Dream Girl , Sub SissyDream Girl , Sub Sissy


My girlfriend has enjoys my sub-sissy fetish.

We retire to the bedroom, and under my man-clothes I am wearing a matching bra and panties. I remove my panties, but the bra stays on. The bra is a dainty, sheer A-cup, and clasps in the front.

We found the bra and panty set together at our first visit to a sex shop. Rushing home, I tried it on, and both the panties and bra fit perfectly. She smiled approvingly, and we fucked all night, while I wore the bra. I cherish the bra and panty set, which I only hand wash.

We crawl into our king-size bed, and it’s automatic; I simply spread my arms toward to corners. She pulls the pre-set ties from the corners. I put my hands in the loops, and pull, and the slip-knots tighten.

Next, she slip-knots my ankles. Then she takes a belt, and loops it around my knees and around the ropes at my wrists, and draws the belt tight.

Then she does the same on the other side.

As the belts tighten, my legs and arms are held taught, completely immobilized.

I am totally vulnerable, with my knees held wide.

My cock has grown hard; precum is emerging. She gently grips my cock and gives it a knowing stroke, inducing mini-orgasm. A large dollop of precum spews onto her finger, which she feeds to me, and I submissively lick and swallow.

Among our toys, an 1-1/2″ plug, and various dildos.

Nestled between my legs, she lubes my ass, and lubes a lifelike dildo. This is my favorite dildo. It is mounted to a rod, that can be secured to the footboard. She begins working the cock into my sissy-pussy. She is gentle, just giving steady pressure.

I love this Femdom scenario. I relax my anus, and “Ahhhhh,” the dildo’s head is in. She is sliding it deeper and deeper. I am moving my hips, I love it when it first enters my sissy pussy. Not that I want to, but there is no way I can push it out.

She gently fucks me, “That’s a good girl. You like that cock? That’s it, move your ass around on that cock. Here you go baby,” and she has shoves it in deeper and deeper, and finally all the way in, and secures it to the footboard.

It’s sooo deep! At least 8″! I pump on it, and move my hips in all directions, fucking myself on the realistic dildo. I should be embarrassed, but I can’t stop myself.

Mistress smiles, and takes a moment to watch me gyrate like a shameless slut. She grips my hard cock with her lubed hand, and ejects another dollop of precum onto her finger, and into my mouth. Now she coats my cock with the lube, and my eyes roll back. At the same time, my sissy pussy is stretching and adapting, and the dildo begins to feel even more wonderful in my sissy-pussy.

She has total power; she is Mistress, and I am (sissy) slave.

She crawls upon my face, and lowers her pussy to my mouth. She lightly moans as I lick, gently moving her hips. She can do this for as long as she wants, I have no say. But my tongue is just her warm-up.

She slides down, and grips my cock, and eases the head into her super-tight pussy. The one part of my body that hatay seks hikayeleri I can move is my hips, but I keep perfectly still. She eases down on my cock at HER pace.

It seems forever, exquisite torture as she slowly eases down on my cock, but she is finally seated on me.

She stays still, letting her pussy adjust, and then begins to move slightly. Again, my hips are still; she is in charge. Her face looks as if she’s in pain. Then she begins to slowly raise up. She raises completely, and my cock plops down on my belly, and she once again, crawls upon my face, and I lick, reverently.

Once her pussy has had enough of my tongue, she turns around, and presents her ass. I tongue her tight little hole, and she says, “Deeper,” and I harden my tongue, and drive hard as I can, and she moans.

Once again she mounts my cock. Now that she’s stretched a bit, there is more “urgency” in her movements.

Mistress is slightly rocking on my cock, and it’s pure ecstasy.

I say, “Oh Mistress, you’re fucking me!”

It is clear, she has control; she is the Fuck-ER, I’m the Fuck-EE.

How I love Mistress fucking me!

I tell her, “You’re going to make me cum!”

She dismounts, and is back on my face, and I gratefully lick. Her pleasure is tantamount. Then I lick her rear with equal enthusiasm.

She remounts my cock, and fucks me with a little more animation, mildly grinding herself on me. “Are you my good little cum licker?”

“Yes Mistress! I’ll lick you clean! I will always lick my cum from your beautiful pussy!

Thank you for training me as your slave!”

She coyly asks, “And what outfit is my sissy going to sleep in tonight?”

“My bra and panties! Thank you for making me sleep in my bra and panties! Thank you for taking me as your sissy slave! Oh Mistress, I’m ready to cum!”

She asks, “And in the morning?”

“I will remain in my bra and panties! I will serve you in my bra and panties!”

“Mistress, Please let me cum!”

My orgasm is indescribable! She is mildly rocking on me, but that is more than enough. My orgasm erupts! My sphincter clamps on the dildo with each pulse.

She raises a bit, so my cock is barely inside. My cum jets into her beautiful pussy. She is mildly rocking, and her pussy becomes sooo slick, as she lowers herself, until she is seated.

She looks in my eyes, nothing moves except the barely perceptible rocking of her hips, and the “clamping” of her pussy, milking my cock. The feeling of her tight, cum soaked pussy is pure ecstasy! My cock is pulsing and pulsing; the orgasm seems to last forever!

Finally I am done. Mistress wears a wry smile, and keeps up her mild humping and rocking, and ecstasy turns to torture.

“Please Mistress! Please Mistress! Please Mistress! I can’t take it!”

She smiles, “Clean up time?”

“Yes Mistress, Please let me clean your beautiful pussy.”

She likes to make me say it.

I am NEVER really ready to lick my cum from her pussy, but I asked her to train me, to take me to my limits, and I am becoming her trained sissy slave.

She mildly rocks her pussy on my cock until it’s completely soft, ready to literally fall out of her, then she eases up to my face. Her pussy is slathered with my cum; big white blobs around the mouth of her hole. She hovers above me, and I get a clear look at what I am about to taste and swallow.

She knows no man wants to lick after orgasm. I willingly ceded my power to her. I asked her to train me.

Plus, I’m still tied up, and there’s a dildo deep in my ass. Just because I have cum, the scene is not over.

She lowers her pussy and I lick, and I swallow, and I lick, and swallow.

I hear her lovingly say, “Good girl. Lick Mommy,” and it’s a jolt! I just came! But her words are sooo enticing, and I am already feeling sexual again, as I lick Mommy’s cum filled pussy, I slightly move my hips on the dildo.

Finally she is clean, and she lays beside me, in no hurry to untie me, idly stroking my nipple thru my bra. “How’s my baby going to sleep tonight?”

“In my bra and panties,” I answer. “Please Mistress, can I remove the dildo?”

She doesn’t answer, and I sink deeper into my surrender, “Mommy! Please Mommy, can I remove the dildo?”

“Sure baby,” and she unties a wrist, and goes to pee, while I am left to struggle out of the bindings.

I make my way to the bathroom. I have eased out the dildo, and wash it. Then into the shower, where I scrub my lower half, and dry off.

I don’t really feel like it, I’m no longer in the mood, but as dictated, I slip on my bra and panties, and crawl into bed. She’s on her side, facing me, and presents a nipple, “Suck Mommy,” and I latch on, nursing on her, until we both fall asleep.

I always awaken first, and I always have a hardon. I pee, and my cock softens. I wear only my bra and panties as I brew coffee. I poop and shower, and shave my entire body in the other bath, so not to disturb her. I put on my bra and panties, and take Goddess a cup of coffee, “Good morning Mistress.”

She sits up in bed and sips the coffee, while I kneel beside the bed. Her foot slips out from under the covers, and I kiss and lick and suck her toes, and she sips her coffee and smiles, gazing down upon her slave.

I notice her hand slips down toward her pussy, as I worship her foot.

Oh, how I hope she feels like sex!

She says, “Kiss my pussy.”

I crawl under the blankets, and begin gentle kisses upon the pussy that owns me.

I’m grinding my panty covered cock into the bed. Oh, how I hope she wants sex!

“Up here,” she says, and I stop kissing her pussy, and straddle her.

She looks at me, with my hard cock leaking precum into my panties, and my matching bra, and she says, “You are so cute.”

She sets her coffee aside and says, “Lets get breakfast,” and my heart sinks – no sex!

It’s a chilly Fall morning, and I slip on jeans and a sweater over my bra and panties. We meet her friend Amy, who knows I am sub-sissy to Mistress, (see Sub Crossdresser story).

At our table, Amy boldly runs her hand under my sweater and feels my bra. I start to resist, and she says, “Easy, or I’ll raise this sweater up,” and I succumb. She toys with my nipple, teasing, “I bet I can get you hard, right here, right now.”

“Yes Mistress Amy,” I reply, both annoyed and turned on.

She looks to my Mistress, “Annie, can I borrow him?”

Mistress Annie jokes, “Of course. Just don’t leave any visible marks.”

After a sumptuous breakfast, Amy comes to our house.

I strip to my bra and panties, while the women sit on the couch, fully dressed.

Amy and slips off her shoes and points. We have done this before, I am slave to Amy, same as Mistress, except that we’ve not had sex.

I get the lotion, and lay on my back so she can rest her feet on my chest. While I massage lotion into one foot, the other foot is on my mouth, where I kiss and lick and suck.

Amy loves these foot massages, and they last a long time. She always slides a foot down to my panty covered cock, making sure I am hard. Amy is sooo sexy, and more Dominant than Mistress Annie.

Last summer, Annie and I were at Amy’s home, swimming in their pool. Amy strutted around in a (see-thru-when-wet) tiny bikini. She teased me mercilessly, and Annie merely watched, yielding her role to Amy, who was the unspoken Queen Mistress of the day. She made me wear a bikini bottom, then decided I should wear the top as well. She laughed at the idea that I’d have a bra tan for the rest of the summer.

Right in front of Annie, she made me kneel and kiss her pussy, and beg her to fuck me!

“Tell me how bad you want me,” she ordered.

Annie merely watched as Amy compelled me, “Oh Mistress Amy. Please let me worship you. Please fuck me! I am your fuck-toy slave. Please Mistress, I’ll do anything!”

“More,” she ordered, and I continued.

“I love your beautiful, sexy body. I am your slave. I will worship you. Please let me lick your beautiful pussy. Please fuck me and I’ll lick you clean!”

Then Amy made sure I was hard, my cock trying to poke out of my bikini bottom, and commanded a full body massage. I worshiped her entire body, and she playfully tickled my balls, keeping me excited, while the sun baked my skin.

Annie watched, slipping her hand inside her bikini, giving herself a little orgasm as she watched her friend dominate me.

Finally I was allowed in the pool to cool down. Amy ordered, “Stay in there until you’ve lost that boner.”

Eventually we went inside and I was made to remove my bikini. I had a pronounced bra tan, which would last for months, and Amy howled with laughter. Amy had forced me deeper into my sub-sissy world.

When we got home, Annie and I fucked like wild animals, and she admitted that she was wildly excited by Amy’s domination of me. It was so overt, that as she watched, she felt helpless to interfere, as if she was also submissive to Amy…and she liked it!

No doubt, our sexuality was evolving….to worlds unknown….and we liked it!

(See Sub Crossdresser story)

(Comments welcome- Do you wonder this story is true??)

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