Facesitting Cafe Ch. 04Facesitting Cafe Ch. 04


Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone for your patience yet again and your love for the series so far. I know it’s been for-fucking-ever since the last part but I haven’t quit writing. I’ve just been insanely busy lately and haven’t had the time to get into the headspace needed to write. This series is not done yet, I do have part 5 most of the way done, after that I’m not sure how many more parts the series will have, but I plan to make this at least a 7 part series in total, hopefully 8. But we’ll see. I want to make it as long as I need to tell the story I want to tell. Thank you all again, I hope you enjoy.

It was Friday, right at the end of my shift. Madame Kelly loosened our smotherboxes and allowed myself and the other seats out. The others thanked her and began to head out, but Madame Kelly stopped me before I could leave. “William, would you come to my office please?” she asked.

“Of course, Madame Kelly,” I replied. I gulped. “I hope I’m not in trouble,” I thought to myself as I followed her, watching her beautiful ass sway with each step. We walked past the man she had been sitting on all that day, still a little dazed as he walked out of her office. She and I sat down across from each other. It occurred to me that her office had the only normal chairs in possibly the entire cafe.

“Well, William, it’s been a week. How are you feeling? A little tired?” she asked, smiling at me.

“Uh… a little… I guess,” I said. “B-but I like the job! I swear I really do. Is anything wrong?”

“Not at all!” Madame Kelly said. “In fact, I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews from your clients. They all love your enthusiasm for being smothered and giving oral. They love how obedient you are and how you don’t ever beg for them to get off of you. We have to train some of our boys out of doing that. No, what I’m here to ask you is if you’d like a little more. I need to do some paperwork this Saturday, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours, but I’d really like to have a seat for it. Normally I have one of my employees serve me during the day, chosen at random, but you’ve had so many appointments this week and you’ve become so popular with the ladies that I haven’t been able to use you very much. So how about it? Fancy a little more ass in your face? Or have you had enough?”

“Anything you say, Madame Kelly. I’d be honored to be your seat,” I replied.

“I’m so glad to hear it!” Madame Kelly said. “Be there at noon. And I’ll pay you double for it, it’s overtime after all.”

“Thank you, Madame Kelly,” I said. “Is there anything else?”

“That’s it!” She said. “Just bring your cute face here on time.”


That night, I found myself in a nearby bar. This bar had a unisex area with actual chairs and a womens’ section with men to sit on. Even though I was in the unisex section the room was mostly women. I could still barely believe what had happened to me all week, that any of this was real. I still felt like I was going to wake up in my tiny apartment, broke and unemployed in my old city, never to have my face sat on in real life. That thought was interrupted when a curvy figure sat in the chair next to me.

“Hey there, cutie!” I heard a familiar voice say. Alicia, my first ever customer, had been the one to sit down next to me.”Yep, I thought I recognized that face!” she laughed.

She looked gorgeous, as always. Her strong arms and shoulders were on full display in her black tank top. I had been sat on by dozens of women in the past week, but she was by far my favorite. She was kind, beautiful, flirtatious, and still totally dominant. She had the body of a Goddess. And she only ever sat on me all week, at least as far as I could see. She came in during my non-appointment hours to sit on me every day after Monday and I couldn’t imagine her coming to the cafe multiple times in a day. My train of thought was interrupted with her snapping her fingers in my face.

“Hello! Earth to Will!”

“Hey, Alicia,” I said, my face turning red.

“Hey yourself!” she replied back, seemingly happy to see me. “I’m just messing with you. I guess it must be odd, seeing me from this angle, you know?”

“I guess.”

“So how do you like it here? Is life as a human seat cushion everything you hoped it would be?” She said, grinning.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,” I admitted. “Before coming here I’d never had my face sat on before, now it’s my whole life! It wasn’t something I ever thought would happen to me, let alone something I could make a job out of. You were my very first client, you know, only the second woman after Madame Kelly to sit on me. But I like it a lot. Being smothered and suffocated is something I guess I always fantasized about but only now have started to embrace my fetish for.”

“That’s so nice to hear!” Alicia said. “I always love it when someone is able to explore elvankent escort their fetish freely. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure,” I replied. It occurred to me that I’d never had a woman buy me a drink before, but this was Femina, of course the women would buy the drinks here. Alicia signaled for the bartender to get me one of the same drink she was having, a shot of whiskey.

“Yeah, it can be a surprise for a man who’s never been dominated before. But once you get into it, you realize having women control you is what you really wanted all along. It honestly feels quite natural, makes you wonder why the whole world isn’t run by women.”

“Definitely,” I said. “I really do enjoy it though, and it’s odd, I haven’t even thought about having sex since I got here, before this sex was all I thought about. Now all I want is to be sat on. I really think I’ve found the perfect place.”

“Really? Not once?” she said, giggling slightly.

“Okay, maybe a little,” I admitted sheepishly. “I just sort of feel like every woman here is out of my league. I mean, it’s not just that they’re all beautiful, they’re all so confident and powerful. It’s intimidating. Not that I have an issue with strong women, it’s just that I sort of feel that I’m not worthy of even thinking about something like that. Like I should only be a chair for them, like that’s my place in life. Do you get what I mean?” I paused. “Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble.”

“I think all the asses in your face are starting to get to you,” Alicia laughed as I sipped my whiskey. “Believe me, there are plenty of women here who would love to take you home and ride your cock all fucking night.” Hearing her say that nearly made me choke on my drink, thankfully she didn’t seem to notice. “There’s nothing wrong with just wanting women to sit on your face and nothing else, but if what you’re craving is domination, it’s possible for a woman to dominate you even while having sex. It’s not just about letting them do things to you, it’s about giving up control and trusting that she’ll use you in a way that brings her pleasure but doesn’t push you past your limits.”

“Sounds… interesting,” I said, flustered by the direction the conversation was taking.

Alicia put her hand on my thigh. “If you want, I can show you,” she said, her voice taking on a softer, more intimate tone as she looked deep into my eyes. “Are you in?”

“Oh…” I gulped. “You mean, tonight?”

“No, next week, you moron, of course tonight!” Alicia laughed, her casual demeanor returning almost instantly. “C’mon, let me pay for our drinks and let’s get back to my place.”

My heart was beating out of my chest at her words. Was I really being invited to this woman’s house for a hookup? “Well, you should know I’ve never done that. Have sex, I mean.”

“Don’t worry, hon, that doesn’t change a thing. In fact, I like that about you. It means I can sculpt you into my perfect toy tonight. Come on, let’s get going.”

She paid for the drinks, we got in her car and drove to her home, a residential neighborhood just away from the main part of town. As we walked to the door, I could hear the sounds of pleasure coming from some of the nearby houses. “Ah, the sounds of female-led love,” Alicia sighed. “Here we are, let me get my keys.”

“Um, Alicia, just so you know, I’ll have to leave early in the morning, I promised Madame Kelly I’d help her out tomorrow.” I told her.

“No problem,” Alicia replied. “And good for you, working overtime so soon. I’m sure she appreciates it.”

Alicia led me by the hand inside her house. I was still very nervous as she sat me down on the couch. “Th- thanks for inviting me over,” I said, my heart beating rapidly.

“My pleasure, hon. Or, it will be,” Alicia replied, her soft, sexy voice returning. She placed her hand on my lap, gripping my quickly hardening dick and looked into my eyes. “So tell me, sweetie, how do you feel about me taking full control? If you don’t want something you can say so, but I’d like to be the one in charge.”

“Of course, I’d prefer it that way,” I said. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

Without another word, Alicia gave me a long, deep kiss, her tongue exploring my stunned mouth. My eyes involuntarily shut as she pulled me into it. Her soft lips pressed to mine felt heavenly. When it was over and our lips separated, she grinned at me devilishly. “I’m guessing that was your first kiss?”

“It was,” I admitted. “On the lips, I mean. I’ve kissed a lot of asses since, you know, I came to Femina.”

Alicia giggled. “Well, I won’t judge. There’s nothing wrong with a lack of experience. But I should ask, are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want to rush you,” she said. “I can get pretty intense and I don’t plan to slow down just because it’s your first time. I’ll try to make sure you don’t pass out, but I can get pretty intense when I’m about to cum.”

“Fine with me,” I said. “I’m ready.”

“Good!” emek escort she said, embracing me and planting several more kisses on my face. “Should we head to the bedroom?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I could only whisper in between kisses.

“Good boy,” Alicia said. I got up to follow her, but she stopped me. “No no, slave boy. On your hands and knees. Kiss my ass while I walk.” I obeyed. My eyes were glued to her gorgeous jean-clad ass while she walked to her bedroom. I tried to keep up without bumping into her, planting kisses on her big ass whenever I could. I was a little nervous about having her smother me in jeans, but it wasn’t the first time. Jeans were popular with many of my clients at the cafe, the women seemed to enjoy the roughness on the faces of their seats. Alicia stopped just before the door of what I assumed was her bedroom, and had me plant several more kisses on her ass. She grabbed my hair and forced my face against the denim, laughing before releasing me. “Get up,” she said. I stood up and took her hand, and she kissed my lips one more time before opening the door. She led me into her large bedroom, complete with a Queen sized bed with four wooden bedposts. “I love to start facesitting with my partner tied to my bed. Unless you don’t want that, since you’re not working? I’ll understand if you only want me to sit on you if I’m paying.”

“No, please! By all means, sit on my face,” I said. “I really want it. I really do. I want you to smother me. That’s what I was hoping for.”

Alicia laid me on the bed and secured my limbs to the bedposts with leather straps. She made them just tight enough that I could move slightly, but would never be able to break free, not that I wanted to. She stood over me, turning around so she was facing my body. I stared at her beautiful ass for a while before giving her a thumbs up, and she dropped herself down on my face, hard. Her butt landed on me like an anvil in an old cartoon, slamming me into the mattress. “By the way, just because I like you, that doesn’t mean I’m going to go totally soft on you,” she said, beginning to forcefully fuck my face with her ass. The rough denim ground against my face harshly as my head began to hold nearly all of her weight. My cock strained in my pants, which I quickly felt being yanked off. Alicia began to jerk me as she continued to grind against my face. After only a few minutes, I was nearing the edge. “Not just yet,” Alicia said, releasing her iron grip on my cock and giving me a moment to breathe before sitting back down. “I’m going to make this last. Can’t have you cumming without fucking me first.”

Alicia put her hands on the headboard and bent back, concentrating all her energy on humping my upturned head as hard as she could. Her round butt continued its assault on my bound face as my eyes began to roll back in my head, relishing in my submission. The rough denim barely even hurt by now, though perhaps I was simply numb. All I could think of was the ass underneath her skin tight pants. After thirty long minutes of smothering and edging while my needy cock ached for release, my Mistress for the night stood up and removed her jeans. I could barely feel my face when fresh air finally hit me. She had no panties on underneath her jeans, and my eyes were greeted with the sight of her huge pale butt cheeks towering over me. “The easy part’s over, toy,” Alicia said. “Now the real fun begins. Get that tongue out and get ready to lick my holes.” She slammed herself back down on my face. Immediately, she locked her feet under my head to push my face deep between her cheeks. All feeling returned to my face, the vast softness of her butt felt divine. The grinding resumed, machinelike as she fucked my face, moaning and crying out as my tongue entered her holes.

I was totally overwhelmed, the sensation of her flesh sliding and grinding on me back and forth was unlike any of my time spent at the cafe. Now that I wasn’t serving as a chair my head was totally free to be tossed around. Despite her feet locking me in place and making me unable to turn away from her ass, the motion of her body still shook me wildly.

Alicia used her feet to push my head, burying me ears deep between her incredible cheeks, ordering me loudly to eat her out. I obeyed, out of a mix of mostly arousal and also fear. I wanted this, and it scared me knowing how badly. Alicia’s full, fleshy butt humped my much smaller head into her crevice again and again as I did my best to pleasure her. Every so often I would feel her hand or mouth on my cock, pleasuring me right to the edge but never letting me cum. “That’s it! Keep licking, my little whore!” She screamed in ecstasy. “Get that tongue in deep! I’m almost there!”

She gripped my hair tightly and yanked me in as deep into her crevice as I could go, moaning with pleasure as she hit a powerful orgasm, her juices spraying all over my face. I let out a muffled scream as I nearly drowned in her climax, doing eryaman escort my best to swallow her juices. She sat back down on me for a while longer to relax as her orgasm subsided. She was panting heavily. My lungs began to burn yet again as she rested motionless, like she forgot I was even there, before she finally got up to give me air. “Such a good boy…” Alicia whispered. “Give me one more just like that and I’ll give you your reward…”

“Yes… Mistress…” I gasped, still in shock from what had just happened. “Just… a few moments…”

“Yeah. Take a breather. You’ve earned that much,” Alicia said with a smile. “How was that?”

“Incredible…” I wheezed. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Was me cumming on your face not a good enough indication?”

“Yeah, I just…”

“I get it. No blood going to that head right now. It happens to everyone, especially the first time.”

“Yeah,” I said, my heart rate slowly returning to normal. “Thanks. I think I’m ready now.”

“Great!” she said, her eyes lighting up with inspiration. “Actually, do you think we could try something slightly different this time? I’d love to try headscissoring you next. Have you gotten to try that yet?”

“Not yet,” I said. “But I’d love to.”

Without another word, she turned and wrapped her thighs around my neck, clamping them shut tightly around me. She grabbed my head and forced my face directly into her ass crack as her thighs tightened even further. “Oh, you have no idea how good this feels,” she grunted. “I love fucking up weak guys. Kiss my ass cheeks, boy, don’t lick. Just kiss.”

I obeyed. I kissed back and forth as she continued to headscissor me, barely giving me the space between her meaty thighs to turn my head. Her soft, pillowy ass flesh welcomed my kisses and swallowed my face deep with each time my lips made contact. She continued to squeeze until my world started to go dark, then released me until I caught my breath, then continued again. Her vicegrip choked any hope of breathing out of me. I kicked and squirmed but her superior strength made my efforts futile. It felt like my head was going to be ripped off. Her moans had been replaced with furious grunting as she squeezed me as hard as she possibly could. “Back to licking! Get in there! I’m so wet!” she panted. Her next orgasm didn’t take long. Holding me in this position, her arousal built like a flooding river bursting through a dam. Headscissoring me had made her into a rampaging beast.

I licked and licked desperately, hearing her cry out in the familiar sign of her inevitable orgasm. I felt her furious handstrokes on my penis, her mouth sucking on the head and her tongue running across it. I wasn’t sure if she would cum first or I would. My lungs were beyond empty and my chest burned but she refused to release my neck from her thighs. My cock throbbed as I neared the edge, but this time she didn’t slow down. At the height of her arousal, as asphyxiation neared for me, she sucked and jerked my cock faster and faster. With every possible sense overwhelmed at once, I cried out in pleasure, only for it to be silenced by Alicia’s merciless thighs and ass cheeks swallowing my head whole. I heard her cried match mine as I continued licking her pussy and ass the way I now knew she liked it. I felt my balls tense, then, with one final muffled scream, I exploded into her mouth. Rope after rope shot out of my cock, and Alicia sucked down every drop like a machine, not losing a beat on humping my face. My orgasm took away the last possible breath I could muster. My vision darkened as I heard Alicia’s scream of climax. Her thighs tightened harder than ever before as the dam burst. She exploded on my face right as everything went completely black.


I awoke gasping, thrashing helplessly and gasping. My chest was aching like I’d been drowning in a raging river. My cock ached like it had been kicked. My whole body fell limp as I slowly regained consciousness. I tried to stretch but felt the bindings on my wrists and ankles go taut. The memories hit me all at once, and I finally figured out what had happened. I was in Alicia’s room, and I’d passed out from her headscissoring me into her butt for who knows how long. Light returned to my eyes and I saw her looking down at me.

“You’re up! Glad to see my booty didn’t take you out for good,” she said. “You really were out cold for a while! Luckily I know a thing or two about what to do when someone’s passed out, and all you needed was a break to wake up. And this.”

Alicia removed the strap from my right hand and handed me a glass of water. I drank quickly, not realizing until that moment how thirsty I was. “Sorry about that. For cumming and for passing out. That was… a lot for me,” I said weakly.

“No worries, babe!” Alicia said, smacking my chest a few times and causing me to wince slightly. “I shouldn’t have pushed that hard on your first time anyhow. I hope you’re not mad at me, but in the moment I just had to have my orgasm. I didn’t mean to knock you out. But I expected you to cum there. I wanted to make you go crazy with pleasure. I’m just sorry if I scared you at all.”

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