That’s how old I was when I realized that while all my friends were starting to talk about boys, all I could think about were girls.

I was twelve when I learned that there was a word for people like me…lesbian. I learned other words later on and they were rarely in a positive light.

It wasn’t until I was fourteen that I kissed another girl, under the guise of “practicing” before my friend went on her first date.

When I was fifteen, I finally met someone like me, though I didn’t know it yet. That occurred a few months later when I was sixteen.

Of course, sixteen was when I first kissed a girl and we weren’t “practicing”. Sixteen was also when I first time I touched another girl’s breasts. Her dad soon got a new job and she moved away before we could go any further.

I was officially dating my first girlfriend during my senior year, soon after I turned eighteen. We both lost our lesbian virginity that year. She was a junior. We tried to keep it between us, until someone saw us kissing at a movie. All the boys wanted to be our friends and only a few girls talked to us anymore, scared that somehow we might infect them with lesbianism. Bitches!

My freshman year of college, I finally met people who didn’t judge me. In fact, it seemed I was more popular among the girls at college. So many were into experimentation that some may call me a slut. I didn’t care, as long as my girlfriend back home didn’t find out.

My girlfriend followed me to college after she finished high school. She didn’t take long to suggest a threesome. I knew who to call and after that night, she became as slutty as me. I introduced her to many of my friends and when she realized how I knew all of them, her punishment resulted in me missing a few classes that day and my pussy being sore for the next few days.

A year later, she met someone else and left me. I later discovered that she had first begun fooling around with guys near the end of our relationship. She is now engaged. Last time I talked with her, she declared herself bisexual.

By the time I graduated college, I had probably converted a dozen girls to pure lesbianism, and many more considered themselves bisexual. My influence on the girls at my college was legendary. Many of them would call on me when they needed a fix and I was happy to oblige. A few of them were some of the same girls that made fun of me in high school.

Right after I graduated, one of the girls in the theater department called me up. She had a unique idea for a play and she wanted me as the lead. I had never acted before, but met with her to hear the offer. When I met with her, she realized she had left the script at home and invited me over to go get it. Once at her place, she decided to do a live read and I soon found myself naked in her bedroom. After the live read, I offered to do the play.

A few months later, and many rehearsals later, we performed it to a small private audience of about 50 people. The play got amazing reviews considered it was essentially live porn. We did a dozen shows over the next month before we closed up shop. I lost track of how many audience members wanted to meet me personally and how many requests I got for private performances. Many of the women received their requests. Some of them even had their husbands watching, forbidden from joining in. That was the only way I allowed them to watch. The few who tried ended up with angry wives as I would leave at that moment, even if we weren’t done yet. One called me up to apologize two weeks later, asked me to come back and even offered to completely leave if I did. His wife apparently refused to even kiss him until she got her full opportunity to experiment.

My last show ended with a phone number left for me. When I called, I learned that the woman had seen my show and was quite impressed. She wanted a private performance and was willing to pay my considerably for it. I met up with her a few days later and my jaw dropped at her beauty. I was willing to fuck her for free, but she insisted on paying. I could have bought a house with what she paid me for that one night. We ended up spending the weekend together, and I got paid equivalently for the whole time.

The morning of the last day, before I left, I learned who she was. She was a producer who worked in the adult film industry. She was so impressed with me that she wanted to do a series of films with me as the star. I apparently was desirable enough that she offered to pay me up front for the work. I was so enamored with her that I offered to do it for half the amount if we could go on a real date.

A month later, I moved in with her.

Four months after that first date, my first film hit the market. She was right. It did amazing and all of the critics asked for more of me.

After a year of dating, and two more movies that did just as well, we first were labeled as a powerhouse couple. Three days later we finally left the house again, this time to go to a jewelry store. The ring was on my finger that afternoon.

A week later, istanbul escort I got a phone call. It was my sister. She had been in an adult store with her husband, looking for some things to spice up their sex life a bit. I had only met her husband once, and he didn’t remember me. But he happened to grab one of my movies and showed her. Nobody in my family knew about my orientation or career. I asked her to keep it quiet, and paid for her plane ticket to visit.

When she arrived, and we went through the normal formalities of seeing a relative for the first time in a few years, she noticed the ring. My partner was back in the limo waiting for us. I told her she would soon meet the person. She was excited, but referred to the person as “him”. We grabbed her bags and made our way to the limo. As we approached, my partner got out of the car and we kissed. My sister was shocked. The driver put her bags in the trunk and we all got inside. We kissed one more time and suddenly a million questions flew at us at once. When my sister finally took another breath, we laughed and got her to slow down. We answered as much as we could, leaving out the part about my escapades in college. By the time we reached the house, she had calmed down a bit. She seemed genuinely happy for us, yet still a bit overwhelmed by my lifestyle change.

Once inside, we showed her around the house. When we reached a room that was used for my partner’s work, she saw some of the awards I received and read some of the reviews. She seemed impressed, though I’m not sure if that was faked or not.

That night, we took her out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. The meals alone cost a hundred dollars. During the course of dinner, we discussed the idea of how to tell the rest of my family. We both knew who would take it the hardest, and that some of the relatives might never speak to me again. We also guessed that if she had seen my tape, there’s a chance someone else in the family has too. It was eventually decided that a visit home was necessary. Nobody had seen me since my sister’s wedding. The debate was whether to bring my partner or not. She seemed inclined to stay back here. I wanted her with me for support. My sister was silent about it for a while. It wasn’t until the end of dinner that she finally piped up and said that it might be harder on my parents if I went alone. That settled it, as she was closer to my parents than I was.

My sister stayed in our guest room for a few more days. We took her out to visit a lot of local sights and she even met a few of our friends. The second to last night she was there, we had a party and invited some our friends over. Some were in the industry, some weren’t. About an hour into the party, the question I had expected finally got asked. What was it like? We had practiced how to answer this question, knowing that it would be one of the hardest for us to answer. Before we even got a chance to answer, one of our friends walked up to her, gently grabbed hold of her cheeks, and pulled her in for a kiss. Right as we saw it happening, we were about to reach out and stop it when it hit us that she wasn’t resisting. It went on for about twenty seconds before they parted lips. My sister stood there for about a minute with her eyes closed and her lips parted before she finally licked her lips and opened her eyes. My partner laughed and told her it was like that.

That’s when she shocked us all and asked our friend for another kiss. Another kiss turned into ten minutes. Ten minutes turned into necking. Necking turned into feeling around. Feeling around turned into our friend’s hand up my sister’s skirt. It was pushed away. She said not yet. A few minutes later, she was pushing away the hand again. The hand went up my sister’s shirt a few moments later. It wasn’t pushed away.

A few minutes later, my sister’s shirt came off. We all watched as our friend tossed it to the side and pulled down her bra. Her tongue made it’s away around my sister’s nipple, her eyes shut as she held onto the stranger’s head. She appeared to be enjoying it. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It was both exciting to watch, but it was also my sister.

After spending some time being fondled, my sister leaned over and whispered something to this person she had just met. Our friend pulled my sister off the chair she was sitting on pulled down her skirt. My sister stood there in panties and a bra pulled down below her breasts. I had never seen her look so exposed before. Our friend sat her back down and got between her legs. We watched her pull my sister’s panties to the side and begin to touch her. It started with gentle touching, and soon moved on to tongue and fingers. We all watched in shock as my sister had her first lesbian experience, fingers being thrust inside of her. So new to the experience was she that it didn’t take long for her to get wet.

That’s when our friend surprised us all. She stood up, pulled up her dress and revealed that she came wearing a strap-on. My sister had already opened her eyes when the touching stopped, and when şirinevler escort she saw this, her went wide. She sat up and grabbed hold of it, well trained after three years of marriage on how to handle cock, even if this one was the first fake one she handled. Moistening it up, she then leaned back, ready to take it in. Our friend readily obliged. It only took a few minutes before my sister was screaming her head off in orgasmic bliss.

When it all stopped, she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her face blushed as it finally hit her that this had all happened right in full view of everyone.

My partner spoke up without missing a beat. “THAT’S what it’s like.”

My sister pulled her clothes back on, her motions displaying obvious embarrassment. She left the room and went down the hall. As I got up to follow, the party resumed as before, without any more mention of what had happened. A door slammed shut further down the hall. It was one of the bedrooms. I knocked on the door.

“Go away!”

“Sis it’s me. Can I come in?” I could hear a lock being adjusted. I tried the door. It was now locked. “Please. I’m sorry that happened. I swear I didn’t plan that. Please, just let me in so we can talk.”

A few minutes of whimpering sounds were followed by the lock again. Trying the door once more, it was unlocked. I went in and saw her sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. She was facing the wall and dressed. Her head was in her hands. I walked up and touched her shoulder. Her quick jerk away showed me how much this bothered her. I sat on the nearby bed and waited.

After a few more minutes, she finally spoke. “Does this make me gay?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“I…I…”, she starts to cry again. I get up and try to walk over to comfort her again. This time, she doesn’t jerk away. She just grabs my hand and holds it. I sit down on the edge of the chair.

“You love your husband…right?” She nods in affirmative. “And you’ve never been interested in women right?” Another yes. “You’re not gay. It’s as simple as that.”

“But I just…”

“You got caught off guard. It was a new experience, you’ve been trying to understand my life. It’s hard to deny pleasure when it happens, no matter where it comes from. You’re body was moving faster than your mind could process.” It was the next thing she said that caught me off guard.

“But I enjoyed it.” She looks up at me pleadingly. “I don’t want to be a lesbian. I love my husband.”

“I know you do. I remember how you looked on your wedding day. Have you considered that maybe you just like both men and women?” Her eyes widen a bit in amazement. She hadn’t thought about it like that. “Lot’s of people enjoy both. I’ve known many couples that willingly embrace it. Don’t forget how you learned about me.”

As she thinks about it, her tears begin to dry up. “I guess I hadn’t thought about that before. I…I…” She gets lost in thought for a few moments. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this right now.”

A knock on the door interrupts it. A voice follows and I realize it is my partner. “Come on in.”

The door opens and shuts again. “Is everything okay?”

“Sis is a bit scared. Did you know that was going to happen?”

My partner sits on the bed. “No I didn’t. I’ve already talked to Chelsea about it and explained that maybe she went just a bit too far.” She turns to my sister. “What Chelsea did wasn’t right. Are you okay?”

I think it was at this point that my sister realized why I love this woman. “I think I’ll be okay. I guess I didn’t realize that I could enjoy a woman too. Is it always like that?”

I look at her and try my best to answer that one. “That depends. How was it for you?”

“It was different at first. I enjoyed it. I’m sure everyone saw that I enjoyed it. But it just isn’t the same thing as having Robbie inside of me. Even when she used that thing, it didn’t feel the same. It felt fake.”

We broke out laughing. “Honey, it was a fake cock.”

She finally smiles for the first time since she walked away from the party. “I guess it was. Robbie just feels…better.”

My partner responds with the best answer I could think of. “That’s a good thing. That is why you ARE NOT gay.”

“I think I’m going to be okay. Let me clean up and I’ll come back and rejoin the party.” She stands up and straights out her clothes. I stay behind a few moments to comfort her a bit before I head back and join my partner in the conversation she’s started up. A few minutes later, my sister rejoins the party and everything continues like nothing happened.

A few hours later, it finally began winding down. Our friends began to leave and we all said goodbye as each one did. My sister was polite and thanked them all for coming too. When the one who fucked her got up to leave, my sister thanked her and gave her quick kiss goodbye.

It was about another twenty minutes later before we were caught off guard again. Some more of our industry friends, some of whom I had been on screen with, taksim escort got up to leave. We followed them to the door to say our goodbyes. One of them, a beautiful woman who I had not starred with yet, was saying goodbye to my sister when my sister whispered something to her. My partner and I weren’t quite sure what was going on, but as we walked away, we heard the person say “Sure”. As we turned back to see what was up, my sister was shutting the door and they were walking towards the stairs. We could only guess what was said, but later that evening, as we were going to our own room, the noises we heard confirmed what was going on. The next morning, as I went downstairs, the noises were still coming from my sister’s room.

It was around lunchtime when our friend finally came downstairs wearing nothing but a robe. When she said me, her face blushed a bit. She didn’t give me time to respond, and instead came up and kissed me. I couldn’t be certain, but it’s possible I was tasting my sister a bit. After the kiss, she looked at me and said she has been wanting to do that for a while. She had hoped we might invite her to spend the night, but hadn’t expected the person to invite her to be my sister. An apology soon came, which I told her wasn’t needed.

At that moment, my partner came in. Seeing our friend was still here, she asked her if she enjoyed herself. She went through the whole story of how she wanted to spend the time with us, and blah blah blah. My partner laughed, gave her a quick kiss and we all froze at the sound of a gasp. That’s when we realized my sister had just walked in. Then she ran off. I followed.

I found her in her room throwing stuff in her suitcase. I stopped her, sat her down and pulled everything back out. We spent the next ten minutes talking. She seemed to be taking it hard that her new friend was kissing my partner. I tried to reassure her it was just a friendly kiss and that so far, she had twice told us about how much fun she had during the night. This seemed to make her feel better. Once she was calmed down, I took her back downstairs, where her new friend apologize profusely for the confusion and then rushed her back upstairs. When we heard the door slam shut, my partner and I laughed for several minutes.

The next day, my sister said goodbye to her new friend, thanking her for helping to open her eyes to new possibilities. As the limo driver loaded my sister’s luggage into the trunk, my partner and I sent him into the house. When he came back out with more luggage, we told my sister that the night before we bought tickets and were going to come home with her to see my parents.

That night, it was my partner who helped reassure my crying mother that everything would be okay. My dad seemed to accept everything without any concerns, which surprised me. He later told me that I was his daughter and he would be supportive of anything I did, including me doing pornography. My shock must have been apparent as he quickly informed me that he hadn’t watched any of my movies, but had seen a picture of me in an article online and learned about it on there. He was happy that I was happy and successful, even if he didn’t totally approve of what I did.

The next day, I had a conversation with my mom and filled her in on everything I had told my sister (again, minus the college escapades). When my sister came in, she confirmed the details about my success. My mom still was a bit apprehensive, but then my dad came in and they took a walk. My partner and I were watching TV when they got back. They came in, turned it off, and my mom just gave me a hug. She cried and gave my partner a hug and welcomed her to the family. That’s when I broke down and the next five minutes were spent much like you see in the movies when everything suddenly becomes okay.

My parents spent the next week breaking the news to other members of my family. We were surprised a bit. Some were more accepting than we thought. A few accepted but acted weird about it. One wanted nothing more to do with me. That one surprised me as she was one of the ones I had expected to be more accepting.

Six months later, we had a private ceremony. It didn’t stay very private as some photos popped up the next day in a tabloid. We made a movie together on our honeymoon, which went on to be one of our best sellers. We never released another movie of us together after that, but our success lasted a few more years. After that, I was able to retire from performing and helped run our new production company.

We still have parties, and occasionally someone stays behind with us. We’ve discovered a few new girls that way. My family tries to visit often, and my sister comes out twice a year for “Sisterly Trips” as she calls it. The friend who helped truly introduce my sister always ends up being our house guest during these trips. We’ve helped introduce a few other people to her, and that friend never did get to work with me, out of a desire to keep things clean with my sister. Nobody else knows that my sister now considers herself bisexual, and if anyone suggested it, she would deny it completely outside of these trips. Every one of our friends who knows also knows that unless they are have been told otherwise, they are treat her as if they have no idea of her secret if they ever see her. So far it has worked out perfectly.

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