Subject: England Cricket Boys – Ducking the First Balls Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and practice safe sex! Happy reading. Previously: Inside the Bio Bubble Sam scuttled across to Ollie’s bed and sat down next to his teammate, Dom watched on as first Ollie, then Sam pulled their whites down and past their knees. England Cricket Boys 6 – Ducking the First Balls Jason Roy eyed his England and Surrey teammate Sam Curran from across the room. “Go on Sammy boy, you know you want to.” He grinned. Surrey’s opening batsman sat in the chair of their hotel shared room, his legs wide open and his hard cock pointing straight up towards the ceiling. The young all-rounder ignored Jason; he was still pissed at him. Waking up to the sight of Jason’s cock pointing directly towards his face in the batsman’s fist as he pumped rapidly. Sam had just enough time to close his eyes again before the 28-year-old coated his face with a thick load of his hot, sticky jizz. Jason remained patient, he knew Sam couldn’t resist. The batsman took his uncut head and rolled his helmet slowly up and down using his thumb and middle finger. 7.5 inches with a slight curve to the left and light blue veins running all over, Jason smiled, his cock looked good. “Come on Sammy, you know you want it.” Jason teased again. Revealing his head and hiding it again, trying to catch Sam’s eye. “I only did it because I know you love it.” Jason pleaded innocently. Sam remained unmoved but noted the change in Jason’s tone, still he looked through his phone, uninterested at the images on the screen killing time, waiting for his teammate to beg him. “You said it yourself, Sam likes dick and dick likes Sam.” Jason grinned, his tongue between his teeth. Sam suppressed the urge to smile, holding it in, holding it in, he was ready to burst out with laughter. [1 elephant, 2 elephant, 3 elephant, 4 elephant, and breath.] Jason’s patience was beginning to wane, his fingers still manipulated his helmet, stimulating him while he waited. The Surrey batsman couldn’t wait any longer and with a gulp, he had to admit defeat, “I’m sowwie Sammy.” Jason conceded. Sam leapt off the bed leaving his phone behind and in one giant hop landed between Jason’s knees. “Next time, put it in my mouth at least.” Sam grinned before sliding his mouth over Jason’s helmet. “Fuck yes, you’re the boss.” Jason groaned as Sam took him to the land of pure pleasure. The all-rounder’s beautiful pink lips slipped over his teammate’s waiting helmet before rolling Jason’s foreskin down with him and swishing the underside of his tongue across the head. “Fuck, Christ!” Jason swore as his shoulders launched off the back of his chair involuntarily. Sam knew how to rock Jason’s world and using just his mouth, the 22-year-old began to bob up and down rapidly. Sam’s straight hair bounced up and down with him as he forced Jason’s cock progressively deeper into his face, scraping his wet tonsils. Jason bursa escort bayan threw his arms behind his head and praised the heavens above as his cock tingled with joy. Sam’s tongue worked its magic as he bobbed, using the versatile muscles to increase the pressure of his blowjob. Cute dimples formed in Sam’s cheeks where he sucked on his teammate’s pulsing cock. Sam knew just what Jason loved, and what Jason really loved was to feel like he was being worshipped. The young all-rounder removed Jason’s cock from between his lips and stared into the older lad’s eyes. Taking Jason’s cock at the base, Sam slapped himself hard in the cheek several times. “Yeah, you like that big boy D?” Jason beamed. “You know I love the D.” Sam chuckled before pelting himself in the face a few times more. “Hmmm.” Jason hummed, feeling powerful and incredibly horny. Sam’s hand replaced his mouth using his warm palm to run along Jason’s rigid cock. The 28-year-old’s shaft glistened with Sam’s spit as the all-rounder’s hand glided back and forth. Sam studied the web of turquoise veins running from his teammate’s balls and along his shaft to his thick, juicy head. After taking a few moments to catch his breath as he jerked Jason’s cock, Sam lowered his face into the batsman’s balls and gave them a long hard sniff. “You like those balls Sammy, you like those big creamy balls?” Jason leered. “Yeah boy, you gonna shoot those creamy balls over my face?” Sam asked rhetorically. “Just like I always do.” Jason agreed. “I’m gonna spunk all over that cute little face of yours and paint you like the messy little slut you are.” Sam’s cock throbbed in his boxers, he loved it when Jason talked down to him. He knew the older lad was just in character but so was Sam, now that Sam had Jason’s hard cock in his hands, there were no rules. Sam ran his tongue under Jason’s balls, pleasuring each one in turn. Jason kept himself so neat and clean, Sam loved the care and attention. The sound of licking and slurping got louder as Sam really began to indulge placing Jason’s left ball in his mouth and gently sucking to lap up the older lad’s gentle flavour. Jason began to coo, gentle radiating noises as Sam slipped into his rhythm. The young all-rounder’s hand worked hard, manipulating Jason’s foreskin and leaving him practically begging for more. “That’s it my boy, right there.” Jason huffed, confirming what Sam already knew. The batsman looked down at his bulging bellend, the dome had gone a deep purple, whilst a clear bead of precum smeared itself across the head with the help of Sam’s fist. The feeling of Jason’s thick rod in his hand felt so right, the only thing Sam enjoyed more than having a teammate’s cock in his hand, was his own. As he sucked away at Jason’s sack, moving from the left ball, to the right one then back again, Sam reimagined the sight he had seen so many times before of Jason’s tight foreskin sliding down to reveal his fat, purple head. Sam could feel the batsman’s precum sticking to his fingers as he stroked. The all-rounder görükle escort imagined the precum slowly building in volume with an extra bead joining the sticky mess after every fifth stroke until it began to bubble and turn white. Sam began to wonder how much longer before he needed to return to sucking Jason shaft and it was at that moment Jason confirmed the answer. Closing a hand around Sam’s soft blonde hair, Jason pulled his teammate up from his balls and guided the 22-year-old to the top of his shaft. Sam complied obediently, pursing his lips around the older lad’s sticky, purple head and sliding all the way to the base of his 7.5-inch cock. “Ugh, you fucking whore.” Jason swore bitterly, angry that Sam’s filthy mouth felt so good, the boy had to be punished. Keeping his hand closed around a fistful of hair, Jason began to pump his hips up into Sam’s face. The older lad was quick and aggressive, making Sam work hard to relax his throat and accept the hard member thrusting into his tonsils. It was common knowledge that Sam loved a cock being shoved to the back of his throat. The sound of involuntary slurping increased in volume along with the speed of Jason’s thick hips. The 28-year-old measured his thrusts ensuring that he wasn’t just pressing hard but deep as well. Watching his soaking wet 7.5-inch sword glistening in the dim light from the corner of their hotel room, Jason felt a throb of dominant power surge through him. The roof of Sam’s warm mouth scraping along his swollen head made Jason shudder, the Surrey batsman’s grip on the back of Sam’s head became firmer still “that’s it boy.” he agreed as he punished Sam’s face. Jason’s cock grew thicker within Sam’s mouth as the sexy, young all-rounder held firm. The 28-year-old’s cock glided effortlessly between Sam’s juicy lips, throbbing in response to the cute blonde incredible oral skills. It wasn’t just Jason’s head that throbbed, as his shaft thickened and his balls ached, Jason knew it was nearly time to shoot. The batsman held Sam’s head by his hair as his cock filled the youngster’s mouth, ploughing his swollen bellend against Sam’s tonsils. Sam could feel the anticipation building in Jason’s balls as the 28-year-old stuffed his cock hard into the all-rounder’s skull. Sam’s fingers rubbed against Jason’s balls tactically as his teammate rammed his face. Without warning, Sam’s amazing work and resilience hit the spot and a load of hot salty cum fired hard into the roof of his mouth. “You dirty cunt.” Jason grunted, ruthlessly thrusting into Sam’s brain. The 28-year-old’s chunky hips prodded Sam’s face with his unloading cock as the all-rounder prepared for the load coming his way. Jason’s cock erupted more shots of his velvet seed into Sam’s skull. The young all-rounder’s tongue remained flat against the base of his mouth to allow Jason to shoot as far in as he could. Each shot sent a thick wave of salty jizz into Sam’s tonsils. The 22-year-old swallowed gratefully, drinking Jason’s viscous fluid which clung to his bursa escort bayan throat as the muscles forced it down. Pulse after pulse sent squirt after squirt of jizz into Sam’s head as Jason’s heavy nuts unleashed the contents. After 20 seconds of groaning while mercilessly spearing Sam’s brain, Jason slowed and gave a long deep sigh. The 28-year-old held Sam’s face in place while his head squeezed out the last few pearls of his seed. Sam’s tongue curled into the back of his mouth, lapping up the final few droplets of Jason’s load, while he sucked in a few drags of his teammate’s sweaty crotch. A few more seconds went by before Jason released the back of Sam’s head and with that, the 22-year-old was free. Sam placed his tongue at the bottom of Jason’s base once more and sliding up to the top he slipped off with a pop. Looking up at Jason who gave a satisfied grin, Sam deliberately swallowed hard and smiled before pushing himself up off the mattress and walking away. No need for thank yous or high fives Jason knew Sam did it for the thrill. The young Surrey and England all-rounder washed down Jason’s load as he helped himself to a glass of water and grabbing his phone, he settled down to relax before Jason’s nuts came calling again. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. If you like what you’ve read, please let me know by emailing me ail. I write these stories for fun, but I would greatly appreciate any contributions you are willing to give as a result. If you would like to make a donation then feel free to contact me on the email above. Here is the rest of my collection: Sticky Blinders, After party at the OSCARs, Cole Me By Your Name, Happy 18th Bro, Coffee for John, An Audition to Remember, Breakfast Boot & The Queen’s English. 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