First KissFirst Kiss


Since the day her family moved in next door, Melissa and Jeff had been nearly inseparable. They grew up best friends, from kindergarten right through high school. It was a very rare occurrence being able to remain friends for so long. The two shared a unique connection, a bond they were not even aware of it most times. Things just seemed right. Their parents often joked they would grow up one day and be married. This was all talk the kids never cared to hear – they were just friends.

Growing up in the lush surroundings on the island of Maui is something a person could easily take for granted. Jeff and Melissa often spent their teen years lounging and swimming in her pool with friends, hiking and exploring the enchanted island trails or just talking and hanging out. Their favorite thing to do was hike to a remote part of the island and swim in a beautiful blue lagoon with a trickling twenty-foot waterfall. It was a special spot – it was their private spot.

The friendship continued as usual until one Saturday night at Melissa’s house, a week after her eighteenth birthday. Her parents were gone for the weekend visiting relatives, so Melissa had the place to herself. How refreshing to explore her independence for a whole weekend alone, she thought. Things didn’t turn out as she planned, though. Her date cancelled on her at the last minute, so she turned to Jeff to rescue her. Jeff was available and bored, so he didn’t mind coming over to hang out.

It was already dark, which ruled out swimming in her pool, so they decided to watch TV. Maybe they could find a good movie. Melissa scrolled through the channels and continued surfing until it ended up on one of those adult porn channels. When Jeff saw this, they guy in him came out, and he playfully begged, “Leave it on Missy. I’ve never seen one of these before.”

“Yeah right, keep dreaming sport,” she teased back. They were always kidding each other, but she got the feeling he was serious this time. Something was different in his voice.

Melissa looked at Jeff apprehensively, wanting to change the channel, yet she left it there. She was curious too, but felt unusually uncomfortable. She and Jeff shared virtually everything through the years – their feelings on life, their families, even who they were dating. Never, though, did they talk about sex. This was a boundary that had never been crossed.

As they watched the porn movie, they pretended to be commentators and described the action with witty comments, laughing back and forth at the abundance of cheesy acting. As the movie progressed, though, they got quieter, watching a little more intensely. In the film, the needy housewife asked the pool boy if he needed help with his cleaning, and a minute later, she was kneeling down in front of him. Melissa giggled nervously at the oral act and asked, “Do guys really like when girls do that?”

“Yeah guys love that. It’s the best,” he shot back. He was only answering out of what he believed, not from experience. Jeff had only seriously dated one girl in his life. They had slept together many times, but he never received oral sex. The laughing died down inside Jeff and was gradually replaced by feelings of arousal. He looked back at his friend Missy – he still saw his friend there, but there was something more now. His gaze roamed between the movie and Melissa. She had such a pretty face and wavy sandy brown hair. It fell down over her shoulders and just above her chest as she watched the action on screen. Jeff always knew she had breasts, but they seemed more prominent today. She breathed heavily while watching, and he saw her chest rising and falling deeply. Her nipples were poking out against her thin white t-shirt. He wondered if she was feeling stimulated like he was.

Jeff pulled one of the blankets off the back of the couch and over his lap. He didn’t want Melissa to see he was hard in his shorts. It was natural to be excited, but yet embarrassing while sitting next to his best friend. A few minutes went by, and the movie scene switched to two women fucking the pool boy. Jeff moved his hand over his cock, rubbing it very lightly with his fingers, and tracing it along the shaft. His mind wasn’t thinking clearly, and tingles of pleasure were becoming more heightened inside.

Looking over, he saw that Missy wasn’t watching him – her focus was entirely on the screen. She was captivated, a mixture of wonder and lust on her face. She licked her lips, glistening them with her tongue. Seeing her like this released more passion inside Jeff, and he reached under his shorts and grabbed his cock firmly. It was already wet, dribbling precum out of his slit. Under the secrecy of the blanket, his hand stroked the length of his shaft slowly, wetting his fingers with his own secretions. The sounds from the movie were loud enough that he was sure Melissa couldn’t hear or see him beginning to pleasure himself.

Melissa didn’t want to look as she pulled her keçiören escort own afghan onto her lap. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jeff’s blanket moving back and forth very slowly. Was he just fiddling with his hands? Was Jeff really touching himself right in front of her? He couldn’t possibly be – or was he? The noises coming from the other side of the couch were becoming more unmistakable now. She could hear the sounds of wet friction from under his blanket – he was definitely playing. Melissa suddenly felt warm and naughty inside. She knew she was wet and could feel juices pooling in her pussy. In any other situation she wouldn’t hesitate to finger her tight little hole, but she was sitting here with her very best friend in the entire world.

Giving in to her growing passion, she used her fingertips to lightly rub her thighs, just below her soft pink shorts. She was not wearing panties – she rarely did. As she rubbed her leg more under the afghan, she felt dampness seeping out of her pussy and glazing her shorts. She glanced over at Jeff and he casually looked away. His hand was working his cock a little faster now, and she could hear the sounds of him rubbing. Pulling her shorts to the side, she slid her smooth fingers up her pant leg and toward her pussy. Touching it for the first time, she was relieved feeling her warm cozy slit once again. It was waiting for her touch – she needed it now. She hoped Jeff couldn’t see her, but the need to touch herself was much more powerful than her fading inhibitions. Brushing her finger against her swollen clit, an instinctive moan escaped from her lips.

He heard it now – Missy was moaning and not from just watching the movie. He looked over at her and their eyes met, uncomfortably at first. They stared at each other for a few seconds then looked away back to the screen. They were fully aware each other was playing and rubbing yet they didn’t stop. In fact, seeing Jeff watching her made her slide her finger deeper inside her warm, soft folds. She was so hot and slick inside and could hear her own wet pussy responding to her touch. Her shorts were soaked and messy from her own fluids. She looked back to Jeff. His hand was moving back and forth under his blanket faster now. He looked up and their eyes met. Staring into his eyes, she fingered herself more rapidly, brushing against her clit with her hand while gliding in and out.

The burning passion fueled Jeff’s thoughts more intensely. He knew Missy was watching him stroking, and instead of being embarrassed, he felt even more aroused. He wanted her to see more, so he slowly let the blanket slip off his lap. His gaze was now transfixed on her face as his cock came into full view. The room was dimly lit except for the glow of the television screen, but he knew she could see all of him now. He pulled his shorts down his legs and around his ankle, her eyes growing in size with shock and excitement as she watched him rubbing his glistening erection. His hands were shiny from his leaky precum and it lubricated him so he could stroke himself smoothly.

Melissa lay back against the side of the couch, now facing Jeff, and pulled her shorts off. He could see the shorts falling to the floor under the blanket and stroked even faster, and he looked at her lap. Knowing he was watching, she pushed her blanket to the floor. With her nakedness now fully visible to him, she spread her legs and let her fingers invade her pussy. She lusted for that cock in his hands and dipped her fingers back inside, reveling in her wetness. Her pussy was fully soaked, with wet fucking sounds resonating through the room from her touch. Nobody had ever watched Melissa masturbating before and she loved it.

Warmth grew inside Jeff as his orgasm continued building, watching her fingers pushing in and out of her pink little slit. She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit faster, her inner walls pulsing and clenching, her orgasm building quickly. Simultaneously they let out loud moans as their bodies flooded with the warm rush of their orgasms, juices flowing from their bodies. They lay there resting – their bodies still numb and tingling.

Fully relaxed and cleaned up, they both fell asleep on the couch watching infomercials about ginsu knives, super cleaners and indoor grills.

The next morning was unsurprisingly awkward. Neither Melissa nor Jeff knew how to act or talk to each other, so Jeff went home after making a bit of small talk. Melissa was so happy, realizing for the first time she cared for Jeff on a deeper level, but the girl in her couldn’t help but think he must have thought their big plunge was a mistake. Her mind confused and tormented her all day, leaving her frustrated and just a bit sad.

Jeff wanted so badly to walk over and talk with Melissa, but the right words to say just wouldn’t form properly. He wanted to call and tell her he finally realized she was perfect for him, not only as a best kızılay escort friend, but also as his soulmate. His embarrassment and awkwardness over last night were too powerful, and that phone call was never made.

Weeks went by, and it seemed the more intense their feelings grew for each other, the less substance they had in their conversations. With each passing day, it became harder and harder to bring up about their night of masturbatory intimacy together. Small talk became the norm between them, each too nervous to bring up their growing feelings. More time passed, and soon the entire summer was gone.

Melissa’s father received an incredible job opportunity in California, and she and her family moved away that fall. Jeff’s family was on vacation for two weeks at the time, and they never got to say a formal goodbye. Both were filled with regret and sadness, mostly at the loss of their friendship, but also at the possibility of true love lost. Nearly three years went by until their paths would once again meet.

One afternoon, Jeff received a phone call out of the blue. “Hey Jeff, it’s Missy!!” He was nearly too shocked to talk. After a few minutes of catching up, Melissa got to the heart of the matter. “I’d like to come visit you next week. I have some vacation time coming and I want to see you.” It was agreed she would fly out Saturday and stay a few days with him. Jeff was so excited to hear from Missy – his Missy. He had never really forgotten her, but yet at this point, never really expected to see her again.

When they met up at the airport, they were both so happy to be together. Jeff couldn’t help but check out Missy – her hair was now shorter, modern and with light blonde highlights. It looked great on her. She looked better than ever, her figure was incredible and her smile could still light up a room. Melissa in turn marveled at Jeff. He had obviously been keeping in very good shape. His lean figure had been replaced by broad shoulders and a muscular chest. He still kept his boyish charms – she always loved his mussed-up blonde hair and cute smile.

Melissa loved being back in her home city again, even if only to visit. She missed the Hawaiian way of living, she missed the beautiful gardens and endless sandy beaches, and she missed Jeff. For the next couple days they laughed, talked and got to know each other all over again. Their last full day together, Melissa came up with the perfect plan, “Let’s go to the lagoon one last time.”

Skies of bright blue shone down on the lush gardens as they hiked their way to their spot once more. It was still just as they remembered. Vibrant tropical flowers lined the lagoon, and they both felt a warm glow inside when they saw them. The waterfall trickled and formed its own path down the small cliff, its water cascading into the deep blue of the lagoon. Jeff marveled at Melissa in her bright yellow and blue bikini, and old feelings for her awakened inside. She was so pretty, sharp and sexy – the perfect girl-next-door. Jeff smirked as he thought about this – Missy WAS the girl-next-door.

Swimming over to the waterfall, Melissa playfully splashed at Jeff and teased him into following. He splashed back and swam after her. A tension was building between them – the type of sexual tension she hadn’t encountered since that night three years ago on her couch. Memories resurfaced and she felt flush. Daydreams were interrupted as Jeff snuck up from behind and wrapped his arms around her. “Gotcha!” he teased playfully. Just the feel of him touching her sent chills down her spine, shivering in his strong, powerful arms. Laughing and teasing, Jeff turned Melissa around to face him. She felt so comfortable and alive with him. They gazed into each other’s eyes, smiling, and it felt as though time had stopped. In that instant there was nothing that mattered but him and her. Melissa felt her lips tingle in anticipation, and without a word, she leaned in to kiss him – their first kiss together.

As their lips met, Jeff’s body sprung to life. Her lips were so soft against his, and he felt as though he was melting into her body, becoming one with her. Kissing her deeper, he tickled his fingers through her soft hair. She moaned as he glided his fingers along the back of her neck. Fireworks erupted in her body as his hands continued caressing her. The soft touch of his lips lit up a piece of her heart that had been dimmed since the day she moved away. She vowed they would never part and kissed him deeply again as he squeezed her body tight. They looked into each other’s eyes as she whispered in his ear, “I love you Jeff. I think I always have.” Melissa tingled as the words left her mouth.

Hearing her say these words fulfilled his fantasy – he was here in their special spot with the woman he loved. “I love you too Missy, so so much,” he whispered back. Melissa drew her head back as he kissed her along her neckline with a love that had been sincan escort buried in him as well. He kissed her and she wrapped her legs around him, her waist rubbing flush with his. With a subtle nod, they knew it was time to swim to shore.

They hadn’t noticed the overcast skies rolling in while kissing in the lagoon, and a light rain began to fall. They laughed as they sat down on the bright green grassy ground, raindrops cascading down their faces. With the sudden rainfall, Jeff knew any tourists outside would be scrambling for indoors, so they would be left in total privacy for quite some time. He laid her down and looked at her, smiling – she was the prettiest girl in the entire world in his eyes. Jeff reached next to her and picked a bright pink flower, putting it in Missy’s hair as he caressed and played with her neck, kissing her softly and licking the raindrops off her warm skin. He unfastened her bikini top and moaned involuntarily as he saw her breasts.

Her small breasts loomed in full view. He wanted to touch her, to feel her and to taste her. She let slip a soft moan as he rubbed and caressed her mounds, squeezing them in his hands. She ran her fingers through his wet blondish hair, pulling him down as he leaned in and sucked her hard pink nipple. Tingles radiated from her breasts while shivers filled her entire body as Jeff sucked, taking her fully into his mouth. He nibbled lightly and grazed his teeth against her nipple, and she pulled his head down harder to her body, weaving her fingers tightly through his hair. She had fantasized about being with Jeff again, but never in her wildest fantasies could she have imagined a more perfect scene. Her hands roamed and pushed his swim trunks down his legs. She could not see him naked, but she knew he was and could feel his hardness pushing against her thigh.

Melissa watched in anticipation as he slid down her body and began kissing her belly and then lower. He licked the outer seam of her bikini bottoms, marveling that the only thing separating him from her pussy was a thin piece of fabric. Pulling them to the side, he drew himself to her soft lips, circling them with his warm tongue. She moaned and squirmed as he brushed his tongue back and forth across her swollen clit. He loved how sweet and special she tasted. Looking down and watching, Melissa spread her legs more as he pulled her suit off. Without hesitation, Jeff spread her swollen pussy lips wide and pushed his tongue deep within. She was so tight and hot and soaking wet. His tongue was sopping, her juices dribbling off his lips and down his chin.

She grabbed his head and pushed it firmly against her fiery mound. He shoved his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, tickling her inner walls on every side. She went crazy and squeezed her legs around his head as he fucked his tongue in and out of her. Melissa’s pussy tightened and pulsed, and she let out a frantic gasp as she climaxed intensely, soaking his tongue and face with her gooey cum. Jeff licked and sucked her leaking fluids while her body twinged and quivered. He brought his head up to hers and kissed her lips tenderly, melting into her mouth. She kissed him with a reckless abandon, loving the taste of her own juices.

Melissa motioned for Jeff to lie down on his back as she straddled his waist, raised just above him. She slowly lowered her body, brushing her pussy against his hard cock, teasing it with her swollen lips. Grabbing his cock, she guided the tip between her folds and sat down on top of him in one smooth motion. He felt himself coated in warmth and become soaked in her juicy hole. She rocked her hips against him, wanting more of his cock in her pulsating pussy. Jeff was sliding so deep inside, her drenched pussy allowing him to glide freely in and out of her. He felt himself becoming alive with pleasure as his orgasm grew. She rocked her hips harder and faster, their bodies moving in perfect motion. She was on fire and knew her next orgasm was imminent.

She needed to explode with him, knowing their bodies were joined together as one. He thrust his cock up inside her so fast and hard now. She moaned as his hands moved from her hips to her ass, caressing her smooth firm cheeks. As his orgasm approached rapidly, he glided his finger up and down her warm crack and rested his finger right on her soft, puckered hole. With each thrust, he wiggled his finger over her butthole and began putting pressure on it. Her skin relaxed and spread open, allowing his finger inside her warm, tight hole. They both felt themselves about to release in wild orgasmic pleasure. Moaning turned to screams as he let loose, his loads of hot cum shooting against her pussy walls. She felt the hot shots inside her, and this pushed her over the edge. Melissa pulsed and contracted around his cock and felt a huge warm explosion inside. He continued to ram in and out of her as they both finished their climax. They lay joined with one another while they panted, trying to catch their breath. She loved the feeling of him inside her warm, wet pussy. They kissed softly while resting for what seemed like hours. “I love you Missy,” he whispered.

She stared into his eyes and whispered back, “I love you Jeff.”

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