Episode 132: Care in the CommunityEpisode 132: Care in the Community


Episode 132: Care in the CommunitySuzz woke up to find Anita licking the side of her neck as usual, but another tongue between her legs.She whipped back the thin sheet covering their bare bodies, ready to admonish Toby, their fictional Great Dane, for being in bed with them again.But, of course, instead of his long furry snout bringing her to the edge of orgasm, it was her son.”Mikey – what are you doing here…”, she started, then it gradually dawned on her excited brain – of course the university was closed and they were Staying At Home.Suzy tried to grip his head between her thighs as Anita, her bi-sexual Mauritian lover, munched on one nipple while thumbing the other, as the climax overtook her sensibilities.Now Mikey had crawled up behind Anita and appeared to be rutting between her gorgeous brown buttocks.She let him in with a sigh “oh go on then, if you have to – but not the arse – kaçak iddaa it’s still sore from last night””Your turn to get breakfast, mum”, said Mikey pulling her girlfriend around on top to take her in a reverse cowgirl position, “and don’t burn the toast again” added Anita cheekily.Suzz grazed on those gorgeous dark brown nipples thrust into the air on top of succulent breasts, before leaving the family bed to make cups of tea.Looking down at her own nakedness and worn out breasts, she wondered again how easily this gorgeous girl had come to live with her after Suzz had stopped suffering as Annie’s slave.Returning from the kitchen with a tray of tea and toast, wearing her leather collar, Suzz watched her son cumming inside her girlfriend, then pull out to let her clean them both up.”So, what about today’s volunteering after breakfast?”Suzz and Anita pulled on the skimpiest lycra shorts kaçak bahis and sports bras for their daily run together.Stopping outside each Smanell residents house, kissing deeply at a safe distance, pressing sweaty bodies together, hands dipping into succulent pussies.Suzy and Anita were known, one way or another, to most of the locals and so it was no surprise for them to be spotted out of the window by the son of a young couple in School Lane.”Mummy, those two ladies are doing press-ups in our garden again”.”Don’t stare Jonny, it’s rude”.”But now they’re pressing their breasts up against the window – look at those funny flattened nipples”.”Come away, Jonny – I don’t think you should be rubbing yourself like that”.Daddy worked away on the oil rigs, so was away from home for 3 weeks at a time; Jonny slept in mummy’s bed for company, so the only chance mummy and daddy had time for some illegal bahis real intimacy was during the day.Now that the village school was closed for the lockdown and Jonny home all day, mummy and daddy had to literally grab every opportunity for pleasure.Daddy’s hand was inside mummy’s panties, stroking a very wet pussy as Jonny was distracted by the scene outside.”Oh now there’s a man standing behind them, pulling down their shorts. Why is he putting his penis in their bottoms, mummy?”Suzy, masturbating, watched daddy bending mummy over the back of the sofa, while they watched Mikey entering Anita, who was trying to discourage Jonny from pushing his penis into mummy’s open mouth.It’s not clear who came first, or last, but afterwards Suzy mouthed through the double glazing that they weren’t passing judgement, rather they were just here to collect any spare tins for the food bank.As Jonny’s parents had been lucky or clever enough to get an ocado delivery; Mikey loaded their excess produce into the van for distribution to the village vulnerable, and then on to the next house for their volunteering.

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