Dress With An Effect – Chapter 3- The Next DayDress With An Effect – Chapter 3- The Next Day

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The sunlight streaming through the window woke me from a deep sleep.  ‘Did last night really happen or was it just a wonderful dream?’ I thought to myself.  ‘Had I really had the best sex of my life with my former boss, Jack?’  The stickiness of our juices in my pubic hair confirmed that it was not all just a dream.I made my way to the kitchen and found my dress and panties that had been left in a pile on the floor the night before neatly folded on the counter along with a note from Jack inviting me to his home for a day by the pool.Over my morning coffee, I replayed the events of the night before.  Dancing with Jack and realizing he had an erection that I had caused. Hearing him say that I was the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever known. The feeling of him entering me as I offered myself to him bent over the kitchen counter. The incredible feeling of closeness I felt as he lay on top of me in my bed.Finishing my coffee, I headed for şişli escort a badly needed shower.  As I was rinsing off the evidence of the night before I chuckled as I remembered the wisdom my somewhat intoxicated grandmother imparted to me on my wedding day.  Taking my hand she said, “Jenn, if sex is not wet and sloppy you’re not doing it right.”As I was putting the finishing touches on my hair my phone chirped Allie’s ringtone.  Before I could say a word Allie demanded, “You just have to tell me all about the wedding. My dad seems to have really had a good time.  Never seen him in such a good mood.”“I had a very nice time.  Your dad was an excellent escort and I never knew he was such a good dancer.”“You can fill me in on the details this afternoon,” she said.  “Dad asked me to call and invite you over. Come on over any time.”“Great. I’ll see you in about an hour,” I replied.The drive to Jack’s house took about a half hour.  It seemed like mecidiyeköy escort an eternity.  I could not wait to see him again.Walking around to the back of the house I found Jack, Allie and her boyfriend, Tim, and Jack Jr. along with his fiancée, Deb.“Hi, Jenn,” Jack called out when he saw me.  “I think you know everybody.”“I sure do,”  I replied.Allie proceeded to hug me and say, “Glad you could make it. The four of us are going to run out to pick up a few things.  Would you like to come along?” she asked.“No,” I replied.  “I’ll stay here and keep Jack company.”“Okay then,” she said.  “We shouldn’t be long.”As she and her entourage headed towards the driveway Allie turned and called out to Jack and me, “No misbehaving while we’re gone, you kids.”Once Allie was out of sight Jack asked, “Can I get you something to drink?  Allie says you like Cosmopolitans and I just happen to have a pitcher in the cooler with your name on it.”“That would be great. Thank you,” I said.As Jack handed me my drink I reached out, touched his cheek and said, “Thank you for last night.  It was incredible.” Smiling, Jack responded, “I feel the same way.”   He then took my hand from his cheek and tenderly kissed the palm.Taking a sip of my drink I complimented his mixology skill and asked, “Do you intend on getting me drunk so you can have your way with me?”“I don’t think I would need to get you drunk to have my way with you,” he said with a smirk.Trying to change the subject, Jack said, “I hope you brought a bathing suit.”“I did but I was just thinking that seeing as how we are alone here we might go skinny dipping.”Giving me an ‘I dare you’ look, Jack challenged me by saying, “You first.”I untied my wraparound skirt, letting it fall to the pool deck.  As I pulled my top over my head Jack commented, “Wow, that bathing suit is really something.”Turning my back to him I reached behind me and untied the bra of my suit and dropped it to my side.  Next, I bent over at the waist and peeled off the bottom making sure Jack had a full view of my vulva.

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