Don’t Move!Don’t Move!


It was a hot summer day, the first really hot one of summer, and Jenny’s walk home from school was a slog. When Jenny got home, she was just drenched with sweat underneath her clothes. First thing she did was go upstairs to her room and take it all off. Her underwear was even more soaked than her shirt or her skirt.

She was a big girl. Some called her “chunky” or worse. It meant that she sweated easily, and a lot. Once it started, it was hard to cool down. Being at home with the air conditioning cranked up helped, and getting her sticky clothes away from her skin. But as she wiped the sweat from her skin, she started to feel shivers of a different kind. She started to feel warm again, but pleasantly, from within.

Jenny could feel herself getting aroused, her nipples hardening in the cooler air. As she indulged that sensitivity with her fingers, her labia starting to tingle as well, begging for her touch.

She knew the feeling well, and she often enjoyed letting it run its course with her, using her hands and anything she could hold in them, until her body would be left in a quivering, glowing, even-sweatier mess. Her sex drive had been revving up for years. By now it was almost a daily ritual, keeping herself satisfied. Once high school classes were finally over, she’d be able to indulge herself even more, for her last idle summer in town. It was her senior year, and she was counting down the days.

It wasn’t like she had any real-world scene to play out in her head though. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror across from her bed, she saw her acne, her unruly dirty-blonde hair, her heavy breasts sitting on her broad frame. She saw voluptuous bodies like hers in classical paintings, but her body type currently seemed to be out of style. There was no one at her school or in the town at large that had a crush on her, nor anyone she would want to. As far as Jenny was concerned, her sex life would start when she went off to college. Until then, she could take care of herself, and she had plenty of experience at that. She was tempted to pull up a fan fic site on her laptop to stimulate her imagination. But then she heard a knock downstairs on the front door.

Crap. She let herself get distracted and forgot Bobby was coming over to watch TV. It was such a regular, unremarkable occasion that it was easy to forget sometimes. They had been hanging out together since they were little. Bobby had a habit of coming over to watch TV because Jenny’s mom just had the better setup for it. A nice big couch, a big screen TV, and plenty of cable channels.

For a second, Jenny was tempted to just pretend she wasn’t home, and not let it interrupt what she’d started with herself. But she decided she couldn’t do that to her best friend. They’d be going separate ways in the fall, but she didn’t want that to mean they fell out of touch.

She looked at her sweat-soaked bra and panties lying on the floor. She didn’t like the idea of putting those back on. She checked her dresser. She didn’t have clean ones to put on either. She’d have to do laundry later. For now, she decided to just put her t-shirt and skirt back on. It’s not like she was planning to leave the house. It was just Bobby coming over, after all. Bobby wouldn’t be the least interested in what she might be wearing.

Neither of them were all that concerned about being eighteen already, with no relationships or sexual experience to speak of. While they didn’t talk about dating much–neither of them had much to say about it–she knew what his type was. She knew she wasn’t it, just like he wasn’t her type either.

Jenny rushed down and unlocked the door for him. She worried for a second whether he’d notice the flush in her cheeks, or the way her nipples pressed against the fabric of her t-shirt, from her masturbation cut short. Nope, it didn’t seem to register with Bobby at all, as he came in and got comfortable.

They got some snacks and sodas from the kitchen, and settled down on the couch. She pressed her back against his. They were constantly Maltepe Escort fighting over space on the couch like brother and sister. In the aggressive air conditioning, it didn’t feel all that bad to press against him.

Bobby had the remote and started surfing through channels, until they landed on a movie that just started. It was sort of a romance, or at least it had a reputation for being kind of scandalous. Jenny worried that if they kept watching, she’d get aroused again. She could feel herself getting more sensitive at the sight of the kissing and fondling on screen, things she had yet to experience for herself.

She wanted to keep cycling through the channels and find something else to watch. Bobby was more interested in the movie though. Unsurprising. The lead actress had that gymnast-type figure he was attracted to.

She tried to grab the remote from him. This too was a constant struggle between them, but it was all in good fun. They were about equally matched in strength and weight. But Bobby was taller, with longer arms, able to keep the remote out of Jenny’s grasp, but he was also more ticklish than her.

He writhed underneath her as she used that to her advantage. But it had an unexpected side effect. He started to tent his shorts. As Jenny tried to pin him down, she was surprised to feel the fabric pressing up against her from below.

Jenny didn’t call attention to it. It seemed like just a normal physical reaction. It wasn’t like it had anything to do with her, and she didn’t want to make things awkward. But then she remembered how wet she’d gotten herself earlier, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties now. When she got aroused, she knew she could get very wet. Soaking, dripping, sopping, embarrassingly wet. And the way his erection was pressing into her slit through his shorts, it felt kind of like it did when she touched herself. She was privately enjoying it, but didn’t dare call attention to it.

She’d be mortified if she left a smear of her juices on the front of his shorts. To avoid that, while still wrestling and tickling him with one hand, she snuck the other hand down, and tried to shift his erection away from where her thighs met, pushing it down into one leg of his shorts. He didn’t seem to notice what she was doing, other than grunting at the discomfort of it between giggling fits. She had never handled an erection before, so what happened next surprised her: it sprang right back towards her, and slipped free of the fabric, so now it was the warm skin of her penis directly against her thigh.

Still putting up a good fight for the remote, Bobby didn’t still didn’t seem to realize what was happening, and Jenny wasn’t about to draw attention to it, though she was painfully aware of the friction of his skin against the hairs of her inner thigh. When she shifted her hips to relive that discomfort, the tip of his penis nestled right in her slit, at the cusp of her vagina. She gasped at the sudden, surprising feeling of it. Bobby stopped short, his eyes going wide, suddenly realizing that there was nothing between them.

There was so much they needed to talk about, but at that moment, Jenny heard the jingle of keys in the front door. That had to be her mother getting home. Normally Jenny would hear the car pull up outside, but she’d been too distracted. Now she was panicked, like a deer in the headlights. They only had a second or two before her mom would walk in. Not enough time to disentangle themselves. Not enough time to get Bobby’s erection back in his shorts. Definitely not enough time to get his erection to go down, or deal with the dampness she left on his shorts.

“Whatever you do. Don’t. Move.” she told him quickly and quietly. She spread the hem of her skirt out around them, covering where their genitals were in delicate contact. She rested her head on his chest, facing the movie as it came back from commercial break.

“Hi Jenny, hi Bobby,” her mom said when she came in.

“Hi,” Jenny and Bobby each echoed her back.

Jenny’s Anadolu Yakası Escort mom started setting down her things, going through the mail, all those little tasks she did when she got home. Meanwhile, Jenny laid perfectly still on top of Bobby, the way they had cuddled plenty of times over the years, but less so recently. Yet underneath her skirt, she could still feel him pressing against her opening. She thought maybe if they laid still enough, his erection would subside.

The movie transitioned into another love scene. Despite herself Jenny felt her juices start to run again at the sight of the people on screen making love, their union hidden under a sheet. Jenny felt her juices start to run again, which Bobby was sure to feel. She wondered if he could also feel her nipples pressing into his chest.

Maybe it was the action on TV, or maybe it was the feeling of her hot, wet pussy that his penis was just barely pressing against, but Bobby’s erection didn’t soften like she hoped. Where before the very tip of it was just barely nestled in her cleft, now it stretched and grew, becoming longer and thicker and stiffer. Now she felt it press into her, at least the head of it.

The feeling reminded her of that moment when she would first slip a toy into herself, testing her own depths, her own resistance. Except what was pressing into her now was warm, live, sensitive human flesh. It was Bobby, her best friend since childhood. It was a man’s erection, with all the dangers that held in store.

This wasn’t at all how Jenny expected her first time to be. Jenny wasn’t the kind of girl who would fuck her best friend. She wasn’t the kind of girl who would have unprotected sex. She always thought she was better than this, yet here she was, not even done with high school yet, with a boy’s penis partway into her vagina, no rubber between them.

On one hand, it was a struggle to stay still. Every instinct was telling her to move, to take more of it into herself, to feel the shaft of it rub her insides raw. On the other hand, as deflowerings went, she supposed at least this was as gentle as it could possibly be.

On the outside, she was making sure to lie perfectly still. But inside, her tight muscles were squeezing back against the intrusion. She tried to will them to stop, so that maybe Bobby’s erection would have a chance to fade, but it was no use. The sensation was unfamiliar to her, and she was unpracticed at controlling her body’s reaction to it.

He was managing to lie still too, though in reaction to every spasm of her vaginal muscles adjusting to him, she could feel him swell and pulse inside her, pressing outward, filling her a little more. She suppressed a gasp. She knew he was only partway in her, maybe only an inch or two, but to her, that little bit felt huge.

Perhaps it was the excitement of his first time. Perhaps it was the divine revelation of what his best friend’s body was doing to him. Either way, with her head pressed to his chest, Jenny could hear Bobby’s breaths shortening, no matter how he tried to mask it. She could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer.

She wanted to whimper, to buck, to moan, to grind, as she felt something approaching as well, a kind of orgasm she’d never been able to give herself, not even with toys inside her. It took conscious effort just to keep her breathing soft and even. But it was fast approaching a point she wasn’t sure she could control.

Jenny could feel Bobby’s intensity building, and she was afraid of what might lie at the end of it. Yet she also felt powerless to stop it. All her attempts to will her own orgasm away, to stop her pussy from squeezing down on him, failed or backfired. There wasn’t anything more she could do to stop the impending train wreck, without exposing what was happening to her mother. Plus, a part of her resisted the idea of stopping it now.

Because they were both suppressing the warning signs, it happened all of a sudden, too quickly for them to react. Bobby’s cock pulsed Ümraniye Escort and swelled inside her, going more rigid for a moment, and then Jenny felt the hot fluid of his semen shoot up into her. Even though she’d never felt it before, she recognized the feeling immediately.

The feeling of his warmth flooding her, reaching into her recesses, set off the orgasm that had been building within her. She bit down on her lip to stifle a cry, hoping it wouldn’t draw blood.

Now the muscles hidden inside her spasmed more violently, contracting and pulling on the tip of his cock, making it well up again and pour more into her. The feeling of it took her to new heights. Her feelings about having brought her best friend to orgasm were as mixed as their fluids.

Her legs almost shook with the effort to stay outwardly still, while her young, fertile vagina milked his seed up and out of him and into herself. On one hand, she knew he was only an inch or two inside of her when he came. It could be a lot worse, if he’d done that closer to her waiting egg. Another part of her longed to feel that, and felt robbed that she hadn’t.

In an instant, she saw her future flash before her. There was still that possibility of going off to college in the city, where she might meet the kinds of guys she couldn’t meet here in town. But there was another possibility now. She saw herself rutting Bobby raw, bareback. Feeling his erection press deep into her, where she needed it most, and explode there. Her belly swelling up with his child. Moving into a house together, starting a family. There was a part of her that was ready to pick that path and run down it headlong, no matter how much it meant giving up. She was surprised at the sudden whiplash of her heart.

It was only when the delicate dance between their genitals slowed, when he finally softened within her, that she started to think a little clearer. She counted back to her last period, about two weeks before. Her ovulation might explain why she’d been so horny, and made this situation about as risky as it could get. She felt a bit cheated. If she was going to get knocked up, she at least wanted to do it her way.

Jenny remembered her mother on the other side of the couch, sorting the mail, rinsing dishes, still oblivious to the fact that her daughter was losing her virginity, possibly getting pregnant, right there. Jenny realized she’d been lucky her mom hadn’t tried to ask her anything at the moment of orgasm. Jenny still didn’t know how to get out of this situation, and so she just laid still, waiting.

A few minutes later, her mother went upstairs to change out of her business attire. Relieved, Jenny finally got up off Bobby’s lap. Even though he’d only been inside her by a couple of inches, none of his cum had leaked out. Fortunately that meant they hadn’t left a mess on the couch, but unfortunately that left it all swimming inside her. He pulled his shorts back up. They were still a bit damp with her juices from before, but there was nothing to be done about it.

They had so much to discuss. Were they still just friends? Was this a one-time thing, or the start of something more? What should they do if Bobby’s sperm takes root? But it wasn’t the time and place to discuss such things, since her mother could come back downstairs at any moment. Bobby’s parents wouldn’t be home for another hour though.

She pulled him in for a kiss. An awkward, belated first kiss for the both of them. She felt him start to stiffen up again in his shorts, and she took a certain pride in that. He hadn’t thought of her that way before, but evidently now he did. Maybe she could still have him the way she wanted to, free to explore each other’s bodies to the fullest, rutting against each other with abandon. Maybe she could still feel his semen jet deep into her, like she found herself longing for. Something had been awoken within her that wouldn’t be easily put to rest.

“Let’s go to your place,” she whispered into his ear. He took her hand in his. It was a gesture that would have meant so little before, but now it felt different. Now everything was different.

As they hurried out the door, Jenny called out to her mom, “Bye, mom! I’m going over to Bobby’s!”

Her mother, still suspecting nothing, called down, “Okay, dear! Have fun!”

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