Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 108 The Doctor sat up and was the Valeyard again and yet he glew with regeneration power, “I love you, Jesse and Jeremy, I love you!” “Get away from him!” Jesse pulled Jeremy off of and literally out of the Doctor, both boys trailing cum and pre cum lines from him. Jeremy protested, “I’m not finished!” “I’m not either but the power…it might kill you and I and the TARDIS is…still…” The TARDIS power grew louder and louder and louder. The Valeyard stood up, his bare chest grew a breast. “Was someone talking about a breast?” Another one grew. “Or two?” Jesse and Jeremy went wide eyed. Standing in front of them was the Joanna Lumley Doctor, huge blond hair, matched by two huge breasts. The Doctor was a woman. Jesse: NOOOOO! Jeremy and Jesse both screamed. The console seemed to explode. The cloister bell alarm was sounding out incessantly. Jesse fell one way, Jeremy fell the other, the Doctor seemed to be in the middle of it! She screamed! And she fell, too. Jesse crawled on hands and knees across the swaying console room floor. The room started to distort! Jesse crawled toward where he last saw the Doctor. He protected his eyes from a flash by looking away but as he did, he continued moving ahead. He looked up once again and ahead of him saw the open legs of a completely naked female. He’s seen naked women and girls before, of course, but this was the Doctor. He was looking into a vagina that belonged to the Doctor! It seemed to pulsate with energy at him. Jesse screamed again. Another blast, then darkness… The darkness gave way to four sides of the vortex. The strange, new vortex outside seemed to change itself into the shape of the TARDIS to accommodate it and turned blue with the TARDIS. It then let the TARDIS move down it, top up, bottom down, and turned round and moved straight on all sides. The TARDIS seemed to straighten itself out inside it, just fitting neatly down it. Around the blue vortex itself was a diamond shaped tunnel, a tunnel within a tunnel and then they all converged after the TARDIS passed as if it closed around at the back after the TARDIS passed. Inside, the vortex seemed to infiltrate the console room. Jesse looked up and saw the face of the Female Joanna Lumley Doctor looking at him, serious, concerned for him. (THIS IS OF COURSE THE OPENING TITLES OF THE TOM BAKER ERA but with Joanna Lumley’s face in it)… DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY Outside, the vortex formed a diamond shape again that opened wide and the colors moved from gold, white, black mosaic mesh to blue, purple, and white with a great FIUSSSSSSS of sound…. Episode 108- Marriage Proposal The theme music ends with the echo over and over and over and over….as the episode titles show up The sound seemed to echo in Jesse’s ears… Jesse screamed again and rolled to one side. The TARDIS rolled to the other. The female blond Doctor stood up, “Can somebody shut off those bloody stupid alarm sounds?” Jeremy was behind the taller female Doctor. “Depends? Can you stop us from…” the room tilted again and the power filled the room, waves of it knocking them aside again. “THIS STUFF?!!!” “Oh my giddy aunt,” the Female Doctor hit the controls on the console, “Of course, I can but it’s more fun this way!!!” “He…she’s crazy!” Jesse was holding onto one of the golden rails (11th Doctor console room), “He’s…she’s! gonna kill us!” “It makes things more interesting that way, no!” The Doctor said as she clung to the hand holds on the console. “NOOOO!” Jesse yelled as his body swayed from the rocking motion. “We’re gonna crash!” Jeremy yelled as he was thrown to a wall and then added, “Again!” The Doctor let go of the hand holds to hold her ears on each side of her head. “The cloister bells!” “I got em!” Jeremy was threw himself away from the wall he was thrown against and flung himself into the console and he managed to shut off the alarms. “There, now can you….” The TARDIS popped out of a vortex hole, seemingly ripping itself out of time and sideways moved at the rocks of a dark, moon like planet. Craters were everywhere and it seemed to be night, pitch black sky filled with stars. The Doctor held onto the console with both hands and then her feet as she straddled the console, jumping up. She leaned over and worked the levers. The TARDIS righted itself and slammed down onto a flat surface of dust, stirring up much of it. Inside, everyone was thrown again but this time up in the air and then down hard onto the floor. The TARDIS seemed to cool off, smoking as it was, near a crater which was not smoking. The air was quiet outside. Inside, the familiar TARDIS hum started. The female Doctor rose up, “Oh, don’t like this console room at all. Too gaudy and showy and poorly put together.” “A bit like you, actually,” Jesse rubbed his elbow and joined the Doctor. “Oh my God.” “Not really, no. But close,” the female Doctor smiled. Are you both all right?” She began playing with her breasts and tried fine tuning the knobby center. “Yes, what the hell are you doing?” Jeremy asked, having picked himself up off the floor and the wall. “I’m …I found the ON switch to the landing gear,” The Doctor said. “Via the etheric beam locaters.” Jesse blinked. “I don’t…I can’t…I really want…I think I’m gonna be sick…” “Oh, don’t worry, dear boy,” The Doctor smiled and threw her hair over her shoulder, big 1980s hair, parted in the middle. “You still have each other and it’s still me inside.” “It’s the outside I’m just not that into,” Jesse said. He had an idea, “Wardrobe room NOW!” He grabbed the Doctor’s hand. Jeremy nodded as he chased them, “Jesse, don’t do this…” “By all the known laws of the universe…” the Doctor gasped as Jesse flung her into the Wardrobe room. “How are you going to fuck me?” Jesse looked through a clothes rack. He ducked under it. “There’s always the sonic screwdriver…where’d I put that thing?” The Doctor took it from her ass. “Oh, there is it.” Jeremy joined them and put his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose. “Oh my gosh…” Jesse flung a Hogwart’s jacket and pants off the rack, “No…” Then flung a Tara ensemble that Romana wore once, “no!” “What are you trying to do, maybe I can help?” Jeremy moved past the Doctor to the rack, which Jesse was now on the other side of. “Find him…her clothes,” Jesse said. The Doctor took a look at herself in a full length mirror, moving aside bursa yabancı escort various ties, some of them with Disney and Christmas motifs (and some with both), “Oh, lickety split, I’m fem. But I don’t know, a little bit of polish, some more lipstick, I think it’ll work wonders on my enemies.” She picked up a cricket stick and waved it. “No, not me at all.” She put it down, “Mind you, I used to bowl a great china man…” She moved to a hockey stick and swung it, “Yes, this…” she swung it at Jeremy’s ass and lightly tapped him with it. He turned and smiled. “You know,” the Female Doctor said, “I used to be jolly hockey sticks keener in this body…” Jeremy smiled, “If you say so…” Jesse emerged, tossing aside clothes from WAR OF THE SATELLITES, the purple thing from THE TWIN DILEMMA, and old style space suits from IT THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE. He had in his arms and hands, a green jacket, a multi colored vest not unlike the Sixth Doctor’s coat, and red collared shirt that would be worn underneath. And black pants. He threw them at the Doctor, who caught them, dropping the hockey stick, “Ooi, is that good reflexes after a degeneration or what?” Jesse was angry now, “Put them on. At once, please.” The Doctor did so in front of them. “What are we gonna do?” Jesse asked as he took Jeremy aside. Jeremy shrugged, “I don’t think there is anything we can do, Jes.” As she dressed, the Doctor hopped back out to the console room, “Tie the other girl up.” “You mean the Master?” Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Yes,” the Doctor was fully dressed in no time. “You know why he’s called the Master, do you?” “Yes, you’ve told us,” Jesse frowned. “Oh,” the Doctor was disappointed but saw the disappointment in her companions’ eyes and faces. She put her arms around both their shoulders, Jeremy on the right, Jesse on the left, “Oh, look, all I’ve done is changed. It’s still me. Never cruel or cowardly. Keeping the universes safe and sound, and imagine how much easier your moms will feel about the wedding…” “Wedding?” Jeremy looked sideways, “You want to marry us?” “Yes,” the Doctor looked at him and kissed his nose. Jeremy blinked. The Doctor went on, “Eventually. When we get back to your own time…and his…” Jesse looked the other way as if wanting to get out of the embrace, “I’m not interested in marriage.” Jeremy asked, “Not if I was?” “Welllll maybe,” Jesse said, “But this…him…like her… I…” The Doctor took her free hand, which meant nearly strangling Jeremy to reach Jesse’s chin. She turned it toward her, “Let’s talk about the wedding some other time eh? Right now, we have all of time and space out there, every day, every minute, every universe, every planet, every star, every time…oh dear, I do go on, don’t I?” Jesse smiled a bit and embarrassed, looked down, “Doc…tor.” “I got a smile,” the Doctor smiled back and kissed his nose, too. “No, you didn’t,” Jesse said. The Doctor shoved the two boys together, “Mind you, if sex becomes a bit too complicated this way, you do still have each other.” Jesse and Jeremy went to the work box and found some wiring and began tying up the Master, who seemed to stir. As they tied the Master up, Jeremy asked, “Doctor, before we go off sauntering onto another alien moon or planet…” “The TARDIS needs time to revive itself,” the Doctor said. “What about Damon? Is he all right?” “Damon?” The Doctor hit herself on the head, “I almost completely forgot about him…” “That’s great,” Jesse said, “Nice. That’s because…your juggling too many…uh…” He snuck a hand under the Master’s ass and lower and grabbed testicles tight in one hand, “…balls…at one time to remember everything.” “NO, no, I was like that in my I think my seventh persona but …I must be just getting on. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I’m sure he’s all right,” the Doctor said. He’s not but more on that later… “And K9?” Jeremy asked. “Oh, K9 is hiding from that one…and me…uhh, the Valeyard…” The Doctor said and then reverted as the Valeyard’s voice rang out , “When I find that mangy metal mutt, I’m going to melt him morbidly into molten java…” Jesse and Jeremy leaning down near the Master, looked up. “Doctor!” They both said. “Oh sorry, some residual Valeyardness remained but fully gone now,” The Doctor smiled, “He’ll be fine. He’s deep in the TARDIS.” “He’s not fine,” groggy, the Master said, “He’s still the Valeyard. That body you now see is a body from a parallel universe, an alternate one maybe but parallel too and unstable.” “I always thought the Valeyard was just a sort of amalgamation of what the Doctor could be…” “True,” the Master said, “But it seems it was NOT between his 12th and 13th self but between his 13th and 14th…” “Right, because if he came first in the Doctor’s life time line,” Jesse blinked, “We would have seen this one, the 13th body first, and then the Valeyard but we didn’t,” Jesse said. “He’s going back through his lives backwards.” “So the Valeyard should have come after the female Doctor?” Jeremy figured. “IF that were true,” the Master said, “But apparently it’s not. By the way LET ME GO OR I’M GOING TO KILL YOU because he will go unstable again!” Jeremy looked at the Master. Jesse turned to the Doctor, who ignored the Master. The Doctor firmed up her own breasts, “Okay, boys, get some clothes on. You can’t go outside NOT dressed like that.” “You checked the readings?” Jesse stood up. “Yes, nitrogen, oxygen, soil content,” the Doctor moved over the console to double check, “It’s like a sprite spring night on Earth in upstate New York or New Hampshire…not like our moon at all.” The Master struggled, “Let me go or you’ll never find the gun I used to do this to him.” “It doesn’t matter, does it? You twit,” The Doctor leaned over the console and bumped his breasts onto it and moved back, “By your own admission, not even you know what’s happening since that other vortex mixed with whatever nonsense you did to me. You can’t stop it. Maybe someone here can. I seem to detect the particles of the first vortex were similar to the one we just came through.” “We’re not even in the same universe,” the Nick Hoult Master struggled and his T shirt rode up some more. “Nice abs,” The Doctor smiled. “Thank you.” “I know we’re not in the same universe,” The Doctor said. Jesse asked, “What time are we in?” “It looks like…oh dear, further than we’ve ever gone before,” bursa sınırsız escort the Doctor smiled. “Uhhh, some 36 billion AD by Earth time scale.” “36…past the end of our universe?” Jeremy asked, darkening. “Yes,” the Doctor said, “No one that I know has ever come this far into the future.” The Doctor turned to the Master and back again, “Now, as much as he and I like you like that…you need some clothes and a shower, too, I imagine. I can’t lick the cum off you both now in this body, can I?” Jeremy and Jesse both said, “NO!” They fled to the bathroom to take a shower and change. Jesse came back with a yellow t shirt under a NEW YORK thin sweat jacket which had the NEW on one side of the zipper and the YORK on the other side. There was a white line down each sleeve of the jacket. He had on blue dungarees, a yellow sweatband on his right wrist, and a bracelet on his left wrist. Jeremy wore a tanned long sleeved jacket, only buttoned at the middle so that a black t shirt could be seen underneath and at the chest area. The T shirt had green lettering on it. He wore brown short ankle boots. “Right, time to go,” the Doctor said, “Au revior, aster.” She moved her hand over the lever to open the doors. The doors opened inward and Jesse and Jeremy waited for the Doctor to go outside. The Master watched as the doors closed. As soon as the doors were closed, he removed his hands from the wiring and ropes the boys tied him up in. He chuckled to himself. “Now then, you know me so you shall obey me,” he said to the console. Outside, the smoking was abating but whirled around the Doctor and the outside of the TARDIS. The Doctor opened her hands up wide. “Ahh, the fresh smell of…” Jesse gulped, “It stinks.” “The ahh, TARDIS just need to cool down it’s uh, solenoids.” The Doctor whirled around, her arms still stretched out. Both boys ducked so as not to be hit. “Solenoids?” Jeremy put his eyebrows up as if to say he didn’t believe the TARDIS had such things. “Well, artron attractors but indeed, my TARDIS does have solenoids,” the Doctor smiled as she put on lipstick. “Do you have to do that?” Jesse asked. “I have to look nice. We’re about to get…” Hundreds of ships appeared out of the vortex. All shapes and sizes and all of them hovered overhead. There were the giant round spheres of the Sontarans. There was a giant Sontaran mother ship which sported four giant appendages, like claws from the top and the bottom. There was a 79th Battle fleet as well as the 9th, 10th, and 12th Battle Fleets. Two Sontaran War Wheels, manned by an Admiral each, landed on the surface of the moon-like planet and began rolling toward them. Each sported two giant wheels on either side, chrome in appearance and silvery tan. Each had a space cannon in the center and an axle to hold it together, of course. Five Sontarans were in aircrafts, roughly looking like the bottom of a Sontaran sphere ship but with the top half open and containing seats and controls. And pilots. Two extra Sontarans proudly displayed arms and made some kind of gesture with their arms. There were Draconian ships and Cybermen ships, many shaped like traditional rockets. The 12th Cyber Fleet was nearby the Cyber Satellite. A Cyber Fleet was hovering near …a Dalek one. Jeremy looked about and noticed several stranger ships: some looked like the Liberator from BLAKE’S 7. A few looked like Scorpio from BLAKE’S 7. A Wanderer K47 ship, looking like four tubes around a main thicker tube. A few of these had the USA flag on them and one giant one had the UK flag. There was one shaped like a giant egg with points on top and below. It looked like a giant nest. Some, Jeremy noted, looked ludicrous: one looked like a Christmas ornament, another liked a toaster oven, another like a waffle maker, and an iron to iron clothing. Andromedan ships manned by alien green blobs. Jeremy blinked. “Doctor, you’ve done it again. We’re not out of those TARDIS doors for more than 30 seconds and already we’re in mortal danger. Again.” “My dear Jeremy,” the Doctor turned her head and made her hair go over her shoulder, “There’s no use blaming me. I don’t think…Oh, I think I know that one…” Daleks buzzed on transpolar disks everywhere. Dalek square and white time ships appeared. Several of the non time machine ships were Dalek ships: A Dalek Battle Cruiser (which looked like two giant white colored flashlights stuck onto a midsection that was more tubular), a Dalek Flagship (the biggest flying saucer Jesse ever saw…and by this time he’s seen a number of them) flanked by a fleet of flying saucers, five Dalek shuttle crafts which descended quickly and which had several bulky hexagonal shapes surrounding a main body, a Command Ship, Exterminator Ship, Protoship 4 which looked like a spiked spinning top, Protoship 1 which looked like a red version of the Batmobile stuck on top a Flash Gordon Rocketship, an elongated impossibly miles long Imperial Mother Ship which had hexagonal figures all on it’s cigar shaped and thick bod. “Eret mensaiki ska!” The Doctor shouted happily. Jesse asked, “What?” “In Dalek it means Destiny of the Stars! That’s what they call the long dick shaped one!” “I don’t think it’s a friendly reunion between you and it, Doctor,” Jesse scorned. Then the Crucible came into view. “The Death Star!” Jeremy gasped. “I knew sooner or later we’d meet Darth Vader!” “No, it’s not possible!” The Doctor gasped and fell to her knees. Jeremy and Jesse grabbed an arm each. “Get up, Doctor,” Jesse gasped, “We need you.” “Now more than ever…to not fall apart on us, this time,” Jeremy pulled her up with Jesse, “Do something.” “Well, we can try a speech,” the Doctor said, weakly. “A speech?” Jesse mocked, “Is that it? A speech?” “Well, it’s worked before,” the Doctor said, “Halt, all of you! Just halt!” And…they did. The War Wheels stopped moving. The ships hovered. Lights flashed from under bellies of the ships. Daleks on disks hovered and stopped coming at them. “Now listen to me! Oah, that’s good, no more whizzing about!” 11TH DOCTOR PROMO MUSIC starts… Jeremy whispered, crouching behind the Doctor, “Stop waving your arms and hands about, it makes you look…” “What?” “uh, gay.” “Oh.” The Doctor started up her voice, “Be afraid all of you. Be very, very, very afraid. Oh, and don’t move, cause’n…” she put her finger out, “This finger’s loaded and no, I’m not an Auton. If I was, it’d görükle escort be a wrist. Wrist action.” Jesse shut his eyes. And realized that he was sweating. Into his eyes. “God, there’s so many of them…” The Doctor went on, `Yes, well, ahem, my giddy aunt used to say that when the chips are down, then you can eat them off the table,” smugly, she turned around, feeling noble, and looked proudly at Jeremy and then at Jesse. They both shook their head “no”. “Yes, well, you can win them all, that’s what we Time Lords used to say and I still say. So listen up and listen up good, pardners….John Wayne used to tell me how to say that.” Pause. She turned to Jesse, “He did. Really.” “We are so gonna die,” Jesse whispered. “This time I agree with you,” Jeremy said, “Only why haven’t they just blasted us yet?” “I AM TALKING HERE!” The Doctor yelled at them and made them jump, then up at the ships and ahead to the Sontaran War Wheels. “And you all WILL blood well listen. I have back up!” He waved at the two scared boys behind him. “I have a plan this time! I’m even willing this time to use weapons! And don’t I just have the grandest of them all from across all time and space and even here in this brand spankin’ new universe you’ve all come to inhabit, no doubt due to the Time Lords saving your asses! Why I don’t know.” He turned to Jesse and Jeremy, both, “That’s a clue innit?” “Doctor,” Jesse said, “You’re shit as a girl.” He was almost crying real tears. “Sitting up there in all your silly little spaceships with all your silly little guns and …but my, my some of them do look rather big, don’t they?” She bowed a bit. If you think you are gonna take my TARDIS, then just remember one thing. Remember all those other times I stopped you. Remember all the black days I ever gave you and how many times. 104 to 740 times I’ve stopped Cybermen, Daleks, and yeah, even you big rugged Draconians!” In a spaceship, a Draconian laughed. “She doesn’t go too far, your majesty?” A pilot asked. “No, he…she amuses me. He’s always amused our people. Let her speak.” “And then destroy?” “No, of course not.” “Daleks, Cybermen, you have no sense of humor. That’s why I always win. And then if you think you can just this once, do the smart thing. And then…let some other race try first. Come on youse, just come on, why I oughta…” She did her Curly from THE THREE STOOGES voices. “Causen if you don’t stop, and let me back into my marvelous machine, I will stop you. I will tear down your ships stone by stone, the houses of Cybermen, Draconia, yeah, even you big fat Sontarans…I will use my bare hands to tear open your ships one by one, because that is how powerful I am now.” In a Cyber ship, a Cyberman moved a hand over the console. And laughed. It projected the laugh outside. A Dalek did the same thing. “Doctor?” Jeremy rose and tapped the Doctor’s shoulder and came forth, “Doc, was that…did I uh, hear, uh, a …no. A Dalek..and..and…nnn, a Cybeman…laugh?” In a ship, ET said, “She’s a madwoman with a box.” “I want children.” She turned to the two boys, “You know in this body, I think I DO want children. Can you give me a baby, babies?” Jeremy looked up, “They’re waiting on your every word.” “I want children to laugh at you all because you ran away. I want your races to be familiar OH SO familiar with the words run away and run. If not, you shall be my sorry BITCHES. Biatches. Females. Run away kids. Be familiar with the words run away, so that when I tell you to, you run, because, OH what I can do to you. I can so FUCK you up. So run is when you run when I say to. So…yeah…soooo…So basically RUN!” The Doctor said. Jesse and Jeremy ran from behind her and ran for the TARDIS. The Doctor still looked up smug, “What do you two think of…” then she realized her companions were running for the TARDIS, “Not you two, them.” Jesse stopped, shrugged, and walked back, “Oh, sorry, whenever you say run, I run.” Jeremy joined him, “Force of habit with you.” The Doctor rolled her eyes. “You know, this is the universe that everyone escaped to so I think…it IS after the end of our …your universe. And this Doctor body here, seems to be a sidestep the wrong way so to speak. A Doctor body from another Doctor. That’s never happened before.” Jesse pointed up with one finger like the kid from ROSWELL, “Doc–ctor…” “Well,” she started moving around as if full of herself, “WHO DA MAN.” “Actually, Doctor, you’re not,” Jesse said. “Well, then, cor blimey, WHO DA WHO MAN, get it? Woman. Who man.” “I get it. I get it, I just don’t think it’s funny,” Jesse frowned. “OH and I did so promise myself I would ever use that line again and there, I’ve gone and done it again! Damn!” She coughed, “Yes, well you all just stand there and be good little soldiers and laugh…” She backed away slowly. “While we make our way out of your way…if…” Another whooshing sound occurred and a fleet as big as the one that was already there appeared. Not every ship was equaled but there were Daleks, Sontarans, and Cybermen. No Earth ships and no ET Ships. (Cue THE BIONIC WOMAN Return of Bigfoot part two Jamie vs Bigfoot music) “RUN!” The Doctor ran for the crater. Jesse and Jeremy just stood there. “Now I mean you two, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! WHEN I SAY RUN, YOU KNOW TO RUN, DONCHA?” Jesse and Jeremy ran and a blast hit rocks behind them. Dust swelled up and rocks splattered from the blast. Two of them in the lead, looking like war hawks, shaped like purple giant birds began firing on the area around the Doctor, Jesse and Jeremy. Jesse and Jeremy passed the Doctor. A Cyber rocket from the new fleet swooped down at the trio, which from their view port looked like tiny ants running. A blast hit close to the Doctor and the resulting explosion made her vanish from Jesse and Jeremy’s view. They heard the blast and the Doctor scream like a girl and stopped and turned around. The spaceship zoomed right at them. A Cyberman had them in its sights AND they boys seemed to get closer to the view port as the ship dipped at them…. The Doctor on the ground in a smoking black heap of burned flesh…and burned clothing… “DELETE!!!” DOCTOR WHO TOM BAKER YEARS STING MUSIC with the golden time tunnel at the end The Doctor…Joanna Lumley Jesse…Jesse Jeremy…Jeremy The Master…Nick Hoult The Valeyard…Michael Jayston Voice of ET…Pat Welsh Sontarans, Daleks, Cybermen, Draconians…various guys from the old and new show Writer…Innout Incidental Music…Joe Harnell (the Bionic Woman steal…uh, borrow), Murray Gold Title Music…Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Title Sequence by Bernard Lodge and someone from the new show Script Editor, Designer, Clothes, Makeup and a bunch of other stuff…Innout

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