Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 06Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 06


When Eric walked into the kitchen Amy looked at the clock and then turned to look at Eric.

“Hey sweetie…you’re home early…I thought you had a date with Lisa.” Amy said.

Eric laughed.

“There was no date.” Eric said.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“I went over to pick her up and she said we needed to talk. She told me that she couldn’t see me anymore.” Eric said.

“Oh Eric…I’m sorry. I thought things were going so well between you two.” Amy said.

“I did too. It’s my own fault though.” Eric said.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

Eric laughed.

“It turns out I created a monster.” Eric said.

“What does that mean?” Amy asked.

“Well…I guess she already suspected that she was a lesbian but had never actually been with a woman. So after spending the weekend up at the cabin with me and Beth…Lisa has decided that she is a definitely a lesbian…Beth decided the same thing…so they’re a couple now.” Eric said.

“Oh wow…I’m sorry Eric.” Amy said.

Amy hugged him.

“Thanks mom…there are other girls out there.” Eric said.

“Of course there are sweetie. I’m sure you’ll be up to your neck in hot young pussy in no time.” Amy said.

“Yeah…we’ll see. I’m gonna go to bed.” Eric said.

“Okay sweetie…you’ll feel better in the morning. Good night.” Amy said.

Amy kissed Eric and he went up to bed. Even as Eric was walking up the stairs Amy had a smile on her face.

A few days later Amy had Jeff, Mike, Troy, Lucas, and Kyle all come over so she could talk to them.

“So what’s up Amy?” Jeff asked.

“Well…I’ve been thinking about this and I think you guys need to get Eric laid.” Amy said.

“What do you mean? I thought he was going out with Lisa.” Troy said.

“The other night she dumped him…for another girl.” Amy said.

“Oh shit…another girl…that’s harsh.” Kyle said.

“Yeah…he took Lisa and Beth up to the cabin the weekend of my birthday. He had a 3-some with them and by the end of it Lisa and Beth were lesbians so Lisa dumped him. He’s really depressed about it.” Amy said.

“That sucks. So you want us to get him laid to get him out of his funk?” Lucas asked.

“Partially, but I’ve also been thinking. I’ve decided that it’s unfair to Eric that you guys are having all the fun. You’re all fucking me once a week, plus you all have girlfriends as well, and he got dumped by a girl that decided she’s a lesbian. I want him to be happy and have an interesting and exciting sex life like all 18 year old boys want. You guys all have your own girlfriends plus me…right now Eric doesn’t have anybody. Obviously there’s no way that Eric could be any part of our little arrangement…” Amy started.

“Yeah…for two reasons. One you’re his mother…and two…he couldn’t afford you.” Troy said.

“Exactly. That’s why I want you guys to get him laid. You guys are his closest friends and you’ve been secretly paying to fuck his mom. Even though he doesn’t have any idea about what we’ve been up to…I figured that you guys all owe him something for that…of course he could never know what you owed him for.” Amy said.

“No kidding…if he figured it out it would ruin our fun with you…and he’d probably kill us.” Lucas said.

“So…can I count on you guys to get Eric laid?” Amy asked.

“I think we can probably handle that. I know a few open minded girls that would probably go for it. A few of them have even said something in the past about liking Eric.” Jeff said.

“Yeah…I think we all can think of two or three that might be open to fucking Eric.” Troy said.

“Two or three huh? That’s a good idea…try to get more than one at a time for him to make it really memorable for him. Make sure that they’re a high standard of girl…I won’t have my little boy fucking some ugly sluts…if they’re sluts they’d better be hot ones.” Amy said.

The guys laughed and left to go start making plans.

When Eric got home from work Amy had a big smile on her face.

“Well…you appear to be in a good mood…did one of the guys rock your world today?” Eric asked.

“As a matter of fact yes, but that’s not why I’m smiling.” Amy said.

“Then why are you smiling?” Eric asked.

“I’ve been doing a little scheming and planning today.” Amy said.

“Oh…planning your next gangbang huh?” Eric asked.

“No…actually my plans involved you.” Amy said.

“Oh really…I’m liking the sound of that. What exactly did you plan for me?” Eric asked.

“Well…I was talking to the guys about you.” Amy said.


“No…of course not. None of them have any idea about us…and none of them has any idea that you know about me and them. I used that to my…or should I say your advantage.” Amy said.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked.

“Well…like I said…I was talking to the guys and I told them about Lisa and Beth and that whole situation.” Amy said.

“You told them about that?” Eric asked.

“Yes, I told them isveçbahis how depressed it had made you. I also told them how unfair I thought it was that they were getting to fuck me and you basically weren’t fucking anybody. Obviously I wasn’t going to tell them about us, but I did tell them that I thought they all owed you something for fucking your mom. Something to secretly make it up to you.” Amy said.

“So what are they going to do for me?” Eric asked.

“They’re going to get you laid.” Amy said.

“What?” Eric asked.

“I told them that they each needed to find a girl or two to fuck you. In fact I said that they should all get at least two girls for you.” Amy said.

“I don’t believe it.” Eric said.

“Believe it sweetheart. As they were walking out the door they were talking about who they could try to get for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them has something set up already.” Amy said.

As if on cue Eric’s phone rang.

“Hello.” Eric said.

“Eric…its Troy…listen man…my folks took my little sister to visit my grandparents…why don’t you come over tonight so we can hang out?” Troy asked.

“Are the other guys coming?” Eric asked.

“Nah…I figured it’d be just me and you…and maybe a couple of chicks. I heard about Lisa and I figured that I’d try to cheer you up a little bit. What do you say?” Troy asked.

“That sounds like it might be just what I need right now. What time?” Eric asked.

“How about 9:00?” Troy asked.

“I’ll be there.” Eric said.

They hung up and Eric looked at Amy who was smiling.

“You’re the best mom ever.” Eric said.

“I take it one of the guys has already got something lined up?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…that was Troy. His folks are out of town and he asked me over and said there might be a couple of chicks there. He said I should be there at 9:00.” Eric said.

“Well then…you’ve got time for me to make you dinner first. Oh and make it seem like you’re surprised by all of this and you don’t know what’s going on.” Amy said.

“Right…don’t want to give the game away.” Eric said.

It was all still a little surreal to Eric as he rang the doorbell at Troy’s house. Troy answered the door with a smile on his face.

“Come on in buddy.” Troy said.

Eric walked inside.

“So what’s the deal man?” Eric asked.

“What do you mean?” Troy asked.

“You call me up…invite me over…tell me you want to cheer me up…you say that there might be some chicks here, but none of the other guys will be. What’s up with that?” Eric asked.

“Well I’ll tell you what’s up with that Eric. I was already planning on having the girls over tonight for a private party…if you know what I mean, but 4 girls are just too many for one guy you know. Don’t get me wrong…I’d have damn sure tried, but I didn’t want to disappoint anyone if I came up short. So I decided I’d ask one of you guys to come and join us…you know so we’d have two each. I asked the girls which one of you I should ask to join us…two of them picked you so I figured you could have them. Plus after what happened with Lisa I figured you wouldn’t mind some friendly female companionship.” Troy said.

“Yeah…that kind of stung when she told me. So two girls picked me out of the 5 of us? Who are they?” Eric asked.

“The two that picked you are Hannah and Emily…the other two are Sara and Nicole. Come on…we’ve been standing here long enough. Let’s go out back…they’re probably wondering what’s taking us so long.” Troy said.

Eric knew that it was all a set up, but he played it up like he was amazed by everything as he and Troy walk out onto the deck behind Troy’s parents’ house. The 4 girls immediately got up. Sara and Nicole rushed to Troy and Hannah and Emily walked over to Eric.

“Hi there Eric…we’re so glad that you could make it.” Emily said.

“Yeah…we’re very glad that you could…come.” Hannah said suggestively.

“Well it’s my pleasure ladies. When Troy invited me over and said the other guys weren’t going to be here I was a little confused…but now I can see why he only invited one of us and I’m sure glad he called me instead of one of them.” Eric said.

“Did Troy tell you why he called you?” Emily asked.

“No…was there some special reason?” Eric asked.

“He called you because Emily and I said that if one of you guys was going to come over we wanted it to be you.” Hannah said.

“No shit? You both picked me out of the 5 of us…I’m honored. Troy…where’s the booze?” Eric asked.

“Right behind you man.” Troy said.

Eric turned and saw a cooler full of beer and a few bottles of hard liquor.

“Allow me to get you ladies a drink. What’s your pleasure?” Eric asked.

“Hopefully you are.” Hannah giggled.

“Well…we’ll see about that…let’s have a drink first.” Eric said.

Eric got Hannah and Emily drinks as well as one for himself and the 3 of them sat together on one of the benches on the deck. Troy, Nicole, and Sara sat on another of the benches. They sat and talked for a while isveçbahis giriş and everyone had a few drinks.

Everyone knew why they were there so once the alcohol had had a chance to kick in they started getting frisky. Hannah and Emily were both pretty aggressive as they ran their hands all over Eric’s body. Eric turned his head towards Hannah and began kissing her as Emily began unbuttoning his shirt. After kissing Hannah for a while he turned and started kissing Emily as Hannah took his shirt the rest of the way off.

Eric’s hands began probing up under both of their skirts and rubbing their inner thighs as they both caressed Eric’s body and rubbed the front of his pants.

“Hey guys…we were gonna hop in the hot tub…care to join us?” Troy asked.

“I don’t have a bathing suit with me.” Hannah said.

“I don’t think he was planning on any of us needing one.” Eric said.

“Oh my.” Hannah said.

“I’m up for it and it looks like the 3 of them are…what do you two think?” Eric asked.

“I’m game.” Emily said.

“Well I won’t be the party pooper among the crowd…let’s go.” Hannah said.

Troy, Nicole, and Sara were all naked and in the hot tub as Eric, Hannah, and Emily walked over to it. Hannah and Emily started pulling off their clothes, but Eric gently placed his hands on theirs stopping them.

“Allow me.” Eric said.

Eric started kissing Hannah as he unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt leaving her wearing just her bra and panties then he turned his attention to Emily. When he had Emily down to just her bra and panties he removed her bra and then turned to remove Hannah’s bra. Finally Eric knelt down and gently pulled Hannah’s panties off and then Emily’s…he kissed them just above their pussies as he pulled the panties down.

“Damn guys…that’s a hell of a show you’re putting on over there.” Sara said.

“That was the hottest thing that’s every happened to me.” Hannah said.

“That may be the hottest thing that’s happened to you so far, but the night is still young and Eric still has his pants on.” Nicole said.

Emily started kissing Eric and fumbling with his pants while Hannah pulled his shoes and socks off. Both girls pulled Eric’s pants and underwear off together. They were kneeling right in front of Eric’s cock as he stepped out of his pants.

“Oh my.” Emily said.

“You said it.” Hannah said.

“Well…shall we ladies?” Eric asked.

He held his hands out and each of them took one and stood up. They all moved into the hot tub and sat across from Troy, Sara, and Nicole. Emily sat to Eric’s right and Hannah sat to his left.

Having two girls in a hot tub was a new experience for Eric, but he wanted to make the absolute most of it. Eric alternated from kissing Hannah to kissing Emily every couple of minutes while the girls were both stroking Eric’s cock under the water.

“God…you’re both so hot…how the hell do we make this work?” Eric asked.

“Well…if you lay your head back right here I could move up there and you could lick my pussy while Hannah sucks and fucks you.” Emily said.

“Sounds good to me…a girl on each end.” Eric said.

Eric repositioned himself so that his head was lying back onto a large area of the outside of the hot tub. It left the head and a few inches of his cock up out of the water. Hannah immediately moved to engulf it in her mouth while Emily moved up over Eric and lowered her pussy down onto his waiting tongue.

The sound of the water jets was joined by the sloshing sound that Hannah’s hands made as she stroked the portion of Eric’s cock that was still under the water as well as the sucking and slurping sounds of her sucking his cock as well as Emily’s moaning. The sounds were joined very soon by a fast splashing and sloshing sound as Troy fucked Sara from behind with them still in the water while Sara licked Nicole’s pussy out of the water on the far side of the hot tub. After sucking his cock for several minutes Hannah moved up over Eric’s cock and guided it into her pussy. She started fucking herself on Eric’s cock. He used his feet to push his body up to meet her every downward motion.

Nicole was the first to climax and she gritted her teeth to avoid screaming out in sheer ecstasy. Hannah was the next to have an orgasm as she fucked herself on Eric’s cock. She sat down hard on Eric’s cock and clamped her pussy hard around it. Then she went back to fucking him. Hannah’s whole body shuddered when she came. Sara moaned into Nicole’s pussy as she had an orgasm. Troy grunted as he slammed his cock into Sara as hard and deep as it would go and he came. Eric was the last to cum and when he did it sent Hannah over the edge again.

They all untangled themselves a bit to catch their breaths.

“Have you got enough left in there to fuck me now?” Emily asked as she stroked Eric’s cock.

“I know one way that we can find out.” Eric said.

“Which one of you wants to eat Eric’s cum out of me?” Hannah asked.

“I’ll do it…if you’ll eat Troy’s out of me.” Sara said.

“That isveçbahis yeni giriş sounds fair, but I get to be on top.” Hannah said.

“That’s fine by me.” Sara said.

Sara laid down on the edge of the hot tub and Hannah moved to mount her in a 69. Nicole and Emily moved into the hot tub and bent over facing towards Sara and Hannah. Troy immediately started fucking Nicole and Eric slowly pushed his cock into Emily and started fucking her.

“Oh god…your cock feels so good…fuck me with your amazing cock Eric.” Emily said.

Troy was fucking Nicole hard and fast, but Eric was taking his time. He pulled Emily back up far enough that he could grope her breasts and play with her nipples. The sound of sloshing water…the sound of flesh slapping flesh, the sound of two guys grunting, the sound of two girls moaning, and the sound of two girls sucking, licking, and slurping cum out of each other filled the cool evening air.

This time it was Emily that came first, and when she did Eric increased the speed and ferocity with which he was fucking her. Hannah and Sara came at pretty much the same time pushing most of the remaining cum inside them out onto one another’s faces. Nicole came next and her orgasm pushed Troy over the edge and he grunted and pumped his cum into Nicole’s pussy. Eric was fucking Emily as hard as he could. Her breasts were swinging free and slapping against the side of the hot tub. Emily was holding herself up with one hand and pounding the edge of the hot tub with the other. Finally she exploded into a second orgasm and Eric buried his cock in her and they came together.

Eric and Emily were both breathing heavily when they heard the other 4 clapping.

“God damn buddy…I’ve never seen anything like that…you fucked her so hard I thought she was going to split in two.” Troy said.

“I have never…been fucked like that…in my life.” Emily said as she gasped for breath.

“Now I’m sorry that I fucked you with you sitting down like that.” Hannah said.

“Well…it’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid…so I’ve got a lot of pent up energy. I’d be willing to try again.” Eric said.

“Hey…she’s already had a turn…what about me?” Sara asked.

“Or me?” Nicole asked.

“I don’t know…I thought it was 2 each.” Eric said.

“Hey man…I’m pretty well spent. I might have one more in me…if you think you’ve got another 2 or 3 in you then by all means have at them. I’ll just play with some tits to keep the girls entertained while waiting their turn.” Troy said.

“Well shit…what the hell. I’m apologizing in advance if I can’t get to all of you, but I’ll damn sure try.” Eric said.

“So who’s first?” Nicole asked.

“Well…I’ve already fucked Hannah once so she should be last…sorry Hannah.” Eric said.

“That’s okay…I hope you last long enough to get to me though.” Hannah said.

“Which one of us gets you first then?” Sara asked.

“I think you’ll be first. No offense Nicole, but I’d rather not fuck you when Troy’s cum is still in you.” Eric said.

“I’ll clean her up for you…if she’ll do the same for me.” Emily said.

“Sure thing.” Nicole said.

“Okay then…Sara…it looks like you’re first.” Eric said.

Sara excitedly jumped into the hot tub and moved over in front of Eric. Nicole and Emily moved onto the edge of the hot tub to 69. Hannah slid in next to Troy.

“I believe you said something about playing with some tits.” Hannah said.

“I did say that didn’t I?” Troy asked.

Troy lowered his mouth to take one of Hannah’s nipples between his lips. Sara backed into Eric’s cock and started swinging herself forward and back until Eric grabbed her midsection and held her still.

“Relax Sara…let me handle this okay?” Eric asked.

“Sure…just fuck me like you did Emily.” Sara said.

Eric started slowly fucking Sara while Emily and Nicole 69 and Troy sucked on Hannah’s tits. Eric knew that he wanted to at least fuck Sara and Nicole and he would love to be able to have enough left to fuck Hannah again and he knew that he would have to pace himself to be able to do that.

Eric started slow, but he knew just how to use his cock to push a girl to orgasm with long slow steady strokes. He could tell that Sara was getting closer and closer to an orgasm so he smiled and slaps her on the ass just as her orgasm hit. Just like with Emily Eric went from slow and steady to fast and furious as soon as Sara’s first orgasm hit.

“Oh god…oh god…OH GOD! YES…fuck me…fuck me…god damn it fuck me.” Sara said.

Eric grabbed Sara by the hips and started yanking her backwards into him as he thrust forward into her. Sara started into one long moan broken by each thrust of Eric’s cock into the depths of her pussy. Sara grabbed one of their shirts that was lying close to the hot tub and bit down on it as she screamed out into her second orgasm. Eric pulled hard back against her and exploded deep within her.

Sara was barely conscious as Nicole pulled her out of the way and moved in front of Eric. Eric was nearly out of breath, so his technique of starting slow was convenient as it allowed him to catch his breath. Hannah pulled Sara out of the hot tub and got her into a 69. Emily moved in beside Troy so he could play with her breasts.

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