Foreplay Gets Erotic Role PlayForeplay Gets Erotic Role Play


“Hi Denise, you are looking pretty today. I could swear you look prettier every day, but that would be impossible,” said her friend Francis another teacher.

“Oh thank you Francis, I do try to take care of myself.”

“So what do you do in your off-time. Surely you don’t grade papers all night?” Francis liked her friend and wanted to know more about her, maybe they had similar hobbies. “Do you spend a lot of time with your boyfriend? I am not trying to be intrusive. I just thought we might do something together sometime.”

“My boyfriend Victor, and I are off and on again, not dating very steady.” Denise continued, “Actually I am checking into a part time job.”

“Well I have to go. It was nice seeing you. Bye”

Denise replied, “Bye.” She couldn’t reveal that she was already trying a part time gig. Denise had placed an ad as a private dancer with a picture of a veil over her face and a red one piece lingerie body suit and lingerie pull over with a stretchy cotton zipper in front dress and high heels.

Francis couldn’t help but notice how fit and trim Denise kept herself. Her clothes fit nicely and you could make out her thin waist, and her hourglass figure. Francis furtively looked and saw the firm curves and silhouette of Denise’s pubic mound. She hoped Denise noticed her looking and take it as flirting. Briefly she thought Denise’s pussy would look sexy and taste good. Momentarily she lusted for it.

Denise had just enough time to get home and change clothes. She thought her first appearance meeting her client would be memorable and she wanted to look sexy and tempting.

This was her first time and she wasn’t a hundred percent sure how it might work. At least she would earn her fee, and may get some tips.

When she arrived at the middle class house she was greeted by a well groomed man. She had a little fear of a first time dancing in front of someone. Denise was attracted to the man but had the urge to say, “no touching, I will dance for you and you can tip me extra.”

“Come right this way. My name is Tommy. What is yours again?” She thought for a moment they were going to his office.

“De…, I mean Monique.” Denise had chosen the sexy French name because she had dark hair and slightly olive skin.

Monique followed Tommy into a den with soft lights and music. “You can change the music to your liking if you like.” She started to take out her music player, but then noticed there were several other men.

Tommy noticed her startled reaction. “Oh, I didn’t have a chance to tell you I might invite a couple friends, but I didn’t know they were coming at the time. I hope you don’t mind. You might get a few more tips from them.”

“Ok.” Denise wasn’t sure about all this, but she took out her music player while Tommy turned off his CD music.

Tommy briefly introduced himself and his friends and gave the floor to Monique.

With temptatious movements, Monique set up her player and turned on sexy dance music. With flirtatious movements she introduced herself while playing with her buttons in a risqué manner as if to start undoing them. She swayed her hips to the music and teased the hem of her outfit pulling it up briefly to show more scandalous leg but only momentarily. She set her purse open on the side table motioning to put tips in it. She flirted in front of the men pulling out the waistband of her lingerie. They wanted to touch but she would say, “not now, I am supposed to dance.” She teased them more and more. She noticed the tents in their pants were a good measure of her sex appeal and strategy.

As she danced she took off an article of her clothes, one piece at a time, and draped them over each man’s head so they could smell the fragrance. She started getting some tips and she let them put the money in the band of her bottoms, but didn’t let them touch. She gave them a hug or draped an arm over their shoulder or waist. When they were the most worked up she announced it was time for her to go. In desperation they tipped her more to stay longer, for that she showed a little of her ass crack, and a little more of her tits.

Monique found the more she teased, the more she got tipped. She also found she enjoyed being an exhibitionist.

She had several more private dances that week and was invited back by Tommy. This time Tommy had more friends and a different location to accommodate the larger group. One of them had a large room available that he had for watching football games with friends.

Some of the men were getting frisky, but Monique was able to manage it. She noticed some of the men formed a smaller group and were not as engaged with her dances. She asked Tommy, “What are those guys doing?”

Tommy replied, “Those guys are part of our group of colleagues but they are not attracted to women.”

Monique asked, “Do they like male dancers?”

Chuckling at the thought Tommy answered, “I suppose they do.”

“What if I brought a male dancer for them the next time?”

Tommy said thoughtfully, “We could try that. I will ask them and let you know.”

Meanwhile, almanbahis şikayet Monique enjoyed being a private dancer sometimes for one man, and sometimes for groups. Some men enjoyed seeing a younger female as their wives had lost their youthful beauty and couldn’t flaunt it anyway. Monique gave them a chance to enjoy the female body and to be flirted with.

For the right playfulness Monique let some cop a feel, and she would show her tits more, and flash her naked ass. Many of them said they would pay for more, and she was tempted.

Monique felt her job as a teacher might be jeopardized if she were ever found out, so she was tempted to marry her boyfriend, Victor, for security and to disguise her private dancing. She soon realized her boyfriend could make more money than her as a raunchy dancer, perhaps a prostitute for gays.

Life was changing fast for Monique and soon she married Victor.

Little by little she revealed to Victor that she was a private dancer, but a ‘hands — off’ dancer. She was surprised to find this intrigued Victor and it turned him on. He asked a lot of questions about how revealing she was, and how did she know the men were getting turned on. Conversations like this led to great sex.

Monique teased Victor in their conversations to say that he could go by “Jacque.”

Victor asked why he would go by that, and Monique teased him that he could be a dancer also, and he would probably make more tips than her. This became a role play game in their sex lives.

Meanwhile, Tommy had told his gay friends that they might have a male private dancer soon. The word got around and soon Tommy was getting hundreds of messages of when and where the private dances would be held.

Monique began to prep ‘Jacque’ on dancing. “Tease and tempt, give them a little peek, and hug them, rub their shoulder. Put your arm around them and lean to whisper in their ear like you are going to kiss, and then lick their ear. Rub their sides like you are going for it all the way. The more lewd you get with them the bigger the tips. If they ask for a sexual act ask them how much they plan to tip.”

Monique continued, “Your fake back ground is that you are an anal virgin, and you might step out of the closet with the right guy, and give away your virgin ass. You can reveal that you have never sucked cock or balls, and you don’t know what cum tastes like. We will get you some open back cock ring bulge enhancing men’s underwear. I will get you a satchel purse to collect the money.”

Jacque said, “I get it, I will act like a straight man who has never had a first time sucking cock, or a first time gay anal. That will be easy because I don’t know the first thing about gays. I can act like I can be seduced, and tantalize them, as if they could be the one who turns me out. I can dress provocatively, and give little hugs and kisses. It will be like continuous foreplay to get them more and more aroused.”

“Yes and role play like you are being seduced and are a faggot at heart. Pretend that you love their cocks. Cop a feel to make sure they are hard, and stroke their crotch between their legs,” Monique suggested.

Jacque said, “I don’t know if I can make myself do that. I am not gay.”

Monique said, “Don’t worry about it, you will just be touching clean clothes, and you can even wash your hands afterward. It is just innocent touching. It is a private party and no one will ever know anyway.”

Jacque was thinking to himself, “we just got married and she wants me to fondle other men. What have I gotten myself into?”

When the day came, Monique dressed in a see through beach dress that easily showed her lingerie underneath and her lovely figure.

On the way over, Monique said, “Jacque just relax and do what ever comes naturally. Be yourself, and tease them until they are so hard they are about to explode. Think of it as a foreplay game, and a role play coming out of the closet, like part of the routine.”

When they arrived they noticed it was much larger than the other places and there were a lot more cars parked outside. At first Monique thought they had the wrong place. As it turns out the place had been a former meeting hall. They were both a little nervous, and Jacque was apprehensive and reluctant.

They were the guests of honor and when they walked in they were warmly greeted by Tommy and several of his friends, one of whom looked in admiration at Jacque, sizing him up. They both took the drinks offered up to them. Monique asked for a stronger drink for Jacque to help him relax.

Tommy ushered them into the large room where there was a bar set up, music playing. It was partially petitioned in half such that straight men were mostly on the side where Monique would dance and flirt, and the other side had dimmer lights and was set up more for the gay crowd. Tommy said, “Everyone wants a hug here.”

They mingled with the crowd for a little while everyone had their first drinks.

A young man came up to Jacque and said, “Hi I’m Nathan. Here I thought you might want a drink so I brought you a refill.” almanbahis canlı casino

Jacque took the drink gratefully, just glad to have something to do while the evening got started.

Nathan had secretly put a very strong Viagra like drug in Jacque’s drink. It would take about a half an hour to have effect, just enough time for things to get rolling. After about fifteen minutes, Nathan came back with another drink. “Hi, it’s me again, Nathan. I brought you another refill. Go ahead and down that one and take this one.” Nathan had spiked the drink with meth.

Nathan offered, “You can put your things down right here by the platform.” He indicated a table where Jacque could put his satchel purse, and his clothes as the night progressed.

The gay room got more crowded with people, and the light dimmed further but blacklights came on, and a disco star reflected many strands of colored laser light, and a strobe light started up. Jacque finished his drink and put the glass on the table. He walked around the room and greeted many with a hug. He was starting to get tipsy from the alcohol, and he noticed movement in the room seemed to streak.

As he mingled through the crowd he was getting felt up, and fondled. When he hugged some of them in greeting, some felt his butt. When he hugged a neck they pulled his crotch in close on theirs.

Jacque glanced over to the petitioned side of the room and saw that Monique was dancing provocatively and had stripped down to her panties.

Nathan brought another strong drink and with a friend guided Jacque up onto the platform.

Jacque’s hand was occupied by holding the drink glass, so he couldn’t push away and of the hands that stroked his cock and crotch. He was starting to get pretty tipsy and found the fondling to be humorous.

Jacque remembered to tease, and even be lewd about it. So he began to stroke the backs and sides of some of the others. One grabbed his hand and ran it up and down his cock. It was really Jacques’ first time stroking another man’s cock, first time hand job. When he gave more neck hugs he remembered to lick the ears to tease and tempt.

Some of the guys tipped his satchel with dollars to get a feel of his cock and balls.

They gave him more free drinks, and he was tipped more to let them unbutton his shirt. So now he was down from the platform and on the main floor again. When he hugged the necks of some of the taller guys, it was like he was hugging their chest, and he felt close to them.

Soon he was hugging a guy’s chest who was standing on the platform. The guy was grinding Jacque’s face into his shirt. Jacque could feel the heat from the guy’s body. It felt like his face was rubbing on a rod so he opened his mouth as if to tease the end of the rod, and then the shirt tail opened a little and Jacque could feel his lips rubbing on the source of the heat. It was the man’s cock. He was very horny. His cock was very hard with a purple cockhead, and the man was straining against Jacque’s face. He had no underwear on under the shirt tail. Jacque’s face was covered up by the shirt tail, he felt a pre-cum wetness on his lips then he felt the cock going into his mouth. Jacque was stoned, and he suddenly realized he had such a hard-on that he couldn’t think clearly, added to he was stoned and drunk. For a few minutes he let the cock slide in and out of his mouth, tempting the guy with a blow job. By the time he realized he was sucking a cock for the first time, he felt a gushing squirt in his mouth, and his head was held firmly so he couldn’t avoid swallowing it. He had just tasted and swallowed cum for the first time. It wasn’t bad, and he didn’t know why some people made a big deal of it. Along with the strobe light a camera flash captured Jacque’s face partially covered by shirt tail and a cock halfway down his mouth.

Nathan was nearby and made sure the patron tipped Jacque.

His own cock was getting harder and he saw people putting tips in his satchel. Some of them looked like big bills. For a tip Jacque let a man take off his shirt and in the process happened to unfasten his pants as well. Soon hands were exploring his sultry, manly bare ass, and a hand in the front found his cock and balls.

Soon Nathan was back with another refill. This was a special drink named the “Cum-a-long” and it had real cum milked from the patrons with a smooth whiskey in a shot glass. This one had a additional ingredients of desensitizer, throat muscle relaxer, and throat lube from an adult book store, and it made the drink really smooth.

Jacque tipped the shot glass up and took the whole drink at once, making him shudder and his eyes widened up for a minute. While still holding the empty shot glass men helped pull his pants down, leaving him in his underwear, almost naked. Jacque noticed that many of the men had taken their pants off, and when they came by Jacque would stroke their cock or feel their butt.

They had Jacque sit down and one of the guys with a long skinny cock stood in front of Jacque. Jacque got a good look at the cock and tasted the almanbahis casino head when it was presented to his mouth. Somehow he found the cock was sliding in and out of his mouth. It was an unbelievable feeling when he felt the cock slide into the back of his throat. Soon the cock was all the way in and his face was pressing against the man’s pubic hair. A camera flash went off. Jacque felt the cock slide all the way out and then in again. After a few times it stiffened and Jacque could feel a gush down his throat. Later he would realize this was his first deep throat swallow session. A man had positioned on his knees in front of Jacque and was fondling his cock and balls, stroking his entire crotch to the ass crack and cheeks. He stuck a finger in his ass and massaged his prostate. Jacque had a painfully hard cock, and when the guy sucked his balls then started licking the top of his dickhead in his mouth. Jacque clinched hard and shuddered and shot hot streams of pent up cum in the guy’s mouth. It was his first time getting his ass fingered, and first gay blowjob.

He was brought another Cum-a-long drink mixed the same way as the first. Jacque downed it and it made his throat feel cooler and more relaxed. He liked the taste.

Jacque was positioned on a large soft back leather chair on his knees doggy style in an upright position such that his face was over the back of the chair and his back arched and his ass pointed straight out. He glanced across the room and saw Monique lying on her back with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. The man with a cock in her pussy withdrew and a man with a red plaid shirt took his place planting his bisexual face in her pussy, eating the creampie. Soon Jacque could see her writhing and humping and he could see she climaxed. The man with the red plaid shirt pulled his tongue out and Jacque was surprised to see it must be at least six inches long dripping a string of cum from her pussy.

A man approached his face over the chair back. Jacque looked at his hairy balls and his cock. Soon the cock was entering his mouth. I was a little thicker than the last one but slid right down his throat. This guy fucked his throat for a few minutes before giving a great cum shot into the back of his mouth. Jacque could taste the fresh cum.

The guy with the red plaid shirt named Pierre came around and suddenly French kissed Jacque slithering his long tongue down Jacque’s throat pulsing and squirming. Jacque was taken aback at the weird feeling but he liked it. He was deepthroating a long tongue and he could taste a little of Monique’s pussy juice and cum on his tongue. Pierre pulled his tongue out loving the varied taste of cum in Jacque’s throat and mouth. He twisted his tongue all around Jacque’s mouth in the cheeks and all. Pierre stood up and thrust his cock into Jacque’s mouth all the way to the balls. Thrusting and telling Jacque just how to suck it with swallowing motions and squeezing it with his throat. He soon shot his load down Jacque’s throat.

Pierre came around to Jacque’s ass and licked the ass crack, all around the ass cheeks, and down to the balls wrapping the tongue around each ball from behind, then kissing and licking the perineum prostate bulge between the balls and asshole. He rimmed Jacque’s asshole and opened it enough to poke the tip of his tongue all the way in. Nathan handed him a tube and as he stood up behind Jacque he squirted edible lube into the asshole and worked it in fingering it good. Soon he pressed the head of his cock on it. Jacque twisted and humped while Pierre steadily pressed and pumped with small pulses. Pierre was training Jacque to be a bottom. Soon the head of his cock started in. He let Jacque relax for a moment then continued to push in.

Of the two guys that came up that had custom body surgery, Pierre in the red plaid shirt had lingual frenectomy , and Jim who had custom body surgery to add a bulb pump tube connected from above the hip to the cum vein to pump volumes of cum. The tube was wide where it traveled through the body and held a lot of cum. At the hip was a skin colored fitting that allowed a bulb pump to attach, and the bulb of course held lots of cum. When the bulb was not in place a neoprene skin colored patch covered it for a natural look.

Jacque was distracted for a minute with another cock at his mouth. It was Jim. His cock pumped in and out and started into Jacque’s throat. It was not as long as the others but the head and part of the shaft were in his throat. Jacque could feel the man’s pulse throbbing. He felt the veins of the cock with his tongue. His cum vein tasted good on his tongue.

Pierre’s cock had pushed all the way into his ass to the pubic hair and as he started to pull out, it caused Jacque to grunt on the cock in his throat which felt good to Jim who started to climax and jack cum.

Soon Jacque felt a long stream of cum go down his gullet. He could feel it all the way to his stomach, but it didn’t stop flowing. His lips were all the way to the man’s pubic hair and he couldn’t see that a bulb had attached to Jim above his vision. Jim slowly squeezed the bulb and the collected cum traveled all the way down his cock and into Jacque’s throat. He pulled the bulb off and covered the fitting with the patch, and told Jacque to suck the rest out of his cock. Jacque was gratified and amazed, but loved it.

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