First MeetingFirst Meeting


I first met Antonia online, we chatted and swapped naughty stories and fantasies and within a couple of weeks she had me hooked and intrigued, looking forward to her messages each day and wondering where things may lead to in the future

She had a lot of sexy shots from her work as a model in the adult world but it was some time before she trusted me enough to show her face. If I had to describe her I would say she is incredibly tall with legs that seem to go on forever, beautiful with soft skin, intoxicating and mysterious, funny and very sexy with a peachy bum!

Well now here I am nervously getting dressed up to meet this delicious creature for dinner in a swanky restaurant in town that she took the liberty of booking, I am in a dark suit with a crisp white shirt but no tie, shirt slightly open showing a hint of chest hair, putting on just a splash of my favourite aftershave, I run my hand through my hair and one last glance in the mirror tells me I look pretty good.

We had arranged to meet in the bar of the hotel next door to the restaurant, where Antonia is staying whilst in town and she said she would be sitting at the bar. When I arrived though she wasn’t there and my heart sank, oh well I thought may as well have a drink while I am here, so heading to the bar I ordered a drink and swung myself up on to a bar stool.

Staring morosely in to my drink I was telling the bartender I’d been stood up when I became aware of the fact he wasn’t listening and was in fact staring open mouthed at something behind me. I turned slowly in the seat and looked up and there gliding towards me in towering heels was Antonia, looking stunning in a full length black evening dress split to mid-thigh, just a hint of bare thigh as her dress moved. Her hair swept up showing her long graceful neck and tiny drop diamond earrings the only jewellery she wore.

She flashed a smile at me that lit up her face and made her eyes sparkle as she lent in to kiss me on the cheek. As she pulled away she whispered in my ear “you really do look good enough to eat and I am starving”

She took my arm and we left the bar to make our way to the restaurant next door. On arrival the door was immediately opened and Antonia was greeted like an old friend by the owner who proceeded to show us to our table hidden away discreetly in the far corner. As we took our seats Antonia leant forward and for an instant I was rewarded with a clear view down the front of her dress, a peek of nipple, she was wearing no bra, just a little erect as it rubbed against the fabric of her dress. I could feel my cock stiffen slightly and sat down quickly to avoid the waiter seeing.

Once the food had been ordered, conversation flowed about how we had come to meet and all the naughty things we had discussed, I could feel my arousal building at the free and easy way she could discuss such things and not be embarrassed, she just oozed sexuality and was a lot of fun to be around. I noticed the waiter about to return and as he did I felt her bare foot snake up the inside of my leg under the table and in to my lap, yenimahalle escort gently rotating the ball of her foot against my cock, now straining in my trousers. I looked up in surprise and caught her smiling sweetly and gently biting her lower lip in concentration of the task she was performing out of sight of the waiter.

Trying to stay composed I thanked the waiter for the food, waited while he poured the wine, I let out a sharp intake of breath as he walked away and Antonia lowered her foot to the floor cheekily saying let’s eat I have so many plans for tonight…..

As the meal continued I couldn’t take my eyes off her she was intoxicating, the way she laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear, the way she reached across and took my hand. My mind was racing with what was yet to come as the evening was far from over and from the teasing messages I had been receiving all week a special night lay ahead.

As we ordered coffee Antonia suggested we moved to a small private area at the back of the restaurant where we could sit more comfortably and talk some more. As she slid in to the booth the split in her dress revealed lace stocking tops and a creamy white thigh, she made no attempt to cover her leg and as I moved in beside her she placed my hand on her thigh and flashed me another of those wicked smiles.

The waiter bought our coffee and as he did she gently laid her hand in my lap stroking very slowly. As she thanked the waiter she never broke eye contact with me and a small smile appeared as my cock began to stir. I have no idea if the waiter noticed and I didn’t care I just didn’t want her to stop.

Kiss me she whispered as her hand continued to stroke me, I leant forward wound my fingers in her hair and kissed her hesitantly at first but becoming bolder as her mouth opened for my tongue to explore. As I kissed her my hand was stroking her thigh and as we pulled away we were both a little breathless. Let’s drink our coffee and go back to the hotel she breathed in my ear

We made our way back to the hotel holding hands, my heart hammering in my chest, we made a striking pair as we headed towards the lift. As we entered the lift the bell boy asked which floor and Antonia winked at him saying all the way :-))

As we left the lift Antonia ahead of me I watched how her body moved under her dress I wanted this girl so much and as we entered the room the door had barely closed before I’d scooped her in to my arms kissing her passionately. She wound her fingers in my hair pulling me in to her, exploring my mouth with her tongue, I could feel her nipples erect against my shirt. I ran my hands up her thighs and over her ass gradually lifting her long dress as we continued to kiss. As Antonia broke the kiss she whispered huskily in my ear, tonight is my rules, at least for the next few hours and with that smile started to unbutton my shirt.

I’m mesmerised standing in the middle of the room being slowly undressed by Antonia and as my shirt hits the floor she takes in every inch of me, her hands reaching for my belt ankara escort and she slowly undoes my trousers dropping them and my pants to the floor for me to step out of. I am now standing naked in front of her, her eyes drinking me in as she takes my hand and leads me to the bed.

Do you trust me she asks as she gets me to lay on the bed, at this point I would give this woman my soul, yes I hear myself say. With that she raises one of my arms above my head and attaches a silk tie to my wrist the other end already attached to the bed.

Moving slowly round the bed she does the same with my other arm. She places some pillows under my head so I can see her standing at the end of the bed. Looking directly at me she starts to run her fingers over her breasts, her nipples hardening under her touch through the thin fabric of her dress, running her other hand up and down her legs moving her dress slowly upwards towards her waist. I can see her ass reflected in the mirror behind her.

As her dress reaches her waist she takes it in both hands and lifts it over her head and there she is naked except for stockings and heels in front of me.

My cock hardens instantly at the sight of her and I strain at my bonds trying to get to her but maddeningly she is just out of reach. As she comes closer to the bed I see she is holding a blindfold and before I can say anything the room goes dark…. I strain to hear where she is but all I can hear is my heart beating steadily. A finger starts to trail up the insides of my legs stopping just short of my balls before heading back down

A hand lightly stroking across my chest, a kiss on my neck, a tongue trailing from my ear lobe down over my neck to my nipple. A gentle graze of teeth as she nibbles on them.. A finger trails my lips opening my mouth as her finger slips inside I suck on it making it wet. She takes her wet finger and trails it around the sensitive head of my cock making me gasp and strain again against my bonds begging her to touch me properly. I feel the bed dip slightly and her warm breath above my cock

I draw in my breath as she slowly lowers her mouth over my cock, not being able to see or control the act just heightens the sensation as I feel her tongue moving up and down my shaft, her hands working their magic on my balls. I’m groaning now lifting my ass to try and move her mouth quicker but she is in no hurry and with that she is gone….

What seems like hours pass before I feel her climb on to the bed, leg either side of me she leans forward and I feel her nipple trail across my lips. I try to suck it but she moves back slightly just out of reach, repeating this several times before allowing me to suck on them. As I suck on her nipples I can feel her warm pussy against my cock, she lifts slightly and I feel my cock sliding against the entrance of her wet pussy, teasing me her breath coming in short gasps as my mouth works on her nipples, I can only imagine the way she looks. Again she moves away and I groan in frustration, patience she whispers

She pulls me up to a sitting position my hands still tied, knees bent legs apart and removes the blindfold. She is completely naked now, her skin pale and smooth against the dim light of the room, she lowers herself in to a chair her long legs draped over the side. I can only watch as she starts to play with her nipples pinching them between her fingers, a sharp in take of breath, her free hand between her legs pushing her fingers inside her now wet pussy. I can see her skin beginning to flush as she works towards her orgasm, I cannot take my eyes off her and my cock is throbbing at the sight. I want her, to be inside her, to feel her…. her orgasm takes over and she cums there in front of my eyes with a small smile on her face.

Without hesitation she comes back to the bed, undoes one of my hands before positioning herself between my legs. She starts to lick my balls, tongue sliding up my shaft teasing me… I’m impatient now and with my now free hand push her mouth down over my cock, deep in her mouth holding her there enjoying the feeling of control before allowing the rhythm to settle to a steady pace. I know I’m not going to last long but am enjoying the sensations her mouth and tongue are creating and hold back as long as possible. A flick of her tongue across my sensitive head is enough and with a groan i empty my cum in to her mouth… licking her lips she brings herself up to kiss me, untying my other hand as she does.

She settles back in my arms, back against my chest as my now free hands caress her skin, I can see her in the mirror head back on my shoulder eyes closed, her under breast tattoo shining in the light. I toy with her nipples making her moan, running my hand across her stomach to her pussy. I can feel her heat, the pulsing of her clit as my thumb finds the spot and starts to circle slowly. She shifts slightly allowing me access to her pussy and I slide my fingers inside one then two disappear inside her keeping my thumb on her clit. Her breathing has changed now and her back begins to arch as the sensations start to build her second orgasm. I can feel my cock coming back to life as she writhes in my arms, my fingers bringing her ever closer. Cum for me I whisper in her ear as she goes over the edge….

As she starts to come down, I kiss her neck holding her close. I want to fuck you I tell her and I want you on top. I lay down and Antonia straddles me, my cock sliding inside her I am amazed at how tight she can still feel being so wet as she starts to move the sensations are divine, she feels so hot.

After a while she pulls me to a sitting position my cock still buried inside her, wraps her long legs around my back and starts to kiss me. Her hips gyrate creating a wonderful friction on my cock and I feel it start to throb. Leaning back on her hands she starts to move back and forth on my cock, my thrusts meeting her. I can see my cock fucking her pussy and know I’m going to cum again soon. She starts to rub her clit as our thrusts quicken both of us panting now, as she starts to cum I cannot hold on and I’m cumming deep inside her….

I bring her down to the bed and lay facing this wild crazy woman I’ve known only a few weeks and met for the first time tonight thinking…..

The night is young and the shower inviting but that’s another story…

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