Forcing His OrgasmForcing His Orgasm


Kinktober 2019Grayscale squirmed and hopped from one cloven hoof to the other as he stood before the Arctic fox twins, although it felt as if he may as well have been on his knees for how small they made him feel. His cock twitched and pulsed in the chastity device, silicone and expensive for his tastes, as it had been for days on days, his needs not taken care of, as much as he otherwise wanted to spend himself over and over again. He groaned, striving to stay still, yet that was something better said than done with need coursing through him, a raw, pulsating desire that one had to pay their dues to.The twins smirked, lips quirking up on opposite sides, their vulpine tails waving lightly, seeing their prey in his best state possible. Kyle and Kylie always liked to put him in, ah… quite a predicament, so to speak. Being in their bedroom, a luxurious affair with a large, queen-size bed open in invitation, was nothing new to him but the evil grins on their muzzles, brother and sister alike and yet strangely mysterious with one another, told a tale that would forever be burned into his mind.“Now, little goat…” Kylie crooned, tipping his muzzle up as he licked his lips nervously, tail twitching. “Tell me, why should we just get you off now?”“There’s nothing in that for us,” Kyle said, the dominant fox of the pair looming, grabbing one of the goat’s horns to yank him to face him. “You don’t need it. What has it been… Three weeks? Surely you can go a month locked up. That’s nothing.”Grayscale sucked in a breath, though could not put any space between them, Kyle’s grip on his horn too hard to break from such a position. Knees quivering, he could fall, however, and did so, allowing the call of gravity to draw him down and down and down, to taunt him with all that a submissive like him could do, one that needed it and yet didn’t know how to ask for it. His cock throbbed and pulsed against the restrictive device, perhaps ever so slightly too small for him: that only made it better.“That’s better,” Kyle murmured, not needing to raise his voice to bring out his natural sense of dominance. “You’re not going to move now. You will do exactly as I tell you. Is this understood, pet?”Grayscale shivered.“Y-yes…”Consent was important but it was hard to remember that consent was still something that was very much a part of his life as he moaned and whimpered, rocking his hips from one side to the other. Paws swept over him and he closed his eyes as he was ordered to, allowing them to take him, to abuse him, to grope and squeeze wherever they pleased. He was sure it was Kylie’s paw on his balls a moment before that very same paw clamped down like a vice, squeezing and belting out a lash of pain that softened as soon as his mind had registered it. Yet all şişli escort that burst from his lips was a gasp and a moan for more, wanting it all, wanting his limits to be pushed.Anything… Yes, he’d do anything to make it worth their while, anything at all to get off. He needed it and they knew it too, giggling and manhandling him up as much as a dead weight as he was in his submissive state, merely following orders with a lust-stricken mind. On the bed, on his back – oh, he was theirs to do with as they willed! Though he moaned into a pussy (that, of course, had to be Kylie) as paws fumbled and worked over his cock, tugging at the device, even though the click was lost to his ears, slanting back against the duvet cover as he had been so positioned…And then the chastity device was gone, allowing his cock to swell to its full hardness with a blissful rise of delight, hips working as his cloven hoofs dug into the bed, head swimming with the headiness of it all. Was that all? Was that really it? Were the twins going to be that kind to him!“Keep licking, goat…”Grinding down onto his muzzle, her soft thighs blocking out his vision, Kylie moaned and allowed her brother to do his best work, pumping Grayscale’s cock with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing him with the dribble of pre-cum that oozed from the tip. He could barely think straight as he tongued her clit, trying to hit all the spots that made the vixen, who was above him in the chain of dominance as it typically stood, squirm in just the right way.“Keep going…”Who said that was none of his concern as he panted hotly into her sex, muzzle scrunched up and lost in the moment. That paw on his shaft didn’t stop, pushed him up to the edge and over it even as his muffled howls hung out, the burst of sudden orgasm driving over him with blisteringly sweeping force, carrying him away to another place and time where ecstasy held even more meaning for him.So quickly? Oh, but he was not going to complain! No, no, no… Pleasure was there to be had and he showed his appreciation of finally getting off, even if it was coarse and crude, but grinding up and lavishing attention on Kylie’s cunny, tongue digging in and seeking out her G-spot with attentive force.“Oh… Now, that’s a good little goat. You’re going to make it hard for me to concentrate up here…”Concentrate? On what? Ah, he would come to see as his cock pulsed and twitched, strain rising through as the need to cum throbbed up more and more urgently. But hadn’t he cum already? He squirmed and yet Kylie was there to make sure he stayed where they wanted him to, his cock groped and squeezed as if it and the fur that it was attached to were both nothing more than pieces of meat for the foxes to enjoy.His stomach şişli escort bayan twisted.“Get hard!”It was an order that his body didn’t want to respond to and Grayscale whimpered into Kylie’s sex, her thighs closing insistently around his muzzle as she forced him to stay still. Yet his body could not resist the lure of her muzzle and tongue as it snaked around his shaft, teasing and flirting with the play of over-sensation, too much to bear while, at the same time, being just the right amount to make him, painfully, regain his erection.“There now,” she murmured against his shaft, kissing and suckling softly on the tip, although even that was too much for him. “Isn’t that better?”Better? Wasn’t he hearing that word a lot at the moment? It did matter and it didn’t matter, need rising, pulsing, driving him on, hips trying to work as much as she pinned him down as if his body was a tool for her to play to her whims, laughing at his folly.“One orgasm surely isn’t enough…”Only then did he realise what she was doing, what they were doing to him, and howled, hips thrusting madly, panic licking at his soul, nipping at his heels. Yet there was nothing he could do but keep on licking and lapping, bringing the fox to a stutteringly sharp orgasm on his muzzle, hoping against hope that she would have at least some sense of mercy on him. No, no… One orgasm, yes, that had been his relief, he couldn’t take more, not so quickly, but, with like so many other things with the twins, there was no choice in the matter for him, as he wanted it to be.Sweet submission could only come with the sacrifice of control and Grayscale whimpered into her sex as she took him into her mouth, using her tongue and every last jot of wit she had about her to get him to the edge again. His body did and didn’t want it, although that was hardly of any note as the vixen proved that she had all the time in the world for him, giggling around his cock as she moaned and took him deep, tail wagging lightly. Kyle ran his paw up her back to the back of her head, forcing her muzzle down all the way as Grayscale clutched at the bedsheets, whimpering and twisting, lips parted as he lapped at her sex over and over again.To say that he was not aware of his second orgasm would have been a lie but the twins knew just how to make it swell upon him again, a burst of life and thrumming, pounding drive that had to course through, a flush of heat heralding its presence. His knees kicked up though he had no toes to curl, tail twitching madly, Kylie’s juices soaking his muzzle. And yet he had barely spent himself a hasty load, coarsely delivered, when Kylie lifted her muzzle from his shaft, not letting him get soft as Kyle took her place, his cock pressed up to Grayscale’s mecidiyeköy escort lips as if it was probing for entry.Smirking, Kyle cocked his head, tail flicking dominantly. He knew that he was going to get what he wanted but the lure and temptation of it was what he truly lived for with the slutty goat.“Open wide.”He yawned as if bored but Grayscale eagerly already had his lips locked around that length of fox-meat, focusing as he sought to take his mind away from the growing strain in his loins. He needed something to think about and Kyle’s shaft did the trick even as Kylie continued languishing attention on his shaft, not allowing him to soften as her muzzle sank around him once more, enveloping him in a soft, wet warmth that would have otherwise been delectable. Yet one orgasm had to follow the one the preceded it as he whimpered and tried to arch away, even though his mind knew better than his body that he was there for the count, whether he wanted it or not.Time slipped away, one moment blurring into the next as if there was to be no true definition between them. All the while, his cock throbbed, each orgasm coming with more difficulty than the one that preceded it, although the foxes were by far not done with him as yet. Grayscale moaned as Kyle delivered a load, he didn’t remember how many he’d spent in his muzzle, however, into the back of his throat, the goat dutifully suckling down every last drop as if it was the finest treat in the world that he could have imagined. Yet sweeter sensations could too blur to pain and Grayscale gasped and whined as the pleasure that should have been so stringent sank into strain, his cock aching for both release and relief in equal measures.“P-please…”He had to ask, had to try.“Stop… Please…”“What was that, little goat?”They head him and didn’t hear him, taunting him as a pussy was crushed to his lips again and Kyle ground his cock up against Grayscale’s the aching, swollen shaft flushed as if bruised, desperate for what it was not to be allowed in the heat of a moment that he could not control. And yet, he wanted it all, wanted more, wanted less, everything in equal measures as Grayscale panted and heaved, driven up and down on undulating highs where the valleys failed to bring respite despite how they had traditionally behaved.“I can’t…”Yet he would. Not because he had to but because he wanted to, sinking into sub-space with a moan that rose up from the depths of his soul, his body as demanding as it had ever been in the pursuit of lust. No one cared how many climaxes he’d had, only that he had one more in store for them, one more burst and flush of pleasure to curl his fingers, to slurp on her cunny or to down his cock into the back of his throat, aching for more, always more.Sitting up on his muzzle, her sex pressed around his lips, Kylie giggled, her paws interlocked with her brother’s, coaxing another climax, always another, from the poor, dominated goat.“Maybe the chastity cage should go back on now, Goatie…”Funny how that didn’t seem so bad anymore.

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