Engaged to DeceptionEngaged to Deception


“This has been fun.” Her breathing was frantic. Remedy nearly came out of her skin with each additional kiss he placed on her neck.

She sat on the edge of Jewelene’s dining room table. With spread legs and prying fingers, she beckoned for Derek to come closer. Her opened blouse hung off of her shoulders. The skirt bunched up around her waist had a large rip up its left side. Her panties had touched to floor moments ago. Her bra was still clipped together around her ribcage, but it did not cover her breast.

He moved his mouth back and forth between her left and right nipple. Remedy’s hands pulled his head closer as she pushed her chest out. His hands wrapped around the ample flesh of her breasts. She shivered when his fingernails scratched her flesh. Glancing down at his handy work, Remedy saw the marks engraved in her skin. He felt her hands undoing the zipper on his jeans.

“But, I think I should go back to my fiancé after this.”

Derek raised an eyebrow as he pulled his lips from her right nipple. “You haven’t left him yet.”

“This was just a temporary separation. I still love him.”

“That’s what you say.” Derek pulled her hips until her feet touched the ground. “But we both know you don’t mean it.”

He turned her body around. With his hand on her back, he pressed her torso down toward the table. Remedy felt his hands shift down to her waist as lowered himself almanbahis şikayet to his knees. He kissed both cheeks before sinking his teeth into her round derrière. Remedy’s lips parted, but not a single sound came out. Her entire being shivered at the first feel of Derek’s tongue. His tongue traced the valley that divided the cheeks as his thick fingers spread them. Remedy dug her teeth into her lower lip. When her anal opening caught the tip of his tongue, he took his time to love the rosebud to the fullest.

“You men are all the same.” She wiggled her ass in his face. “You love to tease.”

She felt his finger slowly invading her. Pain coursed through her body with each push of his slick digit. As much as she wanted him to stop, the pleasure of experiencing new sexual habits thrilled her. Remedy shut her eyes as he stretched her virgin hole to a new comfort. Pain steadily subsided and she became use to one finger. It was a repeated process of pain and then pleasure. Her body relaxed then tightened with each added fingers.

With a faint whimper, she felt Derek withdraw all four of his fingers. He stood up straight behind her. Derek sucked on the back of her neck; his hands reached around to knead her tender breasts. His moist lips and tongue touched the warm skin behind her ear. The sweetest – or wettest – kisses in the world couldn’t cool her heated flesh. The blood in her veins almanbahis canlı casino continued to boil. She wanted him – need him. But as long as her heart belonged to Jeremy, Remedy could never fully be with Derek.

Remedy reached between the two and guided his length to her entrance. He pushed his hips forward and entered her anal canal. Her body stiffened and her walls tightened around the thick invader. Remedy gripped the ridged edges of the glass table. Listening to each unspoken word of her body, Derek took his time finding her depth. Her face touched the chilled table top with her lips tightly pressed together.

“Derek.” She could barely breathe as she felt her body being filled in a new way.

He entire being went still; his manhood completely buried inside of her. Derek used one hand to roughly rub her clit as his other hand molded around her soft breast tissue. He ran his thumb over her hardened nipples. Remedy tilted her head back as the air left her lungs. The light sensation made her toes curl. It all felt so wonderful; something she’d be willing to try again. Derek slowly withdrew then thrust back into her.

Nuzzling her neck and inhaling her scent, Derek groaned his affection. “I love you, Remedy.”

Helpless to resist the impact of his thrust and his playful fingers, her body braced for her first orgasm. She came with the loudest scream her mouth had ever almanbahis casino released. Derek began to stroke faster and faster feeling his own release building up. His prying digits went on attacking her wet clit. Remedy shook from the violent orgasm that overtook all of her. Even consumed by lustful emotions, she couldn’t bring herself to repeat his statement.

Her hips swayed to and fro from the pounding her ass was taking. Just as her first orgasm receded, another one rushed in with new vigor. Matching Derek’ rhythm with her ass, she was unable to resist the need to be pounded from behind. His balls tightened and when Remedy came once more, he followed right after her. Both their bodies shivered feeling his release deep inside her anus.

Derek pulled out of her keeping his arms around her stomach and her body tight against his chest.

He pulled her body back with his until he sat on the built-in bench inside his shower. Remedy sat on his lap as her breathing returned to normal. Derek rocked her shaking frame, feeling the tension fall from her shoulders and her heart beating heavy against her chest.

“You didn’t answer me earlier.”

“Did you ask me something?” She inhaled deeply before letting it go through her nose.

“I said ‘I love you’.”

“Did you? I don’t remember.”

The jingling of keys caught their attention. They both stopped breathing for a brief moment. The front door opened and they scattered to put on their clothes. When Jewels finished dragging bags into the foyer; Remedy and Derek were fully dressed. Both sat at the dining room table on their individual cell phones, pretending the other did not exist.

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