Dominance PlayDominance Play


“That’s it…take it…you fucking bitch! Just like that…yes!” Michael’s head is thrown back, his eyes rolling up as the woman at his waist sucks his cock. His hand is wrapped in her hair, jerking her head back and forth harshly as he thrusts deep into her throat. He is close to cumming and his rhythm is thrown off, but it doesn’t matter. He is going to cum in this slut’s mouth. “Yes!” He growls. “Just like that you dirty slut. I’m going to cum, swallow it all down!” He commands, just as his cum bursts out of his cock. The woman adeptly swallows it all, catching any loose beads that fall from her lips. When she has it all in her mouth, she opens wide to show him, causing him to shiver. Her eyes stay fixed on his face as she audibly swallows his cum down her throat. She slowly licks her lips, miming satisfaction. “Very good, Michael.” She purrs at him. “You’re getting much better at the aggressive talk. The hair pulling and thrusting were very good. I’m sure Melisandre will be very pleased. You’ll just have to make sure when you’re near orgasm that you don’t pull her head too hard; you don’t want to hurt her.” “Yes, Mistress Dominque.” Now that the sex is over, Michael reverts back to his shy, quiet self; his eyes lower in deference to the dominatrix. “Good boy, if you’re able to control yourself and keep that in mind, I’m sure you two will have great fun. Now, help me up.” She extends a leather gloved hand, the diamond tipped nails scratching lightly at his palm as he helps her to stand in her stiletto, thigh-high boots. The leather almanbahis şikayet creaks as she stands, and she smooths the leather corset over her waist, straightening her garters and stockings. “Fetch me that mirror there, would you dear?” She asks absently as she pats her coif into place, and checks her face once he’s dutifully placed the mirror in her hand. Besides her lipstick needing reapplying, she’d also have to touch up her foundation and mascara from the involuntary tears that always come from a good mouth-fuck. “Perfect, just set it back where you found it, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. You’ll have to tell me how it goes with Melisandre!” “Yes, Mistress Dominque.” And with that, Michael puts on the rest of his clothes, zips his fly and walks out the door, eyes still submissively lowered to the ground. Mistress Dominique smiles to herself. “Such a sweet boy, he’ll do well as long as he can maintain the aggressiveness and not worry constantly that he’s going to hurt her.” She thinks as she steps to the side of the dungeon room. A faux bookshelf covers the entire wall, and as she slides a book out of its place, silent hinges turn the case and she steps through the opening. As she enters her private boudoir, she notices movement behind the gossamer curtains of her four-poster bed. The smile returns to her lips as she recognizes the shadow lurking in her bed. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” She calls teasingly, as she slowly parts the curtains. Jean-Luc lay there on his side, his creamy white almanbahis canlı casino skin glowing against the dark red satin of her sheets. His long, dark, curly hair billowed from his head and over the pillow. His piercing blue eyes fastens onto her face, and she feels her breath catch. He is completely nude, his huge cock starting to engorge at the sight of her. Dominique loves when he came to visit her at her work. Being a full-time dominatrix was very satisfying to her, but even doms want to play a little submissive sometimes, and Jean-Luc knew how to bring that out in her. “Have you been a good girl today, teaching all your little students about the fine art of dominance and submission, bondage and sadomasochism?” Jean-Luc’s French accent was a huge turn on for Dominique. The irony that she had a French name, yet was British through and through never ceased to amuse her. “Yes, Jean-Luc. But the lessons give me such naughty thoughts, and I get so wet from them.” “Then you must come here so we can clean you up, you dirty girl.” “I’ll be there presently, just let me touch up my makeup so I’m presentable for you.” “No, Dominique. Come here. Now.” Dominique doesn’t need to be told twice. She stares at Jean-Luc hungrily as she slowly crawls on the bed, giving him a side view of her corset, thong, garter, and heels. He leans over and swats her ass, making her pause and shiver. “Get across my lap, woman, and be quick about it.” Dominique glides over Jean-Luc’s pelvis, flattening his cock against his body. She closes her almanbahis casino eyes and trembles at the thought of it being inside her again. Her eyes pop open as she feels a harder swat to her ass. “Keep those eyes open. I didn’t say you could close them.” “Yes, Jean-Luc.” “Good girl.” He rubs his massive hand over her ass, and she waits in anticipation of the next blow. When she blinks is when he hits her. The slap is fast and hard and she gasps in surprise. He smiles mischievously and hits her again on the other cheek harder for her slip. Dominque sucks on her lips, trying to contain the moans, but one particularly vicious slap forces her mouth open and the moans come as fast and sharp as the slaps that follow them. “Yes, Jean-Luc!” She cries as her body rocks from his slaps, rubbing over his cock. He grabs her in one of his powerful hands and flips her around so she’s kneeling on hands and knees in front of him as he slides to his knees and whips his hand back and forth across the entire expanse of her butt mercilessly. She grabs at her sheets, her cheek buried in the bed with her ass high to take the punishment. The slaps go on for a number of minutes, until finally, they slow down and subside; Jean-Luc rubbing his hand over her very red cheeks. He blows on the redness, making her inhale sharply from the prickles of pain they conjure. Despite the harsh spanking, he can see how wet it has made her, the thong saturated. He grabs the thong and rips it harshly from her body, and grabbing the garter belt he yanks her back towards him. He slides his cock between her wet pussy lips lubing up his cock. He reaches over to the side table and grabs a ball gag, fitting it into her mouth and tying it securely behind her head. He then grabs a blindfold and slips it over her eyes.

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