Fight for the GirlFight for the Girl


I woke up the next morning and both girls were still asleep next to me, Ella on my left and Lily on my right. I still couldn’t believe that I was dating, and fucking, Ella. Now that Lily had joined the party, I was in heaven. I wanted to wake up like this every day. I got out of bed and stood at the foot, just watching my two gorgeous girls sleep. I started getting ready for school when I looked at my calendar and noticed the date. It was May 25 th , the prom was this weekend and I still didn’t have a date. I didn’t want to go alone, so I made up my mind right away to not go. I knew Ella had already accepted an offer and it would feel weird seeing her there with someone else. I finished getting dressed, walked back into my room and the girls were waking up.“Good morning ladies, how’d you sleep?”“Very Yakacık escort soundly after last night, thanks babe,” Ella responded.“Same here, Ella was right about you,” Lily said with a sexy smile.“Hey baby, I know you’re already going to prom with someone. It’s okay with me, don’t break your promise. I just want you to know that I’m not going. I’ll be here waiting for you.”“Prom? Is that coming up?”“It’s this weekend, Ella. You forgot?”“Well in that case, I need to get ready. I need everything.” Ella jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready for school.“She really needs everything, she doesn’t even have a date yet,” Lily whispered to me.“I don’t believe that for a second, a beautiful girl like her? I’ve seen all the guys falling over themselves to ask Atalar escort bayan her.”“Yes that part’s true, but she’s said no to every one. She was waiting for the right guy.”“Are you messing with me, Lily?”“No, Master,” she teased, emphasizing the last word.Ella came out of the bathroom, and I froze. She always looked good, but then… my jaw dropped to the floor and I stared at her.“You like?” she teased, knowing full well the answer.I regained my composure somehow, and asked, “So Lily tells me you’ve shot down every guy for prom. Is this true?”Ella turned to Lily. “You told him?”“Yes she did El, and I’d like an answer,” I said in an authoritative voice.Ella turned back to me. “Yes it’s true. I was hoping that you’d ask me,” she mumbled, starting at the floor.“Well Escort Kadıköy then I won’t disappoint.” I walked right up to Ella, took her hand and said, “Ella, would you like to accompany me to prom?”“YES!” she replied, jumping up and down.I grabbed her to settle her down and then whispered in her ear, “and then come back here for the post prom festivities?”“Maybe we just skip to that part,” she whispered back.***I smiled the whole drive to school and the whole way walking from the lot to homeroom. I was so happy that I was going to prom, and with the most beautiful, and most popular, girl in school. It turned out that my pleasant mood was short lived. On the way to homeroom, we all stopped at our lockers to get our books. While I was at my locker getting my books, I got a text from Ella.It read “my locker, come quick.” I didn’t know what was up, but it didn’t sound good. I threw my books back into my locker, slammed it shut and ran to Ella’s locker. When I got there, I saw Ella and Lily standing next to each other with a big football player talking loudly and gesturing in their direction.

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