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Subject: Finding yourself Pt 7 Finding yourself Pt 7 All the T’s and C’s apply. Do not forget to donate to this awesome and wonderful site The next morning, the sun shined through Damien’s bedroom window. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful eyes looking back at me. I leaned forward and kissed his lips. “Good morning,” I told him. “I miss this,” Damien said to me. “I do too,” I told him. Then my mind went to his roommate for a quick second. “We need to talk to your roommate, Matthew.” He gave me a weird look like what do you mean. “Why,” he said as he sat up in the bed. “I woke up last night and heard our voices coming from the living room. I peeked my head out the door and saw Matthew watching a video of us on the TV screen while jerking off on that site you told me about,” I told him. “How could he do that without our permission,” Damien started to get mad. He quickly put on a pair of gym shorts and I did as well. He opened his door and walked across the living room to Matthew’s door. He pounded on the door. No answer, he pounded again. The door slowly opened and sleepy looking Matthew opened it. “What do you need?” he said to Damien. “You need to explain why you videotaped us without asking,” Damien said furiously. “Ok, ok. Give me a minute,” he said and shut the door. I wrapped my arms around Damien and dragged him out of the doorway and onto the couch to cool him off so we could talk peacefully to Matthew about this issue. I whispered in his ear sweet nothings to calm him down before he came out. It worked a little bit and soon Matthew’s door creaked opened. He came and sat down across from us and was about to speak when he opened his laptop to the site. “Do you know how this works?” he asked us. We both shook our heads and waited for him to explain how. “So the simple version is this, I would webcam and the people in my room would send tips for me to do different things. Now I have been recording some sessions and will be putting those videos up for sale.” “Ok, so you been making money doing this but that does not explain about us being taped,” I asked. “Last time I did a session, Damien asked about it and appeared on camera with me that time,” he told me. “That was the day I told you about him and showed you the website,” Damien said and looked at me. “Then I got some questions about who you were and other questions about you. I answered their questions to the best of my knowledge because we never really got a chance to meet and talk about each other. We have just been busy but I get side tracked. Everyone wanted more of you so I figured I could just tape you, I was not expecting you guys to do what you did. Sorry,” Matthew said to us. “Ok, so you did not expect us to have full on love making in the living room,” I said to him. “Yeah,” he said and looked down at the floor. “I do have something for you.” “What were you hoping to capture,” Damien asked. “To be honest just some shots of you walking around in your underwear or some workout videos, nothing else I promise,” he told us. “What do you have for us?” I asked since he did not really tell us what it was. He handed Damien an envelope. Damien opened it up and there was a check inside it. “I was going to give you guys the money from the video as a way of saying thanks for boosting my site. You guys have tripled my viewership over the last couple of days. Mostly you were shot in the background going in and out but after the sex video, everyone has been buying it. It is the least I could do to pay you back,” he told us. “So…” Damien paused to think about everything that he told us. He looked at me and I was just thinking about what to do next. Matthew was looking down at the ground then spoke once more, “I can take if off the site and erase it if you guys want.” Damien handed me the check and I was a little shocked at how much our little video made. It made a little over $800 dollars and that was demetevler escort just for two days of it being up on the site and I am sure there was more than that since it was still up. “Hey babe, can we go talk about this? Can we have a moment, Matthew?” I asked both of them “Sure, come knock on my door when you have a decision,” he said and grabbed his laptop. He walked into his room and closed the door. “What are you thinking?” Damien asked me. “Well, we could always use the money. We have been through worse and making a couple of sex tapes would not be that bad,” I said to him. “The money is nice but what if it leads us into more trouble. We been pretty well about staying out of trouble,” Damien said with some concern in his voice. “I hear you,” I said and paused. “Then how about this, we leave the video up, make money off of it and go from there. There is no harm of making money of something we both enjoyed. We will also make some ground rules with Matthew about all this too.” “Ok, that sounds like a plan for now,” Damien said. We sealed it with a kiss. “Matthew come on out.” The door creaked open again and he walked to where we wear sitting. “What is your decision?” he asked. “Well, we decided to keep the video up but we will not be making any more videos at this time. We can split the sales 70% for us and 30% for you so you get some profit off the sales. Next would be to let us know if you are recording so we do not walk in on you, we do not need any more attention than this right now. Trying to keep first year of college simple and let us adjust,” I told him. “That is fine by me. I think I will do most of my webcam shows either in my bedroom or really late at night when you guys are asleep,” he told us. “Was wondering if you might want to do one more show with me and we can split the profits as well.” I looked at Damien and he looked back. We both looked at Matthew. Like I said before he was one of those geeks that hide what they have underneath. I looked down at Damien and he still had some morning wood inside those gym shorts. That got me turned on and I remembered something Damien told me a few days ago. We were sitting at the table in the cafeteria and he asked me, “I noticed my roommate staring at me when I walk by.” “Yeah, you are one damn sexy man,” I told him with a kiss. “Would you ever want to do something with him?” he asked me. “I would have to meet him since I have not really seen him or talked to him. I am only going off what you told me about him,” I said back to him. “I think he has a geeky wild side that would throw both of us for a loop,” Damien said and that was the end of that conversation. Damien knew what I was thinking and he flashbacked on that conversation as well. I smiled at Damien and he knew my answer. I waited for him to make up his mind and then he just leaned in and kissed me. I got my answer but he was the one that told Matthew our answer, “Sure, we will do a show with you right now and you can teach us the ends and outs of the site,” he said to Matthew. His face lit up with glee and he quickly went into his room to grab his laptop and webcam. He set it up and sent out a twitter message about his show going live right now. He booted up his computer and asked us, “Is there anything you guys are not willing to do.” “We will not kiss you or fuck you and I would assume you would do the same. We can do a hand job or blow job but that is as far as we go with you. Me and Damien do not have any limits with each other right now,” Damien said to Matthew. “That is fair and I understand those rules, next is what you want to do for the live cam show,” he paused to login to the site. “We have bingo, random prize roulette, count down, empty jar, or just request.” “Bingo sounds like fun,” I said. “What are the prizes for picking the right number?” “Whatever you guys want to dikmen escort do,” he said and then we start listing off some things we would do with each other and Matthew. We had one grand prize for someone that would give 1,000 coins as well. He put it all in the system and clicked go live. It took a few second and soon we were on his webcam. “Hey guys out there, today we have some special guests. If you have been following my site, this is my new roommate Damien and his partner Zach. Earlier I uploaded a video of them going at it which is still available to purchase. Today we are going to play a round of Bingo with both of this hot guys. Look at the prizes to see what might be possible from these guys,” he told the viewers. We watched the chat scroll between comments and small ads of please tip the performer. Then we got a tip for number 5. First tip, we said thank you. It hit with a flash our bare butts for one minute. We all turned around and pulled down out shorts. We wiggled our butts for the views and a few more tips came in. I looked over at Damien and he had a smile on his face. I was glad he was having a good time. We pull up our shorts and during that time to more numbers hit with prizes. One was kiss each other so I planted a kiss on Damien and Matthew was kissing my nipples which was the other prize. Our viewership start going up we had about 200 viewers after that one. Some tipped 50 coins and it was to strip down to our underwear and I remember that we just had our gym shorts on. We quickly ran into the room and grab two pairs of underwear and when we got back Matthew was sitting there in nothing but his briefs that had the ass missing. I was a little shocked because I was not expecting this geek to be this hot. He had a small formation of a six pack abs and with some work it would be made more noticeable and his bugle was pretty big as well. Damien was looking at his roommates tight buns. Matthew noticed and took this chance to strip us as we stood on either side of him. He first pulled down Damien’s gym shorts and he had on a pair of pink American eagle boxer briefs. They were completely tented and ready to burst. Then Matthew turned to me and slowly pulled mine off. I had on a pair of briefs that we blue and a little too small for me. We all just stood up to show off out packages for the camera when some tip to flash our cocks. We counted to three and flopped out and stood at attention. We waited a moment and tucked them back in. We sat back down on the couch and our viewership kept growing. We did a few more prizes but nothing really worthwhile, flash this and jerk that. Soon the viewership and chat room was overflowing with stuff. We pasted the thousand mark and kept climbing. Matthew showed us the rating board and we were in the number one slot on the site. Just then we heard a coin shower from his machine. Just then we got as private message from one of the viewers. What is the special prize since I tipped a thousand coins, it read. A private show with the three of us, you will get to tell us what to do minus a few rules, Matthew typed back to the viewer. We were shocked that someone wanted to pay that much for us. We thanked the viewers and told me that we were going into a private show, if they wanted to can spy on the show by hitting this button. Please subscribe and like me if you want to see more at a later date. Everyone in the chat was commenting on the show and said goodbye. We closed down that app and opened up Skype. Matthew gave the viewer his Skype name and soon it was ringing. Matthew picked up and we all said hello. His screen was blank but we could see ourselves on the screen. “Hello,” the viewer said back. “Let’s get started, what are the rules.” We told them the rulers and he was ok with that. “Tell us what you would like us to do,” we all asked. “Frist I want you all to remove elvankent escort the others underwear,” he told us. We stood in front of the camera and obliged his request and soon we were butt naked in front of the camera. All three of us had our cock’s rock hard from seeing each other naked. Yes, Damien and I have seen each other naked and been in threesomes before but this felt different because we had someone we do not know telling us what to do. It was power and control feeling that Damien and I have not really done before. It was turning both of us on so much. It gave me some ideas for later. “Now, I want Matthew to suck on Zach’s cock and Zach to suck on Damien’s got,” he told us. I got on my all fours and soon was sucking on Damien’s cock who was standing in front of me. I felt Matthew underneath me slowly going up and down on my cock. I moaned and start to go to town on Damien’s cock. The dorm room started too filled up with moans and groans from all three of us. “Keep going, I want Damien to fuck Zach and Matthew to let Zach suck his cock,” he told us. So Damien pulled his cock out of my mouth and got behind me. Matthew went into the room for a quick second and came out with a little toy. I have seen this toy before, it was vibartor called Ohmybod. What it does is that it vibrates to the sound in the room or music or in some cases the coins people donate to the site. He turned it on and I knew we need to be loud for him to get some pleasure. I started moaning because Damien was already fucking me from behind. Matthew slowly inserted the toy and turned it on. I moaned right when he clicked and it sent a jolt through his body. He quickly got over to me and I took his cock into my mouth. We were going out it for at least a good ten minutes when we here a moan come over the speakers of his laptop. We knew he just came. “Now I want everyone to come on Zach. Zach lay on your back and take all their loads,” the voice told us. Damien pulled out and so did Matthew. I started jerking my cock to catch up to where the boys were. Soon I two pairs of balls hanging over my face, I reached up and started sucking on the first pair. I heard a moan come out of the mouth and I felt them tighten up. I felt his cum stream out of his cock and land all over my face and chest. I licked my lips and it tasted different and I knew it must have been Matthews. I reached over and started sucking on the other pairs of balls and soon I felt his cum stream out and on to me. I licked some off my face and it tasted of a mixture of Matthews and Damien’s. This turned me on even more and soon I was having that feeling deep inside me. Soon I shot all the way up to my face and the made a trail of cum on my body. The room was filled with just panting and soft breathe from the sexual tension that was just released from us. We heard a quick Thank you from the computer than hang up dial tone from Skype. Matthew looked over at us and then at his computer. “The answer is yes,” Damien said before Matthew could even ask the question. Matthew got up and put on his underwear and opened a window so we could air out the living room. We do not need people to know what we did in here. I was still just lying there as I watched Matthew clean up his laptop and go into his room. “That was hot,” I told Damien but he still had a confused look on his face. “What was hot about it?” he asked. “The fact that we had no control on what we were doing to each other,” I told him. Damien smiled and I smiled back. “So you like to have some in complete control, huh?” “Yes,” I said with some hesitation in my voice. “Zach Brimstone, get up and kiss me right now,” Damien demanded. I did as he ordered me to do. Soon both of us were covered in cum and sweat. I grabbed our underwear and looked at the time. It was about eight in morning and figured we might still have a chance to get to the showers without anyone seeing this mess. I grabbed Damien’s hand and bolted for the door. We got lucky and made it to the showers without being seen by anyone on the floor. I grabbed him and pulled him into the shower and closed the curtain for round two. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter of Finding yourself. Let me know what you think but emailing me at joshmisses@yahoo or my blog ess.

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