Ellie and Her MumEllie and Her Mum


Ellie was doing things that were totally new to me. Her head moved slowly up and down as my cock seemed to grow harder and longer in her mouth.

I was laying back on the sofa bed in her lounge where I was ‘sleeping over’ at the invitation of her mum, Carol.

Ellie had crept down from her room before her mum had woken up, and this was our first real sexual contact. In fact last night was our first meeting since I met her by chance in the local supermarket.

We’d chatted online, as eighteen year olds do, and after an evening bowling, and then going back to hers, Carol had suggested that I stay the night, and she’d phoned my mum to tell her where I was.

Ellie was a beautiful tall blonde, with blue eyes, a sexy figure, and a wonderful ass. The chemistry between us was evident from the very start, and that was why I was being given a blow job that morning, one to end all blow jobs.

I didn’t know where on earth she had learned how to do what she was doing, but it was testing my self control to the limit.

She was taking my cock to the very back of her throat, slowly sliding back up, and occasionally running her tongue up the underside, while she cupped my balls in her long, slim fingers. The tip of her tongue flicked the groove, and the head of my cock, and the whole thing was being done with both of us trying to be as quiet as we could.

In the quiet of the house you could hear my hurried breathing, a stifled murmur here and there, and the intermittent slurp of Ellie’s sucking.

It was only about ten minutes before I whispered desperately to her, “I’m going to cum Ellie.”

The movement of her head continued uninterrupted, and I was oblivious to everything, with my eyes closed, trying to hang on, and be as silent as possible.

I tried to stifle a low groan as my cock jerked, my whole body stiffened for a second, and as my eyes flickered open, there, peering through the partly open doorway, was Carol.

Just for a few moments, she stood motionless, expressionless, with mouth open, and as Ellie swallowed each mouthful of spunk, my eyes met with hers.

As I gasped with my final ejaculation, Carol disappeared, and returned upstairs.

“Fuck, Ellie…that was…” My voice trailed away, as she raised her head, smiling, oblivious to the fact that her mum had been watching us. Instinctively I decided not to say anything, and when she clung to me and whispered, “I hope mum didn’t hear that,” I bit my tongue, and said nothing.

After a few minutes she said, “I’ve got to go to my riding lesson, I get picked up at 8am. You stay in bed as long as you like, mum won’t mind, I’ll text you later,” and then added, “I loved what we just did, it’s your turn next!”

I lay back and felt contented, but concerned Carol would think I was not the sort of guy for Ellie. She was a single mum, and I guessed she must hold her daughter dear. I was expecting to be sent on my way.

I heard a car outside, and the back door closing as Ellie left. It kocaeli escort could only be a matter of time before I was given my marching orders.

Half an hour passed before I heard Carol descending the stairs. To my surprise there was a gentle tap on the door and Carol’s voice saying, “If you want a shower, go and use the one in my ensuite, it’s the room to the left at the top of the stairs, I’ve left you a towel,” and added, “do you want tea or coffee, I’ll make you one?”

Stuttering a bit, I replied, ” Tea please, Mrs Evans.”

There was no reply, so when I heard her in the kitchen, I grabbed my clothes, and crept upstairs.

Carol’s bedroom was the feminine place you would expect, very pastel, her large, unmade bed with floral duvet and pillowcases. It smelt divine.

I put my clothes on a chair, and took the towel into the ensuite. The warm water was the perfect place to think. As it cascaded down, I was wondering if Carol would let what she saw go without comment.

“Here’s your cuppa,” Carol’s voice was just outside in the bedroom, as I turned the shower off and stepped out.

“Thank you,” I replied, “I won’t be long.”

As I dried myself, there was no sound from the bedroom, and I assumed that Carol had left the tea and gone back downstairs, so when I returned to the bedroom, I was startled when she was sitting in the armchair where I’d left my clothes. I quickly covered my lower half with the damp towel.

“God, I wasn’t expecting…I thought you’d gone back downstairs Mrs Evans.”

Carol stood up. She was a clone of her daughter, much older of course, in her late forties, but tall, blonde, the same blue eyes. A few pounds heavier, much larger breasts, and the same exquisite ass.

“Well Jim, I’m probably going to have a shower myself, I almost joined you,” she joked.

I went bright red, I was in unfamiliar territory. I was naked, clutching a towel, in a woman’s bedroom who had not long before seen me having sex with her daughter.

Carol, in turn, was dressed in a white towelling bathrobe, and I was guessing not much else underneath.

She picked up the mug of tea and said, “Sit on the bed and drink this, I’m sorry I haven’t made it, it’s still a mess.”

I did as I was asked, and sat on the edge of the bed still holding the towel over my important parts. As I took the mug from her, I made eye contact for a moment, and my heart jumped. I wasn’t sure where this was leading.

“While your drinking that I’m going to take a shower, take your time, I won’t be long.”

And saying that, she released the tie round her waist, and allowed the bathrobe to fall to the floor. My mouth dropped open. Carol didn’t say anything, in fact, didn’t look back, but just disappeared into the ensuite, her fantastic naked ass swaying from side to side.

I heard the shower start, and sipped my tea. Should I get dressed while she was gone? What was I supposed to do? I sat there clutching my towel, and felt my cock stirring.

I was still kocaeli escort bayan daydreaming, when Carol, true to her word, and just a few minutes later, turned off the water, and in amazement, I saw her walk back into the bedroom still wet, and stark naked, but starting to dry herself on the towel.

She seemed to take delight in rubbing her body down in front of me, at one point sliding the towel back and forth behind her back, and displaying her wobbling breasts, and open thighs, just a few feet away from me.

“I’m embarrassing you Jim, aren’t I? You look like a rabbit caught in the headlights.” Gleefully, she smiled. “Stand up, put your mug down over there, let me see you.”

I wasn’t sure. Nervously I stood up, holding the towel, and put the mug down on the dressing table.

“Drop the towel, I’ve shown you all of me, let me see all of you.”

I was breathing fast, and my heart was thumping in my chest. I definitely knew where this was going now.

As I let the towel fall my cock sprang to attention, at first straight out in front of me, then moving upwards to 45 degrees.

Carol stared for a moment seemingly taken aback.

“Oh my word, how lovely, Jim you have a wonderful cock.”

Carol threw her towel down, and stepped towards me.

I didn’t know what to do, but it wasn’t going to be decided by me.

Gently Carol’s fingers closed around my erection. She heard me gasp, and watched my eyes close. Immediately she was kissing me, her tongue probing my mouth, flicking over my tongue.

Her breasts were pressing against my chest, her nipples brushing my skin. Releasing her clasp on my cock, her arms began to circle my neck while I gripped her hips.

Together we moved to the bed, and Carol said quietly, “Lay back, let me taste what Ellie had.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this, Mrs Evans?” I questioned.

“YES! we should!” She was adamant.

Within a minute, Carol was taking me into her mouth, kneeling on the bed beside me.

“Ohhhhh, god, Mrs Evans, wow!” I was in heaven again. Here was a woman, old enough to be my mother giving me a blow job, just a couple of hours after her daughter was doing the same thing. But Carol had a few new tricks.

As Carol pressed down, I could feel my cock against the back of her mouth. As she pulled upwards, saliva spewed from her lips, until she went down again, as far as seemed possible.

Then suddenly, she pressed harder, and my cock was gripped by her throat, and her face was flat against my belly. She stayed like that for seconds before, with a loud gasp, she lifted her head free, with drools of saliva dribbling from her mouth.

Twice more she did that, taking me for several seconds, into her throat.

“Fuck, Mrs Evans, fucking hell.”

She pulled up, still on her knees, and smiled down at me.

“You ready?”

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant, but as soon as she hitched her leg astride me, I knew.

My cock was rock hard, glistening izmit escort with Carol’s saliva.

Raising her body, I studied her breasts just inches from my face.

“God Jim, oh fuck, you feel so big,”

In a slow descent Carol impaled herself on my cock. Both of us moaned out loud, and when she relaxed her bodyweight on top of me I was deep inside her.

She leaned forward, her arms supporting her, and with her breasts swinging close to my chin, my mouth was able to suck a nipple.

“GOD!” Carol groaned loudly as I sucked her nipple hard. It prompted her to rotate her hips, and grind down onto my pelvis.

I grabbed both breasts and began to suck alternate nipples. Her excitement increased, “Jim, Jim, keep doing that, oh fuck, don’t stop.”

Her whole body rocked back and forth, and I could feel my cock making her pussy soaking wet. We seemed to be like that for a long time, slowly fucking.

At last she cried out, “Oh god I’m going to cum, bite them Jim, bite my nipples, please make me cum.”

Carol started a long drawn out, high pitched scream, her whole body began to shake, her pussy was squirting, and I started to empty myself inside her.

“Yes,… Mrs Evans …oh yes…keep going…god …fuck.”

Both of us collapsed side by side, the bed was wet with both of our bodily fluids, and Carol’s fingers were gripping my arms, the room carried that heavy scent of sex.

“You won’t tell Ellie?” Carol finally said.

“No, of course not, but it makes it awkward, I’m not sure where our relationship will go.”

Carol raised herself beside me, kissed me, and whispered, “Let’s just see, if we’re careful, we can carry on, who knows. Now we must get up, Ellie will be back in an hour.”

Downstairs Carol made some more tea, and just as she had asked me about wanting any toast, Ellie returned. And did her ass look good in her jodhpurs!

I’m sure Carol saw me admiring her daughters rear end, but we were both brought up short when Ellie said, “Oh I wasn’t expecting you to still be here, I hope mum’s not been boring you Jim?”

As she gave me a hug, i almost choked on my tea.

“No, she’s been the perfect host.” The innuendo was heavy as I glanced at Carol.

It then became tit for tat when Carol replied, “We didn’t talk about you once, we got along fine, Jim was the perfect gentleman.”

“God, it sounds like I’m not needed,” said Ellie pulling a face. “Look, I smell, I’m going for a shower, will you hang on before you go home Jim?”

“Yes, just let me ring home to tell them I’ll be there later.”

Ellie disappeared upstairs and I rang home to let them know. Carol watched me as I had a jokey conversation with my mum, and while I was chatting she sidled up to me, and slipped her arm around my waist, massaging my buttocks.

Putting the phone down I couldn’t help but say, “You’re a naughty woman Mrs Evans, just be careful, Ellie mustn’t catch us.”

Breaking away, she suddenly became sensible.

“You’re right, of course Jim, we mustn’t spoil it, but it’s been so long since I’ve been with a man. I can’t help wanting you again!”

And so the story began, a girlfriend, her mother, and who knows where it might lead.

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