Finding TammyFinding Tammy


John knocked on the door to his friend’s house and it swung gently open. The latest chart music boomed from inside. He called out, “Hi its John?”No answer; so he went further in the house the music was coming from upstairs so John went to investigate. He needed to find someone so he could pick up the money. The music was louder upstairs and though he called out again no one answered.Then he saw his friend’s thirty year old son Tim. He was dancing around in a red lace thong to the music. Tim saw John and froze; the look of fear on Tim’s face evident to see, Tim grabbed for a towel on the bed as John stepped into the room.Tim stammered something but John wasn’t really listening. He liked how Tim looked. Then he focused on the words. Tim was trying to make excuses for wearing a girl’s thong. John held up a hand to stop Tim talking.John asked, “Do you enjoy wearing the panties?”Tim looked at the floor and whispered, “Yes!”“Then don’t be embarrassed Tim.”“Take the towel off.”Tim dropped the towel to the floor.“Do you have any other lingerie Tim?”Tim did not answer he just shook his head. John said, “Follow me?”Tim followed John in to the main bahis siteleri bedroom. John was looking through the make up on the table and picked out a lipstick. John moved and applied the scarlet lipstick to Tim’s lips. Then John rummaged through the draws until he found a red bra and black lace top hold up stockings; he handed them to Tim and said, “Put them on.”Tim complied and was soon sliding the stockings up his legs, the tingle of the sheer material against Tim’s legs made his cock twitch. John noticed the reaction putting the lingerie on had on Tim.John checked in the closet and found a pair of black four inch high heels and a wrap dress. Again he handed them to Tim but before he could say a word Tim was moving to put them on. Good girl John thought to himself.Tim stood in front of John dressed as a girl, embarrassment flooding his body mixed with tingles of pleasure as the various materials caressed his body.John walked back to Tim’s room and Tim followed without a word. John turned to Tim and said, “I will call you Tammy, now dance sexy for me baby.”And pressed play on Tammy’s stereo.Tammy swayed her hips; caressing her body canlı bahis siteleri with her hands as she danced to the music. Soon Tammy’s eyes were closed and she was lost in her own world as she danced; an inner sexiness she hadn’t been aware of coming to the surface. Her hands all over her body caressing her small breasts and pulling her dress up to expose her stocking tops and thong.John sat on the bed watching Tammy come to life in front of him. His cock throbbed and pushed against his trousers; he undid his trousers and pulled his cock out and gently stroked as he watched this vixen in front of him.Tammy opened her eyes and realised John had his cock out and in that moment Tammy was thrilled at the reaction she had on him. She slipped her dress off as she danced.John watched as Tammy slipped her dress of her shoulders and slide it down her body exposing first her bra and then her thong and stockings. He stroked his cock and felt the wetness as juices flowed.Tammy saw John masturbating his cock and she was in awe and without hesitation she dropped to her knees and crawled across the floor and between his legs. Until her canlı bahis face was just a couple of inches from his cock.John watched Tammy drop to her knees and crawl on all fours across the floor to him like a hungry animal. Her eyes solely focused on his cock. When she was close to his cock John reached out and with a hand on the back of her head pulled her in and pushed his cock between her lips; the warmth of her mouth around his cock intoxicating.All of a sudden John grabbed the back of Tammy’s head and his cock pushed through her lips. She expected to vomit but was surprised at the sweet taste of his cock and the way it felt nice filling her mouth. Her tongue licked the cock in her mouth feeling the texture of the flesh and contours of the muscles. Tammy realised she liked this and soon she started gently sucking on John’s cock. Vaguely in the height of her own pleasure and submission she heard John moaning in pleasure.John watched as Tammy bobbed her head up and down on his cock the gentle suction of her mouth sending waves of pleasure through his body. His arousal built and he started thrusting up. The head of his cock hitting the back of Tammy’s mouth; she didn’t resist and seemed to try and get more of his cock in her mouth.Tammy’s tongue could taste the juice that leaked more and more from the head of John’s cock and each drop just made Tammy hungry for more.

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