Edge of GloryEdge of Glory


I sat in my car for about 20 minutes thinking to myself. Letting my nerves settle as I read over the message again.

“Door will be unlocked. Come in, go straight up the stairs and turn left, you’ll see it right there.”

I’d answered a personal listing for a private glory hole. I’d always wanted to try it out but had never managed to find the right opportunity. Finally one had arrived and I found myself here, shaking from a potent combination of anxiety and pure lust. We’d hammered out all of the details of what we expected before hand, and then he gave me his address. The address of the house I was currently parked in front of, trying to relax.

I finally decided I was calm enough and got out of the car. It was a nice neighborhood, looked like a pretty quiet place, and I wondered to myself if these people knew about what went on in the house I was walking up to right now. As expected the porch light was on, I nervously reached for the door knob, before slowly turning it and opening the door. The house lighting was dim, which was somehow more comforting than total darkness. I went up the short steps right in front of me into a better lit hallway. I looked to my left and there it was: a white sheet covering a doorway, a hole cut in the middle, revealing nothing but complete darkness in the room beyond.

The hallway only could have been about ten feet, but the potent cocktail of hormones surging through my body made it feel like a mile. As instructed before my arrival, I left my pants alone, just standing in front of the hole, waiting. I could hear movement on the other side before the sheet started to flutter as an unseen figure crouched down in front of me. I braced my hands against the door frame and stood as still as I could, shaking a bit from nerves and arousal.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when he first touched me, his fingers gently running down the front of my zipper. But in the same moment I became calm, with just a few smooth motions along the bulging ridge in my jeans he tamed whatever nerves I had left, taming my anxiety like a very different kind of snake charmer. Seemingly in response to my newfound relaxation, my obscured partner got more bold with the touching, sliding his palm against my package and down between my legs. I gently rocked my hips against his hand, adjusting my feet so I could stand closer and feel more of his touch on my body.

Neither of us had spoken yet, even though we both knew why I was here, he let me lead everything. Every groan encouraged him to apply more pressure to a certain spot, every gyration leading his touch to new areas to explore. Soon he slid his hand between my legs, farther back until he was gripping my ass. For the first time since I arrived, he led, pulling my hips forward to the escort bayan hole in the sheet. There I met with an unexpected sensation as I felt his face against my groin, rubbing my still covered bulge against his cheeks. I could feel a pressure that could only be his mouth teasing me through my jeans. The slight whimper leaving my mouth seemed to be his cue, as he pulled his mouth away, and I felt his free hand fumbling with the button and zipper. I helped him out, getting my jeans open but leaving them in place, letting him choose what to do with them.

He withdrew his hand from between my legs, pulling my jeans down but leaving my underwear in place. Getting the hint I stepped back, took off my shoes and slid the jeans all the way off. I stepped back up to the hole, my tented underwear protruding through the sheet as I felt him replace his hand on my ass. This time when he put his mouth on me, I felt the heat of his breath through the thin fabric, and the slight dampness as his tongue danced along my length.

For the first time, he spoke. “Are you ready?” His mouth barely left my shaft to speak, making it seem like he was talking directly to my raging hard on and not me, but I answered anyway:


Wordlessly he hooked his thumbs to my underwear and pulled it down, letting me step out of it before I felt his hand wrap around me. I could tell he was strong from his previous touches, but there was something about the feel of his grip on my skin that was electrifying. He gave a few gentle, firm strokes before pulling on me slightly, urging me all the way into the hole. The next thing I heard was the click of a bottle being opened followed by the unmistakable sound of a lubed hand sliding over a hard cock. Knowing he was stroking himself while he held my dick was such a sexy thought I felt a few drops of pre-cum slide out of my tip. His swiped his thumb along my head, spreading it out as he gave me a few more strokes. The next thing I felt was the wave of pleasure as he took me into is mouth, his hand locked around the base of my cock as I slid over his tongue into the damp heat. He drew his mouth back, keeping a gentle suction as he flicked his tongue effortlessly back and forth, swirling it around my head. I could still hear the sounds of him jacking off in front of me. I couldn’t help but imagine what his cock looked like. We had agreed before hand that I’d arrive, get a blow job, cum, and leave. I thought about that, and then threw it out the window.

“Can you fuck me?”

He pulled his mouth back but kept stroking me, I could hear him continue to stroke himself. “Are you sure?” Was that excitement in his voice? I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care. “Yes. Please.” He told me to turn around and bend over, and as I got in position I heard escort ankara him adjust things behind the sheet as he stood up. I felt his hands on my ass, examining what I was offering up to him. He spread me open, and with a jolt I felt his tongue start to explore. I’d never been rimmed before and was shocked at how good it felt. He stood again, and I felt the cool sensation of lube dripping onto my ass. He pushed it in with a finger, and this time we both let out a groan. Apparently satisfied with his preparation, he held my hips in place and guided a cock I had still not even seen into my ass. Even with all the lube, it was a tight fit, but he was gentle, reading my body and easing forward when possible. I couldn’t believe how big he felt, slowly pushing into me while I stood bent over in his hallway.

He only thrusted into me a few times before pulling out, his hands reaching around the sheet, guiding me upright and turning me around. I finally got a good look at his cock, as it rubbed against mine. I reached down and took hold of both of our shafts, holding them together and stroking. He thrust into my hand, the head of his cock rubbing against my balls. Once again, overtaken by lust I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. He groaned, pushing forward, but i wasn’t quite able to take all of him into my mouth. I sucked him a few more times before standing up, thinking he would sink back down to his knees. However he unexpectedly leaned forward, kissing me through the sheet. He hands reaching around to pull my body against his.

“Want to come inside?”

I didn’t hesitate.


He pulled the sheet aside and led me in, finally letting me get my first look at my anonymous lover. Though it was dark in his room, I got a decent look. He was completely nude, letting me see his smooth, tall body. He peeled my shirt off and pulled me in for another kiss, this time the only thing I could feel between us was his cock pressing against my stomach.

He walked me back to the bed, laying me on my back. I absentmindedly played with myself as I watched him retrieve the lube. When he walked back over to me I could tell why he invited me in, his bed was high enough that I was much better positioned for him to fuck. I watched him lube himself up before turning his attention to my cock. He pushed my hand away and poured some of the lube onto my shaft. I laid my hands at my sides, totally surrendering my body to him.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, before lifting my legs into the air, positioning himself between them. His slick hands returned to my hips holding me in place as he pushed into me. I was stretched enough from his previous explorations that he slid in easily this time. My mind was blank from the sensations, the mix of ankara escort bayan pain and pleasure as he penetrated me. I closed my eyes, trying to absorb every feeling I could as he pushed deeper and deeper. Then he started to stroke me, working his firm grip gently up and down my painfully hard cock. It didn’t take long before I realized he was buried all the way inside me, his hips resting against my ass.

I gyrated my hips, feeling his cock against my prostate as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He kept stroking me as he gently started to fuck my ass. He started with slow, shallow strokes, building the intensity with each thrust. He timed his fucking with the stroking, every pump down on my shaft mirrored with a thrust into my body. The feeling was incredible. I moaned with every stroke, arched my back with every thrust. It was clear he was an expert at reading my body, edging me every time he could feel me getting close to cumming. He was definitely having fun denying me, I could hear a little chuckle every time a whimper escaped my lips as he held me off. I don’t know how long it took but I finally begged him to let me cum. He pulled back and gave me a deep thrust, holding his cock all the way inside me as he started to jack me off harder. It didn’t take long before ropes of cum flew out of my cock, painting my stomach and chest white. A few drops making it as far as my chin. He held himself deep inside me as my body quaked, the sensation of his cock buried inside me only amplified my orgasm.

As I started to come down from the pure bliss, I felt him start to fuck me slowly again, each thrust making my body twitch. Now that he wasn’t stroking me he was able to build up a much faster tempo, he gripped my spread legs, fucking me hard, his body slapping against my thighs. I could tell he was getting closer to his own climax so between my gasps and panting I managed the words “Cum in my mouth.” Which only seemed to encourage him as he jackhammered into me. Not long after he pulled out, climbing up onto the bed and straddling my chest. I opened my mouth wide as he gave himself a few strokes and released his load between my lips. He leaned forward to hold himself up as he drained his balls, filling up my mouth. I held it in as he slid down my body to kiss me, our tongues meeting to share the taste of his cum before I swallowed it all down. I reached down and scooped some of my own cum up and swallowed it down, something he seemed thoroughly enjoy. I laid back, trying to recover as I felt him kiss down my body, licking up the cum he’d coaxed out of me.

After we’d both recovered a bit, he grabbed a towel and offered it to me, watching as I wiped myself down of lube and cum. He wordlessly watched as I got dressed, smiling and slowly playing with his still semi-hard dick. Once I’d collected myself, we kissed one last time, still tasting the traces of each other loads in our mouths. He threw on some clothes and led me to the front door, watching as I walked to my car, and headed home.

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