Double DessertDouble Dessert


For a long time now, I’ve loved the idea of eating my wife’s pussy right after I cum inside her. I fantasize about it practically every time we have sex, but unfortunately, as soon as I cum I lose interest completely. In fact, after I cum the idea repels me. I’ve mentioned this fantasy to Pam, and much to my surprise it turned her on at least as much as it does me. She even tried to force the issue, sitting on my face and trying to make me lick her clean. I went into a sort of panic, almost bit her to get her off me, and she decided that wasn’t going to work.

I thought that was the end of it, but then one day she came home from work all flushed and excited, pulled off her clothes right there in the living room, and said, “I need you to eat me, right now!”

I was shocked to say the least, but I was feeling horny anyway, so she didn’t have to ask twice. When I got down to business, though, I realized I was getting my wish, even if it was by proxy. Mingled with her juices was the strong taste and smell of semen. I was licking up another man’s rich, pungent cream, and in spite of myself I was loving it. It was still warm, there was a lot of it, and Pam was more turned on than I’ve seen her in a long time. I was able to bring her to an outrageous orgasm, then she told me to lie on my back. She sat on my face and took my cock in her mouth, giving me a deep, slow blowjob while I continued to clean her out.

Finally I couldn’t take any more. My cock started to twitch, then I was pumping my own huge load into her waiting mouth. That put her over the edge, and she reached another powerful orgasm that seemed to release the last of the cum from inside her.

When she finally dismounted, she gave me a mischievous grin, her Meg Ryan look, and told me, “I brought you a little present from David. How’d you like it?”

“I loved it,” I answered, “but…David?”

David is a coworker who is always hitting on her, sort of joking but serious at the same time. She has told me about him before, and always sounded like she thought he was a loser. So now she lets him fuck her!

“I did it for you,” she said, “so you could have your fantasy. Besides, David’s not so bad once he gets his clothes off and is too busy to talk.”

For a minute I was speechless. To my surprise, I wasn’t angry, just confused. As my mind cleared and I was able to analyze the situation somewhat objectively, I reached a few insights. Pam had sex with a man she doesn’t find attractive, just to help me fulfill a fantasy. I got my first taste of a fresh, warm creampie. And we had better sex than we’ve had in a while. So what was wrong with this picture?

“You said David’s not so bad when he gets his clothes off. Tell me all about it.”

“Well, he’s a better lover than I expected, for one thing. Not as good as you, of course, but I’ve had worse. He’s pretty well hung, has good hands, takes his time. He loves oral, both giving and receiving.”

“You sucked his cock?” I interrupted, disturbed and yet excited at the thought of Pam’s lips wrapped around David’s big cock, wishing I’d been there to see it.

“Mm-hmmm,” she responded, “he would have liked a blowjob, but I told him I wanted him to cum inside me. I didn’t tell him why, but he might have guessed.”

“OK,” I said, “what else. What about when he fucked you?”

“Actually, I had a nice orgasm before we got that far, just from oral. When I finally felt his cock inside me, I won’t lie, it was wonderful. I don’t think he’s any bigger than you, but somehow I felt a little more stretched than usual. He went nice and slow, the way I like it, and I had one really strong orgasm and a couple of smaller ones before he finally had to cum. I thought he was done, but then he started pumping again and shot a second time. So you actually got a double dose today!”

“I’ll be sure to thank him next time I see him! Anything else?”

“Not really. He would have liked to snuggle for a while, or maybe he wanted to go again, I don’t know. Anyway, I told him I needed to get home before you got suspicious. Obviously, I’m not going to tell him I need to get home so you can eat his cream out of me while it’s still warm!”

Wow! I probably should have felt jealous, but really I was thrilled. We talked a while longer, and Pam asked me if she should do it again. I said, “Sure, if David’s willing and you’re OK with it. The only thing that would make it better would be if I could be there to watch him fuck you, and clean up as soon as he finishes.”

“Trust me, David’s willing, and truthfully, I wouldn’t mind a repeat. I’ll ask David if he’s willing to have sex with me while you watch. You’re right, that would be ideal. But in that case, I want to see you give David a blowjob first!”

Well, that discussion went round and round, as you can imagine. In the end, I agreed to Pam’s conditions, but David didn’t. What he said, according to Pam, was, “I’ll be glad to have sex with you any time you want, any way you eskişehir seks hikayeleri want, but if you want to bring Steve into the picture, I’m not your guy.”

Pam got together with David a few more times, and always brought home a treat for me, but it was never as exciting as the first time. Then she came up with Plan B. We would check in to one of the big hotels downtown and visit some of the local bars. She was pretty sure she could find someone to join us in a threesome. The hard part would be finding someone who would let me blow him first (still a non-negotiable demand of Pam’s), then fuck her and let me clean up afterwards.

We checked into the Hilton on a Friday night, so we’d have the whole weekend if we struck out the first night. We had a nice dinner, shared a bottle of wine, then went hunting. After a few duds, we found a bar we liked, with live music and a young, lively crowd. Pam was soon dancing with a good looking guy and they seemed to be hitting it off. He bought her a drink, they chatted a while, I saw her brush her hand across the front of his pants, and I was thinking, “Well, that was easy!”

Moments later she was heading back in my direction, frowning. “Threesome yes, blowjob from you, no. Too bad, he’s a nice guy, and pretty hung. Oh well, it’s still early.”

A few more guys asked her to dance, bought her a drink, then backed off when they heard what we had in mind. As it got later I could see that she was getting discouraged. Then this younger guy asked her to dance. He was good looking, energetic, seemed less inhibited than some of the others. He was also just Pam’s type, lean, taller than her but not too much, loose jointed, and a good dancer. He bought her a drink, they chatted, she ran her hand across the front of his pants, then across his butt, they looked over in my direction and both smiled. This could be it!

Pam came back to my table looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. “His name is Jason, he’s 27 years old, he’d love to join us in our room, he says you’re good looking, and he’ll be glad to let you give him a blowjob if that’s what it takes. Of course there’s a catch!”

“Of course. So, what’s the catch?”

“He was expecting a friend to join him here. The friend hasn’t shown up yet, but he should be here any minute. Jason will explain the situation to his friend, and hopefully we can work something out.” She hesitated a moment, then went on. “He said his friend might want to join us too. What do you think?”

What I was thinking is that we just went from me giving one blowjob to two, letting not one but two guys fuck my wife, and me cleaning up not one but two loads.

Pam of course zeroed in on the last one. “It would mean you’d get a double helping, two for the price of one! Let’s see how the friend looks and what he says.”

Just then a guy joined Jason at his table, and I swear to God, if I could choose one guy in the whole place to join us, he would be the one. The two of them gave each other a manly hug and spent the next several minutes talking and looking in our direction. Finally they stood up and began walking over to our table.

Jason introduced his friend, Rick, and Pam introduced me to both of them. “I told Rick about the little party you guys have in mind, and he’d love to join in, if he’s invited. Sort of a two for one deal, right?”

Rick looked even better up close, and I knew I was ready. I looked at Pam, she looked at me, and I could tell she was ready too. “Let’s go!” she said, and we all headed for the exit.

Back at the hotel, things were a little awkward at first. Finally Rick said, “How do you want to work this?”

He said it to me, but it was Pam who responded. “Why don’t you take your clothes off and make yourselves comfortable?”

“What about you?” Jason asked.

“I’ll just watch for a while. When I’m ready for more, I’ll undress, don’t worry.”

Soon enough the three of us were naked, checking each other out, waiting for someone to make the first move. Leave it to Pam! “Jason, come stand in front of me so I have a good view while Steve sucks you.” Then, “Steve, on your knees, sweetie. Show us what you can do!”

I knelt in front of Jason, with his crotch right at eye level, and ran my hand over his cock and balls. That was the first time I touched another guy since junior high school, and oh my God, I absolutely loved it! I stroked his hard shaft and saw a drop of precum form at the tip. I leaned in and ran my tongue over his cockhead, getting my first taste of another man. I closed my lips over his head and sucked him gently, still feeling a bit tentative. It was unbelievably soft and smooth, and I couldn’t resist taking him deeper into my mouth.

Heaven! The first cock I ever sucked, and I was in heaven. I let my lips slide up and down the shaft, thinking, “That’s it! I’m a confirmed cocksucker!” I took Jason’s balls in my hand and squeezed them lightly, the way I like Pam to do to me. He responded the same way I usually do, with a soft moan and a hand on my head, pushing himself deeper into my throat.

“I’m getting pretty close. You want me to cum in your mouth, right?”

Pam answered for me. “Cum in his mouth, and make him swallow it all. Push your cock clear down his throat if you want, just as long as he takes your whole load.”

I never heard her talk that way before, but then she never saw me suck cock before either. Jason showed that he can take direction. His cock jerked in my mouth, seemed to grow another inch, then began to shoot. My mouth was quickly filled with his warm, slick cream. The taste was stronger than I expected, more pungent, more addictive than I could have guessed. He pushed into my throat, a few inches at first, then all the way. I relaxed my throat as much as possible, and soon my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. He pulled back, fucking my mouth with short strokes, letting me drain his balls completely.

When he was finished, I opened my mouth so Pam could see the last bit of his cum, then I swallowed it and licked my lips. “Next!”

Jason stepped aside and Rick took his place in front of me. I started to go straight for his cock, but he held it up away from my mouth, saying, “Suck my balls a little bit first.”

They were shaved clean, and pulled up tight against his body. I ran my tongue over them, surprised at how soft they felt, moving around inside their sack. When I had them slick with my saliva, I tried taking one into my mouth, very gently. It felt bigger in my mouth than it had looked, and I pulled it loose from his body. I did the same to the other one, encouraged by Rick’s moans of pleasure.

He backed away and placed the head of his cock at my lips. He was thicker than Jason, and at least an inch longer. I sucked just the first few inches, running my tongue along the underside and pausing on each upstroke to give the crown extra attention. “That thing you’re doing with your tongue feels great. See if you can take it all the way down that way.”

I took his cock deeper, backed off, went deeper, backed off, and the third time I touched bottom. His cock was all the way down my throat, my tongue was trying to reach down to his balls, and then my gag reflex kicked in. I pulled back in a panic, calmed myself, and tried again. I kept my throat relaxed, took his cock all the way down to the base, and began mouth fucking him, all the way down my throat and then back up so that only the head was in my mouth.

“I’ll bet he’d like a finger up his ass.” Pam, being helpful as always. I put a finger in my mouth to get it lubed up, groped around until I found Rick’s asshole, and waited to see his response.

“Not too fast,” he said, “take it nice and easy.” That was all the permission I needed. I stayed at the surface at first, then let my finger go in to the first knuckle. It seemed like he pushed back on my finger, so I slid it in all the way. I fingered him gently, being careful not to hurt him, and he said, “Try two.”

I held two fingers together and pushed them into his ass. He put one hand on my head and pushed me back, taking his cock out of my mouth. “Open wide,” he told me, and began stroking his cock right in front of me. I kept working my fingers in and out of his ass while he jerked off, his cock aimed at my open mouth. “Oh yeah,” he moaned, “oh yeah! Get ready, here it comes!”

His cock jerked, jerked again, and started to shoot into my mouth, coating my tongue with warm, sticky cream. The taste was milder than Jason’s, and there was more of it. “Don’t swallow yet,” Pam said, “I want to see you swallow it all at one time.”

Rick kept stroking himself, and every time I thought he was finished a little more would come out. Finally he said, “OK, show Pam.” I turned my head toward her, let her see my mouth filled with Rick’s semen, my tongue coated with thick white cream.

“Now, swallow it.” Without meaning to, I’d already let a little foretaste ooze down my throat. With Rick’s permission, I opened my throat and let it all slide down at once. I closed my mouth, ran my tongue around to collect any stray bits, and swallowed again. Yummm!

“Good job, man!” Rick said. “You have a real talent. All you need now is practice!” He held his cock to my lips, saying “Clean me up real good, then we’ll see if Pam is ready for some fun.”

While I sucked Rick clean, Pam took off her clothes and went over to the bed. She was flushed, and I was pretty sure she had already had at least one of her “under the radar” orgasms. She was lying crosswise on the bed, with her legs hanging over the edge. Jason knelt between her legs, pushed them apart, and buried his face in her pussy. He pulled back, looked over at Rick with a grin, and said, “She’s hot as a pistol, man!”

He dove in again, and this time he didn’t come up for air until he brought Pam to orgasm. When he did, it was what I call a real barnburner. Her head was turning from side to side and she kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God,” over and over.

Jason turned to Rick and said, “Check it out dude. Show her what you can do. I want to see if she sucks cock as good as her husband.”

He moved up next to her head and held his cock up to her lips. She took it into her mouth eagerly, while Rick settled in to sample her pussy for himself. Jason was pumping his cock in and out of Pam’s mouth, nice and easy, while Rick did his best to work her up to another orgasm. When she came, it was less noisy than before, but almost as intense. By then Jason had his cock halfway down her throat, so she couldn’t make much noise even if she wanted to.

The guys both backed off and let her come down a little, then Jason said, “Switch!”

They moved Pam so she was all the way on the bed, doggy style. Rick moved up to her head, and Jason got behind her and slid his cock into her in one smooth, easy motion. She took Rick’s cock between her lips, wrapped a hand around it, and I saw it disappear down her throat. I had a perfect view, as if I was watching porn. I could see Jason’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and her mouth bobbing up and down on Rick. And unlike in porn, I also had a good view of Jason’s ass and back muscles flexing as he thrust into her.

They turned Pam on her back, and Rick stood to one side, watching Jason as he picked up the pace, heading for the home stretch. Jason’s breathing became ragged, he pounded Pam’s pussy with short, hard strokes, and suddenly he was cumming inside her. “Oh yeah,” he moaned, “oh fuck yeah!”

He continued thrusting into her a little longer, then pulled out. I started to move in to collect my creampie, but Pam said, “You need to clean Jason up first.”

He stood in front of me, his cock dripping with their combined juices. I took it in my mouth, savoring the flavors of his cum and Pam’s juices, cleaning up every drop. I wouldn’t have minded sucking him some more, but I had creampie on my mind. When I looked up, damned if Rick wasn’t already in the saddle. His cock was buried in my lovely wife’s pussy, and he was taking short, quick thrusts, bumping against her clitoris with every stroke. Pam was obviously loving it, and before long she launched into another barnburner.

Rick slowed down to let her recover, then pulled out and moved her into position for some doggy style fucking. Jason saw an opportunity and took it, kneeling in front of Pam and feeding her his cock. I could never have imagined what a thrill it would be for me to see my wife sucking one guy and getting fucked at the same time. I half expected Jason to want some more fucking, but Pam was doing too good a job sucking him.

He yelled, “Oh shit, I’m going to cum!” He started to pull out of Pam’s mouth, she tried to stop him, and as a result she got a warm, sticky facial. That was more than Rick could take. He shoved his cock deep into her pussy and held her hips while he pumped out his own warm sticky load.

Rick looked over at me and said, “OK, time for dessert! But first you’ll probably want to clean me up.”

“Right,” Pam said, “and then you can lick this mess off my face. Your dessert will still be here waiting for you.”

Fine by me! I took Rick’s cock in my mouth, all the way down to the root, and sucked it clean. Then I took Pam’s face between my hands and licked up all of Jason’s sperm. Only then did I get to taste the creampie I’d been waiting for.

All I can say is that it was well worth the wait. There was white goo oozing out between her labia, and I licked it up. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her, feasting on the rich cream coating her insides. When I was sure she was ready, I went for her clit, flicking my tongue over and around it, collecting all the love juice I could find, driving her to another powerful orgasm.

About that time the guys decided it was time to leave. As soon as they were out the door Pam got me to lie on my back and planted her pussy on my face. She began sucking my cock while I cleaned up every last drop of cum she could squeeze out. She kept sucking me until I was ready to blow, which didn’t take long. I felt it building inside me, my balls tightened up, and I erupted, pumping a huge load into Pam’s mouth. It was a real gusher, and she kept my cock in her mouth while she ran her fingers up and down the shaft, trying to coax out just a little more.

When I was finished, she turned around and kissed me full on the lips. She hadn’t swallowed yet, and my mouth was quickly filled with my own semen. It seemed like a giant load, as if I had shot out all the cream I had eaten earlier. She didn’t let up until I had swallowed it all. Yummm!

All good things come to an end, of course. Eventually Pam got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back she was carrying a business card. “Rick left this,” she said, showing it to me.

“I guess that means he had a good time,” I answered.

“Yeah,” Pam sighed, “he’s not the only one!” She paused, deep in thought, then said, “I wonder if he has any other friends!”

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