First Time For Both Of UsFirst Time For Both Of Us

Angel Emily

Sales, is not the best work, but it’s not bad either. It’s a little degrading because to be any good at all you have to kiss quite a bit of ass. All kinds of people come through the store, and every single one of them is your very best friend. Hell, at work I am all grins and affirmatives, “yes ma’am, that coat looks just great on you!” or, “Hey! We DO have that in blue! I’ll get you two! Right away, sir!” Everything is a grand statement because I don’t just “sell, sell, sell.” I “Sell! Sell! Sell!” You get the point.

But like I said, it’s not all bad either. You learn a lot about people by being a salesman. You get to know when they are going to buy something. They kind of light up, even when they seem to shy away, a veteran salesman knows when the customer is ready to buy and will close the sale at just the right instant. Bam! You close the deal. It gets to be instinct, you don’t even have to think about it.

Which brings me to the topic of my story. It all starts normal enough, a guy walks up and we start talking about some pants that he needs. During the course of our conversation he tells me about his life, and specifically how his wife left him half a year ago. “That’s interesting”, I add, “my wife left me too, about 8 months ago. I know exactly what you are going through.” Next thing you know were talking about how both of us got the shit end of the marital stick and how our wives left a couple of good guys holding the bag while their out living a new life.

After a few minutes talking to him, It was like I was talking to myself, he was finishing my sentences and I knew what he was about to say Then it clicked, I saw him kind of light up. This guy liked me. He was going to buy what I was selling. I had him, if I would just close the deal, and take him.

Freeze for a minute.

First off, I am not gay. I got a few kinks, but I’ve never been with a man. This guy didn’t seem gay either. He seemed alone, and a little tired of women, but not perverted, or weird or gay, or anything. He was just a guy in a store bearing his soul to another dude, but then he got sideswiped by some kind of lust, born from confusion, or something. And there he is looking all doe eyed at me like my first sweet heart did and I think that his tender submissiveness might have, well…

Even though he was talking, I didn’t hear a word he was saying for at least half a minute. I was somehow quite excited with this prospect. He noticed that I dazed off and chuckled, he asked, “I’m sorry, am I boring you with all this?”

I came back to reality, “no, you’re not. I’m just thinking about how I like that I’m not alone with this. You know, that someone is going through the same thing. Hey, how about a beer or something after I get out of here?” I asked.

I could see the hesitation, the pulling away. I could see that he was trying to say no, but going over it in his mind. I waited.

“Yeah”, He finally mustered, “Yeah, that would be OK.” He was smiling, and so was I. We swapped numbers and I went back to work. Two more hours, and we were to meet at a bar near here.


The hours go by, nothing eventful. My excited lust bubbled down and by the end of the shift I was almost laughing at myself because I was thinking of who knows what with some random guy. “No way,” I say out loud and chuckle to myself.

“I’m really going over the deep end,” I think, and decide to call the meeting off. Who was I trying to kid; I’m just not gay. Besides, I like women way too much to be gay.

Well, that’s what I was thinking when the phone rang. It wasn’t a familiar çapa escort number, probably him. “Hello,” I answer.

“Hey, Where are you, I’ve been here for half an hour.”

“I’m just getting out of here, did you still want to talk?”

“Yeah, I do, are you still up for it?”

I think briefly, and feel a nervous charge run through my face and neck.

“please?” barely audible from my cell phone.

“Yeah, sure,” I hide my excitement, “I just have to clock out, I’ll be right down.”

And I did, and I was.

In the bar he was waiting, a beer label twisted off the bottle and him winding it in his fingers. I called his name. He looked at me and kind of froze in the chair. I walked to him and stood kind of close to him and started talking. “Didn’t think I’d make it, did you?” I laughed a bit. “I was beginning to wonder,” he said. I watched his eyes as they dropped from mine towards my lips. “What are you drinking?” he asked, he gulped and dropped his eyes lower, to my hips. He exhaled, and lingered for just a moment more then he might have otherwise. Mine I began to think, he was mine.

I sat down and we talked about our wives and our lives. Sitting there, he was like a doe. He was alone and beat up from the divorce and he needed someone. That was the biggest turn on. This man was submitting to me, and I knew he wanted me. Here was an adult man who was married and got so messed up by a woman the he was turning into one himself, in a fashion. He was, more and more, becoming my date. Even though he was still a guy, he was flirty, he touched my arms when he made his points and laughed at my jokes, and complimented me several times on my appearance. I returned and became his man, I took charge in the conversation and he adored me. This was getting weird, but this guy fawning over me was really turning me on.

The fiercest part was the tension. We’re (until now) both straight men having a few beers, with a strong undercurrent of real sexual cravings for one another. He is clearly dying with every time I almost touch him, and he gasped audibly when I do.

I put my hand over his. It’s warm and strong, he rolls it into a fist and locks my fingers into his palm. He gazes into my eyes, pure need (bright and fragile) pours from his eyes.

“Let’s go back to your apartment,” I say.


We enter his apartment and he still seems unsure. Standing there, wordless and looking at me sheepishly he shrugs his hands slightly. I take a step directly in and kiss him full on the mouth. I can tell he his shocked but returns the kiss after a moment. It’s a pure lip kiss, with both of us kissing like men, forcing our lips on the other. The late night shadow of his beard tickles my face, as mine must be doing to his.

I extend my tongue and lick his lips and part them. Now I am kissing him and he is relaxed and letting me hold him up. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths, darting and caressing our teeth and exploring the course texture of our taste buds.

He reaches for my chest and pushes me back, I try to hold his lips with mine but I relent. With a barely audible snap, we separate connected only by a wisp of saliva inches between our mouths. I can taste his breath from his mouth.

He reaches for my jeans, and I fall back slightly. Unbuttoning my pants, he stops. He looks at my eyes and unblinking, reaches for me and strokes my cock through my zipped jeans, lightly like a breeze he traces the bulge of my shaft. He grabs the tab of my zipper with his other hand and zips fatih escort my pants down. He tugs my pants and my underwear down, freeing my cock and ass.

I look patiently, as he makes his way down my neck with his mouth, a free hand lightly explores my rigid cock. His lips go next to my chest kissing and sucking my nipples and pecks. Then down my stomach, tracing a line with his tongue to my cock. Like a girl, he licks the tip of my cock with the tip of his tongue. He licks and sucks the tip of my cock. My dick is so hard, the thick veins are at like wires as he pops the head with his lips and runs the shaft of my glands along his rough cheek. He is worshiping my cock as he closes his eyes and rubs it on his face. My fat nuts brush his neck and ears as my cock goes across his nose and forehead. He breathes me in with a deep gust, and looks up at me. He looks into my eyes and I see that he needs my cock. He looks at my bone and it’s length and puts his lips around the shaft below the head. Then I feel his tongue tasting the lower part of my cock, first just a little, then all over. His slobber soon runs down my nuts to my asshole.

He is sucking my cock like a woman and I am looking at a man. I feel my balls cinch up, and my swollen shaft is now rock hard. He is eagerly bobbing and slurping. I prop myself on my elbows and tilt my head back.

I come, and I come. Volley after Volley of jizm courses into his mouth, he only moans in approval. I look up and he is staring in disbelief at my pubic hair he seems to relax and Closes his eyes savoring his deed. He is left bobbing my limp cock, he slurps greedily at my shaft as he works my gland and milks my cock for the last bit of come.

When he is through, he begins to work my nuts with long powerful licks. His fingers begin working towards my ass. The spread my cheeks as he rests his face on my spent dick, nodding in approval. A touch from this mans hands, his finger, maybe his thumb, press on my sphincter and I groan.

I immediately start to get hard against his face. My cock growing from his chin to his eyebrow he inserts his digit into my ass. “Do you like this?” He asks.

“I do, but I want something else.” I say, reaching for his cock.

I let my fingertips envelope his shaft into the palm of my hand. I am holding another mans hard hot cock for the first time. I think I could blow another load on his face. Now, hand on his chest, I push him up and off of me. His finger releases my sphincter leaving me hard and wanting more up my vacant ass. I, however, know that he wants something else.

I lower my own head and breathe his cock smell in. “Different” I think.

I envelope his shaft in my mouth, it fills it completely. I taste his dick. It is not that pleasant. It doesn’t taste like any other skin on his body, but funkier. I have to suck a dick though, so I persist, and bob and slurp his hard cock. His head is getting firmer and I can feel it in the top of my mouth, I bob off slightly and put my lips around his mushroom top. It’s bubbling some precome that I pull away from and lick with the flat of my tongue.

I reach for his fleshy balls and he moans as I press them with my hand. I then try to swallow his dick. It doesn’t go very far because I gag on it. He looks at me with concern, but just keep on sucking his dick and rolling his balls between my fingers. I then reach towards his ass, he moans and his cock gets very hard.

Sensing his orgasm, I pull away from his engorged member. I concentrate on his hairy ass. I try etiler escort to insert a finger and he kind of yelps in surprise. I push with some force and it just wont go in. I look up and he is squinting with a lot of force. “You want me in your ass?” I ask.

“I do.”

So I push my finger in. He freezes, and then sighs. His ass is hot and yielding once my finger is in. I hook my finger and pull on the other side of his sphincter. Now I fuck his ass with my one finger and he is breathing a little stilted, I lick his nuts and up to his shaft. He moans.

I pull my finger out of his ass, and press away from him just a bit. He looks at me with concern and asks me to fuck him. “I want you to do more with me. Please do more to me,” he almost whispers.

I ask for if he has some lube, he says the he does and he finds it and he lays flat on the bed. I lube my dick and prep his ass with my finger. He is willing and asks me to fuck him with every push of my fingers. “Fuck me, please fuck me, fuck me I want you to fuck me, please fuck me ple…” and I press the tip of my hard, hot cock against his ass. It won’t fit. So I press the bottom of my head and wedge the tip in from the bottom of my shaft. His moans go silent as I press the head in. He muffles a cry and I stay still and we listen to each other breath. “More” he says and I press in slowly along his tunnel. I push into his canal slowly until my balls are touching his.

I reach under and feel his hard cock, and stroke it downward as my rigid cock is wedged in his virgin ass. “Pull it out and fuck it back in,” he begged.

I pulled my turgid cock slowly from his gritty ass and savored the sensation of his ass hole gripping my dick for purchase and wanting it back in. then I thrust it back in slowly. He moaned softly. “Who is my bitch? I ask him.”

“I am your bitch.”

I pull out, then ease my hot cock back in his ass, and “say it again”

“I am your bitch. You are my man.”

I fucked into him, my nuts brushing his. I am his man and he is my woman.

I pull out and slowly put it in his ass again. I did this until I felt his ass hole give and relent to the fucking. Now that his asshole wasn’t so tight I told him to get on his hands and knees.

I withdrew my cock and he sighed. Then I pressed it in and fucked him like he was my own toy. I fucked him and he bucked back, tears were streaming his face and he bucked and bucked against my cock. All the while he was making little grunting noises like pleasure. I thought he was close to orgasm so I felt for his cock. It was kind of hard but not really and the tip was streaming something like come.

I looked under him and saw that he was drizzling precome straight into his bed onto a puddle of more of it. I pulled out and pressed back in and each time his jizz oozed out like spit. He was fucking loving my cock, so I fucked him like a whore, and he screamed and precome drizzled out of his cock like honey, it looked like a fine chain of some white metal was attached to the head of his prick, bouncing and bobbing with my thrusts.

His heavy balls finally gave way as I pressed my stick up his ass. Sperm shot from his dick onto his bed and he gave moaned and collapsed on the bed with his legs splayed, forced to take my dick like a bitch dog. I fucked him and fucked him until his eyes rolled back in his head.

His ass began to quake and it sent me over the edge I came into his ass. He squirmed and squealed like a little bitch. His grin was from ear to ear and he kept calling my name, begging me to “please fuck me, come in my ass” and telling me “I can feel your hot come, daddy, fuck my ass! Fill me Daddy!!” I did too.

After I had him, he really was mine. I made him drink his puddle of jism that he drizzled on the bed (he seemed to like that) and we shared a few more exploits, some really freaky shit, but that story is for another day.

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