Ellie’s Catch Ch. 01-02Ellie’s Catch Ch. 01-02


Story of Pain and Pleasure:

Ellie’s Catch

Chapter One

I got to do something about it!

Ah, the same again – I’ve lost the whole weekend masturbating. Nothing new. Still, I had to do something about it, I knew it was more of a force of habit and maybe an addiction, not that huge libido. OK, yeah, I always was really sex-crazed, but this was excessive… I’ve been losing time that I should be spending with friends, learning, or just doing anything other that would be fun. Worst, I had almost no drive to search for a real relationship or even a one night stand.

But there was still hope for me. Not something like a romantic tale. Nothing like “oh, he found an incredible girl who helped him steer his life for better”. Nope. It was more down to earth, though a bit unconventional – about a month ago, when I was searching the net for something that would help me take care of this problem, between institutions or self-improvement courses (that wasn’t for me), I stumbled upon a website of something I never expected.

From one forum to another, there were people that found it fun to delay their orgasms or have them delayed. This lead to people telling their stories about how they used toys to give control over their pleasures to someone else. These toys were chastity belts and cages. One of the links has lead me to a website of the most revered of their manufactures, the LustJail chastity belts.

Now, these were something different. Most of the devices I’ve seen up to that point were very simple, just some metal designed to block access to penis or pussy, but these – they were beautiful metal lingerie, Bluetooth controlled, had cleaning systems to really wear them all the time without any problems, lots of sensors to keep snug fit even if the wearer’s weight changed. There were also other sensors, like those that would allow to go to the toilet, while if you tried anal, they would slide the door to block the access to the rear of the belt.

The app for the phone would be able to set the locking time, with many options, and to trace a lot of statistics, like, in the male version of these belts, the app could show how often there were erection attempts and how much pressure they made on the inside of the penis tube.

I was interested in anything that would help me at that point, so I checked them out a bit more. Mostly, I was worried if such a belt would be successful, as all the other belts I’ve read about earlier could be defeated in one way or another or just plainly lock-picked or the locks sewed off. These belts had a great (and somewhat terrifying) reviews and credentials – it turned out, they were developed together with one of the addictions and sexual treatment institutions and were used “without any accidents” for years now.

I searched for confirmation on other websites and found verified reviews and an article in a respectable healthcare and science journal – LustJail devices were a serious business and something not to be joked about.

OK, that could work, I could lock myself in one of these belts and set the timer to unlock once a week, jerk off once not to go insane, and then lock myself back for another week. This would be intense, I would be going crazy, at least at the beginning, but I needed to do something… The only problem was, they were diabolically expensive – $6,000…

Still, even though I was in my second year of university, I had quite a lot of savings. Renting a room in a shared apartment even while I could afford my own studio once again turned out to be a good choice.

For the next few weeks, I masturbated even more – if that was even possible… I suppose my mind wanted to do it as much as I could when I subconsciously knew soon I wouldn’t be able to do it more than once a week. Finally, after three weeks of stroking marathon, the package arrived on Friday. It was inconspicuous, I told my flatmates (I lived with 3 girls and two other guys, every room had its own bathroom, but the kitchen was common) that it was just a package with some things from home.

I took the package to my room and when I heard no one was in the corridor, I slowly locked my door. Then I opened the package – there was a charger, though the belt was charged by USB, which was needed for the rear sliding door, hygiene system, and sensors, as well as the locking mechanism, then there were instructions and the belt itself. I unpacked it, it looked like a pair of slimmer, metal briefs with rubber lining. In the front, in the middle, there were two holes, one for the cleaning product and another for water, the locking button, and a small screen. looking from the inside, I could see the enclosed, but ventilated through a series of slits, area for my balls, which included a mesh material so they wouldn’t bounce on metal, and the penis tube with a lot sturdier metal mesh inside and some holes and the rest of the cleaning system.

In my overly excited state, I tried to put the belt on right away, so gaziantep erotik hikayeler I stepped into it and pulled it up, but my cock was pointing unmistakenly upwards and was raging hard, so there was no way I could stuff it into a rather small and pointing down tube inside the belt. I decided to sit down and wait for it to go soft and in the meantime, I went to set up the app on my phone and connect it with the belt. Once that was done, I noticed I was lightly stroking myself…

I decided that I can’t go on like that and pushed with my hand on my cock until it, after a long while, started to give up and I could push it down (which was accompanied by a lot of grunting). It was still quite hard, but it was finally in a position in which I could force it into the belt. Still, it was a rather difficult fight as I got more and more excited, but pushing the belt towards my body and my cock into the tube it, little by little, got my member to lose its hardness and I was finally in. I felt how incredibly tight it was around my cock, it was an unimaginable sensation, a bit uncomfortable as all that blood tried to expand my cock but there was just no space or it. It felt like if someone grabbed it in hand and started squeezing as tight as possible.

The belt was positioned, and even though It was already starting to drive me crazy, I thought that it was only due to the attempted erection and once it was gone, it would be comfortable. So I pushed the lock button and the belt tightened around my hips. It got really tight at first, but after a moment it loosened up a bit. Of course, it still was sitting in place safely, there was no way I could get it off without unlocking it.

Of course, I already wanted nothing more than to take that bloody thing off and cum! But I managed to open the app and go into locking settings. The screen showed that the belt was locked just a couple seconds and there was no unlocking restriction. I choose the tab where I could start a new lock session and I got a few options, like unlocking only after the belt in the hips got sufficiently smaller, I suppose that was for weight loss motivation, and what interested me at the moment – a time lock. I choose the duration I planned from the beginning, so a week, plus 3 hours so I would get unlocked next Friday at 7 PM.

I stopped for a moment, starting to understand what kind of hell I was sentencing myself to. There was no way that I would get anything done that week other than climbing the walls with frustration and bowling-size case of blue balls. I don’t know how, but an idea crept into my mind, that if I was to really do that, and if it was to have any positive effect, I would need to go really cold-turkey and give myself time to adapt to the new reality. So I did something incredibly stupid and changed the lock-up time to 31 days and 3 hours and before I could change my mind I clicked “start”.

At that moment, the tightness around my cock, and the fact that it was kept pointing down suddenly became excruciatingly obvious! It brought me to my knees tugging on the belt, trying to push it down, hitting it with my fist, trying to get under it, and trying to shake it so I could feel any stimulation but it was all in vain… I finally gave up after about two hours, defeated, horny, frustrated as never before and dreading what kind of madness the next days, weeks, would bring…

And I underestimated it. I was losing my mind, every ass or pair of breast I saw made me painfully aware of my belt, I lost an awful lot of hours watching porn and trying to make myself come, only to end up even more frustrated. After just a few days my balls started aching, after a week that turned into plain pain and I got worried and had to see a doctor.

Now, I couldn’t take the belt off so I called the helpdesk of the belt’s manufacturer. It turned out, that there is an emergency code that most hospitals have, but in my case, it wasn’t necessary. The part covering the ball’s area had two plates that could be removed using a special code that some urologists are certified to use. One such place was in NY, where I live, so I got an appointment for the next day.

When I arrived, I had to wait a moment before the doctor asked me to step in. She was in her early 30’s, medium height, brown hair, nice looking. I was too excited and worried to be embarrassed. She made sure I was the right patient for this appointment and asked me what was the problem.

“Well, I’ve recently started wearing a device…”

“Oh, yes, a LustJail chastity belt, – she interrupted me.

“Yes, how do you know?”

“LJ sends us all the necessary information about the patients they book for us, and they also provide us with medical access profiles to the belts. I’ve already checked the temperatures of your organs since you started wearing it, I know how long you’ve been already wearing it and how long you have to keep it on… Right now. I also know you have self-locked, and I have all the statistics on your every erection attempt since you’ve put that device on.”

“Oh… Wow… OK, so, it fully encases my balls and they hurt… A lot…”

“Right, the first good news is, they are kept at the correct temperature, so there are no worries about that. I suppose that’s because of a sudden change in the regularity of your ejaculations. Still, I will have to see them and manually check them. Could you stand up and pull your trousers down, as well as underwear if you have it on over the chastity belt?”

I did exactly that.

“OK, now, you better put your hands behind your back, according to the terms of use of the phone software your belt is connected to, if you touch your genitals, your timer will reset and double. “

She clicked something on her tablet and two plates, one on the right side from the tube and the other on the left side popped out and fell to the ground, revealing my swollen balls. She then pulled a chair in front of me, sat on it, and leaned towards me. She reached for my right ball, looked at it, lifted it a bit… I left out a moan I couldn’t hold and quietly apologized. She turned my ball a bit, looked at it from all sides, checked it with her fingers, then she did the same with my left ball.

“Alright, the skin is not tensed up, there are no veins visible, manual check didn’t find any abnormalities, there is no concerning discoloration, and there is no constriction of blood flow. You are now 8 days without ejaculation, right?”


“Well, they are a bit heavy, even a bit more than I thought they would be, but that is to be expected with such a change. Have you worn a chastity belt ever before?”

“No, that’s the first time.”

“And you already locked yourself for a whole month? I would always advise against it, except if a lock-up is supervised by a medical staff. Such a long starting period can be very difficult, as you probably found out already, and is usually unnecessary. How often did you ejaculate before you’ve put it on?”

“On weekends… About 6-7 times a day… During the week, every day once in the morning and 1-3 times in the evening, depending on how much time I had.”

“That sounds like an addiction, is that why you locked yourself up?”

“Yeah… I wanted to make it impossible and… Concentrate on doing something better with my time.”

“Well, you should have taken a different route. But that should help too… What is your plan concerning future lock-ups?”

“I want to be unlocked once a week on Fridays, get myself off once and lock back up for another week and keep that routine every week.”

“Seems like a good plan. Basically, you want to use that chastity belt to improve your well being, right?”


“OK, your testicles seem fine, there is nothing to worry about.”

She reached for the plates and reinstalled them in my chastity belt.

“Now, there are only two ways to relieve your pain. The obvious one is for you to ejaculate, but that’s not happening in the near future. Another way is to give your body time to adapt, but with your previous ejaculation routine that will take a lot longer than a month. The only thing I can recommend is taking cool baths and showers and avoid pornography and sexual activities. If you won’t avoid that and don’t keep your mind off of sexual thoughts, the pain can only become worse until you can satisfy yourself. Or until someone else will. There is no medical need to take off your belt at this time.”

“Seriously? I can’t really do anything and it’s going to get even worse? Isn’t that discomfort reason enough to take that thing off?”

“I’m sorry but no. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for you, but there is nothing I can do for you. I might help you with your health if you want, but not with your… Well… Frustration.”

“Any help will be welcome.”

“I don’t think you will like it.”

“Anything that will help me, I’m OK with.”

“Right, put your trousers back on then, and please step on the weight.”

I did what she told me. She measured my height and checked my weight.

“I suspected as much, you are just a bit overweight. Not much, just one trouser’s size down will put you in proper weight. You probably wonder why I’m talking in trouser’s sizes instead of pounds? Well, your belt can’t check your weight, but its automatic fit system can check your trouser’s size. I’m setting an additional condition for your unlock. Now you will not only have to wait for your 31 days to pass, but you also have to lose weight to get into that one smaller size.”

“Can you do that?”

“I just did. I told you I have medical profile access to your chastity belt. Don’t worry, if you start a diet today and light exercising, you can make it just in time for your self lock-up to end. And exercising will occupy your mind at least for a bit. I believe you will make it, and when you do, I recommend finding a personal trainer, one that is certified by LustJail company. You will see that this device is a perfect fitness motivator!”

After that, I thanked for the check-up, said my goodbye and left her office. Damn. I was terrified, disappointed, horny, losing my mind, with heavy aching balls and erection that would try to grow all the time, leaving me no time to rest… And there were 3 more weeks of that… And it would get worse. I hated that belt and hated myself for doing this. Still, I couldn’t take it off or get any relief so… I had to finally start doing something, anything, to take my mind off of my needs and urges. And the ache in my balls. And the tight squeeze around my dick.

So the same day I spent some time researching diet and exercises, trying to learn, watching TV series and playing video games, anything to occupy myself. In the evening I had some workout, which finally gave mu about 30-40 minutes of respite. The rest didn’t help as my mind kept finding ways to distract me, push me to watch some porn…

The next day after I got back from my university, I started reading a book. Jackpot! I got an S-F novel I meant to read for quite some time now and it was awesome – it was so immersive that I sunk deep into it and forgot about my situation for good 2 hours of reading.

The remaining time of my lock-up was a real torment, it got worse and worse every day and that’s even though I did everything to ease things for me. I’ve read 4 books, 3 S-F and one historical, went out to play basketball, ride a bike, meet with friends more often, exercised… I must admit, fearing any additional day of lockup made me stick to the diet and exercise plan I devised and I dropped that size down. I also felt healthier (other than the obvious discomfort). But all of that didn’t really help at all. Or maybe without all of that, I would be a mindless mess by now…

I also read about that belt and went to make things safer for me. I learned I can require a zero reading from a connected (and registered to my app) Bluetooth breathalyzer – yeah, I’ve read some horror stories of people setting their lock-ups after heavy drinking. So I set that safety measure up. I didn’t bother setting a password for the app as I always lock my phone, and I set it that only (based on my phone GPS) the keyholder account could only be synced while I’m at my apartment. As an additional precaution, upon syncing the keyholder profile, that person would be asked by the app on her phone about the wearer’s (my) name. If the name was to be entered correctly, I would get a notification on my phone with 5 minutes timer to decline – no fast accept, just waiting for the timer to tick down to accept the keyholder. That could be changed later, but only while the belt would be unlocked.

Chapter Two

The first unlock and the routine

Finally, the time was up. I was looking at the timer ticking down on my phone, last 17 seconds when someone knocked on my door. It was Ellie, one of my flatmates. She asked if I could help her with something on her laptop, it was installing some app for her studies that her university provided for her. We went to the kitchen so we could talk with others while working and got to it. It took really long, about 40 minutes until everything was done. All the time I was thinking that I could take that hellish device off… I don’t know how I managed to stay there and help her. Once everything was OK, I excused myself saying that I’m going out and I have to get ready.

Then it got to me. 31 days… Am I going to waste it on jerking off?

I opened the app on my phone and as soon as I got a zero reading from the breathalyzer, and before I could decide otherwise, I set the lock for 60 minutes. That would be a lot of time to get ready and unlock myself just before heading out. Yeah, I had a plan. It was a simple one, I would go clubbing, find some nice girl for ONS (be honest about it and make sure she knows what I’m looking for) – if I scored, I would be very happy, and if not, there would be nothing that night for me. Either way, after that I would lock myself until the closest Friday. More than that, I would set an additional unlock requirement to keep my trouser’s size.

I started to get ready, choose my clothes – a nice shirt, looser but just a bit elegant trousers and a bit snugger boxers, so if I had an erection all the time, it wouldn’t show that much. Then I got to cleaning my teeth, shaving, took a shower (good thing the belt had that cleaning system or I would have to wait for it to unlock). After that, I still had some time left until the belt would unlock, so I just put on my cologne and waited. Once the belt unlocked I checked my cock if it was really clean, and it was all good. It immediately got really hard, It was almost painful and once I got dressed, I found out that my snug underwear was giving me some sensations and kept my balls slightly squeezed. It was infuriating and torturously frustrating. Still, I got myself ready at last and went out. I must have spent the last portion of my will to keep myself from masturbating and now I was regretting it.

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