First Time – Anne’s StoryFirst Time – Anne’s Story


First Time

Anne’s story

My parents had sent me to an all girls’ school. They thought that this would protect me from getting into sexual ‘scrapes’. It certainly delayed my introduction to boys by a little bit but I’m certain they didn’t realize what a den of lesbianism girls’ boarding schools are. Not, I would hasten to say all the girls there were lesbians; far from it. The large majority was very strongly heterosexual. It was just that there weren’t any boys there and so we had to play with each other for our sexual pleasures.

The system was very well organized. The senior girls would chose from those who were just maturing. They would take them aside and explain to them what was happening to their bodies. Most girls, you know, are worried when they have their first period. With their new friend caring for them, they were comforted and, of course, the older girls were pretty experienced as to how to give comfort. They had been brought up in the same system!

I remember my ‘mentor’ very well. Indeed, we still sometimes meet and discuss old times – and have a little fondle of each other. Her name was Jill and she was a big girl. About size 40C breasts and a body to match but quite nice slim legs.

She ‘comforted’ me through my first period and very gently she began to kiss and cuddle me. She also made sure that I wasn’t bullied and gradually, I began to look forward to her kisses and cuddles. One evening, her hand slid down from my breast, which I loved her stroking and squeezing and she lifted up my skirt. Her hand caressed its way up my leg and finally reached my crotch. “Do you like what I’m doing, Anne?”

I think I nodded and Jill’s hand began to work its way inside my panties. I felt her finger reach my vagina and suddenly I was hot and moist down there.

“You feel excited, Anne can I see what is down there?”

Again, I just nodded and she knelt down between my legs. I felt her begin to pull my panties down. They stuck at my knees and Jill lifted my legs so that she could pull them off. I sat there not knowing what to do or say. Jill put her head firmly between my legs ad gave my vagina a little lick. I gasped with pleasure. The best thing was, as I now realize, she had had this done to her and had done it to many girls before me and she really knew how to give pleasure. Her tongue began to dart in and out of my vagina and round and around its lips. She sucked my little clit into her mouth and I suddenly found myself coming. I came in torrents. Jill continued to lick away until I was reasonably dry.

She got up and sat beside me. “Did you enjoy that?” She kissed me as she said it and I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. Again all I could do was nod and kiss her back.

“Would you do the same for me?”
She stood up and took her dress off. It was summer and she had on just her panties and bra. “Help me off with my bra sweetie.”

She turned round so that I could unhook it and as it slipped off her shoulders she pulled my hands over her breasts. As I have said, we kocaeli escort bayan had caressed each other but this was the first time I had had her bare breasts in my hands. They felt lovely. Jill put my fingers round each of her nipples and pushed them out. I felt her nipples harden. She turned round and pulled my head down on to her chest. My lips found one of her nipples and I gave it a suck.

“That’s the idea sweetie, keep doing that for a while.”

I continued to suckle her tits. They were delicious. Jill pulled her panties off
We were in her bedroom and she lay back on the bed.

“Now between my legs Anne is where I want you.”

Somewhat hesitantly, I knelt down between her legs. Of course, I had seen many girls’ vaginas but this was the first time that I’d been so close to one that was already beginning to ooze moisture and its lips were puffed out. “Give it a lick.”

I touched the centre with my tongue and Jill sighed with pleasure. She pulled my head closer and I began to run my tongue round her vagina just as she had to me. The noises from Jill indicated that I was doing the right thing and as I became more confident, I increased my pace. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Jill gave a little cry and her vagina began to vibrate. She continued to hold my face hard up against her vagina. Her juices poured out. They tasted lovely. Eventually, they stopped and I crept back on the bed beside her.

“Anne, that was superb. If I didn’t know it was you first time, I’d have said you’d been doing it for years.”

We kissed each other and lay there for a while. Jill sat up and started to take the rest of my clothes off. Instinctively, I helped her. Soon we were both totally naked. She made me lay on my back while she knelt on the floor at the end where my head was. She began to kiss me and then as she pulled herself on to the bed, her lips and tongue began to work their way down over my tits and on towards my crutch. Of course as she went further down more of her body was presenting itself to my mouth. I kissed her neck and then her breasts. Very soon her head was between my thighs. She pulled herself on to the bed and brought her knees up so that her vagina was pressed again into my face. I felt her pull my legs up so that she had the same position as me. Her tongue this time was magic. As it went in and out, I felt myself coming again. Because Jill was so much bigger than me I found it difficult to really get inside her. She realized my problem and turned us both over. On top, I found it so much easier and in very little time, Jill was coming again.

For the next couple of years or so, we continued on like this. We used to change partners and found new tricks. A finger up your lover’s bum was one of the first variations and then, of course, girls used to bring in dildos. And strap on ones. We had great fun but as we got older, most of our talk was about having boys. Some girls came back from holidays and were very quiet for a few days. We soon realized that these were the ones that had had a real kocaeli sınırsız escort fuck. Once we got them talking, they couldn’t stop. The rest of us ‘virgins’ found playing with each other less and less appealing. OK it was better than nothing but we wanted the real thing. The opportunity came when my best friend Rose asked if I would like to stay at hers for a week during the holidays. I accepted and I arrived at her house, which was quite large, and on the outskirts of a small village. She had a brother who was about a year older than her and openly looked at me with a gleam in his eye. Rose told me to ignore him. She had her eye on a boy who lived in the village. I met him; he was all right but didn’t turn me on. Anyhow, Rose wanted to go to a dance in the village hall. She couldn’t really leave me behind and so reluctantly got her brother to partner me. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a village dance. If you have, you’ll know it’s dead boring. John, Rose’s brother did his best to help things along but even he gave up in the end.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

I agreed and told Rose what we were going to do. She was obviously getting on well with her boy and just nodded.

John and I started to walk home. He put his arm around me and I did the same to him. We got back to the house fairly quickly and I remembered that Rose’s parents were out for the evening. We went into the lounge and sat down. John put his arm around me and gave me a kiss. I kissed him back. I think both of us were wondering as to what was going to happen. John switched on the TV. What he had found out was that his father subscribed to a porn channel and turned to it. The silly thing was that there were two girls in a lesbian session doing all the things that we did at school! I giggled. John asked me what was funny and I told him. “You mean Rose and you do that sort of thing?” At that moment the girls were having ‘69’.

Just then a man came into the scene and the girls started up. This guy immediately strips off and shows his prick to the girls. It was enormous. One of the girls gave it a suck and then pulled him down onto and into her. They began to fuck at a heck of a pace.

John looked at me and all I could think to do was have a feel at his crutch. He was very hard.

“Have you had it before?”

John shook his head.

“Neither have I but this strikes me as good a time as any to change that.”

I pulled off my thin sweater and undid my bra. John sat there doing nothing for a little while until I began to undo his shirt. He then, very much, got the idea and pulled off my skirt and panties. I unzipped his trousers and he helped me pull them off. His prick bulged against his pants. I just pulled them down and out sprang his cock. Although it wasn’t as big as the guy on TV, it wasn’t bad.

I don’t think either of us was quite sure what to do but I was aching to have his prick in me. In just the short time we had begun, my vagina was soaking. I lay down on the carpet and pulled John on izmit anal yapan escort top of me and I felt him slide his cock inside me. Of course playing with dildos had long expanded our fannies so there was no difficulty with that. What I was not prepared for was the difference between anything else and this real live cock. It was magnificent. I felt it slide inside me and then John began to pull and push himself in and out of me. I think both of us came simultaneously. I blessed the school nurse who had put us on the pill without telling our parents. I felt his cum squirt up my vagina. It seemed to go on forever. We both lay there and I felt John’s cock harden again inside me. He again started to drive in and out of me. It took him quite a few minutes to come the second time but I came a couple of times.

I rolled him off me and looked down at his cock. It had gone a bit soft but when I took it in my hand and sucked it into my mouth, he was again as hard as a rock. I looked up at him. There was a huge grin on his face. I smiled back and carefully moved so that we were in the 69 position. I’d done this so many times with the girls, but it took on a whole new meaning with John’s cock bulging in my mouth. I sucked away at his cock until it gave a twitch and I tasted him coming in my mouth. Yum.

Suddenly we heard Rose and her boyfriend come in. There was nothing we could do. There we were stark naked in the 69 position. They came in and Rose gave a little gasp. “What are you……?” she broke off because it was very clear what we were doing!

Her boyfriend was quicker on the uptake than Rose. He turned her round and gave her a big kiss and hug. We could see his hands come down to her bottom and in one movement he had lifted her skirt and pulled her cheeks of her arse towards him. We watched as they quickly pulled each other’s clothes off and began to kiss and caress each other’s bodies. Like John and me, there was little foreplay they just wanted to fuck; and fuck they did. Her boyfriend wasn’t as well hung as John but he wasn’t bad. As John and I watched, John laid me on my stomach lifted up my knees and entered me from behind, doggy style. We were fucking and watching the other two fuck at the same time. Eventually, Rose’s boy friend had to go leaving Rose, John and myself in the lounge. Rose said, “I suppose I ought to go to bed and leave you two to get on with it.”

“Don’t go Rose. You can stay with us. After all, you and I were making love for a long time before we came here.”

“But John’s my brother.”


Rose sat down on the carpet between us. I gave her a kiss and put my hand on her vagina. I put my head between her legs and began to lick. It’s funny how different girls’ taste after a boy has fucked them!

I looked up and all I could see was John’s bum. Rose was giving him a blowjob!

We realized it was getting late and Rose’s parents would be home soon. For a finale to the evening, Rose sat on the floor with her legs open. I lay on my stomach with my head between Rose’s legs. John had me from behind kissing Rose at the same time and fondling her tits. We all came together although since we were so fucked out; it wasn’t the most memorable ending. But my goodness, didn’t we have tales to tell back at school!

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