Femberly: Worth the TripFemberly: Worth the Trip


Sunday morning as I lay awake in a strange bed going over the events of last night. I noticed I had nothing on but smeared lipstick and my choker. I wasn’t surprised that the warm body next to me was a handsome young guy completely naked except some of my red lipstick smeared all over his cock and balls, and i started thinking back to my child hood.

I now understand why I have become the sissy I am. It doesn’t help that my name is Kim, not much for a boys name. And my older sister used to dress me up like her little sister and parade me around the neighborhood. I never lived that one down with all the neighbors cracking jokes, but in a nice way. I’ also have a petite frame with very little body hair, so naturally there were many jokes and lots of teasing in high school but i survived those days to live the kind of life I adore, being a sexy blond petite submissive sissy .

After my graduation from a small college I went back to my home town just to visit and drove by the neighborhood I grew up in, not much different than when I left. I stopped in front of the house I grew up in and stopped in front and a guy around 30 came almanbahis out to see who was parked in front, I explained my situation and he invited me in to see the changes he made to the house, as I introduce myself to him he looked at me and smiled. He said he had something I might find interesting.

After we entered he showed me around said this was your bedroom when you lived here. Asking how he knew that he handed me some old pictures he had. I turned 3 shades of red with embarrassment. they were Pictures of me in panties and bras and other lingerie my sister had taken when she was dressing me up. Again he smiled and asked if I was still interested in dressing up and after a brief hesitation I said I do. And we both smiled. At that moment I knew I was going to be his submissive sissy tonight.

He asked me if he could show me around all the night spots since I was knew to all the changes the town had gone through and I happily agreed. That night he showed me all his favorite spots and nearly got me drunk. He kept grabbing my ass as I played hard to get although i was getting off on the attention he was giving me. He asked almanbahis yeni giriş if I wanted to go back to his place for a nightcap ,I smiled and slid my hand over his very hard cock while whispering in his ear that I wanted to very much, but first go by my rental house and let me throw some clothes in a over night bag.

We were sitting on his couch talking and drinking cocktails he asked if i wanted to get more comfy i could go to his bedroom and change, which is just what I want to do.

Once in his bedroom I disrobed and started getting my self all dolled up for this wonderful man. With all these feminine feelings rushing over me I went back to the living room and he was stripped down to his boxers. I walked over, crawled up in his lap and gave him the deepest french kiss a gal could give, I took his hand in mine and led him to his bedroom. I pushed him onto his back, not want to waste a second I started licking his cock thru his shorts getting them nice and wet, I bit the elastic band of his underwear and slid them down, down, and off. I could smell the manly musky scent wafting in the air. That scent put my almanbahis giriş libido into overdrive and he was deep in my warm wet mouth within seconds, his balls bouncing off my chin. I licked and sucked his dick for 15 or 20 minutes taking his thick shaft down my throat several times without gagging made me feel extremely feminine especially when I knew it was me making him moan. I kept going till my jaws got soar.

I started to melt when I felt my panties being ripped off my eager ass. When he pulled his delicious dick from my mouth he went straight in my wanting ass. He buried about nine inches of the thickest cock I have ever had deep inside me. Being on my back I put my legs up and over his broad shoulders for his better access. He hammered my thrusting ass till I came all over my belly, then flipped me over and continued to give this sissy exactly what I wanted. On my elbows and knees offering my girlish ass to him doggy style. After another 20 or 30 minutes of his masterful breeding he pulled out and laid hi throbbing cock against my lips and proceeded to unload his sweet balls of cum all over my face and tongue, drifting off to sleep I thought about making this visit home and decided it was well worth the trip. … Femberly is planning a party when she gets back home. She hopes you can join her as she thinks about her next special night with two guys to play with.

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