Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 07Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 07


A very short and fast journey through Christmas 2019 and 2020.

Angie wrapped me in her arms with her cheek against my shoulder. “Oh my God Terry. Did I ever thank you properly?”

“Oh yes Babe, all the time.”

She squeezed me firmly and as she spoke I could hear a definite tremble in her voice; “Thank you Terry.”

“Hey, smiles tonight, it’s nearly Christmas.” I hugged and rubbed her back. “Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

So we sat and reminisced about the year we’d shared together and the plans for the upcoming celebrations and socializing.

==============================Chapter 7==============================

So through December 2019 the plans started being confirmed and do you know what Dear Reader? Yep you’re right nothing changed from the previous year.

Well that’s not quite right, several things had changed since 2018:

There were a few surprises when people met Angie and Freddy for the first time a year yea ago but as we went through the Christmas and New Year break the total acceptance their presence was a simple formality, everyone just assumed she’d be there with me.

Elainer, Angie’s mother, came round for dinner along her new man on the twenty-third. I have to admit I didn’t like him very much however his brother came too and the difference was chalk and cheese. He was dating one of Elainers friends and that’s how Elainer met him.

Christmas day was just the same except there was a new addition, Bella had a nine week old little girl, this was not a surprise as we’d met several times through the year and sent congratulation card and present and seen pictures.

Boxing Day was as it had been for years; my God children invaded, oh and Andrew was still interested.

The walk in the park was a walk in the park as always.

New Years Eve party was the same except Angie made sure she stayed with me for Auld Lang Syne and the first kiss. The man from the previous year shook my hand just as vigorously as he remembered Granddad and Nanna.

We received some bad news half way through January twenty-twenty, the flats were due to be completed in May and Angie was starting to make her plans to move out. To her it seemed to be good news, to me it was anything but good news and I was dreading the thought of her leaving.

Charley came every month for a feed and if I was there I’d sit with her father in the dining room with a coffee. Freddy now only sought a breast at bed time and if he got hurt so my breastfeeding became a daily occurrence, quite often twice a day and I found I had to watch my weight for the first time ever. I blamed the breast milk but if I’m honest it was probably more to do with the lovely food I’d become accustomed to Angie preparing for us.

I nearly forgot about Andrew, I seemed to see quite a bit of him early in the year. He is a bit of a musician and found lots of excuses to come and ask for help with his bands sound system but that stopped dead in March.

March! Indeed March put a stop to lots of things when Covid19 hit us all like a major car crash, my work stopped dead which I wasn’t too bothered about as my financial plans had done quite nicely thank you very much. I hadn’t planned to dip into savings just yet but there was plenty there and the government came up with a couple of benefits which really helped out. That was all down to keeping perfect financial records and not doing any back pocket jobs unlike many of my friends who cursed and swore about no money coming in.

Work on Angie’s flats stopped and I secretly thanked God for the diamond in the gloom, if nothing else I knew it would delay her departure for a month or two. Very selfish of me I know, but hey sometimes shit happens.

Charley stopped coming, the covid restrictions forbade that along with everything else.

Freddy’s second birthday party was a damp squib with just the three of us but plenty of hideous red and yellow plastic toys seemed to suit him well.

We managed to fit in a visit to one of my favourite restaurants for Angie’s birthday; they were operating a very strict limit of four per party due to the covid restrictions and their limited space to fit social almanbahis distancing in. It was unusual that I hadn’t been there for well over a year and the look on Cherry’s face [yes that is the restaurant owners real name] told a whole story when I turned up with two black women and toddler, I almost think there was some hesitation there too. I’m sure I saw confusion on her face when I introduced birthday girl Angie as my friend and her mother and son.

One much unexpected thing that happened in August was a decent win on the National Lotto. Not a major ever so stupid amount jackpot, but well into six figures, enough to buy a decent house and some leftover. I decided to not tell a living soul, the last thing I wanted was any temptation for anyone to become a leech and that could so easily become an issue if I wasn’t careful, so I opened six savings accounts, split the money between them and locked the evidence away.

Financially I was fine, I managed odd little bits of work here and there and Angie was getting weekly shifts at work and she received furlough help too

Our planned social events through the year simply didn’t happen due to the various lockdowns and our hesitation to permeate the spread of the virus but what we did find ourselves doing on a very regular basis was sex, sometimes it was making love and sometimes it was fucking and I freely admit I was enjoying every fucking minute of it. We had no pattern to it, sometimes I’d instigate something but more often than not it would be Angie or we’d just slide into it if you’ll excuse the pun.

October 17th flashed up on my laptop as ‘International Day for the Eradication of Poverty’

“Wow, look at that Angie.” I showed the images.

“It makes me realise exactly what you’ve done for me Terry.”

“Nah your fine Babe.”

“You still won’t even let me contribute something.”

“I let you pay me in kind.” I backed that up with a squeeze of a breast.”

And suddenly it was November twenty-sixth twenty-twenty and sitting at the breakfast table we started making Christmas plans.

“I’ll do the decorations at the weekend.”

“I thought you always do them on the first.”

“Well that’s the plan but in practice it’s really the last weekend in November and weather dependant of course, so they’re ready for the first.”

“But we’re not doing anything on Monday or Tuesday, are we?”

“You’re right, old habits die hard. We’ll do it Tuesday. Then we’ll be out of lockdown and ready to pop out for a drink.”

“Yeah a drink out. Ah if only?”

And so it was, the decorations came down from the loft after Freddy went to sleep on the Monday and after breakfast he helped us decorate the house. Just how much a thirty month old can help is not up for debate, it’s simple they can’t. I spent more time clearing up the trail of tinsel he left all round the ground floor than I did hanging them up, at one point he’d managed to get a hold of a set of lights and tangled them around chairs and door handles in a way that I was close to cutting it but perseverance shone through.

Late morning when the sun got to the front of the house I left Angie to clear up indoors and took advantage of the warmth to put up decorations along the gutters and fences along with the ground standing reindeers and Santa’s sleigh etcetera.

By the time I’d finished and came in to warm through Angie had prepared lunch, Freddy was sitting watching some screechy animated programme with his plastic version of one of the characters gripped firmly in his hand and the lovely smell of fresh baked bread seemed to complete the feeling of life being good.

After putting away the empty boxes and washing my hands we sat to enjoy the warming food, it was a cross between a soup and stew, all made from left overs, with the fresh crusty bread. It was served to Freddy as ‘meat pie’ and he played at eating it with his fingers and a spoon.

Lunch was over and cleared away and I found myself sitting at the dining table writing Christmas cards with the expectation we wouldn’t be visiting anyone due to Covid. The messages I wrote were so different to previous years and mostly included something almanbahis yeni giriş about staying safe.

An hour or so later I walked the street dropping cards in letter boxes and walking the path of number six I heard; “Terry, Merry Christmas.”

“And Merry Christmas to you too Brian. How are things?”

He stepped outside and looked in both directions a couple of times.

“Come in for a minute.”

I reached into my pocket and applied my face mask before stepping over the threshold and followed Brian to the dining room. Without asking he poured two drinks and handed me a glass. He held his up, “Christmas.”

“Christmas.” I returned and chinked glasses.

“It’s bad Terry.” We chatted for half an hour or so then I left with a final ‘Merry Christmas’, finished delivering the cards and returned home

I phoned the Chinese takeaway and placed the order. And specifically asked for delivery at 6pm and specified the importance of the right time.

I prepared the table with candles and hot plates, put plates in the oven to warm and waited. The food arrived seven minutes late which just gave me time to get everything ready to make the phone call at 6:14pm.


“Angie would you have dinner with me?”

“Terry… Oh you plonker…” She sounded very different mixed with the digital delay of the phone when standing in the dining room doorway, “I wondered what you were doing.” Angie wrapped me in her arms with her cheek against my shoulder. “Oh my God Terry. Did I ever thank you properly?”

“Oh yes Babe, all the time.”

She squeezed me firmly and as she spoke I could hear a definite tremble in her voice; “Thank you Terry.”

“Hey, smiles tonight, it’s nearly Christmas.” I hugged and rubbed her back. “Let’s eat before it spoils.”

A chill of déjà vu ran down my spine.

Over dinner we did a lot of remembering and laughed at a few reactions when Angie’s presence was first known. Those which seemed to stick in Angie’s mind the most were Violet and Cindy when they first entered the room and swiftly followed by Annie. The other was finding a new two pack of knickers for her in the top of a bin bag of baby clothes, only twelve hours after she found she was homeless, as she put it.

After eating we settled down to enjoy the Christmas decorations and chill out after the days efforts. Of course there was some booby action until a very sleepy sounding Freddy called out, we ignored the first couple but next came a big old scream. Freddy is normally very easy going so that really got to us. I jumped upright and stood.

“I’ll go Terry.”

The flash of red and white on dark brown legs and arms disappeared through the door and then vertically.

“Coming baby.”

The scream stopped. A few moments later I heard foot steps on the stairs and watched the front view of the previous scene in reverse. My thought? Angie’s legs are smaller…

“Are…” I was cut short.

“I think we’ve had a nasty dream.”

Angie sat on the sofa comforting an almost sobbing two year old, the moment she reclined him to her crooked arm he started tugging at her clothes.

“What did I drink Terry?”

“Very small glass of…” I went to the fridge, “Nine percent.” I continued as I returned to the lounge door.

“You’re lucky little man, but only a little. We don’t want a drunk Freddy, do we?”


I smiled at his reply and wondered if he had a clue what he was answering.

It was over an hour before we managed to get him back to bed, by which time we both showered and laid our bones in bed.

“Now where were we?”

I felt a hand hold onto my awakening manhood and Angie turned onto her side to kiss; the hand moved from below my waist to my cheek to pull my head to her and my head became enveloped in those gorgeous soft warm lips.

I tried to join in but found one arm completely trapped and from my position the only part I could reach with the other was her arm, her arm which moved to alternate between drawing circles round my nipple, my naval, my cheek and my cock.

Mmmm yes I tried to join in but every time I moved I heard; “Ah ahh, no.”

I almanbahis giriş was so lost in the lovely sensations including that of the hard point scratching at my ribs, I knew it was imagination but the thought of a trail of milk along with the other sensations was making me ready for a real banging and I took over. Pushing onto her back I lifted her legs high and kneeling with my knees under her arse I held those legs, yes they were definitely lighter than they used to be, against my shoulders to slip my bright pink condom into her wide open pink slit. My thought? Fuck she’s good at getting flunkies on.

I started slow humping, I was very turned on and couldn’t afford to rush, Angie placed her knees on her shoulders and bit by bit I found her arse getting higher and higher to the point I couldn’t maintain my coupling without standing up. However standing on the mattress is never the most stable of positions, when my cock slipped from her fanny for the umpteenth time she scooted off the edge of the bed to come to rest arse high with her back against the side of the bed and the back of her head on the floor then lowered her knees to rest on the floor each side of her head.

The position was obviously the same as on the mattress with the additional support so dropping my feet to the floor each side of her shoulders and bending my knees my cock slipped straight back into the inviting pink gash. The humping was a sort of squatting action and very tiring on the knees.

My view framed between her legs was the mass of back hair spread over the floor circling her head, those plump tits resting on her chin with the black nipples right in position for her to suck on, and then the mummy tummy and just ahead of my cock the darker patch of her clitoris hood. Of course it all wobbled as I dipped my wick in a lovely sexy way.

My hand moved from the thigh it was holding onto. It moved to the darker patch with just a light touch, not stroking or anything, just lightly touching and relied on the humping to do the massaging effect on the hard nub enclosed therein. Massage it did and the effect showed when those lips detached from the nipple and smiled to reveal the big toothy grin and the whimpering. The whimpering which turns into the growly asthmatic breathing which I knew was about to signal the beginning of the fanny clenching.

God knows how I managed to increase the speed of my squatting action and simultaneously rub my thumb rapidly across the hidden clitoris while hoping Angie would go tense just before I started inflating the pink rubber enclosure, but I did, I reckon I timed it to perfection with the tight clench of her fanny muscles about two seconds before I started cumming with a series of spasms which I could tell was going to show as a heavy drip contained by the rubber.

I knew to stop the clitoris rubbing by the frown and slow my humping right down to also suit my increasing sensitivity. As soon as I stopped moving the strain in my legs made me stand up to relieve the pain and Angie slipped sideways to straighten her legs with a long; “Ooofffffffffffff.” I stepped away and Angie turned onto her back smiling from ear to ear. I offered a hand to sit her up then she stood for a hug. “That Terry is how one churns butter.”


“Karma Sutra, that’s called the ‘Butter churner’ position.”

“I like butter.”

“So do I, but not too often, it’s a killer on the neck.”

I raised my hand and rubbed the back of her neck.

After cleaning up we went to bed and slept soundly.

Christmas arrangements continued being made the following days but always with a close ear on Boris’s announcements and of course we all know 2020 Christmas was cancelled as far as any visiting was concerned, the only thing that did happen with anything like normality was me dressing up as Father Christmas and dropping off presents but that ended up as being to three homes and not just my sisters.

My Christmas day, apart from delivery duties, was a quiet affair at home with Angie and Freddy. We decided to have lamb rather than trying to find a small turkey, then the following day the usual gathering passed us by as did the walk in the park and New Years Eve party.

We tried a Zoom meeting starting half hour before midnight, it took a while to get all six families in the meeting but about ten to midnight the images froze and that was the end of our luck for well over half hour.

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