting her, he signalled to three men nearby, beckoning them to come over.

Tony knelt down and began to fuck her, eagerly pushing into her as hard as he could.

“I’m going to fill your cunt with my semen you fucking whore.” He said,

which he did.

One of the men followed him and came.

Next, the second guy scooped some of the semen oozing from her and wiped it around her pouting anus.

“What a nice open asshole. “I love assholes.” He said.

Lisa’s anus had seen some action, so it was open enough to receive a good hard cock, which it did as the second guy gently eased his over average sized cock into her ass.

Lisa winced as he went in full length and fucked her right into her rectum.

When he gasped out and came, Lisa too had an orgasm.

“Stay in her.” Said Tony. “Have a piss while you’re in her asshole, she likes that.”

As his cock softened, he remained inside her and had a pee.

“Oh! I can feel that…lovely.” She whimpered.

The third guy rammed into her piss and semen filled rectum, coming himself and he too peed inside her.

“Oh! Fuck, I feel so full. I’m going to piss from my ass.”

The guy took his cock out and as Lisa got up, she sprayed pee everywhere as semen still oozed from her cunt.

As everyone was attending to Lisa, Brenda sat on the bench, legs apart, her wet panties around her knees and was rubbing her clitoris and finger fucking herself with the other hand. She had an orgasm and although she’d recently had a piss, she still dripped, as she lost control of her bladder.

All four of us were spent sexually for a while, but with all the sex that was going on, it wouldn’t take long to raise our interest again.

It was certainly interesting to watch other people’s fetishes.

As we sat on a bench, Brenda put her arm round Lisa and kissed her, with open mouths and tongues playing. Then she laid on Lisa’s lap.

Tony and I went a few feet away, to watch two guys having a wank and sucking session and left the girls alone, as they seemed to be getting interested in each other.

Maybe a quarter of an hour later, we returned and Brenda was still laying on Lisa’s lap and she was cradling her head with her left hand. Brenda was eagerly sucking her nipple drinking her milk, while Lisa in turn had her hand between Brenda’s thighs, feeling her cunt.

“Oh! Look” Said Tony, “They’re playing mother and baby.”

Brenda’s thighs quivered and she had yet another orgasm.

Lisa’s fingers were covered in sticky cunt juices, so she lifted them to her mouth and sucked on them.

“She’s got one hell of a clitoris.” Said Tony.

“Well, get down and suck it.” I told him “She’ll love it.”

Tony went down and sucked on her distended, swollen clitoris and sure enough, Brenda gasped out, releasing Lisa’s tit from her mouth.

A small amount of pee trickled out and Tony eagerly drank it.

We ankara escort were all having the time of our lives.

We went for lunch and of course had lots to drink.

I understood that the “rack lady” was here this week, so I suggested, Lisa and Tony might like to watch her being abused.

“Why not?” They said. “It’s all sex.”

“You don’t have to join in.” I said. “But it’s interesting.”

I explained about her and they seemed fascinated that anyone could enjoy such abuse, but I explained it was all pure sex, no BDSM, as such.

“What do people do to her?” Asked Lisa.

“Anything sexual…where there’s an erogenous zone or body opening, someone will find it and exploit it and of course, verbal abuse. In fact, I’ve never known anyone take so much. She’s middle aged too.” I explained.

“What does she look like?” Asked Lisa.

“Well, I wouldn’t say she’s the best of the bunch, a bit heavy, especially in the tit department, extremely long nipples though, long pussy lips and the biggest clitoris I’ve ever seen and her pee hole has been well stretched over the years. I don’t think there’s been much that she hasn’t experienced over the years.” I said to them.

“Let’s go.” Said Lisa and Tony agreed.

We were all wearing our damp underwear still, but the exceptional heat that day had had dried us off a bit.

We approached the rack.

The moment arrived, as it had cooled down a bit.

Wearing her stockings and half girdle and nothing else, the “rack” lady arrived. She loved all the attention she got and the sexual things that were done to her made her so excited.

She was laid on the rack and her arms and legs tied to restrict any movement. Her sexual parts exposed for all to see.

As has been usual in the recent past, she was blindfolded.

Lisa looked between her thighs, her mouth open. “I thought you were exaggerating about her clitoris Jeff, fuck, it’s enormous.” She said.

“It’s like a small cock.” Said Tony.

As usual, everyone left her alone for a while, to build up the expectancy of when something would happen. For several minutes, no-one touched her, but talked about her.

“She’s a fucking whore.”

“Dirty slut.”

“She drinks piss and comes, dirty old slut.”

“Takes it in all four holes.”

“Four?” Asked a woman.

“Yes.” Someone replied, “Her mouth, her cunt, her asshole and her piss hole.”


“Well,” said a guy,” look at that piss hole.” As he went over, parted her wrinkled lips and exposed her urethral entrance, an inch high mound, with a half inch opening.

“I didn’t think it was possible to fuck a lady’s pee hole until I saw it on an internet site.” He said. “And this one’s had a few cocks up it.”

“I wish I had nipples like hers.” Said a woman. “They are over one and a half inches long.”

“I think it’s about time she got some treatment.” Said another man.

Lisa had made up her mind to be first and climbed onto the rack, positioning herself over the rack lady’s mouth and began pissing.

“Drink that you dirty slut.” She said.

Meanwhile, Tony was first to clasp his mouth over her cunt, when she started dribbling pee and he was well rewarded when the dribbles became a long spurts.

While he was drinking, I reached between his legs and played with his cock and balls, while another guy touched his ass and inserted a finger into his asshole.

Lisa climbed down after emptying her bladder into the rack lady’s mouth.

Brenda replaced her and got up to pee in her mouth, followed by yet another older female and three guys, one of which masturbated and shot a full load into her mouth.

A young woman began to rub the swollen clitoris, which resembled a small cock.

The rack lady’s legs were quivering as she began to have a series of violent orgasms.

Tony stood up, licking his lips as a guy fucked her, coming into her as he thrust his swollen cock in as hard as he could.

There was no let up.

As semen seeped out of her cunt, another guy used it as lubrication to enter her ass.

He fucked her asshole for a good five minutes, then stayed inside her to have a pee.

Before he took his cock out, he said, “Anyone else want to use this dirty slut’s asshole as a toilet?”

Tony didn’t need asking twice. “I’m ready for a piss.” He said.

Everybody watched as he pushed his cock into the open hole and had quite a long pee.

Several women and men had also peed in her mouth and she seemed to be enjoying it all.

When Tony withdrew, a woman had gotten a large butt plug, which she had ready and pushed it into the pouting opening.

I needed to go as well and when I turned to them, Lisa and Brenda were both sucking mens cocks, getting their mouths full of semen, but instead of swallowing it, they kissed and exchanged the mixture, keeping it in their mouths.

When they knew that I wanted to pee, they came over and as I started to go, they took a little at a time, closed their mouths and kissed each other again, my pee mixing with the two loads of semen.

Finally, they swallowed and came back to me, so I could finish and drank it all.

I kissed them both, the taste I was getting was to say the least, fantastic.

Tony had gone to the washroom to wash his cock after it had been up the rack lady’s ass.

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