Subject: Father and Son Bonding 20 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 20 Joe sent an email to his form teacher in London telling him that he would stop taking online lessons at the end of June, in line with the school summer holidays in Scotland. He then sent a copy of the email to Mr Johnson, his favourite teacher, asking if they could chat online one more time. Mr Johnson replied almost immediately suggesting a chat at 3pm the following afternoon. He finished by saying he hoped it was still hot in Inverness and adding a wink emoji. Joe grinned when he read that and thought,”He wants to see me topless again” Joe adjusted his erection as he thought of how to reply. Finally he wrote:”Dear Mr Johnson, I haven’t checked the weather forecast yet but I’m certain it will be very warm tomorrow. I hope it will be hot in London and that you will make yourself comfortable for our chat” There was still a tent in Joe’s shorts when he joined his dad in the garden, prompting Callum to ask,”What…or who…has got you excited” Joe looked down and then smiled.”I could say it was the thought of going running with you but I’ve just arranged to chat online with Mr Johnson tomorrow. I always like seeing him” Callum smiled.”You still fancy him, don’t you? Tell me, did you ever get an erection in his class” Joe nodded.”More than once! Then I had to struggle to keep it hidden” Callum rolled his eyes.”It’s lucky that he only sees your top half when you’re chatting online” “I could stand up and give him a clear view of my bulge” Joe winked. “You wouldn’t” said Callum. “No” smiled Joe. Then he added,”Probably not” When he saw his dad’s eyes open wide, he giggled and said,”No, I wouldn’t go that far. It would be wrong to show him something he can’t have” Callum shook his head.”You’re unreal” “Aw, come on. There’s no harm in a bit of flirting” said Joe. “You’re underage, don’t forget” Callum said.”You shouldn’t tease the man” “He might enjoy being teased” Joe saw that his dad wasn’t amused and changed the subject.”Shall we go for our run now? I’m going to wear my very short, shiny shorts today. I want to make you horny” “Yes, you can get changed. I’m almost finished” smiled Callum. *** Joe told his dad he could sit in and monitor the conversation with Mr Johnson if he wished. He was pleased when Callum said he trusted him to be sensible. He was sitting topless in front of the computer with his face washed, his teeth brushed and his hair neatly styled in plenty of time for the online chat. Joe was a little disappointed when he saw that Mr Johnson was wearing a shirt when he appeared on the computer screen. However he quickly noticed that two buttons had been undone revealing some chest hair. Then he saw that the shirt was skin-tight, allowing the man’s nipples to be seen. “You’re looking good, Joe” Mr Johnson greeted his pupil with a big smile and added,”The hot, sunny weather in Inverness suits you” “You don’t object to me sitting topless then” Joe said with a smile. “Not at all. Casual clothing is appropriate for home study” replied the man. “Good. I like to have your approval for everything I do” said Joe.”I was wondering..” “Go on” urged Mr Johnson. “Could we keep in touch even though you won’t be my teacher any longer” Joe blushed slightly. “That would be quite irregular” MrJohnson. “But not impossible surely” said Joe.”You have been a big influence on me and I would hate to lose contact with you” “I don’t know..” Mr Johnson didn’t want to hurt the boy’s feelings. He knew that he should keep his distance but the truth was that izmit escort bayan he’d had some fantasies about Joe and he would miss him. Joe got back in quickly and said,”I just want a teacher that I know and trust to help guide me as I make the transition to the different system up here. I’d love you to be the one to help me. Please, Mr Johnson. I’d really appreciate it and I will try not to be a nuisance as I know you’re busy” “Well, I suppose I could try to help but I know very little about the Scottish educational system” said Mr Johnson. “Great! I really appreciate that” smiled Joe.”It doesn’t matter if you don’t always know the answer. It would be enough to be able to talk things over with you” “Okay, I will do my best but you should get help from a teacher at your new school” “Yeah, yeah. I know but it will be good to have your help as well” Joe paused for a moment and then said,”I don’t know when I will be able to visit London again but could we have a face-to-face meeting when I do? I need to be able to thank you properly” “We’ll see. I can’t make any promises but we can discuss it when you are making arrangements to travel” replied Mr Johnson. “Thanks. There is one thing I’d like your advice on” Joe took a deep breath and then said,”I am gay, Mr Johnson. Should I come out at my new school” Mr Johnson couldn’t hide his surprise but he quickly recovered.”That’s something only you can decide, Joe. I would suggest getting to know the school and the other pupils first. Try to gauge what the reaction might be” “That’s what my dad said” responded Joe.”The school has an LGBT Club so I’m hoping there won’t be any problems” “Your dad knows? It’s good that you have his support” said Mr Johnson. “Yes, Dad has been very supportive” smiled Joe.”I wasn’t sure how he would react when I told him I liked men but I couldn’t have hoped for more love and support” Joe hoped the man had picked up on him saying `men’ rather than `boys’ but there was no obvious sign of it. “I’m pleased for you” smiled Mr Johnson.”Enjoy the summer break and you know how to reach me if you need any help” “Thanks, Mr Johnson. I hope you have a good summer break too” Joe gave the man a wave and said,”I love your figure-hugging shirt. It shows off your great body” Then he ended the video call without waiting for a response. Joe was grinning when he turned away from the computer. He squeezed his very stiff cock and said to himself,”He now knows that I am gay and that I think he has a great body. I hope he is sitting with a stiff cock thinking about me” Joe was still smiling when he joined up with his dad in the kitchen.”Why are you so happy” asked Callum. “Mr Johnson said that he will continue to help me in any way he can even after I have changed schools” answered Joe. “Did he volunteer to do that” Callum frowned. “No, I sort of talked him into it…while I was shirtless” He smiled.”Was I naughty to do that” “You know you were” said Callum. “And I told him I thought he had a great body” Joe bit his lower lip, expecting his dad to be annoyed. Callum’s eyes opened wide.”What did he say to that” “I didn’t give him the chance to say anything. I ended the call immediately after I said it” replied Joe.”Are you going to spank me” Callum sighed.”I’ve told you before that you shouldn’t flirt with him. You would probably enjoy a spanking so I will have to think of another punishment” Joe tried not to smile.”What are you cooking” “A Proven�al-type chicken and vegetable stew. I hope you’ll like it” said Callum. “I’m not too keen on olives but maybe they will taste okay cooked with all those other ingredients” responded Joe.”Can I do anything to help while you finish browning the chicken” “You could peel and half those small shallots, then chop the celery. Everything else is ready” replied Callum. It didn’t take long to finish preparing the stew izmit sınırsız escort and the pair sat outside with a cold drink after putting the casserole dish into the oven. “Tell me, Joe, would you really want to have sex with your Mr Johnson if it was on offer” asked Callum. “Not if it could spoil what I have with you” said Joe.”I love only you” Callum nodded.”But if I wasn’t in the picture you would” Joe smiled.”I think I fancied him the first day I saw him so, yeah. It’s never going to happen though” “What about that fantasy you told me about a few days ago – about being in a threesome with me and him” Callum asked. “Serving the two hottest men I know? I would be in heaven” grinned Joe. “You think you could take on two men” Callum smiled. “I might end up with a sore pussy but I’d love to try it” replied Joe.”Have you ever had a threesome” “No, never” said Callum.”I’ve seen threesomes in porn movies but I doubt they happen much in real life” “Might you enjoy being part of a threesome with me and Mr Johnson” asked Joe. “I love watching you do sexy things so I probably would” said Callum.”But, like you said, it’s never going to happen” Joe reached over and gently squeezed his dad’s semi-erect cock.”You are all I need and I’m here to take care of you. Don’t worry about my daft fantasies” Callum lifted Joe’s hand and kissed it.”I love you, Joe” Joe raved about the stew, saying it was one of the best things he’d ever tasted.”You really are a great cook, Dad. We must go to France together when travel is possible again so that you can pick up more French recipes” With a wry expression on his face, Callum joked,”I’m beginning to think you only love me for my food” Joe smiled and shook his head.”I love eating your cock much more than I love your wonderful food. Hold on” Joe went under the table and between his dad’s legs. Callum jerked back in surprise when he felt hands at his crotch but then relaxed and allowed Joe to pull his cock from his trousers. He allowed Joe to suck him for a few minutes and then said,”Okay, you’ve had a taste. You can have more later” Joe crawled back and sat at the table.”I would happily live off your cum if you produced enough to fill my stomach” he said. “You know you need fruit, vegetables and fibre as well as protein” smiled Callum. “Yes, but it’s a shame. There would be no washing up if all I had to do was suck you off half a dozen times a day” said Joe. Callum laughed.”Even as a teenager, I rarely came that often” Joe grinned.”Well, I will do my best to coax a load from you later” Callum rolled his eyes.”Would you like some ice cream for dessert” “No thanks. I’ve had enough for now and I don’t want to spoil my appetite for what comes… cums…later” replied Joe.”Is there anything good on tv” “Hurry up, Joe. I need a pee” Callum called outside the bathroom door. “I’ll just be a minute” responded Joe.”I’m cleaning myself out for you” “Good boy” said Callum. Moments later, the toilet flushed and Joe opened the door.”Can I watch you pee” he asked his dad as he stood naked. “What? I suppose so” Callum was too desperate to argue. Joe followed as his dad hurried to the toilet, pushed his boxers down and `pointed Percy at the porcelain.’ He watched as the flow of pale golden liquid started and then turned into a torrent.”Can I hold it” he asked. “Go on” said Callum, letting go of his dick. Joe gently took hold of the warm tube and watched as the rapid flow continued.”You really did need to go” he said with a smile.”Your cock is beautiful, whether it’s soft like this or standing to attention” The flow came to an end and Joe gently shook the last drops from his dad’s dick. He didn’t want to let go.”I want a closer look” he said, kneeling down while still holding on. He moved his head closer to see the piss-slit and the part of the cockhead not kocaeli escort bayan covered by the foreskin, then noticed a drop of liquid on the lips of the piss-slit. He glanced up at his dad and bent forward to lick the drop away. He licked at the cockhead again. He pushed the foreskin back, licked again and then took the cockhead into his mouth. “Let’s move onto the bed” Callum said softly, reaching over to flush the toilet. “Yes, I want to worship your cock some more” Joe said, standing up but keeping hold of his father’s dick. Callum stepped out of his boxers and allowed Joe to lead him to the bedroom. He noticed that Joe’s cock was already rock-hard. “Lie down and spread your legs, Dad” Joe instructed. Callum climbed onto the bed and spread himself as Joe wished.”You really are a sexy man” Joe said as he crawled between his dad’s legs. He kissed the cock and the hairy balls before licking them. When he saw some pre-cum appear he would lick this off and then return to licking the shaft and sucking on each ball, in his mind to stimulate the production of more cum. Finally he took the cockhead into his mouth and sucked it. He gradually took more and more of the cock into his mouth, humming to deflect his gag reflex. Then he sat back, saliva dripping from his chin and said,”I need your cock inside my pussy. Fuck me, please” “Let me eat you out first” Callum said.”Sit on my face” Joe moved round and then lowered his arse towards his dad’s face. Hands held onto his hips and pulled him closer. Joe moaned softly as he felt the tongue lapping at his arse crack.”Yes, Dad. Prepare my pussy for your lovely big cock” he murmured.”Feels so good” After licking and then tongue-fucking Joe, Callum used his fingers to prepare the tight hole. One finger rubbed the prostate and then probed deep. Then a second finger helped stretched the entrance. Joe moaned and dripped pre-cum onto his dad’s hairy chest. Eventually he couldn’t wait any longer.”Now, Dad. Please! I need your cock in me” “Lie on your back. I want to see your handsome face while we’re doing it” said Callum. Joe quickly moved on to his back and pulled his legs up and to the side. Callum pushed a pillow under Joe’s bum to improve the angle for penetration and then applied some lube to Joe’s hole and to his own cock. He inched closer, placed his cockhead against the puckered entrance and then pushed. Nothing seemed to happen at first but then Joe gasped as the thick cock burst through his sphincter.”Yesssss. Push it deeper and fill me up” Callum smiled and did as Joe requested. He paused for a few moments once he was fully inside and then began to fuck Joe properly. He started slowly with short movements but then speeded up. Before long, it became obvious that Joe was close to cumming so he slowed down. After bending down to kiss Joe, Callum gradually speeded up again. Now he varied the direction, speed and force of his thrusts. “Oh Dad! You’re driving me crazy” cried Joe.”Fuck me hard and make me cum” Callum knew without being told that Joe wanted to cum hands-free so he gave him what he wanted, fucking him hard and fast. Joe began to whimper.”Dad…Oh Dad! I’m going to…aah! I’m cumming” The boy’s cock throbbed and then began spitting out cum. Blast after blast landed on Joe’s chest until finally his balls were drained and the last few drops oozed from the piss-slit. Callum no longer felt the need to hold back. With a final hard thrust, he gasped and sent volley after volley deep inside the hot tunnel. “Yes, Dad” smiled Joe.”Fill my pussy with your thick man-cream. I want to ingest your protein anally this time” Callum couldn’t help laughing as he shuddered and deposited the last of his load. Joe had wrapped his legs around him so he could only move forward. He used his elbows to keep some of his weight off Joe as they came together for a long, passionate kiss. “Stay inside me tonight, Dad. I want to fall asleep with your cock inside my pussy” said Joe. They moved into a more comfortable position with the big daddy-cock inside Joe’s tight arse. Cuddling together and feeling very happy, the pair soon drifted off to sleep. To be continued

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