Doin’ the Boss: Double QuickieDoin’ the Boss: Double Quickie


K. Linford Little is nothing if not demanding.

He is demanding as a boss and demanding as a lover. I should know, I have been both to the middle-aged insurance company executive.

As mentioned in other stories, I left the insurance company’s employment as well as resigning from my affair with the now slightly-greying man after I realized the relationship was heading nowhere. I was 20 when I met him, he said he was 35 although I later found out our age difference was closer to 20 years. I thought women were vain, but Mr. Little was every bit as concerned about his looks and age. He was wedded to his wife, presumably until death did one part, and I had to get on with my life.

Over time I got over the man, secured a new job, found a nice boyfriend, yet something was missing from my life: Mr. Little. Ultimately we found ourselves back together meeting on the sly whenever and wherever we could. The impromptu meetings were the best for me, as the excitement of sampling forbidden fruit and all the fiery romance of an affair gave my libido more than it’s share of toe- curling satisfaction.

Oh, it might have been better if we were in a true relationship rather than a sexual one, but each of us knew it as it was: great, wonderful sex.

When we were working together we’d get together for lunch and more, or after work for a quick liaison, but with me working these days across town we found it more difficult to get together. While we didn’t get together as often as before, when we did get together it was usually a satisfying respite.

Just last week was one such occasion. It had been a busy week, and Mr. Little and I only had occasion to speak on the telephone once during the week. My boyfriend Branden and I had planned a Saturday night at the Atlantic City casinos and work consumed me with a deadline-prodded project. My new boss was sweet, quiet and devoted to his wife Samantha. That suited me just fine, as having gotten involved with a superior once was enough as far as I was concerned.

In any event it was just 15 minutes from quitting time when a call came in from Mr. Little. “Robyn, let’s get together,” he asked.

I smiled to myself, imagining the possibility, but quickly told him that my boyfriend had a big Italian dinner planned for 6 and had begged me not to be late.

“Please, Robyn, please, I have missed you and I, uh, need you.”

Somewhere in that brief message was the secret code meaning my boss needed a blow job. There wasn’t much time, I really did have to be home on time, but the lure of seeing my lover more than made up for the concern about being late for dinner. I told him we could briefly get together, but it had to be fast.

Mr. Little suggested a parking lot near a bike path near my apartment, and I took the bait. My mouth watered as I begged off work a couple minutes early and slid into a parking spot beside Mr. Little’s Mercedes a few minutes later.

“Hi honey,” he said as I slipped into the front seat next to him, slipping my hands around his neck as his face closed until our tongues were entwined. We held the lip-lock for several minutes before coming up for air. We spoke for a couple minutes, then began kissing once again. After a bit of maneuvering I heard the tell-tale casino siteleri sounds of a zipper click-sliding open.

I reached down between his legs, slowly and tantalizingly sliding my hand up his manly thigh, and came into contact with a rock-hard missile of man-flesh protruding out of his suit pants.

Breaking the kiss, I looked down. There it was, Mr. Little’s cock smiling up at me. I glanced around, and seeing the coast was clear, moved up onto my knees on the passenger seat and bent over. I lowered my head and opened wide, slipping his rock-hard dick into my mouth. It was a trek I knew well, having taken it hundreds of times over our relationship, yet each time was a bit different.

“Ohhh, Robyn, I’ve missed you!” said my former boss, slowly pumping his hips toward my lips. “I’ve been thinking about your mouth all day, and prayed you could meet me.”

I wanted to reply, by my mouth was a little busy, so I merely bobbed my head a bit faster on the man’s fully engorged, throbbing dick. It was something I had learned to love over the years, his hardness throbbing in my mouth, his hand fondling my ass, his mouthing of sweet and less than sweet nothings in my ears.

“Suck, you cocksucker, suck,” he moaned, an epitaph I had learned to love over the years.”Oh your mouth feels so good on my dick.”

I slobbered all over his cock, stroking it while sucking the tip. I twirled my tongue around that mushroom shaped head, then jerked it off while catching my breath. Mr. Little didn’t have the biggest dick I had ever licked — my current boyfriend Branden was bigger at about 7 inches to my former boss’ 6 — but the man was so appreciative and the two of us worked together so well. I think the fact that his dick wasn’t monstrous helped me, as I could truly attack the spike without fear of choking or, heck, becoming impaled. Imagine explaining that to the emergency room doctor!

Mr. Little was getting hotter by the minute. I felt in complete control as he moaned and groaned. He felt great, and I was enjoying myself immensely when all of a sudden he pushed my head away from his mid-section, telling me someone was coming. It was a couple of runners coming down the path about 50 yards away, oblivious to us at this point but quickly running by the car.

“That was close,” understated Mr. Little. “I saw them right before they could see us.” I noticed that my former boss had a bird’s eye view up the path, and could look in his rearview mirror to see if anyone was approaching from the other direction.

“I was nearly ready to cum, honey, you are so very good,” panted Mr. Little.

I merely smiled at the man as we both looked around. Seeing nothing I dropped my head into his lap once more. His semi-hard dick, undoubtedly shrunk by our near-discovery, soon reverted to its full size as I manipulated my mouth around his hardness. Mr. Little again fondled my ass, first over my skirt and then slipping his hands under my skirt and rolling his fingers over my blue cotton panties. He would stroke my ass then, from time to time, slip his finger under the cloth to feel my bare ass.

Obviously enjoying himself and my body, Mr. Little started moving his midsection in time to my sucking mouth and I could tell güvenilir casino he was loving my actions. I felt so powerful with his dick in my mouth. He may have been getting his cock sucked, but I had control. I could speed up, slow down, lick, suck, nibble and swallow to my time, humming my tune.

Feeling the wetness between my legs I concentrated on making my man blow his load. My head bounced up and down in time with his groans, and I swore his dick got even bigger. Once again, though, we were thwarted when a mom and her baby stroller shocked Mr. Little into pushing me away. He pulled his coat jacket across his midsection as we once again kissed. “I can’t believe this,” he murmured.

We watched the woman walk down the path, my hand stroking his cock to maintain its hardness. He told me he loved me, that he loved my mouth. I mentioned that he had a great cock and that I loved it in my mouth. Just when I was ready to dip my head to finish the job we heard a car pull up and cruise to a stop beside us. Over the jacket went once again, guarding his state of undress from prying eyes, while he nibbled away at my ears.

I opened my eyes to see two guys, probably in their early 20s, emerge from the car. While Mr. Little was licking I followed them to the rear of their car, hoping they would vacate the premises quickly. I glanced at the dash and noticed it was 5:40, and I knew I had to leave very soon. But I didn’t want to leave Mr. Little high and dry, so I wished for the two guys to exit the area. One of the guys grabbed a frisbee and the two walked past our cars and toward the grassy field in front of the not.

“Shit!” exclaimed Mr. Little, watching the guys start to pass the frisbee just 30 yards or so away from us.

“Damn,” I added, thinking of the time.

Mr. Little’s cock was still hard in my hand as I continued to stroke it. I kissed him, and on impulse asked him if he was close to cumming. He said yes, but the guys were too close by and he’d have to wait to finish..

It’s time like these when I sometimes do what I shouldn’t, but I merely started stroking his dick faster and then bent my head once again throwing caution to the wind. Heck, these guys were probably lost in themselves and not even paying attention to us.

“Oh my god Robyn, oh my god!” he said as I sucked his cock back into my moist mouth. Whether it was from my hand, my mouth, or the fact that a couple guys were close enough to see what was going on in the car, whatever, Mr. Little exploded his seed into my mouth. And what a lot of sticky sperm. My cheeks bulged before I could swallow, and when I did his still spurting cock slipped from my lips giving the outside of by left cheek some face cream.

“Jesus Robyn they can see us, oh my, oh my.” I held his dick in my mouth, but tilted my head up to see him. Mr. Little’s head was sort of listing from side to side and his eyes sort of rolled in their sockets.

My former boss kept muttering as I continued to swallow and rub his man sauce all over my face. I looked a mess, I’m sure, but by the way the man was whimpering I knew I had done an excellent job. I hugged him, kissed him once again, then bid my leave. I don’t know if Mr. Little knew what hit him, because he had canlı casino a stunned look on his face when I exited the car.

The guys gave me some catcalls as I exited one vehicle and entered my own. I slid into the front seat, giving them a little wave and blowing them a kiss. Thankfully I had no idea who they were, and I waved goodby again as I drove away. I don’t think I’m an exhibitionist, but I have to say it was very hot knowing these guys caught a glimpse of my shenanigans.

Humming all the way home, I realized I would only be a couple minutes late. Down the street from the apartment I fixed my lipstick and combed my hair, but couldn’t do much more without risking being more than a bit late.

Upon entering the house I sensed someone behind me as I shut the door and placed my keys into my Coach purse. “Honey, I’m so happy to see you!” came the familiar voice of my boyfriend. His arms encircled me, hands ending up on my sweater covered breasts. He kissed my neck, ears and mouthed several superlatives about the way I looked. All the while I felt his cock throbbing against my ass.

“Let me head upstairs and clean up and I’ll be right down,” I said, but he had different ideas. He reached down and lifted my skirt, rubbing his dick first along the back of my thighs just above my stocking tops before reaching up to the waistband of my panties and slipping them down my legs a bit. I wiggled them down further as he grabbed his cock and stroked it against my ass cheek.

He slipped it down between the cheeks as we stumbled across the hallway toward the kitchen counter. Once there, he reached around and slipped his finger inside my pussy.

“You’re soaking wet,” explained the wannabe brain surgeon or rocket scientist. I failed to mention Mr. Little’s escapades, but I did tell him that I had been thinking about his cock all day. Ah, those little white lies.

He perfectly bent me over the counter, baring my ass and pussy to his searching eyes. He began slipping his dick up and down my pussy lips, telling me my “twat was oh so hot.” Soon his dick was inside me, and we began our doggie dancing.

It was hot, oh so hot. His dick was throbbing, bringing shivers to my body as he rocked in and out of my tight, moist pussy. His cock filled me, tickling every nerve and bringing me higher and higher. His pubes were scratching my soft ass, and one hand stroked one of my ass cheeks while his other hand fondled a breast.

My sucking of Mr. Little’s cock had got me red-hot, and the strokes of my boyfriend’s dick took me over the edge. I begged him to cum in my pussy and soon he grunted and did just that.

“Oh Robyn, you are so wonderful to me, your pussy is exquisite.”

That’s what he said, exquisite!

That works for me.

After we collected our breath and brought down our respective heart rates, he twirled me around and planted a huge kiss on my lips. I ferverously kissed back before remembering my mouth probably still had the traces of Mr. Little’s cum. At first I panicked, then I nearly wet myself when he began kissing my cheeks, especially the cum-splattered side. Luckily he was so lost in the act we had just completed he merely kissed and licked and nibbled and didn’t notice a thing.

This time I did break the embrace and slipped upstairs to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was a telltale bit of flaky stuff high on my cheekbone, but no harm, no foul, as he all to many times tells me.

As I sat in the bathtub I couldn’t help thinking…if he only knew!

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