Double Your PleasureDouble Your Pleasure


Chapter 1 You just never know where things can lead, even when they start out so innocently. That’s what happened to Trent Vogel, all he wanted was a little pleasure, a little relief. He got home about eleven on a Friday night, tired, out with friends looking for girls with no luck at all, so, like many guys will, he stripped off his clothes and got his trusty bottle of hand lotion and began pretending he’d hooked-up with that little blond that he liked who didn’t give him the time of day. Well, he got off all right, it always worked well when he took a hand to it and then, as he closed his eyes for a minute to savor the rush of pleasure, he drifted sound asleep. The next thing he knew, there was a stirring below, he must be dreaming a good dream, he thought foggily, then he looked down, the lights were still on, after all, and it was his sister, Avery; her head bobbing over his middle as she sucked his cock. “What are you doing?” he said rather more loudly than he meant to. She pulled off him, smiled and answered the best she could, “I’m sucking your cock, Trent, just shut up and enjoy it,” and she quickly pulled off her clothes. Her head went back down and he certainly was enjoying it, she was terrific, no doubt in great demand for her lips were full and wet and soft as they slid over the swollen crown while she skillfully ran her tongue around sending shivers throughout his body. “Oh, God, Avery, you are so good, oh my god,, oh,” he gasped as she slid her mouth lower on his shaft, fucking him up and down with her mouth, then back up with her lips sucking the tip. “Oh, oh, uuh, uuh, oh, uh, umm, mmm,” he cried out in pure joy. It had been the best blow job he’d ever received…and it was from his own sister. She was a year younger, at eighteen, and, while he didn’t know at the time, becoming quite skilled in all things sexual. She sucked every cock she’d ever seen, relishing in the rush of feelings she got when the boy’s cum went splattering into the back of her throat. She had a former eighth-grade science teacher that she ran into at the mall recently and after she offered her mouth to him, he just couldn’t ever let her go. Yes, she was that good. She showed her brother her mouthful of his cum, strings of his sticky goo stretching between her lips when she opened wide. Then, she got up on her knees and hands and turned back to him, saying, “Now, big brother, fuck me good, I’m so horny after blowing you.” Like you would do, I’m sure, he lost no time getting up behind her and pushing his way up inside his sister’s wet, tight pussy and fucking her like she wanted. His fingers were pulling her pussy lips apart so he came şişli escort bayan fully out of her each time and plunged his wet cock back in, running it all the way as far as she’d take it inside. “Oh, babe, I love your dick. Why weren’t we fucking a long time ago?” she moaned back to him as he drilled back and forth. “Shit, I couldn’t tell you, not now. Damn, this is so good, you are so hot. I couldn’t believe you were sucking me when I woke up,” he told her. “I’ve sucked every dick I’ve ever seen,” she snickered. And it was true, she’d lost count by now but she surely had begun leaving a trail of supremely happy males, now including her brother, Trent, perhaps the happiest of all, being the most recent and living just next door; literally she was in the room next to his. What his sister hadn’t told him was that when she slid her lips over his partly-tumescent cock, her mouth had, not five minutes earlier, received the semen from her boyfriend out in the driveway in the backseat of his parent’s car. Perhaps not the most romantic spot for oral sex but convenience made up for it. And being in a sucking frame of mind, when she went by Trent’s room, his lights still on, and saw him sprawled out, his cock looking lonely and abandoned, she just couldn’t resist taking it in her mouth to bring back to life. And now it was fucking her from behind, one of her most favorite occupations. Yes, her very own brother. There was one thing, that evening that was full of newness and discovery, that they didn’t know, however. And, that would change things for the two of them, certainly for the better, especially for Trent. Trent and Avery weren’t especially quiet that night so it shouldn’t be surprising that their enjoyment of one another was just loud enough to attract their mother’s attention and bring her down the hallway to now stand in the shadows watching her son’s wet and glistening cock sliding in and out of her daughter’s upturned pussy. They were facing away, she had a good view and, oddly, she was not upset as some mothers might have been, no, she was more aroused than anything. After all, she knew that each of her children was sexually active, her daughter even told her she was going to have sex with her boyfriend as soon as she turned eighteen. And what she was watching wasn’t going to result in grandchildren for her, it was simply pleasure for the two of them; she even wondered how long it might have been going on. She quietly watched as her fingers went into her panties to produce and enjoy her own pleasure, shared vicariously with them while she gazed at them. Her children, of course, were in their mecidiyeköy escort bayan own land of excitement and thrills, lost in their own pleasure which was great. It was all new to them, not sex, they’d had that before, but sex with each other. It was pretty great, they were both thinking. The mother knew, of course, that her daughter was on birth control. She saw to that when Avery came to her to tell her that she was planning to have sex with her boyfriend and that she needed to get protected. She did what most mothers would do for their headstrong daughter, she got her to the clinic posthaste. She watched until her son ejaculated into his sister, then she slipped quietly back to her room where she finished her masturbation to a rousing conclusion, then drifted into a peaceful sleep. Their mother, Lily, did work for a living, she was head cashier at a local bank, so her children, after school and during the summer, were home by themselves, now, of course, totally immersed in sex with each other. Once they began, oh did they love having all day long to be naughty and wild. They were naked right from the minute Lily left for work when Avery slipped naked into Trent’s bed to have their first fuck of the day. Following breakfast came a long, sexy shower together getting every little bit of each other glowingly clean. After that it could be oral sex, more fucking, just whatever they both decided but it was always sex, sex, sex. They just immersed themselves in sex, it was fun, it was hot, it was illicit, and maybe that was the most fun of it all…it was naughty, even obscene at times when Avery would play the slut, flashing her pussy wantonly at her brother, teasing him until he would just fuck her crazy. They both loved every second of it. They were just fucking all day long now and so, he wasn’t upset when a week later, on Friday evening, his sister went to a girlfriend’s to spend the night, he was content, especially after a whole day of sex, to spend some time vegetating in front of the tube with their mom. Around ten, Lily told her son she was off to bed and to make sure the doors were locked before he came upstairs. He watched a few minutes more, then as so many viewers do with today’s television programming, he grew bored and decided to go to bed himself. So, after checking the doors just as he was asked, he trotted up the stairs, then heard his mother ask him to come see her, that she wanted to ask him something. Such a request from a parent always concerns the child but he knew he had no choice but to see what it was about. Entering her bedroom, she was sitting up in bed, in a escort şişli lacy, ivory nighty with the sheets pulled up to her waist. “Come sit down, first of all, you’re not in trouble, Trent, so relax. I just wanted to tell you that I know what you and your sister are doing.” Well, he might have been told to relax but he sure wasn’t now. No, he braced himself for what was coming. “I…we didn’t…um…” he started to explain when she cut him off with, “I watched you last Friday night, I heard some sounds, then went down to your room. Well, I know enough to know what you two were doing. And before you start back, I’m not going to stop you two from having sex if you want to. I’ve thought long and hard about it and, well, you’re both old enough, I’ll just make sure she takes her pill every morning.” “We can…you mean, you’ll let us keep doing it?” “It’s not so much that I’ll let you two do it, it’s more me, that I work and can’t keep you away from each other even if I wanted to. In fact, I’m not at all sure I want to keep you two apart.” “Really, why?” he asked. After all it was a totally unexpected statement from their mother. “I watched you two for a while, Trent. You two looked so beautiful together, so hot and sexy. I can see why you two would want to be together like that with each other, giving each other such beautiful pleasure, it really was beautiful.” “So, you’ll let us do what we want?” “Yes, and if you want to sleep together, you can, just don’t let anyone know about this. It’s just for the three of us to know, understand?” His heart jumped at that statement, he and his sister could sleep together, she said. Oh, he really liked that. “And, Trent, there’s one other thing. You can sleep in here with me, as well.” Chapter 2 She was looking up at her son’s eyes to get a sense of how he might be taking her offer, such an obvious one of having sex with her as well as his sister. He heard her words but did he really get their meaning? “Sleep in here, with you?” he asked needing clarification. “Yes, Trent,” she said, “in here with me. If you want?” She said that, adding the condition at the end, realizing that, well, she was older, her breasts couldn’t compare with her eighteen-year old daughter’s, heavens, who’s could? “Yeah, I’d like that,” he said, still not fully sure of what exactly was going on, adding, “I’ll go change and be right back,” turning to leave. “Trent, what do you mean, change? We can just sleep together without anything on, if you want?” she said, again adding on the question. Well, he certainly knew that having naked female skin next to his was one of life’s greatest pleasures, he wasn’t going to turn away this chance at more. “Yeah, that sounds great, how about you, Mom?” he asked and she pulled her nighty over her head and dropped it on the floor. He stood there looking at his mother’s boobs, large, heavy-looking, with wide nipples all poked-out in the center like pencil erasers.

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