Subject: Double B Ranch Double B Ranch cajuncock If you got this far you know the drill. This is a work of gay fictions containing scenes of sex between males of different ages. If you like the stories on the site please donate to keep it going. It provides a vital link to our community. Coomments:cajunboi868@ Read on, unzip, and enjoy. I stare at the boy’s naked butt. He loves the preparation for our mating. Everyday for the past six months it has been the same. I’d wait until the rest of my boys and the hired help have left to take care of the ranch chores. Most are dressed in cutoffs and t-shirts with heavy work boots. I let Stevie sleep in knowing that he will later take care of our home. I walk upstairs to the room he shares with his three older brothers. Long ago I’d decided that the doors to all the rooms were unnecessary and took them down. I stand in the doorway watching my sleeping angel as he tosses amid the scattered bed linens. His pert butt is spread across the twin bed, the boy hole clearly visible to me. My own cock stirs to attention as I think of the pleasure that the eleven year old can give me. Afterall, I’ve taught all my men that their sole purpose in life is to provide pleasure for me and each other. Stevie stirs and wakes. He must smell my odor and the hormones that I exude. He looks back at me and smiles asking, “Daddy, is it late? Did I oversleep again?” I slowly walk to his bed, my hard cock bouncing from side to side as I approach him. He smiles saying “Oh daddy is that for me, is it my anadolu yakası escort breakfast time?” I stand by the bed holding on to the top bunk. My cock is level with his head with the clear drops of my pre on the tip. Softly, I begin to move it back and forth teasing him. I whisper softly, “Is it time for your morning meal?” He growls “Yes, daddy, I need you to feed me today.” I rub my cock across his lips letting the precum cover them. He licks the gift I have offered. I hear a rustling behind me and look over my shoulder. My dad is standing naked at the door. His thick, hard cock beckons me. I bend slightly to offer him his favorite morning wakeup treat. He does not need words to tell him what to do. I wait as he walks up to me. Using one hand to steady me, he used the other to aim his grandpa tool to my love spot. He spits down on the impressive cock that is now ready to enter his own son. Wiping the saliva around with his tip he teases me until I beg “Dad, please make me feel you inside me? We both need to give the boy our gifts of family seed.” He plunges in, forcing my own cock to bury itself into Stevie’s body. The eleven year old yells for the pleasure I give him knowing that soon his granddad’s seed will join my own in his tight love tunnel. We do not rush knowing that the others will not be back for hours. Over the next thirty minutes we set a steady pace moving in and out of family asses. My dad is moaning louder with each thrust into my man pussy. He loves knowing ankara anal escort that his son and grandson will be again anointed with the family seed. He knows that his grandsons and the all male staff have been anointed with the family seed. They all having willingly become slaves to dad’s cock. His mighty uncut, eleven inches has brought even those who thought themselves straight under its spell. Each man had an assigned time to share dad’s bed. All ten males were brought to heel loving the way they had been broken in and joined the family tradition. I increased my attention to Stevie’s welcoming tight tunnel. I knew that when I came I must step aside to let the boy’s grandpas fill the small boy hole with his seed. We were so taken with our pleasures that none of us even heard the sheriff’s car drive up. He knew us well and walked right into the house. Hearing the combined moans from the upstairs, he knew that his duty was to investigate any possible crime. Soon he was standing at the door, his eyes wide at the picture before him in the bedroom. His own hefty cock rose to attention in his tight uniform pants. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt to expose his hair covered torso. His body was covered with a thick layer of dark hair betraying his Italian heritage. He reached up to squeeze his hard nipples as he watched the young boy happily take the adult cock plowing his boy pussy. He moaned loudly as he witnessed the old man’s hard fuck of his adult son. The scene was too much for him. ankara anal yapan escort Quickly he kicked off his boots and dropped his uniform pants to his feet to join his shirt. The 2 adults stopped pumping to look over at the door. Seeing the familiar sight of the naked sheriff both men nodded to the imposing law man. Needing no verbal welcome the sheriff moved to the bed to offer his cock to the young boy. The boy smiled and opened his mouth wide to accommodate the new playmate. With a groan the sheriff moved his needy flesh gun across the boy’s face causing the boy to beg. The law man leaned over to kiss the boy’s father. The granddad moaned watching his son surrender to the sheriff’s carnal needs. The Double B ranch was well known to the men around the county as the place to come to relax from the pressures of their wives and howling children. Many a young farmer and ranch hand ahd found solace there in the past. It was a most welcoming place to unwind. It was isolated and far from any town so guaranteed privacy. Only those in the know knew of the finer points of the place. Even a few of the city folk who’d found the place made efforts to frequent the ranch for a weekend. There were small cabins scattered around the 12000 acres and one isolated barn had been converted into a social gathering spot. The four males surrendered their bodies to each other. Stevie’s holes were open to all. For he too had learned early that the needs of men could also bring him much needed pleasure. The rutting sounds filled the empty house as the men each reached a glorious climax. Cum flowed from many holes by the time the others returned from their chores. They saw the sheriff’s car parked outside the house. The dirty men all showered under the outside stall making sure that their bodies and those of the others were cleaned and prepared for a bit of fun.

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