Football Buddy: Part OneFootball Buddy: Part One

Alpha Male

Sometimes things happen for a reason, that’s what they say. I tend not to believe that shit happens is more my philosophy. I work at a packing and shipping firm in one of the busiest cities, so I usually do not have the time to socialize. My days are usually spent in front of a computer printing shipping forms or receiving invoices. My only savior is football season, its the one time of the year that I can relax and scream and shout at the box. My football buddy used to live down the hall from me in the apartment building I live in, but last year he moved out to be with his girlfriend of two weeks. Yes, you read right two weeks. He fell hook line and sinker for her mind games and now he is probably going to get her pregnant and be stuck with her for life, his problem, not mine. I love to stick to myself most of my neighbors know nothing about me, and I like to keep it that way. Football season is about to start, and for the first time in four years, I am going to watch it alone. Which is fine with me but its always fun to make fun of someone cheering for the other team.One day I was on my way into the building when I notice there was a moving truck parked at the service entrance. Now mind you our apartment building is rather expensive so seeing a moving vehicle either meant someone was moving out or getting kicked out. There were many vacancies because of the price. When I got closer, I noticed the back of the truck was near to empty, and the ramp was close to the door. It couldn’t be  I thought to myself. As I got to the front entrance Francis, the doorman smiled at me. I was not too fond of his smile. It was fake as well as the other people that worked in the building. “Someone moving out?” I asked as I opened the small mailbox. “No,” Francis smiled. “We have new tenants.” Great more people to avoid. I smiled then walked away as quickly as possible. Francis had the bad habit of making a small conversation into a much longer one. I take the elevator up to my level, and there they are smack in the middle of the hallway trying to get a large couch into the doorway. Turn it sideways idiots I think to myself as I try to walk by without being noticed. “Hello, there neighbor” a man yells from inside the apartment. The two moving guys look at me as if to ask if I want to get past the large obstruction.Nope just standing in the hallway for my health I say to myself. “Hi,” I say out loud to the voice.”Names Marshall.” the man says as the couch pops through the door.”Matt” I replied shaking his hand. I can see already he will be hard to avoid. He is one of “those guys” the ones that want to be friends with everybody. He is a small guy, brown hair. Skinny and tall. “So you live in the building?” he asks as he looks me over. The usual guy thing. Which I have no problem with I am much taller than him at 6′ 4, dark black skin, with a bald head, very much in shape, I run and go to the gym on a very tight schedule. Dark brown eyes. My ex used to say I was full of shit because of their dark color.”Nope just hanging in the corridor seeing what goes on in here” I reply. Hopefully, my sarcasm will push him away.”Ah, stupid question huh,” Marshall laughs. “My bad.” He says pointing to himself. Okay, this needs to end soon. “I am going to head to my apartment now,” I say not trying to be polite at all, quickly walking away before he can get a word in. When I get into my apartment, I quickly lock the door and reach for my stereo remote turning it on full blast. Hopefully, that will make sure he doesn’t follow. The rest of the night is uneventful except that my team lost its first pre-season game. Lucky pre-season doesn’t mean anything istanbul travesti or else I would have been mad. At least the new guys looked promising.The next day as I left for work, I noticed two new cars in the parking garage, they must belong to the new guys. Maybe he is married or has a roommate. I shrug it off and drive on into work. On the way home I ran into the adult store to pick up some magazines, my subscription ran out, and I had forgotten to renew it. As I parked my car, I notice Marshall getting out of his car and running towards me. “Howdy,” Marshall says running to catch up to me.”Hi,” I reply trying to be as distant as possible. “Sorry about the movers yesterday,” Marshall says as he walks along with me to the elevator. “It happens,” I reply trying to end this conversation quickly.”We just moved here from Montana,” Marshall says as we enter the elevator. Okay, I will bite, this time. Maybe he was interested in sports. I could do with someone else to talk sports with, maybe go to a bar.”Really?” I say in the most exciting voice I can come up with, just the sound of it coming out of my mouth didn’t sound right. “Yeah my firm collapsed, and the only other opportunity that opened was here,” Marshall shrugs as the elevator door opens. “Ah, sorry to hear that,” I reply once we get out the elevator. “You don’t know where any sports bars do you?” Marshall asks. Okay, now he has my interest.”Depends on what game you are trying to watch,” I reply.”No, not me, I hate sports,” he says shaking his head. “It’s for the wife, she loves football, and she can get pretty loud, with the screaming and yelling,” Marshall says shaking his head like a bobblehead doll.”Well there are two down the road, but I think the best football bar is the farthest straight down on the left. Mackies I think its called,” I tell him walking past his door. “Where do you go?” Marshall asks quickly.Dammit, so close!  I scream internally didn’t get away fast enough.”I have a good set up in my apartment, so I watch there,” I reply not looking around. Damn my honesty.”Would it be a bother if she can watch a few games? Until she gets settled?” “Sure” I reply through gritted teeth. “What the hell?” “Thank you, I will tell her,” he says hurrying into his apartment. Why didn’t I think of that, running away? I can run, but No I had to stand and talk. Now I got some unknown woman coming to my apartment to watch football. Just great.I sat on my couch waiting for my show to come on when there is a knock on the door.”Hi,” Marshall says as I open the door.”What?” I ask him as rude as I can. He stands there looking at me with a sad look on his face. “I mean what is it?” I say back. I am starting to feel sorry for this guy. Unlike most I can that his real intention is to be my friend. “My wife’s team is playing tonight, can she watch it here? I have work to do, and she is distracting me,” Marshall says as he stands in my doorway. He must have asked one of the others what apartment I lived in; I am sure one of them thought it would be a good laugh. “That’s fine,” I reply,  I Could do with some company since it had been a while since I had a visitor in my house, besides I wasn’t going to watch any games tonight. Marshall rushed away with a big smile on his face. I walked back to the television and turned it on the sports channel. I had no clue what team this person would like, and since there were three games on, I left it on the sports channel. As I headed back to my computer, the door knocked.”It’s open” I yelled as I headed away from the door.”Matt?” I hear a woman’s voice say from the other room.”The television is istanbul travesti on turn it to the channel you want,” I yell back. I start on all the paperwork that I could not get done, from the day before and today. “Thank you,” the voice says back. Moments go by in silence, just the drum of the football game in the background.”Fuck me sideways! Catch the fucking ball!” I hear from behind me. The sudden noise made me jump as I forgot that someone was here. I smile and continue doing what I was doing. “Seriously dude. You suck dicks!” another scream comes from the room. I laugh at that one and stand up to see what is going on. When I walk into the room, there in front of me and sitting on my couch is an attractive woman. Her legs are crossed under her, and she is drinking one of my beers. She had long brunette with blonde highlights, with adorable eyes they looked blue from where I am standing. She is wearing a bronco’s shirt with jean shorts. Her flip flops were on the floor.”Having fun?” I ask as I walk around the couch.”I would if my team didn’t suck donkey dicks!” she says before realizing she is in my apartment. “Sorry I have a foul mouth when I watch football,” she says when she looks at the beer. “I will pay you back” she smiles at me.”No big,” I say looking at the game. The Broncos were losing to the Jets. “Its only preseason,” I say. She gives me a look that could kill.”Fuck that, they sucked last year and sucked during the draft picking up a god damn QB when we needed receivers. Well, they could receive perfectly if they bent over in the shower” she said taking a massive swig off the beer bottle. My kind of girl I thought to myself.”Want another?” I say getting up and heading to the kitchen.”Sure! What ya got to snack on?” she asks.”Was going to order something probably Chinese” I reply.”Pizza with wings and I will pay,” she says back. I smile and nod.”Phone is behind you. The pizza place is speed dial 4,” I say back to her as I threw a bottle of beer at her as I threw it I forgot that she was not my beer bud. She catches it in one hand while dialing the phone number, with the other. “What toppings?” she asks.”You pick” I reply relaxing back on the couch as she orders. The rest of the night goes comfortably well, we both scream and yell at the TV and eat pizza and wings. We both forget that it is getting late until there is a knock on the door.”Doors open!” we both yell in unison.”Britt? You have that interview in the morning,” Marshall says as he peeps his head through the door. “Shit!” she says as she gets up. “Thanks, Matt,” she says as she walks out the door.”Thanks, Matt,” Marshall says as they leave.I was left cleaning up the mess as usual. I spent most of the night trying to catch up on my paperwork. Needless to say, I did not sleep too well. As I left for work in the morning, I see her coming out of her apartment. “Hi,” I say as I pass by.”Matt!” she says in an excited voice. “Thanks again” she reached for her purse… “I have to pay for the beer,” she says.”Forget it” I reply “You can bring the beer next time,” I say back to her as I pass her.”Deal!” she shouts down the hall.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The next few weeks go by without incident. I don’t see any of them in the hall. She must have gotten the job, and he said his work is mostly from home. The weekend was approaching which mean the start of the regular season. I had loaded the fridge and freezer with beers and snacks. I had forgotten entirely about her down the hall until I come home from my run Saturday afternoon. “Matt” I heard her yell out. I looked around for the person who yelled istanbul travesti my name and “Yes?” I reply still not seeing anyone. Then I see her roll out from under one of the cars.  “We are still on for Sunday right?” Brittany asked. I had guessed that Britt was short for Brittany. She stood up and walked over to me. “Oh yeah, definitely,” I say as I look at Brittany for the first time in daylight. My apartment had been dark with only the light from the television. Now in broad daylight, I had a better look of her.  Brittany’s hair was matted with sweat and oil, her black shirt that was soaked from sweat sticks to her frame which is by all standards great! She is not anyone that can be considered America’s top model or anything like that, but she was stunning in most circles. For the first time, I noticed that she was very blessed in the chest area. The dark shirt hid most, but from what I could tell she blew my ex-girlfriend out of the water and she had F cups.  “Sorry would shake your hand but have to change the brakes,” Brittany said wiping her hand across her face. “Yeah, I have to take mine in to get done soon,” I said looking over at my SUV. Brittany gave me another one of those looks that could kill.”I’ll do it,” Brittany said. “Go get the parts, I am already dirty, and we could talk about the upcoming games.” “Parts?” I asked. I had no clue about what parts to get for my vehicle.”You city people,” Brittany shook her head. She took out her phone and looked a few things up. “Number?” The way she said it and the way she looked at me, it didn’t seem like a question, or a request, more like a demand. I gave her my phone number, and she sent me a text with the screenshot. “Go and get them,” Brittany said tossing me the keys to her car. She held her hand open as I gave her mine. “It’s the…” I began to say, but she had already turned the alarm off. “Go,” Brittany said tying her long her back in a ponytail. “I will get started.” When I got back, Brittany showed me how to change my brakes. She even pointed out that I needed rotors also which mean I had to take another trip to the store. After a while and a long talk, I had managed to change three of them by myself. It was much cheaper than going to the mechanics. We both stood up sweaty and hands covered in dirt. “See you Sunday,” Brittany said shaking my hand. “I got to go to the store and pick dinner up.”On the way up to my apartment, I bumped into Marshall, who for some reason looked guilty of something, he looked around as I got off the elevator. “Hey,” I nodded towards him as I walked closer. “You still on for Sunday?” Marshall asks. I look at him strangely as he slams the door to his apartment hard.”Huh?” I say.”Football?” he replies.”Yeah of course, just got done talking about it. With Brittany,” I say walking away. He stood there waving at me, still holding onto the door handle. Something was odd with him today. The rest of the day goes by without incident until later when I realize I don’t have enough beer for the games tomorrow, I had enough if it was just me, but remembering that Brittany was coming, I knew I had to get more. Cursing myself, I left to go to the local liquor store. It was a short drive, and I liked going there because I know the owner.”Hey Matt,” the owner whispers to me as I walk around. I walk over to him. He always has funny things to tell me about things going on in the neighborhood. “That new neighbor of yours is a hot one huh?” he smiles. He grins from ear to ear.”Yeah but your a Mexican, Rey,” I say back to him. We always play the race game with each other.”What’s that mean huh?” Rey laughs back at me as I go to get the beer.”You’re like chest level to her,” I say back. He laughed as he gets another customer coming through the door. To my surprise, it was Marshall with two guys. I nod at him as he comes in, he nods back, but his face drops.”Hold on guys,” Marshall says to the two guys as he walks up to me.

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