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Tucked away in an anonymous hotel room in an anonymous city in America, Zuri sits on the toilet lid in the bathroom with a magazine on her lap. The director has shot the opener — “the pick up” – on a street across town, they filmed the “meet and greet”, then the strip down and blowjob scenes. Zuri is about to be called on for the money scene — the one where there is an obvious cut and the Top starts to rigorously fuck the Bottom until the Cum Shot.

Zuri is wearing street clothes, a t-shirt and jeans. She is not going to be on camera or even near the “hot stage.” Her job begins and ends in the bathroom.

A knock sounds on the bathroom door and the director’s assistant — an actor that is trying to break into directing — calls to Zuri. “We are ready for you,” and he opens the door.

Zuri closes her magazine, places it on the edge of the tub, and opens her case of oils. Top walks in, fully naked, and penis hanging low. Even relaxed, Top has more length and girth than many 18 year old men and Top is pushing 40!

Top closes the bathroom door behind him. Zuri changes seats to a step stool that doubles as a carrying case. She has been on enough shoots to know exactly what she needs and doesn’t need and she can pack it well.

Top, like most men she works with, prefers a massage oil that smells like the outdoors. But actually Top is not picky. Zuri chooses a mid-grade eucalyptus scent to get started. She pours oil in her hand, holds up Top’s isveçbahis penis (which is far longer than the width of her hand) and pours oil on him too. Zuri spreads the oil up and down the shaft. She puts down the bottle and with that hand she works the head.

Top responds generously to the attention. Soon his erection is filled with blood again and could easily stand on its own. Now Zuri gives the testicles some attention. She pumps a lower-grade, scentless oil into her head-hand and pulls downward gently on the scrotum. Top’s balls are made of steel and they can take a real beating during rigorous oral and teabagging. Zuri knows this so she does the opposite. Now moistened, she gently blows air on the testicles to tickle Top.

One place Zuri never goes is the anus. “Too cliché,” Zuri would explain, if anyone asked, “The butthole will make Top feel like he is at work, not getting a cock massage!”

Throughout the treatment, Zuri’s hand is stroking the shaft with a firm hand. Her fingers barely fit all of the way around — in part because of Top’s girth and in part because Zuri is moving around, picking up this bottle, squeezing that bottle. The strokes never run on the same path on Top’s erection, which of course makes it bigger.

Zuri is almost finished with Top but Top is not done with Zuri. Top, the consummate professional, has trained himself to only orgasm with men. Zuri can tug and shove and blow for an hour and Top will remain hard as isveçbahis giriş an oak tree but will not cum. This is a large reason why Zuri, the only female in the hotel room, is hired to do this job. There is no risk of “early release.” And it is the reason that Zuri has kept her voluptuous chest inside her shirt.

The assistant knocks softly, so as not to startle, and says “Bottom is ready.”

Top is also ready – Zuri knows that by the feel of her hand on Top’s shaft that he is ready. The skin on his impressive penis cannot hold any more blood and it can stand at full mast all by itself. Zuri takes her stroking hand away — fortunately it didn’t cramp — and picks up a cloth. It used to be a fine linen tablecloth before Zuri cut it, resewed it, and repurposed it as an oil rag. She places the rag over the penis, hold the cloth with both hands around his erection, and gently pulls. One more pull with another clean rag and Top is ready for the set. The little oil on the testicles has already dried and does not need attention.

While Zuri was doing her job, another masseuse, male this time, was working with Bottom. Through a proprietary method of inserting butt plugs, applying silicone lube, touching up the edges with some make-up, “The Anal Artist,” as he bills himself, has Bottom ready everything that Top can deliver. Immediately the cameras roll and the actors perform the final, and most important, sequence of the film. Behind a closed door, Zuri wipes isveçbahis yeni giriş her hands (she can’t yet turn on the sink with a hot set 15 feet from the door) and gathers her supplies. Once packed, she gives her stroke hand a deep tissue massage.

After what feels like an hour — Zuri is ready to go home — the crew is congratulating Top and Bottom. Of course the real time was less than 5 minutes. Zuri has considered putting that on her business card — if she ever printed one – “Guaranteed Satisfaction in 5 Minutes or Less.”

Beer bottles crack open. Toasts are made. Zuri hears the squeak of lights being disassembled. She opens the bathroom door — which she is told NEVER to do because, apparently, the sight of a woman will ruin the chemistry of the actors! Or at least that is the opinion if THIS production company.

“OH SHIT, WE FORGOT THE FLUFF GIRL!” someone exclaims.

“I prefer ‘cock masseuse’, thank you!” Zuri says as she strolls out of the bathroom. The director writes her check, compliments her work with obscene and flowery words, and shakes her hand — which she still hasn’t washed!

The next morning, the hotel housekeeper knocks, announces, and lets herself in. The bed is pristine, the floor looks recently vacuumed, the bathroom sparkles. “Did anyone stay here?” the keeper thinks and rechecks the room list. She steps into the bathroom to look for the telltale paper across the lid — no paper, but the toilet paper has an elaborate “arrow” at the bottom. Then the tape on the door catches her eye. It is a piece of a grip’s beige duct tape, perfectly centered and at eye level, with the words “Office of the Cock Masseuse — DO NOT LET OUT.”

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