Driving You HomeDriving You Home


I open my door to the ringing of the phone. I throw my coat on the rack and grab for the phone, hoping to get to it before the machine picks it up.

“Hello.” I say.

“Hi, it’s Laurie. Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“No, I have the day off from work, why?”

“I need you to come get me and bring me home. My car is broken down and no one else can get me. My Dad won’t be back home from a business trip until late Wednesday and my Mom needs to go to the airport to pick up relatives. None of my friends are headed in that direction. You’re the only one I can think of to ask. Please?” You sound on the verge of tears.

“I’ll be there by noon as long as the snow doesn’t hold me up. You do know there’s a winter storm warning don’t you?”

“I do, but knew you’d come anyway.” You sound pleased with your ability to get me to do your bidding.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a sucker for your pretty face. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you then.” You hang up the phone.

I hang up, wondering why my sister’s best friend would choose me to drive 150 miles to pick her up from the university she was attending. I think she had always had a bit of a crush on me, but I’d never tried anything with her as she and my sister were friends and it would have seemed a little like dating my own sister. Still she was cute, and I’d get to spend 2 hours with her as my co-pilot on the drive back. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a little better.

The next morning I left early, the snow had just begun to fall. The roads were only lightly traveled, as it was a weekday, which was good since the snow was falling heavily. I made good time, with my satellite radio as my only companion. I had helped Laurie move off campus, so I knew the directions to the apartment, and as I exited the interstate, followed the appropriate streets to where you lived. I soon pulled up at your address, and after exiting the vehicle stood on you steps and knocked on your door.

You opened the door as soon as I banged the door with my gloved fist.

“Hi, you’re earlier than I expected! You reach for me and pull me into one of your fabulous hugs. You hug people like nobody else; somehow managing to tough the entire front of your body to the person you’re hugging. It’s very erotic and another reason I’m glad I made the trip to pick you up. I’ve secret wondered if you kiss and make love the same way, but wouldn’t think of asking.

“I’m almost ready, let me grab a few things and we can leave.” You turned and walked towards your bedroom, looking back over your shoulder as you walk away. “I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

“I really don’t mind, it beats sitting at home watching tv” I say, glancing around at the bags parked near the door. “Should I bring these out to my car while waiting?

“No, I’m ready to go, let me grab my coat.”

As you head down the hall towards your closet, I get to admire the figure before me. Your dark hair cascades down your back, you’ve managed to stuff your breast into a very tight sweater, which accentuates your curves, and you’re wearing a short skirt. Overall, I very nice image, I’m glad I’ll be spending the next couple of hours with you.

As you walk past, I get a whiff of your perfume. “You smell nice, I say, good enough to eat.” Ouch, where did that come from, I think as soon as the words escape my lips.

You give me a funny look, smile, then say, “Thanks.” I grab the bag left on the floor, and head out the door behind you.

“Sorry for that awkward comment, I guess its jet lag or something from the drive, affecting my brain.” I throw the bag in the backseat along with the one you threw in and we head for the interstate.

“Really, don’t worry about it, it was kind of funny. Thanks again for picking me up. Thanksgiving would have been a drag if I had to have stayed here. The snow is really coming down isn’t it?”

The snow had accumulated quite a bit since I had arrived. There was at least a foot on the ground, and it was falling harder than on my way over. The wipers were having a hard time keeping up with the flakes.

“Thankfully, we have four wheel drive, though I think we’ve got a slow trip back. Feel free to find what you want on the radio.”

You switch the dial to some eclectic mix of old and new, and we pass the time listening to the tunes, catching up, and reminiscing about the past. Time is flying by but the progress is slow, as the snow has done nothing but fall heavier. To make matters worse, the wind has been blowing, creating near whiteout conditions. Suddenly, up ahead, I make out flashing lights. I slow down and stop next to a parked highway patrolman. He gets out of his car and approaches the driver’s side window.

“Sorry folks, the roads are being closed. You’ll have to get off at this exit and start up again in the morning.”

“But sir, we only have about 80 miles to go” I plead. “This is the only route to where we’re going.”

“I understand, but there is a serious accident ahead, and nothing can get past. There are a couple of semis Çanakkale Escort jackknifed, blocking all lanes of traffic. There’s a hotel just after the exit, I’m sure there’ll be room.” He gave a wave and headed back to his car. I could barely see the roadway as I approached the ramp, and headed for the hotel the officer has mentioned.

“Uhm, I don’t have any money for a room. I wasn’t expecting this.” You turn and look at me. “What are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry, I reply. I’ll take care of it.” I park in the lot and say, “Why don’t you wait here and I get us hooked up. I get out of the SUV, and trudge through the snow, heading for the office.

A few minutes later I head back. I don’t know how Laurie is going to take the news.

“Well, I have good news and bad. There’s room at the inn, but there is only one room with one king bed. I look at you as I say this. I took what they had, but I guess you’ll be spending more time with me than you expected.” You look at me; give me a grin, and say, “I hope you don’t snore.” You exit the SUV, grab one of your bags; I grab the other, and head for our room.

Once inside, we shake off the snow we collected on our walk, I head for the heat and turn it up. “So what do we do now, “I ask.

“In situations like this, I think it’s a good idea to drink. Luckily for us, I packed a flask and a bottle so we are set. Did you see a soda machine when you checked in?”

“There’s one in the lobby, I be back in a flash.” I hurry to the lobby, get the beverages, and return to the room. Along the way, I think about the situation I’m in. I’m alone with a very attractive woman, about to start drinking with her, due to being snowbound. I can’t believe my luck!

I enter into the room and hand the set the drinks down. You’re on the phone, speaking with your parents, reassuring them that you’re safe, and then hang up. As you do, the power goes out, and we’re in semi darkness. “I guess there’s no tv for us, I say.”

“And I was so looking forward to watching porn with you, you reply with a wink. Now what will we do?” You look coyly at me, then turn your back and start making drinks.

I’m left to staring at your back in confusion. I’m not sure if you’re joking around or actually flirting. You hand me a drink and we start talking again as if we were still in the car, pretending that the comment you made was never spoken. We finish our drink, and you have another. Then you ask another question.

“Do you want to play a game with me? It’ll be sort of silly but fun, I think. I’m going to ask you questions, and you’ll answer them. You can ask me the same question or something different. The secret to this game is to answer every question truthfully. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good, ask away.”

“Do you watch X-rated movies or surf for porn on the internet?


“You heard me, answer the question.”

“Laurie, do you think this is a good idea? We’re alone in a hotel room and you’re asking me sex questions, what if this leads to something?” I look at you wondering if you’ll give away something in the way you answer.

“I just want to know what kind of person I’m sharing my room with, and if I’ll let you stay on the bed with me or make you sleep on the floor. Now answer me!”

“Fine, both.”

“Both, huh, boy, are you just horny or are you looking for new techniques?

“I like to look, besides, isn’t it my turn to ask a question?”

“Sure.” You sip your drink waiting for me to ask.

“Same question for you, except tell me what you like to look at or watch.”

“Ah, creative aren’t we. You shift around on your side of the bed and pull a blanket around you as the room has cooled slightly. “

I do both as well, and like to look at normal stuff, sex, you know.” I think there is a slight flush to your cheeks, but I can’t tell if it’s from embarrassment or from the alcohol.

“I need you to be more specific, do you like just regular sex, or girl-girl, threesomes, anal, blowjobs, or more kinky stuff.”

“Well, I guess I like all the above, it just depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I like to see people just fucking, sometimes I want to see cum getting splattered all over someone or girls getting it on, or guys, it just depends. My turn.”

“I think I need a drink first, do you need a refill? You hand me your glass and I top them both off. I move back to my seat and think about my next question. “Do you play with your self when you watch?

“Of course! I love to think about what I’m seeing happening to me or doing to someone else. Sometimes I’ll use my fingers or my vibrator…I love getting into what I’m seeing, do you?”

” I usually wait until I’m done watching or surfing, but yeah, I’ll check to see how hard I am, not that I couldn’t tell, but it’s good to check the equipment, you know? We both laugh.

“Have you ever been involved in a threesome?

“No, have you?”

“No, but I’ve used my dildo when I’ve had sex, I love sticking it up my ass when I’m getting fucked, Çanakkale Escort Bayan or sticking it in my pussy when I’m blowing a guy. It’s the next best thing to having two cocks.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by the conversation I was having! I was sitting two feet way from Laurie and she was telling me about her sexual practices! I was glad for the darkness so she couldn’t see how aroused I was getting. If she got up to fill her glass, I was going to have to unzip my jeans; my cock was going to break if I didn’t.

“Do you fantasize about being with more than one woman? Or doing it to someone with another guy?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. I enjoy those sights and scenes in movies. I’d love to have two sets of lips sucking me off, or taking a girl from behind while she’s licking her friend’s pussy. How could I not fantasize about that? Don’t think I’d want to have another guy involved though, too weird.

“Do you get turned on seeing pictures or movies of a woman getting double penetrated though?” you ask, shifting around a bit.

“I do, but I wouldn’t try it. And it’s my turn to ask. What’s you favorite position, doggy style, missionary, or you on top?”

“I love rear entry positions, I love feeling that cock, slam into me, almost withdraw, the slam back in. I like being on top too, sometimes missionary, hell, I like them all!

“Would you rather get a blow job, or a hand job?”

“I love getting a blow job, sometimes I prefer coming all over her face or chest rather that having her swallow my come. I like it when I get blown while standing, and she’s squatting down or kneeling, maybe playing with herself, and as I come she opens her mouth, drooling my semen down her front, onto her tits and getting her self completely sticky. I really like it if she rubs her hand and a finger through the sticky stream or on her come- covered breasts and then sucks her fingers. It’s so erotic. You’re staring at me, hello!”

“Wow that’s quite the image, I need to go to the bathroom, but don’t go anywhere, this is to fun!” You get up and trot to the facilities; while you’re gone I adjust my pants and release my dick from its prison. It’s straining on my underwear, but am more comfortable than being in my jeans. You flush and come back to the bed, wrap your blanket back around you and look at me.

“Your question, sir.”

“Do you like swallowing come, or having it sprayed on your face and chest?

“Well, it depends. Sometimes I like to taste it and feel it spurt into my throat. I like the feel of it hot and warm, shooting into my mouth, but then sometimes I want to get dirty and sticky. I kind of like how you said it, letting it drool onto my tits and nipples and rubbing it in.” You swallow you drink, glance at me, and ask, “Would you rather lick pussy or do anal?”

“I don’t mind licking a girl, but I think I enjoy anal sex more. I get to come, and it feels so naughty slipping into a woman’s ass, especially if they’re into it. How about you?”

“Well, I don’t mind licking pussy, if she’ll give it back to me, and I’ve never had anal sex.

“Whoa, hold on, you’ve fooled around with another woman? And this is the first I hear in all the questions you’ve answered? I try to sound stunned but am extremely aroused at the thought of you in girl-girl action.

“I’ve experimented with same sex relationships; I’m mostly into guys though. It’s only happened a couple of times, hanging out with a friend, each of us getting turned on, one thing leads to another, and bam, you’re both naked with each other’s pussies in your faces. And by the way, women, have a better knack for it, as well as sucking on nipples, guys just get to greedy. It’s never happened with you and another guy? Be honest.”

“Nope, I’m complete hetero, there is no bi-curiosity going on here.


“Zero. I’m into boobs and vaginas, not cocks. Women are just too much fun. So, do you like to dress up or have extra sexy lingerie you wear when you’re trying to turn some one on? And if so, do you have any with you?” I’m not sure if you’ll go along with me on this or where my boldness comes from, I just decide it’s worth a shot.

“Wow, why yes, I do have some lingerie I wear, and yes in fact have some with me, why do you ask? You giggle a bit but look at me as you ask your question.

“I dare you to put it on. Try on your favorite and show me what it looks like. I am hoping you’ll agree to this.

“We aren’t playing truth or dare here, you know. I might feel a little exposed, but if you say please, I might be convinced.” You look at me almost pleading I think, but it’s hard to tell in the darkened room.

“Please” I say, crossing my fingers.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” You get off the bed and head back to the bathroom with one of your bags. I peel my jeans off and recover my self under a blanket on my side of the bed. I’ve noticed that during some of my answers, you may have been touching yourself under the blankets, but I’m not sure due to the darkness. I’ve Escort Çanakkale soaked the front of my underwear during my aroused state, and decide to just take them off all together. I don’t know if this will go any further, but if it does I’ll be ready. If not, I’ll have to come up with a good excuse for being naked from the waist down. At least the heat is still keeping up, it must be gas generated.

I hear you shuffling around in the bathroom and wondering what kind of outfit I’ll see you in. Suddenly the door opens and out you walk. Your arms are across your chest as you walk to the front of the bed, as you turn to stand directly in front of me, you place you hands on your hips, look directly at me and say,

“What do you think of this?” You’re wearing an open cupped, crotch less, red satin, mesh, I don’t know what it’s called but looks great thing and you look like my best wet dream come to life. Your pink nipples are hard, your breasts are perfect and large, and as best I can see in this light, completely shaved. I’m at a loss for words.

“Fantastic” I barely croak.

“Glad you like it, now I ‘m going to wrap myself back up in my blanket, ’cause I’m chilly. And my next question for you is, describe your favorite male female scene from one of those porn movies you watch.”

“Okay, let me think a minute. I watched this collection of scenes one time and I’ve never forgotten this one. I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it sticks in my head. Okay, this couple is outside on the deck, partially clothed, the woman has her breasts fully exposed, nothing on below the waist, she’s got on foot up on a bench, he’s behind her, nailing her from the rear, just driving into her back and forth

“Wait, regular sex or anal?”

“Regular.” As I continue the recollection, I glance at you. Your eyes are closed, you’re leaning back on the pillows behind you, and I can see subtle movement under the blanket, where I speculate you’re touching yourself. ” So they’re going at it, with cutaways of them going at it, her breasts are bouncing, she’s moaning, he’s slipping his cock in and out, then they zip into close-ups where you just can see, her pussy, his dick, and shots of her ass. She grabs an ass cheek and spreads a bit while his big cock is ramming her. You know that it’s only a matter of time before that lubricated rod is going to move from her pussy to her ass. They show her tits swaying back and forth. More of him sliding it into her, then a change of position. He’s kind of leaning back in a sitting position, she’s sitting on him, with her back to him, and she’s lowering herself onto him, taking him anally.

She’s squealing and moaning, lowering herself onto him, saying she loves the feel of him in her, then starts squatting and lifting herself onto him rhythmically. You see her tits bouncing some more, she touches herself, all the while continually moving up and down on his dick. Once she rises up to far and has to guide him back in. She’s making all sorts of noise and sounds like she loves having sex this way. Again they change positions, she’s lying down, and he’s standing, stroking himself, the top of her head near the base of his dick, the tip near her mouth. You know that any second, he’s going to come all over her face, and sure enough he does. It all ends up near her mouth, she licks her lips, and he rests his cock on her mouth. She starts licking and sucking him, coating his length with come, slurping him into his mouth, then the picture fades.” I notice your eyes are still closed and motions haven’t stopped.

“Tell me another, you ask, briefly opening you eyes, but not stopping your activity. Another good one.”

“Let me think. Okay, here we go. There’s a woman lying on her bed, naked, one hand between her legs rubbing herself, the other fondling a breast, pinching her nipple. You can see that she’s really enjoying herself. She continues her activities until a man appears at her door. She’s surprised by his appearance, but lets him enter, and then the action starts. She begins by sucking him off, wrapping her hands and lips around his cock, stroking and sucking him. She alternately between deep-throating him and uses her hands in a twisting motion along the length of his dick. She lets saliva and come drool from her mouth as she continues to service him.”

I interrupt my monologue to glimpse at you. I see you continue to touch yourself lazily, as if mimicking the description I’ve just given. I continue.

“So they change positions, and he’s ramming into her, she’s on her back, he’s on top, and both her legs are pinned over her head. With this positioning, you can see every thrust into her wet pussy, she’s moaning and whimpering, asking for more. They alternate camera angles, close-ups of the action, wider angles to see her face. This goes on for a while, then she’s on top, with more of the same, her tits are bouncing, she’s sliding up and down his cock, he’s burying it deep into her by thrusting every time she rocks back into him, they do more of the close-ups, and then they switch positions again. His cock is between her breasts, she’s kneeling, and he’s tit fucking her. In a few thrusts, he spurts all over chest, but keeps going, getting his cocky sticky with come. After he’s covered, she grabs him and directs him to her mouth, where she licks and sucks him clean.”

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