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You sit on the slightly damp, mossy rock, staring out across the pond. Some type of bird shrills nearby. You slowly put your hand to your trouser pocket, fishing for your phone and hold it up. An annoyed expression flickers across your face and you toss it lightly away – it bounces away soundlessly. If you can’t get away from technology here, then where can you? It is warm today; the sun shines through the tall canopy of trees, and you take off your light jacket. The moss is surprisingly wet and makes sitting escort bayan on the boulder uncomfortable. You take off your clothes and step into the cool inviting water.Afterward, you lie naked and wet in a bright ray of sunlight, eyes closed and breath slowly deepening.—You gradually awake; your penis slowly hardening. You start to trace its shaft from bottom to top. You caress your balls with your other hand and grasp your member, slowly pumping, up and down. You’re almost there, gasping now, eyes closed, a building kocaeli escort bayan tension that will lead to a burst of heat and glowing bliss – and another hand, not yours, grabs your penis roughly. You spring upright and the person bounds back. You see now that the person is a she. Her hair is short, wild, and knotted. There’s an ugly red scar on her temple. Her face is streaked with mud, and her eyes are bright and curious. She seems to be examining you carefully and you kocaeli escort can’t help but feel like a choice piece of meat. She’s wearing a threadbare t-shirt that may have been white at some point. Her breasts strain at the garment, and you can see her left nipple through one of the rips. You stare at her for a long moment, feeling quite outraged but your penis is rock hard. She re-approaches, step by step like a skittish animal. She’s very close now, and you stand very still. She looks from your quivering shaft to your face, on the balls of her feet, ready to spring away. Your biological hindbrain wants just one thing. But your forebrain is screaming about the violation and you are staggered by your indecision, completely stunned by your inability to decide.

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