Subject: Every Man Needs a Boy 13 BOYS NEED BOYS By Encolpius AUTHOR’S NOTE: As always thanks to Gacha_Blue and SkyBorn for their help. Feedback is welcome! Write to ail Donate to Nifty!!!! Be a good guy! BOOK TWO FOUR We had won on Thursday. We were 13-8 and we were going to make Regionals. But our pitching was weak. Sam and Coop were about our best pitchers and neither one of them was really a pitcher. Then there was Devin but he wasn’t as hot shit as he thought he was. A Fast ball, a hard slider and a change up people teed off on and that was it. He wasn’t going to be on our travel ball team. That started as soon as school was out. Coach Tyler, Sam’s dad, was going to be our manager. It was 9 am on Saturday and it was warm and sunny. A perfect day. Me and Sam and Coach were going to set off rockets. Me and Sam had been working on them for a while. We used to invite Coop, too, but his dad took over and kind of ruined the fun. To be honest, Coach kind of just let us do what we wanted as long as we weren’t going to blow off a limb or something. We had to keep all of our fingers. I was kind of antsy to get going. The plan was to collect Coop later and go see Batman vs Superman and I was stoked. I went over and banged on Sam’s door. No answer. I muttered to myself and rang the bell. Still no answer. I didn’t even hear it chime so it might have been broken. Coach’s truck was there so I knew they were home. I went to the planter and got the spare key and let myself in. “Hey, Sam, get a move on!” I called as I stepped inside. There wasn’t anyone in the kitchen or in the living room. It was all dark. I heard moaning in the back of the house. It was Sam. It was totally weird. I headed back that way. I was in the hallway when I heard it again. It sounded like – well, it sounded the way my parents sound when they’re doing ‘it’, but Sam wasn’t trying to be quiet like my parents – so it was totally weird. Like weird, weird. I mean, Coach didn’t just let Sam bang Kayleigh on a Saturday morning, right? And I didn’t hear her. Where was Coach? All the bedroom doors were open. I could see in Sam’s room. It was empty and the bed was made. The next door was the master bedroom. I glanced in. Oh my God! I stepped back down the hall. What did I just see? Sam was naked. He was hard and leaking. And he was sitting on top of Coach’s naked body. He was leaning backwards supporting himself with his arms, his head tilted back with his eyes closed as he moved his body up and down over Coach’s crotch. Coach had his hands on Sam’s naked body. Coach was fucking Sam! Shit! Coach was fucking Sam! I was standing in the hallway shocked but trying to be very small and unnoticeable. I couldn’t believe what I had seen, even if it was for just a second. A split second. That was all. No more than that. Sam was on top of Coach. He was leaning back. I could see his pit hair and the veins on his arms. I could see his abs. I could see his belly button. I could see his hard dick, flopping back and forth as he rode Coach. And Coach’s dick was buried in his ass! Sam was bouncing and moaning. He was loving it. I stood there, motionless. I wasn’t even breathing. I didn’t know what to do. I had to leave. I had to. I didn’t want to get caught. I hadn’t meant anything bad by going in. I’d been in there a million times. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s it,” I heard Sam diyarbakır escort say. “Fuck me, Tyler.” “God! Oh fuck,” Coach said. The bed squeaked with their motion. “Oh God, that feels good.” It was Sam. “Oh yeah, stroke it. Oh God!” I heard Coach grunt. Sam moaned. The bed creaked. I was hard. Hard. Hard, hard. Throbbing! “Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Sam called out. “Let it rip, baby!” Coach said. I crept out carefully, silently. Back down the hall, to the living room, through the kitchen to the door. I opened the door, slipped out and closed it as quietly as I could. Then I ran full speed home. I powered through the kitchen. My dad was sitting there, his phone in his hand, looking at something as I rushed through. “What’s up?” He said, looking up. “Nothing.” “Something wrong?” Mom asked. “No.” I headed for my room. I didn’t want to talk to them. I wanted to be alone. I closed my door and locked it. Finally, I could breathe. My thoughts were racing. What just happened? Shit. What was that? Coach was fucking Sam! Jesus Fucking Christ! And I was hard. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I was fucking hard. My God. Sam was on top of him. Riding him. Coach’s dick in his ass! Goddamn. I was so hard. I pulled off my shorts and yanked down my briefs. My hard dick was standing up. Pointing straight up. I grabbed the Lubriderm and squeezed some into my hand. I started flailing on my dick. There was a knock at the door. My mom was being a nosy bitch. “Jace, is something wrong?” “No!” “You don’t want to talk about it?” “No.” “Well, if you do, I’m here.” My hand flew across my dick. My hard dick. I squeezed hard. Oh fuck, his dick was standing straight up. He was so hard as he was getting fucked. And he was loving it. It made him cum. Was Coach stroking it? Was he jacking Sam off? Every muscle was flexed. His dick and balls bounced. I could see on his face that he was loving it. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. “Ohhh,” I grunted. I came on the floor. A glob of cum. Right there. I stood there naked, my dick deflating. Oh fuck. Coach was fucking Sam. And then a terrible thought entered my mind. They’ve been fucking. That wasn’t the first time. This has been on going. As I stood there and thought about it, I began to remember. Sam was a foster kid. I was his friend but not a lot of other people were. He got picked first at recess because he was good at sports and stuff. But he was the poor kid with the clothes that didn’t really fit and he was super self-conscious about it. Then he met Coach through our baseball team and Coach took him in as a foster kid. Here’s the fucked up part. After Sam met Coach he was a whole different person. Happier. He became like a natural leader. Every kid wanted to be Sam’s friend. But I was his best friend before and I was still his best friend. Shit. Were they doing it back then, too? Oh wow. He was only nine! Oh shit. I knew I ought to tell someone. I mean, Coach was a grown man and Sam was thirteen and it was like rape or something. I needed to tell my parents what was going on. I needed to just go out there and tell them. He was my friend. He was my best friend. And Coach was kind of… Oh shit. My phone buzzed. It was Sam. A text. ‘Launch day! Get your ass in gear!’ I got dressed and headed out. I got a grilling from Mom about what was going on, but I blew düzce escort her off. My dad looked up from his phone questioningly. I didn’t say anything except that I was going over to Sam’s to shoot off the rockets. I walked out and saw Coop pedaling down the street. I guessed he was coming, too. “I lied to my dad,” he said, grinning. “He’d just spoil the fun.” “Coach is here. He’s an adult,” I quipped. Coop laughed. “Yeah, got to keep your fingers so you can throw to first, right?” “Yeah, right.” We got everything set up and my dad came over to watch. Him and Coach talked as we got things ready. I guess that’s when I realized it. My dad was there and I loved him, but he was always being a dad, you know? Sam and Coop thought he was okay and all, but he was a dad. With Sam and Coach it was more like they were friends. Like buddies. Whenever Coach was around Sam, he always had this little half smile on his face and Sam was always happy and enthusiastic. My dad embarrassed me sometimes. Coop’s dad definitely embarrassed him. But Sam never seemed to get embarrassed having Coach around. In the past, I had noticed Sam sometimes looking around to catch a glimpse of Coach, just for a second, like he was making sure he was still there. Sometimes, he would just look over, catch Coach’s attention and smile at him. I didn’t think anything of it then. But now I understood. Coach was fucking Sam. And Sam wanted him to. We set off the rockets and it was cool. It was fun. For a few minutes, I almost forgot what I had seen. Then we loaded up in Coach’s truck and went to the movies. It was a great movie, too. On the way back, we talked about it and talked about it. Coach liked it, too. Sam would pipe in and say something and then say, ‘Right, Tyler?’ I didn’t know why I hadn’t notice it before. Sam didn’t love Coach. Not like I love my dad or Coop loved his dad. Sam was in love with Coach. Neither one of them acted like they were gay. And Sam liked girls. And my dad joked about how Coach used to have hot and cold running women. It was so strange. Bedtime, was the worst. All I could do was lay there and think about things. A lot of times it was just the one thing. Tonight it was Sam and Coach. Sam was hot. So hot. But Coach was a man. He had a chest and he had abs and he had big powerful arms, biceps and triceps and veins. He had a hairy chest and a scruffy beard that I think would tickle when he kissed. Did him and Sam kiss? They would have had to, right? Did Sam suck Coach’s dick? Did Coach suck Sam’s dick? I guessed they would have. I guessed. I was hard. So hard. Thinking about it. Coach’s hard dick, the fat log of a huge man, big hairy balls, black pubes, shoved up Sam’s narrow ass. His hands on Sam’s body. Was he jacking Sam when he came? ‘Definitely’, I thought. Sam was his lover. His body wasn’t off limits. I took some Lubriderm in my hand and worked down below my balls. Between my legs. To my ass. I massaged my butthole and then slid my finger in. “Oooh, Wow!” I grunted. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I moved my finger around and grunted again. Then I started flailing on my dick. It was amazing. I slid my finger out and pushed it back in. I almost screamed. I came so hard. A little glob plopped on my chest. I got up on Sunday, tired. It had been a restless night. Bad dreams. I still had a problem. My best friend was being molested edirne escort by his adopted dad and had been for a long time. I was sure of it. But he didn’t seem to mind. It seemed like he wanted it. Like they were both happy. “They aren’t hurting anyone,” I said to myself. “It’s nobody’s business.” But if Sam and Coach were doing it, then they were gay, right? I mean, they had to be. It was all so confusing. But there were things I wanted to know and I didn’t want to ask Sam. I mean, the same thing that Sam was doing, I could do. And if he liked Sam, why couldn’t he like me too? And it would all work out for all of us. So I arranged it. I told Sam I wanted to talk to Coach and it was personal. I was really pretty anxious. Really anxious. My heart was pounding. We were in his living room. We sat down on the couch because this was important. Coach was sitting beside me. I was biting my lip. It was so scary. “Coach, I think I might be gay.” A little pause. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, Jace. You’re the same person either way, gay or straight. You’re still Jace. You’re a person, not a label.” I took a few deep breaths, working up the courage. I tried to kiss him. “Whoa, Jace! Where did that come from?” My eyes widen. “You’re gay, too!” I tried to kiss him again. “What are you thinking, Jace?” Coach asked. I was panic stricken. This was going horribly wrong. My mouth was open and I was breathing heavily. I was sweating. I really, really, really just wanted to run away. Instead, I started babbling. “I saw you. With Sam. I saw you,” I said, my speech pressured. “I used the spare key and let myself in. I wasn’t trying to spy or anything. Nobody answered the door and I thought…, I thought…, but I let myself in and I saw you and Sam and saw…, I saw you and, and…, and…, Sam.” He closed his eyes. He took some deep breaths. Then he nodded his head slowly. “So, the important thing I want you to know is that I love Sam. He is everything to me. He is my whole life. He is the love of my life. More than anyone else, I love him. Completely and totally. And I’m completely, totally, 100% faithful to him. The second thing I want you to know is that he feels the same about me. He’s never been forced to do anything he didn’t want to do, that he wasn’t completely on board with. From the very beginning.” “Sam likes girls, too. He tries to… you know. I wouldn’t.” I was almost pleading with him. He smiled. “As far as I’m concerned, Sam deserves a chance to be young. Young and horny and stupid. And brave and shy and scared of his own shadow and ten feet tall and bullet proof. He does. And you do, too. But you and Sam are best friends. You’re like brothers. You don’t want to be that guy, Jace. You don’t want to be the guy that hurts other people just because you can. You are not that guy. I know you aren’t.” I started to cry. I’d made a fool of myself. It was so embarrassing. I wanted to slink away. Crawl away and hide. “I don’t want Sam to know,” I said. “Sam is your friend through thick and thin, Jace. You can count on him, I promise. And you can count on me.” I stood up and look at him with wet, red eyes, “I am gay.” He nodded. He looked sympathetic. “But you are Jace. Just Jace. Second baseman, good friend, rocket firing fool, science nerd, goofy, Jace. Gay is just another adjective to describe you. It’s not all that you are. It doesn’t define you. You’re just Jace.” “I won’t tell anybody. I won’t hurt you or Sam. Not ever.” “I know,” Coach said. They weren’t hurting anybody. And they loved each other. It was nobody’s business. I didn’t know much but I knew that.

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