Subject: Elite Football Camp Elite Football Camp Bill Drake (ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. Football Camp by Bill Drake 1 Joe strutted over to the window, watching the wild thunderstorm in action, the one that had blown out the power. He had the body of a linebacker, already, standing at 6’2″ and packing on at least 190 pounds of beefy muscle on the frame of a rising senior. I watched as he stood and looked outside, lazily scratching his bare abdomen. His boxer shorts looked like he was rapidly outgrowing them, since they were snug on the waist and the legs seemed ridiculously short as they rode up his swollen quad muscle. But it was hot, too hot to wear clothes. I myself sat on the ratty 60s-style sofa in my briefs. “Goddamnit,” he muttered. “At least it might break the heat.” Here we were, stuck in a cinder block dorm at a small college in the middle of the plains. No modern conveniences, no AC, just the brutal summer July heat and full days of a football camp for elite high school athletes. That would be me. Alex Griffin, a tall lanky guy at 6’6″ but lately I’d hit a real growth spurt and had started bulking up, catching up. I was sure I’d grow bigger too, but that wasn’t what brought me to this godforsaken place for a chance of a lifetime. That was my height, my coordination, my precision and the power of my throwing arm. As starting quarterback for two years now, I’d been responsible for putting Campbell High on the Indiana state football map. Joe McKinney was similarly a rising star, only on defense. We hit it off immediately, being a couple of the only Midwestern guys here at the camp. Joe went to one of those prep schools in Ohio known for churning out football talent. I knew better than to lust after other guys openly, on my team or here at camp. I normally kept that compartmentalized, but after a few days of being too sore and tired from practice to even get a boner, I found my libido making a comeback. So I silently, surreptitiously appraised my roomie’s semi-nude form as he came back and plopped on the couch next to me. Apparently I wasn’t the only guy fighting his libido. Even in the dim light filtering through the room from outside I could see that Joe was throwing hard in his boxers. He made no bones about it either, gripping it and massaging the shaft. “Nothing to do here but throw wood, huh, Griff?” He leaned back and I swear I could see every pop of his abdomen muscle. I’d been sprouting some hairs on my chest, but McKinney was still naturally smooth chested, though he had a full bush and his chestnut brown hair filled his armpits. It was like his words gave me permission to grow fully erect in my briefs. My dick filled out quickly, with a vengeance. “You got it,” I agreed cautiously. “This place is boring as shit.” Joe laughed. I liked his laugh, it was deep-throated but playful at the same time. “They don’t want you thinking about anything but football 24-7.” We’d had a particularly tough practice that day. “It’s working,” I said. “Though right now all I’m thinking about is the sack Veldez got on me. I’m gonna be feeling that tomorrow.” Joe nodded. He’d been beaten all week, too, and we had another week coming up. Though I guess as a defensive player he was used to taking these hits. We sat silently for a minute, looking out at the rain and wondering if the power was gonna come back on. I don’t know that Joe ever stopped massaging his crotch but I certainly noticed when he reached in his fly and hauled his prick out. It was a thick piece, matching his body type, and cut. Immediately his fist wrapped around it and started jerking it. “Damn, I’m horny,” he announced. “I’m afraid I can’t wait.” He spit into his hand for some extra lubrication then resumed his masturbation, right in front of me. “You gonna join me, Griff?” Part of me was nervous this was some sort of baiting, or a joke. But Joe didn’t seem to be joking or doing much other than jacking his dick. I took a quick intake of breath and did it, lowering my briefs to reveal my now throbbing bone. “Nice,” McKinney muttered in approval. “You tall guys always seem to have long ones. You’re uncut, too.” “Yeah,” I nodded. It was weird to be talking so candidly about my dick with this fellow athlete, but Joe had this laid-back jock way about him that made it seem like natural male bonding. So I went along with it, gripping my shaft and starting my steady, pleasurable jerking. “Cool,” Joe said, the linebacker now clearly getting more into his own self-pleasuring session. “I always wondered what it would be like to have my ‘skin.” “I don’t know anything else,” I admitted. I’m not sure why my parents didn’t circumcise me, and I always felt a little self-conscious being in the minority in the locker room. “Yeah, I guess so,” the guy replied, leaning his beefy body back a bit and spreading his legs further, so the boxer rode up even higher on his legs. “Still, the foreskin makes your cock look even longer. Not that you need it.” “Thanks,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say, so I didn’t say anything. I could compliment him on his thick prick or his magnificent bulky body, but I didn’t think that would go over so well. We jerked off in unison, and the sexual intensity was building as we worked ourselves closer to our nut. I’m wasn’t there yet, just getting closer, when Joe spoke up again. “Which coach you think has the biggest one?” “What?” His question caught me off guard. “Of the coaches here, which one you think has the biggest dong?” I though a second. “I dunno. Barrett, I guess.” Tom Barrett was the QB coach, and a seriously good looking dude just on the closer side of 40. When I wasn’t cursing him under my breath, I’d been crushing out on him all week. McKinney shook his head no. “You’re just saying that cause you’re a quarterback. Jenkins definitely has a bigger cock. Longer and fatter too.” Dwayne Jenkins was a former all-pro defensive back, a hulking African-American athlete who if anything was even more handsome in middle age, with a mischievous smile he’d often give between barking orders. “Maybe,” I conceded. It was all conjecture anyway, so why argue? My reply seemed to satisfy Joe, who was now stroking faster, adding more spit. The rain had stopped and the clouds were clearing, so the late evening sun lit up the room more and more. I could see my roommate more clearly, and he watched me too. Both of us, openly jacking off. “What would you do with it?” Joe now grunted more than asked. “With what?” My own voice was strained as I held off coming. I wanted this to last. “With Barrett’s dick…” Again, I wondered if the dude was taunting me or sussing out if I was a queer. But here he was stroking and initiating the sex talk. What the hell? “Touch it,” I ventured. “Duh,” he said. “What else? Or you stop at handjobs?” This conversation wasn’t heading where I had expected it, but I was entering a real horny zone, turned on like hell. I blurted out, “I’d suck him, too.” I blushed as I said it but it was a relief to articulate my desires out loud. And Joe wasn’t repulsed in the least. He stroked faster. “Hot, man. You know what I’d do with Jenkins’ cock?” he asked. “What?” “I’d lift my big linebacker legs up to the ceiling and let him slip that giant black dong right in me.” “Fuck!” I cried. The mental image was too much and all of a sudden my load was spraying my chest. It was an intense orgasm, probably the most intense I’d experienced to that point, and my body went into a series of aftershocks that seemed to last a minute or two. “Nice, Griff,” McKinney growled. “That turns you on, huh, man? Getting all up into my tight hole.” His big body writhed on the couch as he got closer. Joe really got into it, I’ll give him that. “Aw man, I’m coming too…” I watched in awe as heavy spurts of his defensive jock seed spurted and landed on his block pecs and conditioned abs. “Whoo buddy,” he said at last picking up his used T-shirt to wipe off. I followed suit. “I knew you were a cool guy,” Joe finally said, tucking his soft dick back in his boxers. “Thanks,” I said. It was strange to have such an intense sexual moment with Joe then go back to being jock buddies. We shot the breeze for a while and talked about our programs back home, our career plans, what we liked and didn’t like about football camp. The power came back on but it was getting dark out, and after a long tiring day and the sexual release, we were both ready to crash. We got in our twin beds, the sort of dorm bed that meant my feet stuck out several inches. It was still hot and humid, and I didn’t need any covers. At least the fan was back on. I flicked out the light at last. “Good night, Joe,” I said. “Good night, Alex,” he replied, using my first name for a change. Then he added after a minute. “You know Griff, I don’t know if you’re a betting man, but I’d bet 20 bucks that you’re better hung than Barrett.” Not even waiting for me to say anything, he added, “yeah, you’re bigger than Coach B, all right.” 2 The next day was rough. The only good thing was the heat had climbed down to a normal summer temp. The coaches still gave us breaks and made sure we were hydrated Coaches worked our asses off in the morning drills and made us run laps after lunch. It was one of those days when it was too humid and hazy to be sunny but it was still in the 90s and felt hotter. “Nice hustle, Griffin,” Coach Barrett barked as I ran through our drills. He didn’t even crack a smile when he said it, but damn his words fueled my desire to do even better. I gave 110%, just so I could get that man’s approval. I was wiped as hell once three o’clock rolled around, so wiped I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk my way back to the locker room, but the reward was having Barrett come up and wrap his arm around my shoulder affectionately. “Way to leave it all out on the field today, Alex.” It was the first time he’d referred to me by my first name, and it made me smile. “Thanks, Coach,” I said, looking up and seeing a smile form on his face too. “You gonna rest up so you can show me what you got tomorrow? Damn, I wanted to live up to his expectations. “Yes, sir, Coach.” I was exhausted but feeling ten feet tall when we got back to our dorm room. Joe was in a chatty mood. As we sat in our mesh practice shorts, we talked about our upcoming football season, and the ways the camp would make the difference. Finally, McKinney dropped casually, “I think Coach Jeffers wants to bone me, bro.” Stan Jeffers was another one of the defensive coaches at the camp, a former college star who did OK in the pros but never was a huge NFL star. I about spit out my soda. “Yeah?” McKinney could be a bullshitter, I had the feeling. He nodded. “Oh yeah. The guy kept coming around to adjust my form, putting his hands all over me. I mean like every five minutes it was some new excuse.” “No shit?” Maybe Joe wasn’t lying. He was a good looking stud, and I couldn’t be the only guy who found him hot. He nodded. “Your boyfriend Barrett doesn’t do that for you?” he teased. If Joe and I hadn’t jerked off together the day before, I would have sworn it was a homophobic taunt. Still, it was the kind of tease that raised my defenses. “He’s not my boyfriend, dude.” Joe laughed then grabbed his genitals through his soft shorts, cupping them and rubbing a little. “Dude, I’m horny as fuck. Wanna have some fun again?” His look at me had some lust but was equal parts playfulness. I couldn’t believe how laid back the linebacker was. “Um, sure,” I said, and that was all it took for Joe’s shorts to drop down those beefy legs. He wasn’t fuck hard but his thick tool was firming up, rising from a lying position next to his leg to stand up as he grew excited. I slipped my own shorts down, revealing the bone I was already throwing. “Nice, Griff,” Joe said in a deep growl. “I can’t believe how long that fucker is.” He stared openly at my prick as if he was trying to decide something. Surprisingly he didn’t seem in a rush to stroke off. Instead he let his cock harden as he sat legs spread, almost facing me. Finally he gave a nod, maybe to himself, and got up off the couch. I watched his strong backside and that meaty ass as he sauntered over to rummage through his gym bag. “I found this in the locker room,” he said, pulling out a tub of vaseline. I watched raptured as he scooped out a golf-ball sized dollop of petroleum jelly and reach back between his buns. I was a little naive because I thought maybe Joe was going to play with his hole while we stroked off. Only he had a goofy grin on his face as he stepped up to me and then turned around. I watched that meaty butt in front of me descend toward my crotch and Joe’s paw reach around to grab my dick, pulling it down like a level. The guy’s crack felt tacky sticky from the vaseline, but that soon liquified from the heat of my cock. Then it hit me: I’d never had sex with another guy and here was about to fuck a dude’s ass. Joe McKinney’s beefy linebacker ass. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the sensation as my dick pressed past his ring was incredible. Tight, fiery hot, then almost a suctioning sensation as Joe’s ass swallowed me hole. He bucked his butt down about five or six inches of my rod then paused. “You related to a horse, Griff?” I couldn’t help but reach out and touch his back. His front side had some extra padding but the back was pure bulging muscle from his shoulders to his ass. I ran my hands along, feeling the contours and appreciating the contrast with my own leaner build. I don’t know if it was the body contact or if he was just getting used to a pole up his hole, but McKinney started descending down again, now sitting down on my crotch. “Oh, Goddamn,” he muttered, clearly overwhelmed but my size. Maybe I didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t help it. I thrust into Joe. And again. I reached around and held him from behind as I just started fucking his snug ass. I leaned forward and kissed the back of his neck, and my hands played with the beefy muscle of his pecs and abs. Mostly, though, I fucked him, overcome by the new and amazing sensation on my cock. Joe stroked off while I porked him, his grunts and breaths getting shorter. In the back of my head I thought maybe I should slow it down and make this fuck last longer. But I was excited and horny and I wanted to cum. I picked up the pace even more and I felt my orgasm coming. Only this wasn’t like a typical orgasm, a quick flash of pleasure while I stroked off. It was a tsunami wave that kept crescendoing until it crashed. And me with it. “Oh man,” I hissed and fired several heavy rounds of my semen into McKinney’s guts. “You shooting in me, Griff?” he panted, working his own rod. “Fuck yeah,” I replied. Joe double timed his stroking and I experienced what it was like to hold a man having his orgasm. I’d lost my virginity and I felt amazing as Joe stood up, letting my softening rod plop out of his seeded hole. I was kind of hoping we’d make out or just bursa escort hold one another. Anything to commemorate this milestone in my life. Instead laid back Joe reemerged as he turned around and reached back, digging his finger into his pucker. “Nice one, Griffin,” he said, seeing a wad of my jizz on his fingertip. He brought it to his mouth and slurped it in. Joe walked over and grabbed some paper towels, wiping off. “Gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Thanks man.” “Yeah, sure,” I replied. I felt like I should be thanking him. 3 I was feeling like a stud the next morning. I’d fucked my first ass. And not any ass, but a big jock like McKinney. That cock of the walk attitude lasted about twenty minutes once we hit the practice field. We were switching up positions, defense guys doing office drills and vice versa. Coach Jenkins was running mine and gone was good guy Jenkins. For the next two hours I was barked at, yelled out, as basically the man broke me and the other QBs down. Only when Aaron Mitchell, probably the QB with the biggest star potential among us, about collapsed in exhaustion did he let up and let his see his friendly smile again. “All right, guys, take 20. And lots of water.” We were cursing Jenkins under our breath as we collapsed on the grass near the water station. “I don’t see how you do it,” I said to Joe as we talked later at lunch. “I feel beat up.” He nodded. “If it makes you feel any better, Barrett had me feeling I was just some Pop Warner player. Those agility drills…. fuck! I don’t think I’ll be able to move my ankle for a week.” We laughed at our mutual exhaustion. The saving grace was an early afternoon thunderstorm that was threatening to roll through. The coaches took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours inside, briefing us on strategy and playcalling. So it was about 3 before we were out on the field again, trodging our cleats through the wet grassy sod. Some light scrimmage play, touch rather than tackle, as they kept cycling us QBs in and out. It was tough playing against these elite defensive guys, much harder than the normal opponents I had back home. I was starting to get the hang of working in the pocket when I heard a whistle blow. “Griffin!” It was Coach Barrett, who was at the sidelines. “Over here.” It took me a second to register the command but as soon as I did I trotted over, the humid heat be damned. He took a second to eye me up and down, his poker face aided by the sunglasses he wore. “Let’s work on your form.” “Sure, Coach,” I said. I thought he was going to run a few drills right there on the sideline but instead he gave a gruff “Cmon” and started walking down the warmup area that was a few dozen yards off to the side of the bleachers. I followed him, taking the occasion to appreciate the man’s form. Just a smidge shorter than me, maybe 6’5″, he had a strong back and compact build. And one hell of an ass that showed in his mesh shorts. I thought of what Joe had said about me being better hung than Coach B and I wished I had the chance to see for myself. I snapped out of my daydream as we got to the area and Barrett had me do some throws with an imaginary ball. Scoping out my form as I did a few reps. Finally he stopped me and described a few corrections he wanted me to make. Leaning forward less on the step off, cleaner follow through. I tried a couple of times, and then Barrett walked behind me. “Keep going, Griffin,” he instructed, even as I felt his body close behind mine and his arms wrap around. “Now slow this time.” I about lost my breath as I felt his hand guide mine and his powerful chest press up against my back. If it hadn’t been for the jockstrap I was wearing I would have been full on boned. “That’s it, Griffin, just like that…” Coach encouraged me, as he guided my arm further straight up, less flared out. Then I felt his left hand on my waist, the fingers making contact with my bare flesh as my jersey rode up. It stayed there too, for a few more reps, till Coach patted my side before finally stepping back. “Now with the ball,” he said, a grin on his face where I’d barely seen one all week. He seemed to have a glint in his eye, or maybe I was imagining it. Fuck, all this talk with McKinney, and the sex last night, was weighing on my brain, making me imagine stuff. I pushed that aside and sprinted over to a good throwing distance. I took on Barrett’s instructions and threw the best throws I could. Controlled but powerful beeline throws right into Coach’s hands. “Attaboy, Griffin!” he bellowed, clearly pleased with my ability. That made me feel like a stud, I’ll tell you. After a few back and forth, he finally said it was time to rejoin the others. As we walked back up, he placed his hand on my shoulder. “You’re a tall one aren’t ya, Alex?” “Yes, sir,” I replied. He gave my shoulder muscle a playful squeeze. “Well you got the right stuff, all right. Maybe this week we can have a talk about things you can work on this next year.” I smiled big, I know, as I looked into his friendly handsome face. “I’d like that, Coach.” He smirked and seemed to want to say something. For sure his eyes were looking right into mine, holding that gaze for a little longer than normal. But we were getting close to the main field and he just gave one more pat and a wink. “All right, then. Now… we got thirty minutes left of practice… go show some hustle.” 4 When we got back to our room after dinner, Joe McKinney was all smiles. “So…. you got some one-on-one time with Barrett huh?” I nodded. It felt like I could confide in my partner in crime. “And how. He got real close as we worked on my form.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. I just about popped a bone right then and there.” “You should have man. Bet ya Barrett would have taken the bait. A hung guy like you throwing hard.” “It may have been innocent,” I mused. “Only it didn’t feel that way somehow….” “Course it’s not. Coach is just feeling you out. Just like Jeffers did with me.” It was only then that I noticed an excited smirk on Joe’s face. “Dude, did anything happen with you two?” He shook his head no, grinning. “Not yet, Griff. But he asked me to come around his room around 8:30. Close as you get to a date in this North Texas hellhole.” “Fuck,” I muttered. “You think he’s gonna…?” “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna. And I’m ready for it man. Jeffers is a stud and a half.” Joe had no argument from me there. It was a trip to see the defensive player check his reflection at least three times as he got ready to head over the coaches quarters. We technically weren’t supposed to leave the barracks but the day light was fading and we weren’t really being surveilled. After all there was nowhere for any of us to go. “Wish me luck,” my roommate said as he opened the door. “Good luck, buddy,” I grinned. After he left, I plopped on the sofa and peeled down my shorts. My dick was bone hard, and I was more than a little jealous of Joe. Maybe of Stan Jeffers, too. I wouldn’t have minded dipping my prick into my roommate’s tight asshole once again. Beyond that, I wasn’t sure what I would do with the opportunity with a Coach. I had the feeling I wasn’t ready to bend over like Joe did. I didn’t know what kind of experience McKinney had had with sex, but he’d clearly had some. I felt like a newbie in every sense. I just knew I was horny as fuck. And as I stroked my rod, my mind traveled immediately to the man who made me the horniest. Coach Tom Barrett. I shut my eyes and pictured him vividly. His light brown hair getting a few silver flecks now. His clean-shaven and suntanned face. His brown eyes that seemed almost pleading. The casual masculine way he walked. His ass. Cum started spurting from my cock as I orgasmed. Not as deep a cum as inside McKinney’s hole but it felt like a nice way to end the day. I wiped off and crawled into bed. It was barely nine but I was exhausted all over. It took me less than a minute to fall asleep. *** When I woke up, Joe still wasn’t there. I was a little concerned till I saw him join us in breakfast hall, a big grin on his face. We were sitting with a bunch of other guys so we couldn’t talk about the previous night but once we headed over to the field house to change, I pulled him aside. “So, buddy… good night?” “Fuck, yeah,” Joe growled. “Only I’m surprised I can walk steady. Jeffers fucked me to town and back.” “Wow,” I said. I mean, I knew, at least suspected, something had gone down. But that sounded intense, at least for a coach and player. “Tell me about it. He doesn’t have your size, Griff, but something hot about making it with a coach, you know.” I didn’t know, actually, but could only imagine. We were getting to the field house so had to cut off our conversation. Practice that day wasn’t that tough. I think the coaching staff knew how hard they’d pushed us the last couple of days. And with the summer weather getting even hotter that day, we spent much of the day indoors, doing some strength and agility training. Emotionally, though, it was tough on me. I craved more time with Coach Barrett. But he never seemed to pay me any extra attention today, and his gruff business as usual manner was back. I felt myself looking to him, but then would feel silly, like someone with a schoolgirl crush. I think McKinney could read my mood because during a water break he came up and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry Griff, he’s just playing hard to get.” Joe could say the craziest things, and I could never tell if he believed what he said. For the rest of the day I did notice Coach Jeffers spending extra time with Joe, and I could sense a camaraderie between them. It was a trip to think about. The last hour of practice was actually the hardest, as we had to run sprints. I held up better than some of the other guys, but I was feeling pretty winded by the time we broke. The staff had wet towels to help up cool off. As I slowly trotted my way to the field house, I felt a presence beside me. Coach Barrett had jogged up to walk alongside me. “Didn’t get to work with you much today, Griffin… want to meet up after dinner, go over some of the stuff we talked about yesterday?” I nodded dumbly. “Yeah, sure.” He gave a wink and patted my sweaty shoulder. “All right then. Just come by my room at the inn.” The coaches were staying at an on-campus hotel. A basic kind of place it seemed but I’d take it over the cinderblock dorms us players were staying in. “I’m in 117.” With that he trotted off. My heart was pounding and I was excited and nervous all through dinner. I whispered to Joe that I had an appointment with the Coach. “See,” he whispered back excitedly. “I told you Barrett was hot for you, man.” “We’ll see,” I replied, trying not to get too excited. “I’m not even sure that’s what he’s after. He might just want to talk football.” “Trust me on this, Griff.” I nodded. I started to feel a little cocky even, that I was the one Coach had singled out. Even if it was just for football, I craved the man’s attention and felt honored I’d gotten it. Only as it came time to go see him, I felt more nervous. I realize he hadn’t specified a time. I didn’t want to go too early, but I didn’t want to keep him waiting. I lingered over my dinner, chatting with the other guys and finally decided that Coach had said “after dinner.” I might as well go up to see him. I was nervous too, walking into the on-campus hotel, but no one seemed to bat an eye. I figured after all I had every reason to come see Coach. I found room 117 and knocked on the door, almost holding my breath as I did. The sight as he opened the door took me off guard. Tom Barrett was wearing only a pair of khaki shorts and his bare chest could only be described as magnificent. Perfectly sculpted muscle with powerful pecs and a taut abdomen, framed by rounded shoulders and strong arms. His torso was covered in a good amount of light brown hair. I could tell his skin and hair was still damp from the shower. “Hey Alex, come in. I just stepped out of the shower, hope you don’t mind.” “Nah Coach,” I said, feeling the coolness of the air conditioning in the room, a luxury I wish Joe and I had had the last week. He sat on the bed and gestured for me to do the same. “So, I wanted to talk about your strength training back home. What are you doing for that?” It was matter of fact Barrett all right, getting right down to business. I described my normal routine, which was more just “hit the gym” rather than anything in particular. Coach listened and then suggested I amp up my workouts in general. “I’ll write up a good workout plan if you want.” “That’d be awesome Coach,” I replied. Coach J back home encouraged me but he didn’t have Barrett’s experience or expertise. Barrett’s serious face flashed a quick smile. “Why don’t you stand up, take off that shirt?” he asked. I did as instructed and the man eyed my body. I felt self conscious, wishing I’d had a bit more bulk on me. Maybe like McKinney. But Barrett did let on to any disapproval, it was like he was impartially appraising me. “Turn around,” he said softly. The second I did I felt his fingers graze the back of my legs, sending goosebumps along the flesh. “You gotta work the legs. Squats, deadlifts, be sure to fit a second set in each week. Particularly important for tall dudes like us. All the while, he ran his fingers up along my hamstring. “Will help you with your balance on the field.” “Yes, sir,” I muttered. I could sense Barrett stand up behind me. Even with the air conditioning I could feel the warmth from his body close. “You work out your chest a lot?” he asked, his voice closer to my ear now. I wouldn’t call it seductive but his voice was deep and melodious and was turning me on. “Yessir,” I said, the lump forming in my throat now. I didn’t want to act like a doofus. “Good, only be sure not to neglect your back. It’s just as important.” Then I felt his hands, both of them, touch my bare back. First they seemed to explore my muscle but it was soon pretty clear there was no good reason for Barrett to be touching me like this. His hands were outright caressing my skin. That very knowledge, along with the sensation, gave me a boner. “This feel OK, Griffin?” “Yeah, Coach,” I said, leaning back a little into his hands. I stopped trying to will my erection down and my dick poked up in my mesh shorts. He kept rubbing my back then working to massage my shoulders gently. That felt even better, particularly because it let Barrett step up and press his fur-covered chest against me. “How green are you at this Griffin?” I wished right then I was more grown up, more experienced. I wanted to be Coach’s peer. But I figured I couldn’t bluff on the matter. “I’ve fooled around a little. With a teammate,” I said, not mentioning Joe by name. “This feels a lot hotter, Coach.” I heard him chuckle. “Sounds like you didn’t get very far with your teammate.” Then his hands traveled down my front, exciting the hell out of me. “Oh we got really far. I just didn’t realize how good this part felt.” I felt his finger tips trace along my stomach and I let out a soft groan. “God that probably sounded like something a chick would say,” I joked. Thankfully bursa escort bayan Coach laughed. “Not at all, stud. I like this part too. Want to feel me up for a bit?” Excitedly I turned around. God, his body was magnificent and it felt even better to touch. The muscle was warm, almost hot, against my fingers and definitely hard. I think I was more excited than I’d ever been in my life. Particularly the way Barrett stood still and let me explore his body. “You like it, Griffin?” I nodded. “Oh God yeah. You’re so hot coach.” “I had the feeling you’d been eyeing me up all week.” I probably blushed a little, like a kid caught in the cookie jar. “I’ve been eyeing you, too, Alex,” he muttered, then he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. It was my first time kissing another time, but somehow I knew just what to do. I opened my lips and let Barrett’s tongue into my mouth. And I returned the gesture, battling his tongue softly with mine. “Nice,” the man said as he pulled back after a while. His hands now ran along my back, softly, slowly. “So… Alex…. how far did you get with your teammate.” I felt a little more confident now. “We stroked off. And I fucked his ass, coach.” “You liked that?” “Yes, sir. A lot.” He smirked and reached down between us to grab my swollen crotch. “Fuck, Griffin!” he hissed. “I thought you’d be hung, but… fuck!” That was one hell of an ego boost, all right. And Coach’s hand felt really good. “Want to touch it, Coach?” I asked. “Yeah,” he replied and didn’t waste time gripping the elastic band of my shorts and pulling it over the spike of my erection before pulling the clothing down my legs entirely. I kicked them off and stood naked in front of this hunk of a QB coach. “Damn…” Barrett said as he ran his fingers up and down my dick, leaning back a little to get a look at it. “That’s a hell of a beauty you got, Griffin.” “Thanks, sir,” I said. One of his hands cupped my balls while the other began stroking it with an expert touch. “Your teammate was able to take all of this?” “Yes, sir,” I said. I knew I had a decent sized dick, but it hadn’t occurred to me I was extraordinarily big. “Can I see yours, Coach?” He nodded and stepped back, undoing his shorts and peeling them off. He’d gone commando and a thick erection popped out. His crotch was hairy but he’d kept his balls shaved and the whole sight was horny as fuck. Coach looked like a man all over, and the thickness of his prick just added to the effect. “That’s beautiful, Coach,” I said. Barrett ate up my praise and I was glad his gruff demeanor was gone. It was like I was bringing out his playful side. “You get me so hard, kid.” He let out a sigh as his dick twitched. “I take it this is your first time with an older man?” “Yes sir. Hopefully not my last.” “Maybe we can arrange for some more fun the rest of the week,” Barrett said. “Gotta keep this to ourselves though. You know?” “Of course, Coach.” He started stroking his dick and I decided to match his actions, figuring that’s what he wanted to do. Just jerk off together. I was A-OK with that idea. “Anything you feel like doing Griffin?” “I don’t know,” I stammered. “It’s all great Coach. I don’t have a lot of experience.” “But you’ve fucked ass.” His eyes were fixing on mine as he pumped his thick dick. “Yeah, Coach.” My own pleasure was rising. “And you liked it, right?” “Loved it. I mean, what’s not to like?” Coach grinned. “You got a point, kid.” We stroked some more, feet apart, our hands moving in tandem. “You feel like fucking me, Griffin?” I had to remove my hand from my cock or I would have blown my wad then and there. That’s how hot the idea was. My balls tingled and my dick surged with each heartbeat, dripping profusely at the tip. “I take it that’s a yes,” Barrett laughed. “Yes, sir,” I said. “Just take it easy, stud. It’s been a while for me and you got a big dick.” I nodded as I watched Coach Barrett walk to the bathroom and rustle through his toiletries bag. He came back with a vial. He popped the lid and squirted some clear liquid onto his fingers. Casually he reached back and applied it between his crack, then repeated the process. He then gripped my boner and slicked me up. Not too much, the friction was just perfect. It felt different than the Vaseline. Then Barrett lay back on the bed, positioning his butt near the edge and lifting his legs. His whole body was an amazing sight to see, from the thick-built legs to the way his nipples looked thick and vascular underneath the chest hair. I was boned as fuck. “Why don’t you finger me first, open me up?” “Yes, sir,” I replied stepping up. I think I groaned louder than Barrett once my finger touched his hot pucker. The heat and the tightness and just the idea that this was Coach’s private spot turned me the fuck on. I circled his hole, eliciting a “fuck yeah” from Coach. Then I pressed in. I can’t say I knew what I was doing. But I loved doing it. Fingering Coach. And Barrett started encouraging me, at first telling me what to do, how deep or fast to go. But soon he was smiling any time I surprised him, which just egged me on to mix it up more. Finally, as I dug in deep and curled up my finger, I got an excited reaction from Barrett. His back arched and his prick thwacked repeated on his belly. “Holy fuck, you found my spot, Griffin. Right… fucking… there… Aw yeah, kid.” I grinned in pride. I was going to wait till Coach told me to go ahead with my dick but I was horny to fuck and I wanted to see if I could hit that spot with my cock. I withdrew my hand and guided my erection to his hole. Coach nodded but cautioned me to go slow. I did, as tough as that was. His hole felt amazing, better than McKinney’s, if possible. The way it gripped me, the way I felt being sucked in. Gradually I inched my dick inside, till about three inches in when I felt the tightness give way a little and all of a sudden I was boning coach fully. He let out a deep exhale of breath and reached up to grip my waist. “Fuck!” He hissed. “Damn, you’re a big boy.” “Yes, sir,” I answered dumbly, not sure if he was enjoying my size or regretting it. I held still, examining his face for a sign that he was OK. Coach took in another breath then nodded up at me. I took the cue and pulled back slow and entered him again. Then once more. I was fucking Coach Barrett and I was on an incredible high. Soon he urged me on. “Fuck me, Griffin. Fuck my hole.” I did. For about five glorious minutes I worked up my pace. Maybe I was concentrating on doing things right. I know I was trying hard not too cum too quickly. Barrett looked up at me and asked, “You enjoying this Griff?” “Oh yeah, Coach,” I muttered. “Just trying not to cum yet.” I shifted my position holding his legs up higher so I could stand more upright. As I powered back in, Coach got real fucking excited. “Oh Fuck! You hit my spot again Griff… Oh fuck, keep doing that…. right there, man.” He gripped his bone and started tugging wildly as I fucked him. His orgasm wasn’t a simple blast but a cascade as first the precum spurted out, then his first real ejaculation, then multiple spurts. Coach was having one hell of an orgasm. His ass was doing a number on my prick, too. I couldn’t stop my orgasm, it was like those internal muscles were milking me, pulling out all my juice in a steady stream. I came buckets inside the man. We met in a soft kiss as we recovered and I slowly withdrew. Matter of fact Barrett was back, but he seemed more relaxed. Happier. “Wanna shower off first, Griffin?” I actually wanted to lie next to this perfect man, but I also knew I was covered with lube and the sticky remnants of our sex. I should shower off before heading back. It felt a real luxury using a proper hotel shower rather than a dorm stall and I felt like I could stay under the water forever. My first time fucking a real man, I thought, my cock chubbing up at the idea. And a stud like Barrett. I soaped my cock and felt it firm up in my fist. Not a full-on erection, but a half hard tube that hung heavy between my legs. Barrett was ready for his turn when I turned off the water and stepped out. “Jesus, you boning up again, Griffin?” he teased reaching out to touch my prick. I got a lot closer to a real bone when he did. “You turn me on, sir.” That made Coach smile. “Wanna see something wild, stud?” he asked then turned around and spread his legs. My eyes went immediately to his powerful ass, but then I saw what he was referring to. My cum was trickling down the inside of his thighs, in a heavy pearly-white river. “You always shoot this much?” “Guess so,” I said, reaching down to cup his ass and dig in a little to feel the spermy wetness. I met his mouth for a hot kiss and I felt his body tense in renewed lust. “Let me rinse off and I’ll take care of you.” I grinned and let go of him. I stepped back and realized I was fully hard. I let Barrett shower off and went to lay back on the bed. Hands behind my back, cock rigid. Yeah, another round of sex sounded awesome. 5 It was just about sunset when I got back to my room. Joe was reading an ESPN magazine on the sofa area of our room and he looked up with an expectant expression as I walked in. I wasn’t going to tell him. After all Coach Barrett asked me to keep it to ourselves. But instinctively I knew I could trust McKinney. With a smirk I walked over to the desk where I’d left my wallet. I fished out a bill and handed it over to my roommate. “Here, I owe you twenty.” He didn’t seem to comprehend, so I explained. “I believe we made a bet about Barrett’s dick size, and mine. Turns out I’m bigger.” “Fuckin A!” Joe said excitedly. “I knew something would happen!” I got in serious mode. “You can’t say a word, bro. Not to anyone. Not even Jeffers.” “I swear man. For real.” The linebacker leaned back, his beefy bare chest on display. If I hadn’t just had toe curling sex with Coach B, I’d have been all over Joe. “But man, you gotta tell me how it was.” I plopped down on the couch next to him. “Amazing bro. Got my first blow job,” I boasted. Barrett had blown me for round two, and the experience had blown my mind. “And…” McKinney was living vicariously through me for a change, and I relished it. “Un-fucking-believable,” I said with a grin. “And I fucked his ass too.” “No way!” Then, getting his normal self back, he added, “Fuck, I knew he’d be hot for your form, Griff.” I nodded. “Dude had a crazy hot hole, too. Just fucking milked my load right outta my balls.” I’d heard guys in my high school brag about their sexual conquests, talking in detail about the girls they’d balled, and I always thought they were douchebags. But now that I’d experienced an amazing lay, here I was enjoying bragging about Coach Barrett. Maybe it just felt good to have a buddy I could confide in and share this amazing experience with. Joe ate it up, too. Asking me further questions. Asking if I was going to go back over for a repeat. “I’d love to man,” I said. “He kind of implied something would happen again, but we didn’t make any plans.” “Big Man Griffin,” Joe said, shaking his head. “What about you, bro? Got another date with Jeffers?” “We’ll see, Griff,” Joe said with a wistful look on his face, like he wasn’t sure there would be. “I get so fucking horny in this place. Nothing to do but fuck you know?” Joe McKinney could say some outrageous shit, but I was starting to wonder if he was right. **** I thought gruff Barrett had returned at practice the next day. It wasn’t the easiest or hardest of our days there. Maybe I was getting used to the physicality of the ordeal. And the morning for the QBs was taken up by throwing practice and agility drills. Throughout it all Coach Barrett was professional as could be, not registering any look different for me than the other guys. He yelled at me when I messed up and complimented me when I threw a precision pass. It bugged me for the first hour, but pretty soon I focused on the task at hand. We hit the gym in the afternoon for strength training and Barrett caught a moment when I’d gone to the water fountain and was alone. “Not as much drive out on the field today Barrett,” he said as he stepped up next to me. I leaned up from taking a sip and wiped my mouth dry. “Sorry Coach,” I replied sincerely. I think all good ball players want to please their coach, but with Barrett that was doubled for me. “I’ll do better tomorrow.” He smiled, breaking his tough demeanor. He gave me a playful punch. “It’s OK, Griffin.” He lowered his voice to a sultry whisper. “My fault for draining your energy last night.” Oh fuck. This man knew how to make me feel good. “Was worth it, sir,” I smirked. “Tomorrow night, same time?” he asked quietly. “Yes sir,” I beamed. Coach smiled and gave me another paternal clap on the shoulder. “Good man. In the meanwhile, let me give you your workout plan.” **** My muscles were sore as hell that evening. McKinney and the other guys probably had a tough workout too cause we were all quiet around the table during dinner. As eager as I was too have another session with Coach, I was actually glad that it wasn’t tonight. When I got back to the room I plopped on the bed, not sleepy but eager to rest my sore body. Joe stripped off his shirt and examined his body in the mirror. “Damn, Griffin I think I’ve put on five pounds of muscle here.” Maybe it was an exaggeration but no doubt McKinney was bulking up, even with the nonstop exercise and water loss from a week plus at camp. “Looking good, bro,” I said truthfully. Joe smiled and looked over at me. “You too Griff. They’re putting some real meat on your string bean frame.” I turned over on the mattress to face him. “Barrett’s given me a workout plan for the next year. I’ll probably see better results now that I know what I’m doing.” Joe sat on the couch, still shirtless, like every night. I was a little envious of his bulk. “No doubt, bro.” “So…” I ventured, “You got anything going on with Jeffers tonight?” The defensive player smirked, shaking his head no. “Big Stan already fucked me.” “No shit?” Joe could keep me on my toes, all right. “No shit, bro. We found an empty office this afternoon and dude did a two minute sprint on my ass. For a married guy he’s a horny fucker.” “Damn!” I growled. I didn’t think I was horny after a long day but my dick was coming to life at the idea. It was so crazy and impetuous, those guys sneaking off while the rest of us were in the weight room. “Two minutes?” “If that. Jeffers wanted a quickie, and I love the guy’s dick, so… yeah.” “That’s wild,” I said. “Tell me about it. I still got the man’s load in me,” he said absently, as he slipped down his shorts. He was wearing a jock strap and I watched excitedly as he lifted his left leg and reached down to finger his hole. “Oh yeah, it’s wet as fuck now.” He looked up at me and could tell my gaze was excitedly fixed on the spot between his legs. “Take off those shorts, Griff.” I did, assuming we were gonna have another stroke session. Part of me wanted to save it up for Coach Barrett tomorrow night, but I was horny now. I kicked off my shorts and started stroking my cock. But instead escort bursa of jerking his dick, Joe got off the couch and walked over to my bunk. I watched, immobile almost, as he climbed on and straddled me. I had a pretty good idea what was on his mind and in fact he reached behind and gripped my bone, guiding it to his sticky crack. “Oh fuck yeah,” he sighed as he sank down on me. “That’s what I need.” He sank down pretty quickly and started guiding his hips up and down in rhythm on my prick, fucking himself on me. “Jeffers didn’t get me off earlier,” he explained as he started fisting his meat. This was so different from sex with Barrett. Different body type, different experience level, different energy. There was no kissing with McKinney, just fucking and release. But that was OK with me. His hole felt fantastic, particularly with Stan Jeffers’ seed coating the way for my thrusts. It was like McKinney could read my mind. “Aw yeah, you like taking sloppy seconds don’t ya, Griff?” I nodded, excited, as I started fucking up in to his amazing ass. I could tell my roommate was struggling just a little with my size at the first deep stroke but soon was back in the zone. “Goddamn, you got a prize cock on ya, Griffin. Gonna fuck me off big time tonight.” His words just encouraged me to fuck harder, which did the trick. A hot jet of cum hit me right in the face and another along my chest and neck. McKinney was unloading big time. And I started adding my semen to Coach Jeffers’. Finally I slowed my thrusts and Joe climbed off. “I can see why Barrett bends over for you, bro,” he said in typical Joe fashion. “Fuck that was hot.” **** Sex was on my mind the next day, despite the tough scrimmage outdoors. There were only three days left of the camp, and now I was dreading it being over. I’d had amazing sex and was feeling like I was really learning what it was about. Becoming a man in every sense. I was encouraged by Barrett’s friendly demeanor. He didn’t mention our planned meet up, but he didn’t need to. There was just something encouraging and knowing about his brief interactions with me. I was excited enough by the prospect of doing Barrett again, though in my head I wondered what we’d do. Would it be a repeat of the last time? Maybe he’d want to fuck me, an idea that made me nervous. I was kind of lost in thought when McKinney jogged up next to me as we walking out to practice after lunch. “We just did it again,” he whispered. “Me and Jeffers. Dude’s a horny old goat.” Coach Jeffers was probably early 50s, a decade plus older than Tom Barrett. He was good looking in a more masculine way. Big ex-jock body, thinning hair kept clipped tight on the sides, more rugged than classically handsome. “Yeah?” There was something insane about McKinney’s free-spirited approach to sex. Joe nodded and looked around to make sure we were out of earshot of the others. “Hell, these coaches are probably as hard up as we are, here for two fucking weeks.” With that he jogged ahead and joined the defensive players. I couldn’t help but sneak a look over at Coach Jeffers. 6’1″ bulky and still in pretty good shape for his age. Big arms, bigger shoulders. And there was a relaxed smile on his face, or maybe I was imagining that. Coach Connors blew a whistle for us to line up for scrimmage and I was snapped out of my reverie. **** For some weird reason I was more nervous knocking on the door of room 117 this time than during my first visit. Maybe because I wanted this, bad. Maybe because I wasn’t sure what Coach had in mind for a second time. Maybe because it was clear that I was there for sex, no pretenses this time. I didn’t have time to fret much, though because the door opened and Tom Barrett was standing there in his 6’5″ magnificence. Freshly showered again and only wearing a towel around his waist. He was all smiles now, definitely in a friendly mood. “Come in,” he said softly and I stepped inside the cool room as instructed. This time Coach wasted no time. The minute the door was shut he stepped up to me with a grin. “Great to see you Griffin,” he said in a husky voice. “You too sir,” I muttered, nervous but excited. Our lips met. It was intense now that Coach was stepping right up to the make out portion of the evening, but I guess that’s why I was there in his room. We kissed, full tongue and sensual, and if anything the man was even better a kisser than before. I decided I loved this part a lot. We took brief breaks between kisses as I explored his bare hairy chest and he removed me shirt. After he pulled down my shorts I guess I got too impetuous because Barrett backed off and gave me a wink. “Let’s take it slow, son, OK? Let’s enjoy this.” “Sure, Coach,” I hissed and the next kiss was the slowest softest kiss imaginable. It went straight to my cock and made my head light. I loved it. Trying to follow Coach’s lead, I touched his bare flank, letting my fingertips rest softly on the firm, older muscle, and travel up and down his sides. That made the man moan and I felt proud as hell. “Yeah, Griffin’s got some game,” he smirked as we broke from that kiss. He gave me a quiet expectant look and I just went with my gut. I slowly ran my fingers down his abs, which weren’t rippled but instead a hard shield of stomach muscle beneath the fur. I ran my hand teasingly along the top of his towel, my eyes never leaving Barrett’s. I could tell he was excited I was taking charge a little. My finger found the knot and pressed in to undo it. The towel opened and fell to the floor. I looked now and saw Coach’s erection stick straight up. It was beautiful and masculine and perfectly framed by his furry ball sac beneath. “God Coach,” I muttered. “Been hard all evening,” he admitted. “Thinking about you coming over.” I didn’t want to rush things but I made a careful move to touch his cock softly. It jerked as I did. I gave a smooth caress and then removed my hand. I looked back up and met him for another kiss. More fervent this time but I did my best to keep a slow boil between us. “Fuck, Alex,” Coach muttered. “You got me so turned on.” “Me, too, Coach,” I replied, my hands now running along his back muscle and venturing down to feel his hard furry buns. “You’re perfect, sir.” That seemed to flatter him and he grinned as he pushed my shorts over my erection and down my legs. I’d gone commando and my dong stood up as a hard spike. “Feel like trying some new things tonight Griffin?” he asked as he stared at my prick. “Yeah,” I said, “but I don’t think I’m up for getting fucked… sorry Coach.” He grinned, and I could tell he wasn’t even thinking about that. “How about sucking a dick? You ever done that before?” “No sir,” I said. “Feel like giving it a go?” “Oh yeah.” Barrett’s cock was so hot, and I knew I’d be honored to have that be the first dick I sucked. I knelt down. “Now don’t go all in at once. Take some time to lick and explore it first if you want. Then take only as much as you feel comfortable with.” I did just that. For the next five minutes I made love to Tom Barrett’s dick. When I plopped it in my mouth he let out a heavy sigh. “Oh yeah… feels great, Alex.” I bobbed up and down gently on him. Somehow I knew not to let my teeth get in the way but it was a challenge at first to concentrate on everything I needed to. I think my hardon went away as I focused too much on trying to do this right. “Suck me, Alex,” Barrett said softly as I got into a rhythm. “Your mouth feels so fucking good.” I ate up his encouragement and continued to blow him. My first time sucking a cock and I decided that I definitely enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as Coach sucking me off but that was a different kind of enjoyment. Not a get your rocks off pleasure. This was the excitement of making another man feel good. I don’t know if I had the man close to blowing or not. He stepped back and pulled his dick out of my mouth. “Fuck that was great, Alex,” he said encouragingly. I watched as he turned around, bringing his hard muscular buns right into close view. “You like my ass, Alex?” “Yes, sir,” I said eagerly. “It’s beautiful, Coach.” He leaned over a little and spread his cheeks. I could see the furry crack and even better the pink crinkled soft pucker in front of me. It was clean and even a little damp from his recent shower. My hardon was raring back now for sure. “You don’t gotta Griffin, but if you feel like getting a taste, I’d love it.” “I got this Coach,” I said proudly. Before that moment I never even thought about licking ass, either in the abstract or me specifically doing the act. But that asshole was a major turnon and I was very excited by his suggestion. I leaned in and wasn’t remotely tentative about sticking my tongue out and swiping against the man’s pucker. I started licking wildly all around it, and up and down the crack a little too. “Oh FUCK!” Barrett gasped. “Go for it kid!” He braced himself on his thighs leaned over slightly as I took over prying his cheeks apart. “Fuck, you like this.” I leaned back and muttered out a barely audible. “Love it coach.” And I leaned back in and continued licking. “Spear my hole a little bit with your tongue. Dig in there. I’m clean, buddy… you can go wild.” It felt nasty, but I was also turned on like crazy as I did as Barrett instructed, really digging into him with my tongue and soon plunging in and out of his relaxing hole with my soft oral muscle. Finally Barrett stood up and turned around. “Let’s take a break, stud.” He was breathing hard, clearly excited. “You sure that’s your first time rimming?” I now had a term for what we just did. “Yeah, Coach, I guess I just went with the flow,” I said. “I really liked it,” I admitted, not sure I should have enjoyed it so much. “I can tell.” He pulled me up and met me in a kiss, seemingly unconcerned that I’d just been eating his ass. His kiss was now lustier, less measured. He pulled back and gave a gentle pat to my ass. “I can tell you’re a natural top.” I gave him a confused expression. “Top?” Maybe I could have figured it out, but this was all new terminology to me. After all, this was pre-internet and I’d grown up in a small town. “The dude who does the fucking.” I felt an ego boost from Barrett’s compliments and as we lay down on his bed and made out, I took charge and rolled up on top of him, thrusting gently into him as we kissed and I felt him up. It’s not like I had real finesse or experience, but I imagined I did and kind of acted out the role in my head. It seemed to work. Barrett moaned into my mouth and writhed beneath me, clearly turned on. I leaned up, looking down on his handsome face. A perfect vision of ex-jock masculinity. “OK if I rim you some more, Coach?” Barrett chuckled. “You liked that, huh?” “Yes, sir,” I grinned, deciding not to be embarrassed. “You got a hot fucking hole Coach, I wanna eat it some more.” “A little tip for you, stud….” he offered. “As good as you eat ass, you’re never gonna have to ask a bottom if he wants more.” “Yes, sir,” I grinned and started kissing my way down his fuzzy torso. The man really was in great shape. I took a minute to lick and suck his cock a little, which excited him. Then I spit the dick out and travelled lower, hoisting his legs up excitedly and going in for the kill. “Oh fucking hell! That’s it Griffin. Eat my fucking hole out. Deeper… that’s it… Oh yeah, oh fuck… I feel like I could cum from your tongue, stud.” As I ate him some more I felt his body shift above me. He was reaching for something. Finally he tapped my shoulder and I looked up to see the lubricant in his hand. “I need that huge fucking cock in me stud,” he growled. I was turned on like mad by this point so leaned up and scrambled forward, just as quickly lubing my prick up. I took it real slow as I nudged his spit-wet pucker and pressed in. But he was relaxed and I realized I could go faster. I did. Entering his tight warm insides till I was bottomed out. We kissed and I pulled back and thrust into him. He grunted but in a good pleasurable way. So I did it again, harder. It was a trip. I wasn’t fucking him fast, but just giving these shoves of my cock into the man. With clockwork regularity I pistoned into Barrett, and he sucked on my tongue excitedly and wrapped his legs around my waist as I did. It didn’t take us long, we were too worked up. I sensed he was about to come so I started fucking hard and fast. Barrett held onto my tight, his body clearly entering an intense orgasm as he cried into my mouth. I came, too, feeling more and more lightheaded as my nuts pumped out a major load into the man. “Oh fuck,” he hissed softly as we came down, still in embrace, my dick still inside him. “That was incredible, Alex.” “You were pretty incredible, too, Coach.” I kissed him again, softer now. “What do you think of calling me Tom?” he asked quietly. “I’d like that, Tom,” I grinned going in for another kiss. “Damn,” he said as I finally pulled out of him. “Glad I took a chance with you.” “Me too,” I said. “Sucks that camp is over in a few days.” Tom rolled over and pulled my arm over his body in a spoon position. It was sensual and a perfect follow up to our sex. I enjoyed feeling his built, older body. “I have a feeling we’re gonna get a couple of chances before you go.” He leaned up and kissed my bicep. “Damn, you’re an incredible fuck, Alex.” “Thanks, Coach,” his more official title coming to me automatically. “This has definitely made my week. My year.” We lay there, quietly, enjoying the embrace and the feel of each other’s bodies. Finally, Tom spoke up. “I live in Florida, so realistically I don’t know what can happen after this week.” “I know, Coach,” I said. I was a little sad that this would be a one-week fling, but I was also realistic. Besides, I was less than half his age. A thin high school jock without much experience. “I wasn’t expecting.” “I’ll give you my number. Stay in touch. Who knows…” I was getting the sense that Coach was feeling a little sad himself. I kissed the back of his neck and rubbed his torso affectionately. “God…. you really are good at this,” he said. “It’s crazy.” “Just learning from you, Tom,” I said. “It just feels right.” “Sure, does,” he sighed. “Fuck I wish you could stay over the night.” “My roommate won’t care,” I ventured. “I don’t know,” Barrett said, his tone cautious. He liked the idea, though. “Trust me on this, Tom,” I said, pulling his body tighter against mine. His head craned up and met me in a hot deep kiss. EPILOGUE McKinney was a little pissed I was short on details the next day. But it no longer felt right bragging about Barrett with him. Turns out Joe had another conquest the night before we left. Dwayne Jenkins’ black ex-defensive back dong. And he was happy to brag about it. “Dude ruined me for mere mortals man,” he said the following morning. I went over to room 117 the remaining two nights. Each time I banged Tom Barrett, one session even twice. Each time felt even better than before. Each time Tom showed me something new. The last night I made him cum hands free while fucking him and from the expression on his face, I gathered I’d shown Coach something new too. Our parting kiss was intense but I’d promised to keep in touch. I was actually sad to leave that cinder block North Texas shithole. Improbably, a few years later, Tom Barrett became my first longterm boyfriend. But that’s a story for another time.

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