Family Get Together, part 4Family Get Together, part 4

Adriana Chechik

As I awoke in the chill of a Seattle morning I found myself still completely nude, but thankfully some one had pulled a comforter around me as I slept.   I opened me eyes and found that I was alone in the queen size bed and figured that Wade and Mako had retreated to the house sometime during the early morning hours after our “get together” a few hours earlier.   I looked at my watch and figured that I had better get around soon, my appointment with the art dealer was at 11AM and it was already almost 9.   I lay there stretching the kinks out of my overly fatigued body reflecting on the night before, I thought it so morally repugnant and yet I was so very turned on by the fantastic sex the four of us had shared, especially with Arisol.   I decided that it would be best if I avoided them for the day, and perhaps the rest of the trip.   Another such adventure into the darkness of incest was not what I wanted to remember of my brother and his family. And how could I ever hide such adventures from my loving wife, and yet I must, she would never understand.   I wondered what had happened to Arisol, she had told me that she was out of classes, and would not be working, her parents saw to her every financial need.   Well, perhaps she had errands, or was in the house, I’d find out later, I thought.   It would be nice, however, to have a guide to help me find the istanbul travesti Gallery that my appointment was at.   I looked around and found Arisol’s pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it, inhaling deeply the first taste of death for the day, I knew that eventually these things would kill me, but was hooked, and really didn’t want to quit, even after so many decades of smoking them.   After all, I had quit doing drugs 24 years earlier and quit drinking as well, a person needs at least one vice, I justified to myself as I drew another long drag on the butt.   I heard a sound of water running in the bathroom, the shower had been turned on, and listened as the curtain closed on the tub.   Damn, I needed to pee, my bladder was definitely overfulled, and the sound of the running water was not helping in the least.   I thought wildly, I have two choices, find my clothes and get dressed, and go into the house to the guest bath, or invade Arisol’s privacy and use the one closer at hand.   I opted for the closer and rose from the bed, the crust of last nights semen, spittle, and Arisol’s sweet nectar dried on my face and body as it crackled with the movement.   I chuckled silently and thought I better take a shower or bath this morning as well, I think I really need one.   I walked quietly to the partially opened door, and thought istanbul travestileri that I could just sneak in, do what I needed and she’d never be the wiser.   I pushed the door open slowly to avoid any noise, and walked to the toilet, right next to the tub/shower enclosure where she stood washing the remains of our night of pleasure from her own luscious body.   As I sat and aimed at the porcelain portion of the stool to be quieter I could see a perfect silhouette of her beauty on the beige vinyl shower curtain.   I sat and took care of my needs and then watched her form as she turned back and forth in the shower.   I could not help but be aroused by the sheer beauty of her body as I watched her intently, so few inches from my seat.   The window in the exterior wall where the shower had been built was in just the right spot to allow a crisp clear silhouette.   If my camera had not been all the way in the house, I would have gotten it; the picture would have been perfect, as was this young beauty.   Voyeuristically I watched her as she moved to and fro in the shower.   I watched her pert breasts and slender waist, and her nipples were perfect in every way, so taught and firm, almost as if already aroused in some way.   I watched as she stood facing away from the shower head and leaned back to wet her hair before washing, the image of her flat travesti istanbul abdomen and fine smooth mound, the curve of her firm buttocks and the thin muscular legs were forcing me to think things I dared not.   My cock had a mind of its own, and began to swell as I was transfixed by her image, obsessed by her beauty and yes, raw sexuality.   I dared not move, dared not make a sound lest I be discovered watching her as the lecherous uncle I had become, but I sat and watched.   As she turned to rinse the shampoo from her hair she turned her profile to perfection, her arms above her shoulders enhanced her pert breasts and nipples in every detail, her flat abs and the curve of her back above her sweetly rounded ass, the rise of her mound from the lower pats of her abdomen only to slip downward to the depths of her loins enticed me and my cock swelled to almost it’s full potential even though I continuously chastised myself for the thoughts.   She turned and leaned to shut off the water, I was caught for sure, but rather than run like the voyeuristic dog I was at that moment, I reached across and took the single towel from the bar across from me and laid it on my lap, my hard cock stuffed below my closed thighs, sitting quietly until she opened the curtain.   Arisol pushed the curtain open from the far end of the tub, and as she did she realized that she was not alone.   Her expression was one between curiosity and anger at my being there while she had her private time, or so it seemed.   I smiled and said “I heard the shower and thought I could towel you dry as favor for all of the things you have done for me” as I bowed my head respectfully.

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