Femme FataleFemme Fatale


It was a dark, warm night as he scoured through the streets of New York. Shaw had given him Nicole’s number earlier that day and using a burner he made contact to discuss his requirements and make an appointment.He was taking care not to be seen as he followed Nicole’s directions. He stood at the door to her building and called her again.“It’s Tim Cooper. I am outside,” he said.“I’ll buzz you in. It’s the first door on the right up the stairs.”Tim was a tall man in his early fifties, with greying hair and a trimmed beard. Despite the heat, he was dressed in a long, black jacket and trilby hat.He walked upstairs, the door was open, he walked in and closed it behind him. Walking along the corridor he went to the open door at the end, where he was faced with a red room with no windows with various whips, handcuffs and other implements mounted on the walls.Nicole stood in baby pink latex leggings and a loose-fitting white leather jacket with clear Perspex pointed-toe mules. She had a perfect body; her face was soft, and she had the look of a woman who meant business. Her long black hair was out of the way, tied back in a ponytail.Tim handed over the cash.“You can go in there,” Nicole directed him to a neighbouring room.Tim went and got undressed down to his boxers and went back to find Nicole.Nicole undid her jacket, which revealed she had no top on underneath. Tim looked at her perky, rounded breasts.“I want to worship you, mistress,” he said.“Get on your knees,” Nicole demanded as she picked a whip off the wall.Tim did as he was instructed and crouched down. Nicole walked around him. He felt the whip crack across his back.Nicole unzipped the crotch on her leggings, and the zip went from her groin to the top of her arse. It left her private parts and arse crack exposed. Tim looked in vain.“You see this?” Nicole said pointing to her shaved snatch. “Your small pathetic penis isn’t good enough for it,” Nicole laughed.Tim begged to worship his mistress in some way. Nicole pointed to her shoes.Nicole sat in front of Tim and dangled the mules off her feet, she let them drop to the floor. Tim moved forward and started to plant kisses on her pink-painted toes and slowly suck them one by one. He then took a whole foot in his mouth.Her feet were cold but fresh. He loved feeling her skin with his tongue as he slid it along the arch of her foot to the ball of her sole.Nicole got up and pulled down Tim’s boxers. His cock was hard. She pushed him on his back and stood on his hard penis with her bare feet.This wasn’t Tim’s normal thing; sure, he went with escorts, but he had never gone with a dominatrix before.  He had described earlier on the phone what he thought was a beginner’s subordinate session and hoped his mistress would take it easy on him. What followed was a few hours of a combination of humiliation, foot fetish and sadomasochism fantasy where eventually Nicole let him cum on her toes. He loved every minute of it.Tim then left, making sure he wasn’t followed or preferably not even seen. He had been so careful to hide his identity, but Nicole knew exactly who he was, and it wasn’t Tim Cooper. His real name was Tampa Cruz. Isla sat with a martini counting how many sexual partners she’d had in the last month. She got to twenty-two, then decided that one didn’t count as he just came on her tits. She was a high-class escort and tonight she was working.She looked younger, but Isla was in her late twenties with a toned body, a smooth complexion, and curly long blonde hair. She looked kocaeli escort stylish in her dark blue dress and matching stilettos as she blended in with the surroundings of Manny’s, an infamous Manhattan bar.Spotlights sparked up and brought the dimly lit bar to life. A small band in tuxedos came out and started to play a mellow beat. Then women stepped into the light and started to sing.She looked stunning in a spaghetti strap long sage evening dress. Her raven hair was tied up and she had the most piercing green eyes. Her presence and velvet voice filled the room. The spotlight followed as she moved across the bar. A slit in the side of her dress showed off her bare slender long legs and high heel silver sandals.Isla listened to the music as she sat alone. It was becoming clear, that this evening’s client was a no-show. It often happened; they got cold feet or a sense of guilt about their wives and girlfriends sitting at home while they were out looking for adventure. Isla was going to give it another five minutes then she was off.The singer finished her set and went over to the bar. The sound of applause followed her as she said hello to some glad-handers. She noticed Isla sitting on her own. She knew her from the street, selling tricks on the corner. But the way she was dressed it looked like she had gone up in the world.“I remember you, it’s Isla, isn’t it?” the singer said as she walked over.“I think you are mistaken. I’m waiting for a friend, but I don’t think they are coming.”“I am not mistaken, and don’t you mean punter?”Isla got up to leave.“Let me buy you a drink, I mean no harm. I’m Nicole.”“Isla. And make mine a whiskey sour! It has been a day,” Isla exclaimed as she sat back down.Nicole sat down opposite her and ordered two whiskey sours from a passing waiter.“So, you have a no-show?”“It seems so, arsehole wasting my time,”“Well, at least we get to meet again.”“Have we met before?” Isla asked.“Yes, a while ago. We are in the same world, Isla. You sell sex and I sell the idea of it,” Nicole exclaimed.Isla looked blank.“As well as singing, I am a dominatrix.”Suddenly Isla remembered Nicole from a few sex parties.“Ah, I remember you. I enjoyed your set by the way. I would have jacked this in about thirty minutes ago if it hadn’t been for that.”“Thank you. You are looking well, Isla. I am glad. I always had a bit of a crush on you,” Nicole said seductively.The ladies got reacquainted over a couple more whiskey sours before leaving the bar. The city was still alive with cars and taxis whizzing by as they hit the street.“It was nice to see you. Let’s do this again,” Isla suggested.“Yes, let’s.”With that, Nicole moved in. The pair passionately kissed on the lips as they embraced each other. Their mouths then touched a second time, this time with more vigour, as their tongues met as well as their lips.After a few minutes of kissing, Isla flagged down a taxi and went home. Nicole chose to walk the few blocks to her apartment.“Is that you?” a voice called out as Nicole went through her front door.“Is that what?” she replied.“Is that you mistress?” the voice called back.Nicole walked through to her red room where Nathan sat blindfolded, naked tied to a dining chair.“It’s me,” she replied.Nathan Campbell was in his late thirties, medium height, well built with pushed-back wavy brown hair. He had been in the same position for five hours waiting for his mistress to return.Nicole unzipped her dress and let it slide down her body. Wearing only a thong and heels she went kocaeli escort bayan over and straddled Nathan. She moved in and kissed him. Nathan’s sensations were heightened as he could smell her; the sweet perfume filled his nostrils. Nicole moved and rubbed her breasts in his face. He moved forward kissing and licking her nipples. Nicole moved back teasing him with her perfect body.She took off her thong and sat back down. She wiped the underwear under Nathan’s nose. The silk felt smooth against his skin and the scent of her pussy was incredible. This combined with the knowledge she was now naked made his cock stand even more to attention.Nicole teased him as she let the end of his penis touch her vagina before she moved away.“Ah, mistress, you feel so smooth.”She squeezed his hard cock, stroking and caressing it. She let him get to a certain point and then stopped. Nicole repeated this a few times driving Nathan crazy and not allowing him to cum.Suddenly there was silence and Nathan could no longer feel her body or smell her scent. Then the blindfold came off and Nicole untied him. She stood there in her sage dress. Nathan sighed and got up, stiff in more ways than one. He picked up his clothes and got dressed.Nathan left frustrated and excited at the same time. He had gotten what he paid for, but not gotten what he wanted.After leaving Nicole, Nathan Campbell went straight to Carla’s place just outside the city. She was a security head in the US government and occasionally passed Nathan occasional lucrative work with no questions asked.Carla’s house was remote and secluded surrounded by a high brick wall and iron gates where you needed to give a code, retinal and fingerprint detection just to get the gates open. Nathan was one of the few guests Carla had and passed all the tests to get inside the fortress.He waited patiently in Carla’s study; she always kept him waiting. He had already had enough of that tonight.Carla entered in a black dress and black suede heels. She had long brunette hair and distinguished facial features with hazel eyes. She had a slender, well-toned body. She was considerably older than Nathan. He had known her for at least five years, and she didn’t seem to age, but he reckoned she must be mid-fifties.She was a ghost in the spook world. Few people got to meet her, and she was rarely seen outside of the confines of her house. To say she was paranoid was an understatement. She left nothing to chance and trusted no one. Nathan wasn’t sure what had happened to make her like this but there was something in her secretive past.“It wasn’t there,” Nathan reported.“Shit, really?”“I was in Nicole’s apartment for a good few hours, I looked everywhere, but nothing.”Nathan had been tied up, but not so well that he couldn’t get free to search Nicole’s apartment, then tie himself back up, and lie in wait for his mistress.Nicole had several high-profile clients and often secretly took photos of them, just in case they came in handy. One of her recent notable visitors had been Tampa Cruz, a US senator, who some thought would one day be President. Nicole had decided this time that just keeping an insurance policy wasn’t enough and started blackmailing Cruz. She wanted five hundred thousand to hand over evidence of his antics.Pictures of him surfacing wouldn’t help his presidency chances but it probably wouldn’t destroy his career. However, he was currently going through a divorce and custody battle. Janine Cruz had been caught fucking her yoga instructor, izmit escort so he had the upper hand and didn’t want to risk losing it through one of his many infidelities coming to light. It could cost half of everything he had which was considerably more than five hundred thousand.Cruz had engaged Carla to use her discretion and deal with Nicole.Carla poured some champagne as she thought about the next move. She came over and sat next to Nathan on the sofa. Nathan watched as her dress rode up above her knee. She was bare-legged, and Nathan enjoyed seeing the extra flesh. His pent-up energy bubbled to the surface.He went and vigorously kissed her. It was all he could do to control his desire for a woman and at this point, it could be any woman.“What the fuck?” Carla cried as she surfaced for air.“I am sorry, Carla. I couldn’t resist,” Nathan replied.Carla sat thoughtfully.“You don’t need to be sorry, Nathan.”She picked up a remote control from the coffee table in front of them.“I don’t normally do this,” she said as she clicked a button.Suddenly a bed came down from a false bookcase and filled the end of the room. Carla kicked off her heels and walked towards the bed. Nathan took his last mouthful of champagne and followed her over. He looked down at her perfect red pedicured toes. He put his arms around her waist and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor.“You have a beautiful body,” Nathan exclaimed.Carla stood in just her black lace panties and bra. She undid Nathans’s shirt and pulled both his shirt and jacket off, revealing his rock-hard torso. They fell on the bed and continued kissing. Nathan unclipped her bra as he moved his kisses down her neck and chest before finally taking on her breasts.“Oh, suck my tits,” she cried as Nathan’s tongue circled her nipples.Nathan took each breast into his mouth as she undid his trousers and started playing with his cock. He took them off along with his socks and shoes. Carla lay on the bed, Nathan jumped on top of her and slid her knickers down her legs. She threw her head back and opened her legs.“Fuck me, Campbell.”“Yes, boss,” he replied gleefully.Nathan stared at her manicured pussy and manoeuvred himself into position, pushing his solid cock into her cunt. He pushed deeper, then faster. It was all Carla could do not to scream out as he frantically fucked her. Nathan was so close, he kept going driving deeper inside her. He so wanted to cum, he couldn’t wait to cum. Then finally he felt light-headed. He went faster screaming out and filling her fuck hole with a massive deposit of spunk. He kept releasing; he had never known an orgasm like it.After Nathan finished, he collapsed breathlessly unable to move or speak. Carla was sweating, red in the face and well-used.“Nathan, we should have done this years ago.”Carla was completely satisfied with what she felt was one of the best fucks of her life. Ironic that maybe they had Nicole to thank for it.The following day Carla updated Cruz.“Fuck, really you can’t find anything? I guess we will have to pay the blackmailing bitch then.”“We could go another way, Tampa,” Carla suggested.“Like what?”There was a deadly silence and Cruz knew.“Hell, no, Carla, I am not killing anyone. It will only make it worse. Let’s just pay the slag. I will head from Washington to New York tomorrow to sort out the money.”It was 11 pm the following day, and Shaw, who was one of Carla’s operatives picked Cruz up from JFK airport. Shaw had made a bet with himself that they didn’t go straight to the hotel. He was right: Cruz couldn’t help himself. The first thing he wanted to do was find an escort; as if it hadn’t got him into enough trouble already. However, this time he played it safe and used a girl he had seen before.

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