Fantasy Cum True, MMmMMFantasy Cum True, MMmMM


If you ever met me, even after you got to know me well, you would never believe for a moment that I would be involved in the story I’m about to tell let alone would you believe for a moment that I was not one of the dominate males but the lone bottom in a room with four tops. Its not that I’m some kind of macho guy, but I was an athlete through college, considered good looking and never have had a problem with women to this day. Now I’m happily married and though considered “liberal” by many, I can’t think of anyone who might think I was gay—I’m not, I’m bi–let alone a submissive pleasure slave to a dominate top who enjoys sharing me with his friends. But I am and it’s a secret part of my life that I lived for years, enjoy thoroughly and can’t imagine not having. With that said, let me tell you about being the little m with a group of big M’s.After my three-way with my current boyfriend and my past lover, I knew I was ready for more and so did my boyfriend, Hank. I knew Hank loved to share me with another man and frankly we both understood that one man was not enough to satiate my desires and after that day, we both agreed that I might need more than two. I trust my boyfriend and he assured me that any of our fulfilled fantasies would be completely discreet with only other married guys like ourselves. Hank had several friends that did not want to explore the “gay” lifestyle but wanted to find a few buddies to safely share their secret thrills and then return home to their families and normalcy, satisfied with an itch scratched well. I never knew what to isvecbahis expect when I showed up at Hank’s house for our weekly meetings. Most of the time it was just he and his fat 8-inch uncut cock ready to service me, but then one day I saw an unfamiliar car in the driveway and once inside recognized my past lover (a mutual friend) who happened to be in town for a few days. A day that I will remember fondly for a long time and one that left my ass gaping for days. It’s so funny, I’m not really into guys at all, but I do really enjoy cocks and have grown accustomed to men and all contact as a result. It all started with a desire to suck a cock and that grew over time to desperately want to feel a cock inside my ass. At first I thought a woman with a cock would be perfect, but then over time I realized that only men have the same kinky ideas and the ability to go through with them and slowly but surely my resistance to being with a man in all ways broke down and I now relish all the pleasure a man can bring me.Yesterday I drove over to Hank’s place and almost drove away, but then pulled into the driveway anyway. Two other cars were there besides Hank’s. Oh god, could I handle being with three guys? I almost fled again when I started to get out of my car, but then I figured that if I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t have to. Unless they had a gun, I never feared for my life because fifteen years of karate training gave me the confidence to enter and at least check things out. I knocked and Hank greeted me with a kiss and a smile then told me he had a surprise isveçbahis giriş for me inside. I stepped into the living room trailing Hank and I found three other guys—not two—sitting in the living room. Hank said, “guys, this is my girlfriend and she’s going to be your slut for the whole day!” I loved being treated this way, not degrading, but as an object of desire for other men. I wasn’t introduced to the guys individually, in fact for the most part unless I heard the guys call each other by name, I didn’t know any of them nor their names as was intended. Three strangers (at least on that day) that my boyfriend wants me to fuck and after realizing that none were unappetizing, I too wanted to fuck all of them and soon! Hank wanted to watch as the other three had their way with me, so he just sat down in a chair and told the guys that I would do anything they wanted and to just help themselves. Mitch the biggest guy of the three got up and came over and gave me a kiss, then started to feel my body. I just stood there as this 6ft2in man ran his hands over my body and then stood behind me and said to the other guys, “So what do you think guys, should we fuck this bitch or make her beg for us to fuck her.”“I say we make her beg, she looks like she wants a cock in her right now.” Said Bill, one of the guys seated, who ended up having the biggest cock of the group—cut, solid 8in but even thicker than Hank’s. “Yeah, lets make him beg for it, that ok with you Hank?” Chimed in Stan the third guy who had the smallest dick–a solid cut six-incher—but very isveçbahis yeni giriş nicely shaped with a big mushroom head.“Do what you want, but I hope you all came with a lot of cum in you, because I promise that she’ll not only beg for it now, but hours from now after you’ve all cum a few times.” Hank challenged. “We’ll see about that.” Mitch replied and continued running his hands over my body and then finally he unbuttoned my pants and dropped them around my ankles leaving me standing there in just my panties and top. “Mmmm, nice looking pussy you have there Hank.” Bill said to Hank“Turn him around” Hank said to Mitch and Mitch turned me around showing my ass off to the guys seated. Both guys made positive comments about my ass while Mitch ran his hands over my cheeks, kneading me and showing my globes off to the guys. Mitch turned me around again and pulled my top up over my head and then dropped my panties to the floor and then his mouth found my nipples. Just then, I felt another pair of hands rub my ass and then part the cheeks and a hot wet tongue plunged in immediately between and right to my tight rose bud. I let out a moan and one of the guys made a comment about how hot this bitch was. The next thing I knew, I was being pushed onto my knees and realized that all three guys were standing around me and had their cocks out and in their hands. I immediately took the closest one into my mouth and grabbed the other two with my hands and slowly stroked all three.I love sucking cock so much and to have three right there, to take turns sucking and stroking was enough to make my day a complete success, but knowing that those three glorious cocks would also be filling my ass perhaps several times made me suck and stroke each one with increasing fervor as my lust began to grow.

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