Dri – the Pet of the Mentoring courseDri – the Pet of the Mentoring course


Dri – the Pet of the Mentoring courseIt wasn’t the first time we’d met, it was a coaching certification course two years ago. Now it was a specialization in mentoring. As in 2017 Adriana was the instructor, the Master, who during the week would pass all the methodology on the subject tô professionals like me who want tô deepen the use of these new techniques.Things of the modern world. Debatable, but there’s your efficiency.White, medium height, dark brown hair, round face, light green eyes and a sweet smile, although sad, since the first time this detail caught the attention. Adriana was captivating, but she was absolutely not a sexy woman, even though she noticed a sensual soft walk, nothing more than normal. She looked hotter when she wore high heels.We were ten isolated people in a quiet hotel. Nice place and beautiful scenery. It was hours of training, work and of course moments of leisure. I had the opportunity tô see Dri, that’s what we called her, in a light green swimsuit. I admired the bulky thighs and noticed the toenails painted in the same red color as the hands.I noticed her sadder and quieter than the previous course. Despite the open and frank smile. Sadness in her gaze was a characteristic, but this time it seemed bigger tô me.One day when I went out tô the dinner I saw her leaning against a window speaking cell phone, she seemed tense, nervous. I realized her altered voice, thin, yet controlled. The little I heard seemed tô be about the husband.Lady of her emotions, Dri didn’t show anything when I met her again at dinner or the next day over coffee. It was when I had the opportunity tô sit with her at the same table, we were alone. Actually, it was Adriana who sat down, I was already having my morning snack when she arrived.- May I?- Sure, sure.We remembered the coaching two years before. Curious she wanted tô know how I was doing after the specialization, I felt pleasantly asked. Some things she agreed with, some things disagreed. Until without me realizing it, the conversation went tô the personal side.- I ended up getting divorced.- What a shame, but why?- Oh, it wasn’t working out. Vivian and I had been fighting for a long time, the relationship got cold and… We came tô an understanding, we decided tô split up- Marriage is always like that. A few ups, a lot of downs.The “many” came in an acidic tone, she noticed and sódid I.- You too?- No! No… We’re still together, but…The rest of the sentence was replaced by the chewing of a melon and the lost look in the pool behind me. I wasn’t the best advisor, but I felt obliged tô say something, a advice.- It’s… Sometimes a good conversation, knowing how tô accept the other person’s way, maybe things will change. Crisis does good in a relationship, makes a couple mature.Dri, lets out a short laugh.- Oh, my God! We here talking about marital crises like they’re crises in companies, in countries… I don’t know.- Do a coaching mixing with a little mentoring, who knows the solution appears.- Ha, ha, ha. Who knows a miracle? Or do it like you, separate me?- But there are other options.- Maybe a couple therapy.- We’ve already done… No…Adriana talks shaking her head in a sad way.- You mean… You and him…- On your way… I don’t know… Maybe you can advise me.- Me? I’m not exactly a good advisor, as you can see.She laughs, a lovely, sad laugh….The day was tiring, but always competent Adriana kept us on our toes. But I began tô pay attention tô your face, several times I noticed her intense look. I began tô feel hints of an attraction, it wasn’t the first time that woman had caught my attention, I was kind of in a dilemma between desire and lack of respect for knowing the problem she was going through. I got a feeling of guilt, I don’t know why. I had already masturbated for her in the other course. Only today this mixture of guilt and attraction for her has left me inattentive, nor did I hear what she was saying, I only paid attention tô your face….During the bath, before dinner, I masturbated thinking about her, the hot shower, just made me more depraved. I imagined Adriana more naughty, totally naked and I sucked her beautiful, fat breasts. Doing crazy things inside the smoky bathroom. It was a relief, after all the tension and desire accumulated during the day. I cleaned up, dried and got dressed, came down for dinner….What was my surprise:As we always, the ten, had dinner at one table. Adriana seemed even more anxious, the concern visible on her face. I was worried and at the same time feeling guilty, a pervert who has crazy desires for suffering women, kaçak iddaa no less adorable.In the course there were only two women, she and Flavia, following the script of the other days: the spicy jokes and double entendre phrases gained rhythm throughout the meal, but the two knew how tô deal with their ‘boys’ and not pay much attention tô the heavy talk. Once the meal was over, each one went his own way: some went tô bed, others went tô play cards. This time I opted for a walk in the hotel gardens before going tô sleep.I don’t know how long I stayed on this walk, but it wasn’t long. When I returned I entered the corridor of the floor where my room was, and heard female voices from the other aisle up ahead. I recognized Flavia’s high voice, but I didn’t know who the other one was. I heard a farewell and the sound of a door closing.But before reaching the intersection of the corridors, tô my surprise I saw Adriana appearing there. With her arms crossed, in one of them a cell phone and her gaze lost on the floor.I stop and she sees me, looks at me, a sparkling, bewildering look. Without saying a word she walks in front of me down the same corridor as I am. Follows until she arrives on a balcony and then she disappears. I was supposed tô enter the hallway where she came from, but I felt obliged tô keep her company, after all it was obvious that there were problems, I just didn’t know if she wanted me as a counsellor.I went after her, arrived carefully on the terrace and observed Adriana leaning against the pa****t looking at the darkness of the courtyard, because of bad lighting.- Dri? Is there a problem, can I help you?It took her a while tô answer me, I was just about tô walk away when:- Problem? No, no problem at all.- Sorry I just got worried.I think about getting out, getting back in the hall.- Stay… Can stay. We look at each other. I see anger, contempt, desire all at once in your face.- Come, I need some company.The girl looked boiling, she looked like she was going tô explode, she even shooking.- What, are you worse off than this morning?- My husband, I just got a message. It just confirmed what I knew.The thing was worse than I thought, it was obvious he was cheating her. I approached, standing sideways admiring your body leaning over the balcony ledge.- Relax, these things happen. You’re not the first.- With me he can’t, never does. No, it doesn’t… You’re the mother of our daughter. A saint… Makes you feel like a whore, a tramp…Dri wipes a tear, I put my hand on your shoulder. It’s the first time I’ve touched her, her shoulders are bare, I feel the softness of your skin.- … All formal, restrained, just the traditional… Fuck me out of obligation.I took a fright I didn’t expect such a revelation, things were more hectic than I imagined.- Everything I asked for, insinuated, he doesn’t want tô do it, he doesn’t like it. And the fool here believed that the husband was a nice guy, respectful of women and stuff.- You never suspected?- Never, never… Even though I’d catch him looking at naked women’s magazines or websites every once in a while. Date, kissing, going tô a motel one night… Look there, once in a lifetime other in death!- And when did you find out?She didn’t even seem tô hear me.- My desires, my wishes… I had tô work it out for myself, and still feeling like a whore, that! WHORE, the bitchiest. And then…She wipes her tears again and wipes her nose, I straighten your arm.- … And then one day a bad story comes from someone who saw Tércio in a hotel with a girl, she looked like his daughter! That’s what that ‘friend’ said, with the most innocent look.- Was she younger?- Young! She could have been our daughter’s sister.- Did you see her picture?- Picture? Darling… I was with her…Dri was talking in an increasingly thin voice, debauched.- … I went tô her apartment, she’s one of those fancy escorts. She says is college student, besides being a fake, a pain in the ass… But beautiful… A cat… She must earn more than us doing her job. – You were brave tô go there, who knows what reaction she might have.- The worst thing wasn’t that, the worst thing was knowing that with her, the cute, delicious, he did everything, you know? ALL!!! Suck it, lick it, cum in the face, on the chest, dogstyle, on the side. But with me… No, no! I’m not hot, I’m not 20, with the tough titties… I’m just a housewife! That take care of the daughter, of dog and still splitting the bills, can something like that?- Easy, Dri, easy. You want some sugar water, I’ll get it.- You think I’m ugly, do you? Speaks?- I think you’re beautiful… kaçak bahis Pretty.- But I’m not hot, am I? That’s why Tércio avoids me, speaks?- Of course not, you… You, me… I find you attractive.I almost said I paid him a tribute in the shower.- You want the water?- I want a kiss.She’s still on her side and I’m in front of your body, only now our eyes are glued together. She drives me crazy, turns me on, I fit into your body and she comes with her eyes closed in a kiss with the salty taste of her tears. The embarrassed tongues touch, while my hand goes down the back of the teacher, until it reaches the folds of the ass, where the panties should be…I only find your ass covered by skirt. I’m surprised and more excited, hard, leaning on the side of the Master in mentoring. The mouths separate and all that hear are our breaths. She whispers:- I’m not using… – What about your marriage, your daughter?- Not now. I want a good fuck today. Make me a tramp.- But does it have tô come tô that?- I’ve been in need for a long time and dying of anger! She hides her face in my neck and I go forward knowing her shapes, folds, meats, I do this above the skirt. Nice feeling, a delight! My hand continues its journey and disappears from below the skirt, finds the thighs, stretch marks. I squeeze, advance tô the ass folds, volume greater than it seemed. Determined the same hand arrives, goes up tô be wrapped by lips, skins, hair… Heat appears, sweat happens.- That’s good, yummy, ummmm!- What if someone comes?- Go give me some slaps. I went crazy with a little slaps in pussy. Slap, slap… Slap me.She moans, almost howl.- Deliiight, aaiieee, aaiieee. I use two fingers on your lips and another one smoothes your little ass. She pulls me close and comes a naughty, crooked, drooling kiss.- You want my ass, do you? As soon as she whispers, we hear hurried, steady footsteps, it’s male voices. We wait till they diminish, disappear.- It’s dangerous, let’s go tô my room. – What if someone sees us?- I’ll go first and you go later. I pull the door over….Walk down the hall looking suspicious, thinking I’m being watched, but I see nothing, nobody. Find the door pulled over, I open… Walk in.In the dark I see the silhouette in the backlight coming from the window.- It doesn’t light, I want that way.- Are you sure?- Says the young lady that Tércio’s scoundrel calls her of “pet”. Can a thing like that, an old man drooling over for… Slutty bitch!With her back tô me, Dri gets rid of her blouse, skirt, she’s just wearing shoes. Opens the legs and prances the butt, I get excited enjoying the fuzz lit up in the blue light from the window, walk admiring her silhouette, the pussy with lips bent, open – I grow up, I get hard in the tight jeans I wear.- She told me, that little bitch, that he loves licking her ass, spitting… Before he fucks her. The pervert never fucked me like that.I take off my shoes, open the zipper of my pants. I go down everything, get naked.- … He does “shaves, hair and moustache” that’s what ‘Pet’ said…, the hooker, the tramp!!I walk towards her, the thick, pulsating, hard stick. Dri’s jealousy only provokes me. I get tense, crazy… Arrive…- … Fuck her in the bedroom, in the living room, in the motel. Lick her pussy, stick tongue in from the inside.I lean over, rock, put my hot head on the teacher’s thighs. Dri eriça, tremble. I appreciate the soft, gentle, tender complexion. I find my teacher’s folds of your ass, legs, tasty meats. Only with the tip of the phallus.- … Aaannffff!!! He stuck in and cum… Mmmmm! Cumming of the girl’s face, but never my… Naughty!I put my hand on your shoulder… I stroke, squeeze… And puncture, enter the middle your thighs, with my throbbing cylinder, I feel the contrast with the cold skin of Adriana’s padded ass. Puncture, explore the combination of hair and folded skins. The sensations magnify even more in the dark, I taste our intimate, crazy contact. I move like in a slow fuck, savoring the sensations that are happening.- How do you know? Did she tell you?- She did… I paid the hour… Cost too much, only tô know what he does with her, the details, the sordid naughtiness.- And he, what else does do with her?- Oh, he licked the little bitch’s ass, puppy’s ass. Stick that cock up her ass, the same one he uses tô eat me, and still enjoy it inside.I put the other hand on her waist. The bodies touch each other, we unite in a different, special embrace.- Unnhhh!! There… It’s been sólong since someone made like this… So good… Like this.- You sódelicious.- You like it? He doesn’t think so, illegal bahis he prefers… Aaannhhh!! Aaiiiii…. Eats me hot, fucks me like I’m that bitch, your ‘bitch’, your ‘pet’.My hands hug her hip, smell her scent while I scratch his shoulder with my teeth. I move more and more intense, faster and faster, opening spaces entering deep into the curly hairs of the pussy, hot and hard. A new, intense masturbation with the teacher’s humid, burning vulva. Adriana crosses the fingers with my fingers attached tô your waist. The other hand wraps the breast, squeezes the beak.- … He cum… Cumming… At the bottom of girl’s pussy… What about me? The wife who only serves tô pay the bills… Tear me up, fuck, cumming of my face, let me swallow your cum. Do you swear you do?The dripping rod, polished on your lips, finally finds the crevice, tasty cave, the stick breaks through and rips the soft, tender meats of sweet Dri. I feel the pressure and tension in her new dense, warm, wet environment… Stuffy, the Dri’s pussy’s. My cock is getting soggy – little by little the stick sinks more of the appetizing texture that is the Master’s vagina. A pussy burning, scorching and melting my cock, pussy hungry, crazy tô be abused.- Do you swear?- I swear, swear my kitty.- Kitty! Hummm. I’m your kitty, huh?She laughs surprised, satisfied.- Tonight you make me for a hooker. Fucks me good.My movements get intense even faster. Our bodies bump, I felling your buttocks and soft, fleshy back. Squeeze the girl’s hip tight. I bite the back of your neck, scratch, leave Dri ready, your body creeps. She squeaks, howls and meows… Our sweaty bodies, banging tight, the dick burst into the burning pussy, going deeper and deeper, into this torrid wet world that is Dri’s cave…A scream comes out, sharp and brief. Dri happens, shakes. Short, ephemeral yet intense orgasm, a respite. Short vengeance, soft vengeance.- U come?Embarrassed, she smiles a yes.- And you?- Almost, as yet precise.- So wait, I help you…Adriana turns around, crouches slowly, the light from the window clears her back, her thick thighs. She looks a hard-on just wearing the shoes. My imagination flies, I think of the open, wet pussy, dripping its juice on the floor. I even see her lips bent, her hair wet. The cock pulses, drips a translucent cream.- I left you like this, I wet you like this?She talks proud.- What do you think?She squeezes without strength, curious and clumsy.- It’s been a while since I picked one up, never did… I’ve never touched… Sucked…- So enjoy… Enjoy and taste.Dri swallows all at once, swallows and arrive my stomach. She doesn’t know it, but is a gift feel the contact with the tongue without a way, your teeth, the softness inside of the cheeks. She more involves my cock than she licks me, sucks me- Is that so, you like it?- Use your tongue, here in the head… Here.- Here?- That’s it.She laughs and walks her tongue through the extension of the glans. I hear her curious, shy laugh.- He tastes like pussy and smells like cock. Isn’t that how they talk? “She”… She speaks.- Pass your tongue faster here, more at the head, that…I get into the feeling, into the waves that come up. I go up, back tô ecstasy, Dri kisses my head, scratches and licks my stem. Swallow, suck out the spittin’ rod. I stroke, grab your hair straight, squeeze the back of your head… The body tenses, vibrates… I go crazy, react with an a****l for no reason. I close my eyes at the last moment, as it was in the bath earlier and I throw far, deep, a long, white jet at the throat of my sweet Pet, my Master. Dri takes my dick out still puking my hot cream, staining your innocent face, I end up spitting on her neck. I miss a hug, a bow, an intense kiss… I breathe…Adriana gets up, stares at me speechlessly, I squeeze your body in the longed for embrace, I feel the taste, the smell of my cream on her face. Tongues are stroked, curled, in a full kiss, more intense than the fuck we had. A minimum comfort for a hot moment.- You think I’m crazy?- No, you have your rights, your reason.- Tonight… Stay with me, you won’t leave me alone.- But Dri, how many hours?- Stay, you’re not leaving. It’s still… You’ll like it, I know you will, I guarantee it.- What?- Help me, it’ll be my revenge.- Girl, it’s late. You has tô work tomorrow. You’ve got all day of training.- Take a bath with me, not worry. It’ll be all good.- And if they realize, they notice that we, we slept together?- Who cares! Today I want tô be your bitch: your pet. Come.Dri lets out a cynical laugh by passing the wet hand of my cream in the beak of the breast and in a sappy, naughty way still talks…- Now it’s just the beard, I still owe you the rest… Let’s go.She pulls me by the hand, rushing tô the shower.Say if you like it, leave your comment.

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