Subject: Enjoying Teaching Jay, Part 4, for adult/youth section. Please as you appreciate the stories that Nifty put on their site for us, support them by donating to their expenses. You should do this because you are visiting their site to read so clearly must enjoy at least some of the contents; Jay’s whipping! Both Jay and i must have had erotic dreams of the ongoing situation we were in. Jay, spreadeagled so delightfully and near to naked on his bed next to mine, his young body still showing the red marks from his whipping on the cross but like so many youngsters he seemed to have passed into a tranquil oblivion once asleep. For me, the thought of his pleading eyes looking up at me as he lay on the couch after his crucifixion experience, was emblazoned on my mind so when I heard his hesitant request as to whether he would be whipped tomorrow! I could not really rest for imagining the coming day! But come around the morning did, and as the light crept into our room I looked across at my boy, tied so willingly beside me. “When are Dan and Jo coming Sir, and Sir, am I really going to be whipped by them today?” “Indeed you are Boy, and hopefully you will be pleased to hear that two other friends will be coming to watch you suffer for us!” I waited to hear his response as he turned his head to look at me, big blue eyes wide. “But why Sir, why do you let other friends of yours see me like that?” “Because my young friend, you are highly desirable to a lot of men, and to see you willingly suffer under the whip, to see you taken to your limits, albeit not permanently damaged will be a real thrill for them. They will also bring their own boys of about your age that they are training, to witness your whipping ordeal and maybe be allowed to take a small part in the actual punishment!” “But there is another thing we need to deal with Boy, and I see you are keeping quiet about it! That first training butt plug has to come out for your morning ablutions, and I have the first proper move up towards a full size plug ready to replace it!” “Oh sir, can you wait for that until after my whipping, please Sir, pleeese|” Those big blue eyes were wide as he watched my reaction. “Today you are to be punished to your limits, and because of that I will put off your new plug until after whipping, because that is what you seem to want. The men who are coming to watch you will also expect that your butt is being prepared for their final goal, and I am sure you know what that is! I could see Jay thinking in that young tousled head of his about what I had just told him so decided before he had too long to mull it over it was time to release him and we would go together to the shower. Under the hot water we enjoyed soaping each other, but when Jay’s hands strayed to fondle his erect cock I quickly decided to fasten his wrist cuffs behind him. He would need all the help from his sexual urges to get through the coming events, and anyway, he would enjoy the two boys of his own age being let loose on him later when after his whipping he remained stretched up and vulnerable with his arms bound above him. There was only a limited number of orgasm’s that even a randy lad like Jay could manage in a day! After the shower I released his arms for his usual morning trip to the toilet. I took his training plug away and showed him the one that would replace it, now to be after his whipping as just agreed. I dried him off with a large white towel, after which I turned him to face me before embracing his lithe, smooth young body in a close hug! My hug was returned as his slender arms went around my waist to pull himself in, even tighter until i could feel his erection twitching against my thigh. “You Boy, are a winner, are you really ready for your day?” “Yes Sir, I want it all to happen. I want to impress the men, and those boys they are bringing with them! Will you gag me if i start making a fuss Sir? “The ball gag and whip are ready and waiting in the dungeon for use as soon as Dan and company arrive!” I felt a shiver of anticipation run through him as I held him close and he, with his arms around me, squeezed tightly against me so now my erect cock was pressed on his chest! I picked up his little home made bikini and he stood still and looked down as I passed it around his sexy little middle, making sure his erect cock fitted into the folds, before tying it neatly on his hip. We breakfasted together. Jay, now in his little hanky bikini and with his cuffed wrists shackled behind him, and me just in swim shorts with a thong under to restrain my burgeoning and currently untamable erection. I had to feed Jay with each mouthful which made him giggle as he perched beside me on a high stool by the breakfast bar. At 9am on the dot, Dan drove up and parked, Jo and He jumping out grinning as they saw me waiting with Jay, who was excitedly ready for konyaaltı sınırsız escort them, ready even though now getting a bit nervous I realized, as the time approached for his coming ordeal! He just looked so vulnerable and wonderfully sexy in that tiny sexy tented bikini, and with hands firmly shackled behind him. “The others will be here in 30 minutes” Dan called out. “Time to get our young victim down to the dungeon and strung up ready for inspection!” He and Jo came across and grabbing an upper arm of Jay each, marched him off to the dungeon, while I awaited the other friends and especially looked forward to seeing the two young boys they were bringing with them. I was so looking forward to watching their reactions when they saw Jay actually being whipped, because up till then, I had been told, they had only had relatively mild bondage sessions with their Masters. The wait was worth while when a small mini van arrived with my two friends accompanied by two boys. The guys were dressed in slacks and t-shirts but as they helped the boys out I let out a sigh of delight. The boys were aged about twelve, maybe thirteen, well tanned, and that shown off so well because all they were wearing were tiny loin cloths, apparently made of some thin leather material, real Tarzan style! They had bare feet and better still, both had their hands tied behind them. They stood still for a moment before being prodded forward to meet me, and almost the first thing I noticed was the sexily tented state of their loin cloths. Oh my God, delicious! Both my friends now peeled off their shirts, unbuckled their belts and dropped their slacks to reveal black leather thongs! Now that Dan and Jo had had time to get Jay ready, I took them straight down to the dungeon, the men taking care to hold on to their boy’s shoulders to support them down the rough stone steps with their bare feet and bound hands. What a sight awaited us! Jay was tied standing centrally, facing us. His wrists secured in a wide Y, his ankles with ropes just pulling his legs into a mild spread eagle position. It was hot in the room and already I could see a light sheen of sweat across his back, and it was starting to slightly wet the top of his bikini! Dan stood one side of the boy, and Jo the other, now stripped to their black bulging thongs, and both with wide grins as they held multi tailed whips. Time to get this show on the road, called out Dan. You two boys, get that bikini off him. Don’t you dare touch his cock, however tempting it is. Jay will need all his strength for the next hour!! The two lads knelt beside Jay, looking up at his sweating torso, and fumbling as they untied the knots on his hips, before pulling the small cloth covering free. “Sir, look at his cock ring Sir, it makes mine and Jason’s look small!” I always got pleasure from the way it held Jay’s substantial package forward with its wide flat shape, and it seemed my friends boys were suitably impressed! “Sir, please Sir, Dan, Jo, can I be gagged to stop me pleading. Please Sir, that is only fair!” “We decide what is fair boy, and our rules are that you must take your whipping without any pleading, but if you do cry out for us to stop we will gag you, and start your whipping over again. Do you understand that?” “How many am I going to get Sir? Can I know so I know when it will stop!!?” “You are going to get twenty on your back and butt, followed by ten on the chest and stomach, so if you plead and get gagged, it could mean a lot more suffering. If, as sometimes happens with a particularly randy victim, you should orgasm and cum under the whip, we will allow you a few minutes to regain your sex drive before continuing!” Jay was shaking now in anticipation as Dan and Jo, now holding a whip each, took up position either side of him, while the two friends, myself, and the young boys pulled up some light seating to sit and watch. To add to my enjoyment I put my arm round one of the boys who snuggled his warm desirable young body close to me, so I was able to work my fingers inside the flap of his loin cloth, and I was finally able to creep them under even the inner pouch part so felt the boy’s velvety smooth twitching cock for the first time! The first strokes across Jays back made him give out a little cry of pain as he bucked under his bonds, but I noticed his erect cock twitch and stand tight to nearly touch his tummy. The boy in my arm jerked as he watched the scene unfold, and I squeezed him in tighter, enjoying the feel of his soft warm skin against mine! Two, shouted Dan, the leader always. Swish and slap, the erotic noise of the now damp leather on wet boy skin was exciting to hear. Jay cried out in a frenzy as more strokes turned his back bright red, until having taken twelve, and now hanging limp from his arm cuffs, he pulled konyaaltı türbanlı escort himself as upright as possible and yelled out, “Please stop, I need a rest! This made the next job mine to carry out. Firstly to encourage my boy to be brave. Secondly to insert the red ball gag in his open mouth before strapping it tightly around his sweating head, and giving him a final encouraging pep talk, namely, that he had asked for this whipping, so must have it as we wanted it, in full! We all admired him for his pluck, but rules were rules, so we must now start over again! He was now unashamedly sobbing and tears were running down his face, along with snot from his nose! I did whisper in his ear that I would make sure the marks would be gone within a week, before I ruffled his now soaking wet hair, but then it was time to carry on, and I prayed that they would lighten the lashes from now on! I stood back, adjusting myself in my thong at the same time. He opened his mouth and in a flash I had the gag in place! Dan and Jo, one each side of my boy, started laying on the strokes faster, but I was glad to see not quite as hard. I had returned to sit with my arm around one of the youngsters that my friends had brought in. Dan had just call out “twenty”, when Jay went rigid and upright in his bonds, and shot a small jet of clear boy cum for several feet in front of him, before he collapsed to hang limp from his wrist cuffs. What a sight he made, that smooth young body of his criss crossed with the thin red stripes from the whips! “Give the boy a rest!” came from Dan and Jo in unison. I felt a moment of relief but it was followed by another speech by Dan. “The boy has been great, and I say we should un-gag him while he rests for a while,” and he went to unbuckle the straps of the gag to let Jay get a few breaths of fresh air. As soon as he was free of the gag Jay called out in his shrill treble voice. “I don’t need the gag anymore Sir, I have had my extra punishment, and only have ten lashes on my front to come!” “Okay Boy, on your head be it. If you do plead again we start right over again. That means all of it, do you understand?” Dan spoke quietly to the boy while we all watched fascinated to see the outcome. Five minutes went by, before Dan and Jo took up station either side of Jay as he stood, waiting for their final assault. He looked so utterly desirable, a young Boy actually having asked for a whipping and now shuddering in terrified anticipation! A really true masochist, and for me reminders of my boyhood dreams! Although Jay cried out in pain when the first lash landed across his chest, his cock had already risen back to full height, into the beautiful hairless rigidly tight erection of a young boy! Dan called for the lashes to come quickly before the boy had to wait around in pain for the next stroke, so after a short but wonderful spectacle as Jay bucked and heaved, naked and sweating under the lash, it was soon all over and I went forward to help release him. “Sir!” came a plaintiff little voice from Jay. “Sir you mentioned that after this you wanted to initiate me further by having your way with me tied on your bed. But Sir, I have done everything else you asked for, and am pleading for more time before you do that!” “Go on boy, spill it out, what are you asking?” There was a long pause as he looked at me from his tear stained face. “Sir, I don’t want to do that final thing this time. I want to go sailing with you more, and then go home at the end of the holiday. I promise I can come again next holiday and you can carry on with what I know you want to do, but I am not ready now!” I paused just a moment before giving the only reply that was sensible to the boy who had given so much, and promised so much more in the future. “If that is what you want Jay, that is what we will do. You will be thirteen by next holiday, and if you come then, I will continue your training and you will finish up sleeping alongside me or under me every night in my bed. Is that fair and do you understand?!” “Yes Sir, thank you Sir. Wow, I look forward to that, I promise I will do anything you want next time! I felt one of my friends, Pete, at my elbow nudging me, a slight grin on his face. “Mario, you must be disappointed for now, but if you would like my young Jason here to stay for the night, he would like to come and join you. He enjoys a bit of tight bondage at night and has been well trained up his butt by Me and Andy!” I felt a soft hand creep into mine as Jason came up beside me, and as I realized it was the same boy I had been enjoying while watching Jay’s whipping. “Thanks Pete, yes please. He will come to my room when you leave, but in the meanwhile I will make up a bed for Jay in a spare room.” So we made an arrangement that Pete would return the next morning to konyaaltı ucuz escort collect Jason. Meanwhile, a shivering suffering Jay stood by listening. “Right Jay my boy, you have stood up to your day well, and now let’s get some salve on those red stripes of yours!” I put a hand behind his head to guide him over to the corner of the dungeon, where I had prepared a table to lay him on while administering salve to his stripes. Willingly he let me lift him up to lay him face down, while I prepared the salve. Gentle sighs, plus a few moans as I touched a spot where the lashes had overlapped to cause vivid red wheals, but gradually Jay relaxed as I massaged the soothing salve into his back, enjoying the softness of his skin as my hands gently kneaded the sore areas. While I did this massage my “borrowed” boy, Jason, stood watching, a small smile on his cute young face. He was still wearing just his tented loin cloth that I knew before too long I would be removing! When I had finished Jay’s back, and his oh so desirable butt, I gently turned him over to attend to his chest, softly twisting his erect nipples which made him squirm in pleasure. I so enjoyed it as my boy writhed gently around, this time in pleasure rather than pain. Once completed I stood him up, again fastening that cheeky little bikini he had made out of two white hankies around his hips, tucking in his now nearly limp cock now hanging over his shining wide cock ring. The show was over and we all went off to the kitchen to prepare a tasty fry up, mainly for the boys, but for us adults to enjoy also. After lunch and a rest all round, Dan and Jo set off home, followed shortly after by my two friends, Pete and Andy with only one boy, as Jason was to staying the night with me and Jay. I left both the boys together while I went to prepare the small spare room for Jay tonight. That done I laid out the equipment for my night with Jason. Ropes from each corner of the bed of course, as Pete had told me his boy enjoyed tight bondage at night. A large bolster in the centre would go under his midriff as I tied him down on his front, his bum invitingly high for me to fully enjoy before we settled down for the night! When I returned to the boys they were chatting together, both had a hand feeling the others rigid cock through their tiny coverings and they turned to grin at me. “Sir”, it was Jay who spoke first. “Thank you for letting me off “you know what” until my next trip down here. I will really be looking forward to it, and Jason has told me that once he had been broken in he found it is his idea of heaven!” “Oh yes Sir” came from Jason as he looked me in the eye, “I enjoy sleeping with Pete, especially when he ties me down, and I am looking forward to finding out what you are planning to do to me after you have first had your way with me Sir!” I then walked across and kissed Jay on his forehead, but as I bent to kiss Jason he looked up at me before his moist lips found mine in a lingering kiss, his little tongue working expertly in my mouth! I decided to pass the evening with some videos to encourage the boys, and we sat on the old settee, me with a boy on either side as my favorite video of crucifixions with boys bound on the cross played out. Early in the show I felt Jasons hand creep into my my lap and when I looked down at him he gave me a big grin. “Wow Sir, your’s is big, it feels even bigger than Pete’s, but I know I will soon find out! “You will indeed soon be finding out boy, so maybe it is time for all of us to shower but first a light supper to give you boys strength. After that, an early night to follow our very hectic day!” I stood them both up and led them first to the kitchen for supper, and then to the big shower room where I was able for the first time to see Jason stripped naked. He was stunning. He stood proudly displaying himself so I could hardly drag my eyes away from his beautiful erect cock rising from a shining steel ring around the base of his genitals. When I looked him over though I was even more delighted by his fabulous body, his whole being so smooth and lithe with not a hair in sight. We showered and enjoyed soaping each other until I called time and marched Jay, still naked, to his room where I tied his wrists to the headboard and his ankles to the foot rail. Not tightly because he would be alone, but as I told him with a wink, “You have to be tied to stop you touching that randy cock of yours, and in case you decided to escape!” He returned the comment with a delightful giggle! My night with Jason was memorable in that he clearly enjoyed it. The hard penetration by me, followed by tight bondage. But this must be another story. This has been the story of Jay to date, who now wants a few quiet days sailing and living on my boat before returning home. he promises to come down next holidays, and says that he wants me to complete his training, as well as maybe giving him another whipping if he fails to obey and please. So if this story is to continue I will look for some encouragement and ideas. Without that I might as well keep the follow up stories to myself so I hope my readers have enjoyed this little fantasy, and I wish them all happy reading and hunting. Mario Pedra

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