First Time SuckingFirst Time Sucking


This is a true story of my first experience with another guy.

I was 20 years old and and subletting an apartment over the summer. The other people in the apartment weren’t around very often and I didn’t have any friends in the area so I got pretty bored at night. I had been having fantasies about giving a blowjob to a guy for a while and had even started checking out online personals.

One night I was really horny and decided I would finally try it out. I pulled up the online personals and wrote my ad. It said that I was a 20 year old guy looking to give a discrete bj to another guy. Since I couldn’t just bring a guy back to my apartment I posted that I couldn’t host.

I clicked submit and waited for some responses. While I waited I watched some porn and read other ads. This was before craigslist so I wasn’t immediately hit with lots of emails. After a while I got one from a guy saying that he lived nearby and he was interested because his gf doesn’t blow him.

I figured it would be good to have my first experience with another guy that was just looking for some sexual release but wasn’t Ankara escort necessarily gay. I wrote him back asking what he had in mind. He responded back saying that he couldn’t host because his gf was home but we could meet in the park that we both lived near.

After a few emails to iron out details we decided that we would meet in a park nearby and I’d service him there. I told him that I would be wearing an orange shirt and that I wasn’t looking for too much conversation. I was pretty worried that if there was conversation then I would back out.

I drove to the mall which was right across from the park and parked my car. I got there a bit early so I went into the park and started walking up and down the path looking for a good place where we wouldn’t be seen. There were a few joggers and people walking but not too many since it was kind of late.

Around the time we had arranged I saw another person walking slowly towards me on the path. As we approached each other we both slowed until we were almost next to each other.

Without saying hello he just said “Over there, by the bushes.” Ankara escort bayan

I said “Okay” and followed him to a semi-secluded area.

It really wasn’t that secluded but it was in shadows. I could clearly see the pathway that went by about 50 yards away. If anybody looked over they would see him looking like he was taking a piss but if they looked harder they would see me on my knees in front of him.

I dropped to my knees as he started unzipping his pants and by the time I looked up his cock was out and semi-erect waiting for me.

Since it was my first time I didn’t really take time licking him or anything like that, I just wrapped my lips around him and started working. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I just put my hands on his legs.

I could hear the people walking and jogging on the path but as far as I can tell nobody was looking over. He was pretty quiet until he started getting close.

It only took about 5 minutes of me sucking him before he started to breathe harder and I knew he was going to cum soon.

I stopped long enough to say “Not in my Escort Ankara mouth.”

Shortly after he pulled out of my mouth and started shooting his cum all over my face. It felt great to feel the warmth of his cum hitting me in streams. I had never experienced something like that but I loved every splatter.

When he was done shooting he rubbed the rest onto my face and started to zip up. He said “Sorry I don’t have anything to clean up.”

I answered “It’s okay, I’ll just use my shirt.”

I wiped up as much as I could with my shirt and we walked together back to the path. Without saying much else we went our separate ways.

I immediately got in my car and drove back to the apartment. It was very hot for me to walk back in with remnants of cum making my face feel sticky.

When I got back to my room I immediately stripped down and jerked myself to completion. I knew that it was a great first time and also that it certainly wouldn’t be my last.


I would gladly appreciate it if you could provide your comments as this is my first writing. I’m going to be writing stories about all of the times I’ve blown a guy so that I can relive the events over and over.

With that said, I would be even MORE grateful if you are an artist and want to draw my story for me to jerk off to.

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