Employee ReportEmployee Report


The metal gate was down that sealed the entrance to the store from the mall. The lights were out except for the tiny security lights in the showroom. And I was sitting in the office /stockroom finishing up the weekly financial report that I had to drop in a mailbox on the way home. The locked bank deposit bag was sitting there ready to go as well. It was about 10 o’clock and I had finished up a bit earlier than usual.

Being promoted to assistant manager of the shoe store meant a rise in my salary, but it also meant having to open the store in the mornings and close it up at night as well as doing the weekly report. In effect, more work. Oh well, I guess that’s how you got ahead in this company.

Someone was knocking on the back door which led into the corridor which ran behind the stores of the mall. I walked back to it and said loudly, “Who’s there?” You had to be loud because it was a close fitting steel door. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I wanted to make sure of who it was before opening the door. Probably mall security, but you never know.

“It’s Linda,” came back the muffled reply.

Linda? Why would the boss’ wife be at the store an hour after closing? “Hold on,” I called out. I unlocked the heavy door and swung it open. Linda was standing there with a manila envelope in her hand. “Butch finished the employee reports at home and forgot to bring them in today. They have to go out with the financial report his evening, so he asked me to drop them by.”

Butch was about 20 years older than I was and a nice guy, but very conservative and boring as hell. The only thing he ever talked about was the Atlanta Falcons and how the store was doing as compared with previous years. “Why didn’t he bring them himself?”

Linda had stepped inside, and I closed the door behind her and locked it. 3He’s out with his bowling team again. He won’t be home until midnight or so.”

Oh yeah, Butch also talked about his bowling team. Like I said, boring.

“I read the reports—I read yours, I hope you don’t mind.”

Well, I did kind of mind. Every six months, Butch had to assess the employees and write short report on them, which went to head quarters. I guessed if people at headquarters read them then they weren’t too private—I mean Linda was the boss’ wife. But then again I saw her once or twice a week. I decided it wasn’t a particularly big deal. I was pretty sure my report was good. Butch had told me that he had written good reports for me on the previous two.

“No, I don’t mind. What did it say?”

“Well, it was positive—Butch praised your attention to detail, your creative ideas, and – and this I found interesting—your handling of customer relations when someone came back to complain or return a d pair of shoes. Hold on—here it is–” and she pulled out a sheet of paper from the envelope. “David shows a remarkable ability to satisfy the customer, particularly the more difficult middle-aged women who sometimes come in with an aggressive attitude. David usually causes them to leave with a smile on their face. He has very good interpersonal skills, is attentive to the needs of the customer and seems to always propose a solution that satisfies the customer while keeping to company policy.”

“Yeah, that’s me—keep the customer satisfied,” I joked.

“What is it you do to keep the customer satisfied—particularly these middle-aged women? If you read this with a slightly different tone it could sound very sexual. ‘David usually causes them to leave with a smile on their face'” she read in a sultry voice. “Ooooooh, yeah.”

“It’s nothing like that,” I said, a bit embarrassed. We were back at the desk and I sat down I the chair. Linda, disconcertingly, sat down on the edge of the desk right in front of me, her knees just inches from me. I just try to make them happy with the shoes they’ve already got or to propose a new pair that they’ll like.”

“And what do you tell them to make them happy with the shoes they’ve got?”

“It depends—I try to tell them how good they make them look or how much younger they seem when they wear them—without being too obvious, of course.”

“And buca escort what do you say to a woman who brings back a pair of ‘fuck-me’ pumps and says ‘I didn’t get fucked’?”


“Sorry David,” I’m just feeling bitter tonight—I guess I’m a middle-aged woman with an aggressive attitude. Butch is out for the third time this week with his bowling team, practicing for a tournament this weekend in Atlanta. He’ll be gone from Friday night to Sunday night, and I’m not going to go along and be bored—he’s staying in a cheap motel, sharing the room with one of his teammates. He’s not even taking me along to a fancy hotel so I could do some shopping in Peachtree Plaza. I’m sick of it! About once a month it’s ‘slam bam and onto even thank you m’am’. I’m not that fat and ugly , am I?”

“You’re not ugly at all, Linda, and you’re what I call ‘plump’. And let me tell you a little secret. ‘Plump’ kind of turns me on.”

Now I said all this for a reason. I spent my 18th summer with my aunt, Eleanor, who took three weeks to teach me what I would call “Advanced Foreplay and Guaranteed Success with Women”. She had taught me, in effect what to do to satisfy a woman other than pumping in and out of their pussies. She taught me how to get a woman so hot and excited that when I did slide my cock into her she would come almost immediately – for the first time. That was just the end of the process—there was a lot more to it than that ,and I had had a number of occasions to test what she taught me and I always found her instructions to be right on the mark. So, I told Linda that she wasn’t ugly, which was true, and that she wasn’t fat, but ‘plump’, which was only sort of true—who decides what’s fat and what’s plump anyway? And the I told her that I was turned on by plumpness—which was true only in the sense that I was turned on by almost any woman. Women aren’t stupid—they know if you’re lying to them. And it always works better if you tell them the truth and if necessary, just a smidgen of a lie.

Linda knew she wasn’t ugly. She could also talk herself into believing that she was plump, not fat, and she had only my word to go n as to my being turned on by plump, but I made her believe it by putting my hands on her nylon-covered knees and looking her in the eyes. One of my aunt’s lessons—never underestimate the importance of direct and prolonged eye contact when you’re seducing a woman. Not that Linda needed seducing—she already had sex on her mind, I just had to gently lead her to the point where she would spread her legs and invite me in.

The look on her face told me what I needed to know. Her eyes were wide and moist and looking at me with longing and her mouth was slightly open and her lips were moist. I stood up, took her face gently in my hands, leaned forward, and gently kissed her—just for a moment. I looked at her again right in the eyes. Then I leaned forward again and kissed her , still gently, but longer. This tile she responded, moving her lips against mine and pressing slightly against them. Again, I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. She now had an element of lust in her gaze. This time she pulled my face to her, and initiated the kiss which was much harder and longer. When we stopped she was breathing heavily. “I this how you satisfy those women?”

“Are you satisfied?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she whispered, and she pulled my lips to hers again and started forcing her tongue into my mouth which I opened a little and let her explore. Then I put my tongue into her mouth and gave her a long, deep, sensual French kiss that left her gasping.

I broke away and started nuzzling her neck, kissing her ears, nibbling the nape of her neck, rubbing my face in her hair, and generally attacking her face and head with gentle kisses, all the time whispering to her how much she turned me on, how I wanted to kiss her forever, how good her hair smelled and how she was driving me crazy. My aunt had taught me that this is what women like to hear as they are being kissed—and she was right.

Now there are things that my aunt taught me that never fail. One is , kiss the nape alsancak escort of a woman’s neck. She told me that there’s a direct connection between the nape of the neck and the pussy on most women and kissing, licking and sucking the nape of the neck will get woman’s panties wet. Second—and this sounds weird, but try it sometime—nibble a woman’s eyebrows tenderly. For many women this is a big turn-on—particularly when accompanied by a gentle cupping of the breasts, which is what I did to Linda.

Breasts. My aunt taught me not to be too hasty with them. What turns women on is a gentle massage – if they’re still wearing their clothes. And that’s what I did to Linda. Her tits were big, like softballs and I cupped them both and lifted them and pushed them together. I could feel her nipples hardening under her blouse and bra. I lowered my face into them and nuzzled them, and covered the nipples with my mouth and blew hot air on them. This made her moan a little—a moan of pleasure that turned me on.

While continuing to tell her how sexy she was and how good she made me feel I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and pushed it back off her shoulders. I was using another technique that my aunt had taught me– the strip tease in which you strip the woman slowly and teasingly. I leaned forward again and began slowly kissing and licking Linda’s naked shoulders, plucking at her bra straps with my teeth and moaning a bit myself to keep stoking her fires.

By now Linda was putty in my hands. I continued to gently caress her tits while nibbling her shoulders and whispering sexy things to her. She was whispering back now, and mewing when I kissed a particularly sensitive spot. Just a note guys: don’t ignore the value of kissing and licking a woman’s arms. This will increase the wetness between their legs, guaranteed. Licking the inside of an elbow or kissing an armpit has an amazing effect on women. My aunt was right about that too. I applied this knowledge to Linda. I licked the inside of her elbows slowly and gently and she sighed and finished unbuttoning her blouse, exposing a light blue lacy bra full of wonderful female flesh. To tease her further I nibbled the edges of her bra and the straps with my teeth. She couldn’t wait anymore—she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, quickly pulling it off and lifting one breast towards my mouth. “Suck me!” she begged.

This was what I had been waiting for, not sucking her nipples, though I wanted to do that too, but getting her so heated up that she would be pulling off her own clothes and begging me for sexual acts. Once a woman takes off her own bra, she’s yours for the taking.

Just a point here: I’ve never been able to decide if I prefer taking off a woman’s clothes or having her take them off for me.

I gently pushed Linda back so she was half lying on the desk and began to apply serious oral attention to her big luscious boobs. She had big firm boobs but surprisingly small nipples which were bright pink. That didn’t bother me. I took them in my mouth one at a time and licked and rolled them, sucked them, kissed them and turned her on even more by stopping occasionally to tell her how good she tasted and how I loved making her nipples hard. She was flushed now, breathing heavily, and moaning or mewing continuously. She didn’t seem to be capable of forming g understandable words.

While I was sucking her tits, my hands were busy sliding up under her skirt, and I was delighted to discover that she was wearing thigh highs. I teased her some more by running my finger just inside the top band of her stockings and then sliding my finger just under the elastic of her panties. When I touched her crotch of her panties they were dripping wet. I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make her cum.

Still licking her rock-hard nipples, I pushed her skirt up all the way to her belly, which had a roll of fat around it. I didn’t care – I was incredibly excited too. Part of the excitement was in the fact that I was fucking the boss’ wife in the office and that she wanted me so badly. I moved down a bit now, taking her calves bornova escort in my hands and pushing her legs up in the air. Then I leaned into her and began nibbling the band of her panties, pulling it down just an inch or two with my teeth. She couldn’t take it anymore, she grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees where I took over and pulled them off her feet. She was till wearing a pair of high heels and we got tangled up for a second—but only for a second.

There she was—fondling her own boobs, moaning with pleasure, legs back in the air and spread and an inviting , dripping, hot, open, welcoming pussy. “‘Do you want me to fuck your cunt?” I asked her in a low lust-filled voice.

My aunt ad taught me to use words like “fuck” and “cunt” when talking to a woman who was aroused for two reasons. First, if a woman used those kinds of words herself, that meant she liked to use them. And if a woman wasn’t used to language like that she found it exciting when aroused to be told that you wanted to “fuck her brains out ” or “eat her pussy.” Women who were a little repressed but heated up sexually really got off on language like that. So my aunt said, and as you know, my aunt was almost always right about things like that.

She nodded. “Say it,” I commanded.

“I want you to fuck – to fuck my cunt,” she moaned.

“No,” I said. “I’m going to lick you!” The time for gentleness had gone. I put my face into her wet cunt and drove my tongue hard into her honey box. She cried out and bucked her hips. It only took about 10 seconds of thrashing my tongue around her pussy and over her clit for her to reach orgasm..

“Cumming, cumming,” she cried out. “Oh Goddddd!” She heaved and thrashed as I tried to keep my tongue in her wildly heaving cunt. When she had stopped quivering I raised my face, covered with her delicious pussy juice and asked her again, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh yes, baby, please fuck me deep and hard now, please.”

It’s a big turn on to hear a woman begging you to fuck her. While she had been recovering, I had taken the opportunity to strip. Now I stepped forward and slid smoothly into her pussy. She had a wide area of hair over her mound and around her cunt, but it was trimmed very close like a hairy carpet. I pushed her knees back against her chest so that her feet were right in front of my face. She had on tan stockings that felt wonderful when I rubbed her legs. Now I added to her pleasure by nibbling and sucking her toes. This was something else my aunt had taught me. A woman’s toes can be one of the most sensitive parts of her body, but you should usually wait until she is really aroused before attempting to lick them—other wise you’ll just end up tickling her – which can be ok too if that’s what you intend to do. Most women love to have a man kiss and lick their feet.

I slid in and out of Linda’s pussy, enjoying the feeling—it was like a hot, wet velvet glove, and as

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked, and she nodded violently yes. “Can I cum baby, can I cum deep in your pussy?”

This sent her over the edge—being asked if I could cum in her cunt—and as she started her second orgasm I let go and shot my own load deep into her burning love-hole. She wrapped her sexy nyloned legs around me increasing my pleasure, pulling me in even deeper and we shook and shivered and quivered for what seemed like along time, me groaning w

Afterwards we just stayed still for a few minutes, her legs still wrapped around me, my cock still buried in her pussy.

“Oh God,” she said in an exhausted tone. I’m gonna add a note to that employee report—”David is an incredible lover and it’s no wonder those middle-aged women leave with a smile on their faces.”

“You can’t do that,” I said.

“I know,” she said. But hits is one customer you’ve satisfied.”

“You’re not a customer,” I said, “You’re a lover.”

“Hmmm,” she said, “next week when you’re working late I might stop by and show you how my ‘fuck me’ pumps work.’

Silently I thanked my Aunt Eleanor for teaching me how to make a woman want me. .”Promise?” I asked.

As she put her bra and blouse back on she nodded. She picked up her sopping panties, wrapped them in a kleenex, and put them in her purse “Oh yes, I’ll be here.”. And she was, nearly every Thursday night for the next year and a half until I got transferred to become the manager of a new store.

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