Five Day until RevelationFive Day until Revelation

For Women

He knocked on her door. The email gave this address, and he was nervous. The anxiety he was feeling was unusual for him, because he considered himself dominant. Lady Eva was a known Domme in the community. She rarely took on new pupils, but agreed to train him to be a better Dom. Jared loved the idea of having his own submissive and was smart enough to realize that he needed further instruction, in order to truly excel. Patience was not one of his virtues. He began to pace the porch. It was the longest two minutes of his life. He was about to turn around and leave, when the door opened. A lovely lady with long, straight blonde hair addressed him. He was pleased that she was beautiful. “Master Jared, my lady will see you now,” the lovely creature said. He followed the small framed woman inside. Now, he was intrigued. Apparently, the blonde was a working sub in the household. The blonde knocked lightly on a closed door and waited for the bid to enter. A soft voice told them to come inside. She opened the door and led him into a conservative, but homey study. Sitting behind a massive oak desk, Lady Eva looked at her guest. Studying her potential student, the Lady memorized details about him. His large frame was packed with lean muscles, which was good for strength. Lightly tanned, his skin was unmarred, all the better to paddle. His looks were not important to her. It was good to have beauty, but to be a good Dom, it was the spirit that mattered. “Welcome, Jared. Please, sit down,” said Lady Eva. Jared sat down across from the regal looking lady. She had a grace and confidence about her. She was beautiful, with her light brown hair. Her blue eyes were partially covered by her wire framed eye glasses. He noted how soft her ivory skin looked. She was dressed in a plain white button down shirt. He had not expected that. Jared thought the famed Domme would have been dressed in tight leather and latex, not like an English teacher. He was a bit put off. “Am I not to your satisfaction? Were you expecting something different?” she simply asked. Jared didn’t almanbahis know how to answer her. “Your first lesson, if I should decide to take you as a student, will be that looks are deceiving. While you may be dominant at all times in your mind, not everyone is your submissive. Going around exerting your power all the time makes you look bossy and overbearing, not dominant,” she stated. Lady Eva stood up. Jared got a look at the slim black skirt that she wore. The way she walked told him that this woman was very much in control of her surroundings, as well as very aware of her allure. The Lady walked to the blonde standing demurely in the corner. “Julia, my pet, please go and get changed. I have need of you, my love,” she said, running a hand down the blonde’s cheek. “Yes, my lady,” Julia answered, then disappeared into a room, off to the side. Lady Eva returned to her desk. This time she sat on the edge, directly in front of him, letting him see her shapely legs. Jared was appreciative of the sight. He loved the feel of legs encased in hose. “My sweet Julia will be out soon. I would like to judge just how much you already know of our world. You will show me how you would treat your own, but you will be respectful of her. She is mine, and I will fillet you, if you harm her spirit,” Lady Eva told him. The look on Jared’s face was proof enough. Lady Eva knew that he was not ready for this yet. He was over eager, too excited. Julia came into the room. Her demeanor very different than before. She was completely naked, except for the pink topaz studded collar around her slim neck. Gracefully, she walked over to her Mistress and knelt down at her feet, with her hands resting lightly on her thighs. “You see how my pet knows what I like without asking me? She knows to kneel in front of me, with her legs open and hands on her thighs. She is fully aware that I love to look at her, see her pussy open for me. She doesn’t speak, unless I ask her,” Lady Eva explained, as she caressed Julia’s hair. “Jared, who has control over the Domme/sub interaction?” almanbahis yeni giriş Eva asked. “The Dom controls the situation, Mistress,” he answered, promptly. “Number one, you don’t call me Mistress, as you have not earned that right. Number two, the sub has control. It is the sub that will use the safe word, in effect stopping all action. Have you not done any homework on what you are about to get yourself into?” she scolded, “You must earn their trust and respect. It is not given to you automatically, just because you call yourself Dominant.” Jared’s temper flared. How dare she scold him like a youngster. Lady Eva watched his reaction. She took note of the flaring nostrils, clenched jaw, and stiff posture. She smiled. She would teach him, but first, she would break him. “Jared, I will take you on as a student. I will mold you to be a loving, but strict Dom. There is much I can teach you, but I have some rules that are unbreakable,” she told him. Jared’s ears perked up, and he sat forward in his chair. He knew that if it was too good to be true, then it mostly likely wasn’t true. Cocking his head to the side, Jared pondered the reason for her to accept him as her student, so quickly. “What are your conditions?” he asked, tentatively. “You are smart to find out all information before jumping head first into something. Every Dom/me is different, and it has been my experience that in order to be successful in one, you must understand every part of the other,” she told him. Jared nodded, as he watched Lady Eva pet her slave. Her constant touch was mesmerizing. He was confused. She treated this slave as a human, not an object. “Julia, go join Adam. Make sure that he is ready,” she told the naked blonde, then dismissed her. Turning back to Jared, she continued, “My conditions are as stated and non-negotiable. I will train you, and the way I train is through experience. You will live here for the next five days, as my slave. You will go through different trials daily, and mind you, I will push you to your limits. Some Masters excel in pain almanbahis giriş and some in bondage, while others use pleasure denial. I don’t believe in humiliation and degradation. I don’t feel that depersonalizing your submissive is conducive to gaining their respect and trust.” Overwhelmed by the sudden influx of knowledge, the fledgling Dom stared in his chair, stunned. He had thought she would talk with him. Maybe, put on a display, and that would be that. She was talking about Dominating him for 5 days. Could he do it? “Think about it, Jared. You don’t have to tell me your answer tonight. Sleep on it. I must insist that you stay the night. I have the perfect room for you,” she told him. Lady Eva took him by the hand and led him to the grand staircase. He followed upward to a massive room with a four poster bed. She showed him the bathroom, and right before she left the room, Eva pointed to a large painting. “If you move this painting, please replace it before you leave in the morning,” was all she said. Perplexed, as to why she would say that, Jared went to the painting. It was a copy of a popular Monet, which the title of it escaped him at the moment. He lifted it from its place on the wall and set it to the side. Hidden behind the picture were two large holes. Jared peered into the holes and saw another room on the other side. He looked at the gold satin walls, then to the huge bed in the center. Seated directly in the middle of the bed was Julia, along with a olive complected man. Julia, still dressed in only her collar and nothing else, was facing the wall which he was behind. He could see that her legs were open, as instructed, and her hands were resting on her thighs. Her womanly folds were very bare, and her clit was pierced with a simple, gold bar. The dark pink inner flesh was moist looking, while her outer lips were puffy. Jared was amazed that he had not noticed her pierced nipples before, and the pink jewels complimented her collar, nicely. The man, who he assumed was Adam, was sitting next to her. His outfit the same, with the exception of a blue topaz collar. His gaze traveled down to the jutting erection, between his legs. The man was massive. His cock appeared to be about 8 in long, but very thick. Heavy full balls hung low, almost touching the bed.

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