Fair Play! Ch. 02Fair Play! Ch. 02


I knew I was going to come. It was just a matter of time.

Donna’s head was warm between my legs and her tongue was probing my “woman parts” incessantly. Her hands circled up under my legs, around my ass and upward to caress both of my breasts at the same time. Her thumbs flicked and teased my all too sensitive nipples.

Arms stretched above my head, my hands were handcuffed to the brass pipe headboard of her bed.

Donna took her time, building me up slowly through each layer of sexual arousal.

It had started with simple touching, my arms, my face, my lips, my breasts; my entire body seemed to be something rare and wonderful to her. It helped me to relax. So much so that when she asked if she could handcuff me to the bed, I wasn’t alarmed at all. It just made me a little curious how she had figured out that I sometimes like to be tied up during sex. I must have some kind of “tell”.

“A lucky guess on my part, kid.”, Donna said.

“I’m not into the dominance/submissive thing and I’m definitely not into S and M. or anything like that!” I said as Donna left the bed briefly to get a pair of handcuffs from her dresser, “It is just sometimes I like to be, well, restrained.”

“I understand.” She said as the cuffs clicked shut around my wrists.

That was a while, and several layers of sexual arousal ago. Now her tongue was doing all of her talking for her! It was everywhere I wanted it to be right when I wanted to be there! My clit! My cunt! My pussy lips! And more than that, she knew just what to do and where to do it! If only Tony could work me with his tongue like that, I probably would have joined him and Kelly in bed yesterday afternoon, instead of driving off in a nearly blind rage and ending up in a lesbian bar and meeting Donna!

Looking down helplessly between my up stretched, restrained arms, I could see, even in the near total darkness of her bedroom, soft highlights glinting off Donna’s lovely hair. Further down the shadowy form of her naked back, ass and legs, gave no hint of the beautiful fantasy inspired skin art that graced her well proportioned and superbly toned body. She sucked hard on my clit; I could feel the tension mounting between my legs. It wouldn’t be long now.

What? I was confused! A faint feeling of abandonment overcame me as her left hand removed itself from my right breast. istanbul escort

“No…” I wimpered.

Somewhere below me I heard/felt Donna chuckle. At least I think it was a chuckle. I felt it against my crotch more than heard it. What was she up to?

“NO!” I almost screamed as I felt two fingers from her wayward hand worm their way into my ass! Donna lifted her head from my crotch to speak.

“Are you telling me to ‘knock it off’?” She asked only half serious. “Knock it off” was our code word to stop doing whatever it was we were doing at the time either she or I said it. It was our “safety” word.

“No.” I said more calmly. “No, it’s just that you surprised me.”

“I like surprising you, kid!”

I could only moan in response. It had been a night of wonderful surprises.

“I could stop if you want?” She started to slowly pump her fingers in and out of my ass.

“No.” I moaned. “Don’t you dare!” I wriggled my ass against her hand.

“Has Tony every finger fucked your ass, kid?”

Damn that tongue of hers! There were better things she could be doing with it right then than using it to form words!

“What? NO! No… I wouldn’t let him…” I cried. “If you ever saw his fingernails you’d know why. Enough talk! Enough…”

“As you wish, my love!” Donna’s face, and more importantly her lips and tongue disappeared, once again, between my legs.

She kissed me between my legs the way I’ve always wanted to be kissed there. She sucked on the things I always wanted to have sucked exactly the way I wanted them to be sucked. And before I knew it, I was coming! It felt glorious! It felt like someone had poured a whole bucket of warm water over me from head to foot!

I strained hard at the handcuffs. They rattled against the headboard pipes. I gasped as my hips involuntarily bucked off the bed. I felt the muscles inside me contract in a rippling motion, over and over again! All the while, Donna’s two fingers ravaged my ass and her tongue and lips ministered to every inch of my throbbing pussy.

Finally, gratefully, I came down and lay, soaked with sweat, totally spent on her bed. I had lost count of how times I came. Satisfied she had done her “duty” to the best of her ability, Donna got up from bed to unlock the handcuffs. As she bent over me to use the key which hung from a gold chain şirinevler escort around her neck, I could see he face glisten with my wetness in the darkness.

Once my hands were free, I rubbed my wrists briefly and then beckoned Donna to lie down next to me. She excused herself briefly to wash her hands and face and then joined me in her bed. Soon, we drifted off to sleep.

When we awoke the next morning, the first thing I did was call in sick to work. Gail, my supervisor, figured something was up, but knew better than to ask what it was. I knew that I could count on her to cover for me. Donna didn’t say a word during the phone call. When I hung up, I rolled over onto my side, facing away from Donna. It had been a wonderful evening, but the reality of my situation was returning with the rising sun.

Eventually, I would have to face Tony, if not Kelly. I wasn’t looking forward to that! For one thing, I actually liked… well, okay loved the guy.

Secondly, I figured Kelly probably wasn’t totally innocent and Tony wasn’t totally guilty. In our college days, the joke was Kelly would fuck a snake if she could find some way to hold its mouth shut. For her part, she pretended she didn’t know what the other co-eds thought about her, but I think she did and felt we were all just jealous of her – maybe we were.

As for Tony, what can I say? He’s a guy! And guys do what guys do! It was just that in this particular instance, he was doing Kelly.

I realized that whatever the circumstances, no matter who was guilty of what, I would have to confront Tony and I have never been good at confrontations.

“You know, kid,” Donna said as she dragged her index finger slowly down the curve of my spine and then back up again, “I’ve been thinking about your situation.”

“Really?” I said. The gentle tingle that stirred between my legs helped me fight off an urge to cry. I tried to concentrate on Donna – not Tony and Kelly.

“Yeah, I have!” She said. “The way I see it, you really only have two options. You can get out, or you can get even.”

I thought about it for a minute before I asked, “What do you mean, ‘get even’? Do you mean have an affair on him?” I reached behind me and cupped one of her ass cheeks with my hand, “I think I already have done that!”

Donna scooted closer. I felt taksim escort the warmth of her breasts press up against my back.

“Actually, the affair would only be part of getting even with him. You need to take something he cares about.”

“Take? You mean steal something from him?” I rolled over onto my other side so I could face her. “Steal what?”

“How about you steal this Kelly from him? He cheated on you to be with her, now you take her from him. Make the punishment fit the crime.”

“You mean you think I should have an affair with Kelly as a way of getting back at Tony for having an affair with her?”

“Show him two can play at his game. Make him ‘pay’ if he wants to ‘play'”.

“Make him pay…” I mused.

“Kiddo, everyone knows turnabout is fair play!”

“I like the way you think!” I said.

“Great! Now, how about some breakfast kid?”, Donna asked as she slapped my ass and got up out of bed. She went to her closet and picked out something for us to wear – two identical pink terrycloth robes. She put one on and handed the other to me. I pulled the robe on as I followed her out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Donna insisted that she do all the cooking – eggs, sausage and toast. At least she let me heat the water for the tea. It gave me some time to think over the course of action Donna had proposed. On the one hand, it seemed to fit the “crime” perfectly, but on the other hand it seemed kind of mean and manipulative. I wasn’t comfortable thinking of myself in those terms. And, of course, there was one rather ugly fly in the ointment!

“What’s troubling you, kid?” It wasn’t difficult for Donna to see my mind was pre-occupied.

“Well, it’s like this.” I said staring at my plate. “Your idea seems like it should work, but there in just one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“What if Kelly doesn’t ‘do’ girls?” I poked at some scraps of eggs with my fork.

“Well, there is only one way to find out, isn’t there, kid?”

“I guess.” I said. “But what if I she says, ‘no’?” I looked up from my plate at Donna unsure as to what she would say.

Donna got up from the table, walked around behind my chair, bent down and hugged me gently from behind. I leaned back against her and as I did, her hands found my breasts and gently encompassed them through the soft material of the robe.

“She might say ‘no’ to other women, kid.”, Donna said softly as she kissed my neck. “But she won’t say no to you!” With that, she kissed me on the lips. Soon, our robes would be on the floor and we would be back on the couch, where it all began.

To Be Continued…

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