First Time Ch. 05First Time Ch. 05

Tess was shocked when the front door opened!

Brenda stood before her in red lingerie. The eighteen year old had trouble meeting her coach’s eyes as her gaze was drawn to the sexy curves promised in the opaque material.

“Uh… I thought I was supposed to babysit…” Tess’ voice trailed off as she drank in the erotic sight before her.

“Yeah, about that.” Brenda pulled her inside and shut the door. “The kids are at my parents. I need you to help me punish John for what he did. I want you to come upstairs and stay for the first five minutes. You are more than welcome to stay as long as you wish, but you can leave after that. Do you understand?”

Tess nodded though a thousand questions ricocheted around her brain. Instead she kept quiet and let the older woman lead her upstairs. They turned the corner and Tess got her second shock of the night. John was spread eagle on the bed, tied with ropes, and blindfolded! Skimpy, very feminine underwear barely contained the bulge of his cock.

Tess blushed at the sight of this nearly naked man in front of her. She looked around the room, the lights were dimmed and there were candles flickering along one of the walls. The entire scene was strange yet somehow thrilling.

“You still ok playing along?” Brenda’s whisper tickled her ear. “You won’t be touching him or anything. I just want his imagination in overdrive!”

Tess felt the other woman’s body press against hers and blushed harder. Not trusting her voice, the teen simply nodded.

Brenda’s smile was radiant. “Good, let’s get started.”

Coach went over to the head of the bed and John flinched as her hand caressed his cheek. “Now someone has been a bad boy.”

Her fingers curled over the blindfold and tugged it down.

Tess watched him blink rapidly as he tried to adjust his vision to the light. He stared at his wife, his lips curl into a smile that froze when he saw Tess standing against the wall.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” Panic edged his voice.

Brenda shook her head. “What? Now you are going to complain?? I wasn’t kidding when I said you were going to be punished for being bad. You just didn’t know that I knew that you actually WERE bad… using my student like that. Shame!”

“I can explain -“

Brenda cut him off by cupping his balls and giving a hard squeeze. “Shut up.”

“But I -“

Brenda reached over and pulled out a ball gag. “Shut up or I will shut it for you.”

John swallowed and nodded.

Brenda let go of his crotch and stood back up.

“Here are the rules. For the foreseeable future, I will control your orgasms. You will not masturbate unless I give you permission. We will not be having sex unless I say so. And for tonight, you will have to listen to Tess and I… well we will be having orgasms, but you will have NONE because I am not going to untie you until morning.” Brenda paused and looked back at Tess, the sultry intensity Ankara escort nearly shook the young woman to the core. Then she turned back to her husband.

“Nod if you understand.”

John nodded meekly and Brenda reached over and pulled the blindfold back into place.

She moved to the bedside table and pulled out a purple vibrator. She turned it on and the buzzing filled the silent room. She leaned forward and touched the sex toy to her husband’s face. He pulled away but she was already trailing down his body. Across his chest. Along his stomach. When she reached his crotch, she pressed it hard against him. Tess could easily see his cock grow in response.

Brenda stepped away from the bed and moved back to Tess.

The young woman burned with curiosity and excitement. “What’s going to happen now?”

Brenda smiled and whispered back. “That’s up to you.” She moved even closer and Tess could feel the heat of her body. “You can stay and follow my instructions, you can leave, or you can stay for a bit and leave any time you feel uncomfortable…”

With a wicked smile, she brought up the purple toy, still buzzing.

Tess hesitated, she felt a pang of guilt thinking of her girlfriend Kelly. But things hadn’t really progressed very far as Kelly had never dated a woman before. She felt the coach’s body brush against her and shivered with excitement.

The eighteen year old looked up at the older woman and smiled back.

Brenda took the toy and ran it over the teenager’s breasts. “Tess is getting out of her clothes. She has such a terrific body, John. It’s too bad you can’t see it.”

Tess hesitated for a moment and then started undressing quickly. In the locker room at school, she had always felt unwieldy undressing next to her more petite peers. As she stepped out of her sweatpants, she glanced up and saw her coach’s intense gaze. The look of lust and her coach’s words made her feel beautiful.

“Absolutely stunning, John.” Brenda moved over to the bed and sat on the edge. She patted her husband’s thigh and leaned back. Her legs spread wide. “I should get to feel her tongue when I’m sober don’t you think?”

Tess took her cue and quickly kneeled next to the bed. She began kissing Brenda’s inner thighs, eager to taste her once again.

“She kissing me… moving closer.” Brenda purred. “I can feel her tongue teasing me.”

Tess tasted her, the salty sweetness that she found so delicious. She gripped the thighs and buried her tongue deeper.

“Yes! John, it feels so good. So much better than you and she’s only a teenager!”

Spurred on, Tess licked faster. She moved up to the clit and concentrated on it. She wanted to make the woman cum faster than she ever had before! She felt Brenda’s thighs close on her and squeeze her head.

“Almost there, Tess, almost there…”

Tess knew Brenda was being so vocal for her husband but it turned on the eighteen year old. She felt a twinge Ankara escort bayan of pleasure between her own legs. Licking deeply, she felt her coach’s legs begin to shake. Fingers grasped her hair tightly, press her face against the pussy.

“Fuck that feels good! Yes! YES! YES!”

Legs gripped her head tightly and Tess could barely breathe, but she kept on licking, tasting the juices that erupted.

Finally, Brenda relaxed and the young woman slowed down her tongue action. As she cleaned around the pussy, Tess glanced up. Brenda was leaning against her husband’s stomach, her right hand absently stroking his fully erect cock that was now free from the panties. She must have sensed something though as her hand left the shaft and squeezed his balls. “No, no cumming for you.”

Brenda looked down and smiled at Tess.

Then she leaned forward and kissed her deeply and passionately. Surprised, but delighted, she returned with fervor. Their tongues danced and Tess hugged her mentor tightly. She felt the kiss went on forever, heat building between the two of them. She felt every curve of the woman pressed against her, felt the heat building, felt as if the pleasure was shared through every pore of her body.

Finally, Brenda broke away. She stood up and grabbed Tess’ hand to pull her up with her. “I should return the favor don’t you think, John? She’s bought me such pleasure.” Then she leaned forward and whispered. “You doing ok?”

Tess looked into Brenda’s eyes and nodded, ready to do whatever the older woman wanted.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bed.”

Tess quickly complied and felt hands running across her ass. She glanced up at John’s prone body, his head turned towards them though the blindfold was still firmly in place. The hands spread her legs a little wider and then she heard a buzzing sound!

The toy tickled at first as Brenda moved the vibrating toy up her inner thigh. She felt the older woman’s other hand caressing her back. The toy moved ever closer to her lips before being slid down her other leg. A shiver of anticipation shook the teen and she heard Brenda’s low, sensual laugh..

“I think she wants me to stick the toy in her.”

The toy moved up and along the outside of her pussy!

“Oh!” Tess gasped.

“Tess, do you want me to put it in you?”

Vibrations turned from tickling to tiny waves of pleasure.


“Yes, what?”

The toy pressed harder against her.

“Yes, please!”

The teen gripped the bed as the toy slid into her! She had inserted fingers inside herself, but nothing prepared for this. It felt like it just kept sliding and sliding in. Just how long was this toy!!

Finally, she felt it stopped sliding and the body of the other woman pressed against her.

Vibrations of joy danced inside as Brenda held the toy inside of her. Pleasure began to build and then the toy began sliding in and out.

With Escort Ankara each thrust, Tess was pushed against the bed. She realized that John could feel the bed moving in this rhythmic fashion. He lifted his head in a vain attempt to move the blindfold.

“Oh, John, I am fucking her.” Brenda teased. The thrusts coming harder and deeper now. “She looks so amazing! So beautiful!”

The words pushed Tess over the edge. Her orgasm crashed over her!

The vibrations stopped and the toy withdrew. Tess felt strangely empty. She looked over her shoulder saw her coach’s tender gaze.

Tess stood and turned. Brenda stepped forward and again the older woman initiated a deep, passionate kiss! Tess returned it, gripping the woman tightly to her. It felt so right!

Too soon, Brenda stepped back. But she didn’t release Tess’ hand and pulled her towards the door. Ducking down, the coach swooped up the teen’s clothes.

As they reached the threshold, Brenda turned to her husband. “I’ll be back soon… maybe.”

Tess felt disappointed that it was over, but still this night was such a surprise. It was a gift she would never forget.

But Brenda didn’t lead her to the staircase.

Instead, she led her to a darkened bedroom.

“You are going to graduate in two weeks… and I know you and Kelly are still an item… but I was hoping that before you leave for college, we could…” Brenda laughed nervously. “Date? I don’t know what the hell this is called. But it would be just you and me for the summer. John would not be a part of this.”

Tess smiled in joy. “Yes! Maybe I can look at a college closer to home or every break-“

Brenda’s finger pressed against the girl’s lips.

“You have a lot of discovering about yourself to do… that is what college is for and I would not take away from you for the world! Let’s enjoy what we have knowing we have the next few months.” Brenda hugged her. “You are becoming such an amazing woman!”

Brenda broke off the hug and pushed Tess down onto the bed. Slowly, the older woman leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“But before anything, there is something I owe you.” She moved to Tess’ breasts and slowly teased and suckled the nipples with her tongue and teeth. Nervous excitement fluttered in the teen’s stomach even as the woman kissed down her stomach.

Tess’ hands gently grasped Brenda’s head and tilted the woman’s face up so that their eyes met.

“Are you sure?”

Brenda smiled and slid her body lower. Without breaking eye contact, her tongue snaked out and Tess felt it slide into her. Her hips reflexively lifted. The tongue pressed harder and she felt a finger slide in.

Tess had dreamed about this for months and now it was finally happening!!

Warm bursts of pleasure burst with each flick of the tongue. With each thrust of the finger. She gripped Brenda’s hair and pulled. The need growing with the pleasure.


Tess lifted up her hips. Willing the tongue to move faster!

So close…

Her hips bucked. Electric pleasure pulsed.


Brenda’s tongue pressed her clit and –


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